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For the girl who has it all
(Not all items are depicted in image) Gift shopping can be SUCH a struggle, especially for those that seem like they already have it all. With this gift guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your mom, sister, wife, besties, or daughter for whatever your price range may be. Most of these are beauty related, but I threw in some other household, wellness, and apparel items so all your bases are covered. SMALL BUSINESS : • Genetix - (literally everything) , lip serum|$42| , face/body serums|$45-169| , boobie oils|$35-45| • Mālie - gift sets|$39.50-110| • Femme Candles - holiday sets|$50-175| • Starpower - custom bracelets|$30-45| • Tirza Design - earrings|$28-45| • The Painted Ladies - custom pet portraits|$200-400| • One Stripe Chai Co. - at home collection|$32| • Missionary Chocolates - vegan truffles|$7-45| SKINCARE : • Summer Fridays - soft reset aha exfoliating solution|$54| & the hydration set|$75| • Glow Recipe - watermelon sleeping mask |$22-45| • Youth to the People - adaptogen cream|$58| , dream oil|$44| & superfood cleanser|$34| • Tata Harper - hydrating floral essence|$72-94| • Indie Lee - eye serum|$48| • Krave Beauty - beet shield spf|$20| • Farmacy Beauty - honey butter body|$36| , green defense|$36| , green clean|$22-34| , holiday sets|$48-60| HAIR : • Dyson - supersonic hair dryer|$399| • Briogeo - merry multi masking kit|$36| • Olaplex - holiday kit|$60| & bonding oil|$28| • Rahua - voluminous dry shampoo|$32| MAKEUP : • Lawless - (literally everything) set the stage primer|$48| , woke up like this foundation|$46| , seal the deal setting powder|$23-36| , make me blush|$29| , summer skin bronzer|$38| , lucid skin highlighter|$38| , the one pallet|$64| , the baby & little one pallet|$25| , satin luxe lipstick|$28| , lip shine|$25| , holiday sets|$63-139| • Fenty Beauty - brow mvp|$20| • Milk Makeup - lash primer|$24| , brow pen |$22| • Kosas - lip fuel|$18| TOOLS & ACCESSORIES : • Nurse Jamie - silicone mask|$30| , eyeonix eye massager|$49| , nuvibe amethyst massager|$95| • Artis - elite brush sets|$118-360| Patrick Ta - major glow setting fan|$26| • Slip - silk scrunchies|$20-45| • Briogeo - scalp massager|$16| • Kitsch - hair clips & pins |$12-50| • Chanel - blotting papers|$35| & cotton pads|$20| MISC. : • Mate the Label - organic cotton loungewear|$68-118| • A.BCH - sustainable basics|$75-325| • The Laundress - mesh dryer bags|$15| • Build a Booty - ankle tube bands|$60| • ProForm - adjustable dumbbells|$80| • Tonal - smart home gym|$2,745| BOOKS : • Tracy Tutor - Fear is just a Four Letter Word • Jim Kwik - Limitless • Carrie Greenshows - She Means Business • Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic • Lois P. Frankel - Nice Girls don’t get Rich • Gretchen Rubin - Better than Before • Angela Duckworth - Grit • Mark Manson - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck • Glow Recipe - glow skincare diary|$25| STOCKING STUFFERS : • Unreal Snacks - candy bars|$1-7| • Smart Sweets - gummies|$3-10| • Truff- mini hot sauce|$25| • Apple - homepod mini |$99| • Tom Ford - blue light glasses|$415| • Skinfix - target balm|$24| • Tiffany & Co - pens|$95-350| • Louis Vuitton - notebook cover|$300-525|
What’s ur sleep (position) #? Is it aging you?
Last night as I was falling asleep it struck me: I’m causing my own wrinkles with the way I sleep!! I’m a 5 or 7 sleeper. Not only do I sleep on a cotton pillowcase on my side with half of my face smashed, but I sleep with my hands under my face. When I do sleep on my back, I put my arms over my face, again smashing my skin down with my arms. When I wake up I usually have a deep crease between my eyes and a few other pressure marks from my arms being over my face all night. If you are like me, trying to prevent signs of aging on your face, your sleep position could make a difference. The best position for you to sleep in for skin health is on your back with your head elevated on a thick pillow covered with a silky pillowcase. This prevents pressure on your face and chest skin and the elevation helps prevent fluid build up. Things to try:  Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase like slip - Pillowcase Pink Queen Zippered Queen/ International Standard (51 x 76cm/ 20" x 30") / Invisible Zipper If you are a side sleeper like me and like to sleep with your hands under your face, try sliding them UNDER your pillow rather than your face Try a thicker pillow to help your head stay a bit more elevated to prevent fluid build up Tuck a body pillow around you so you don’t roll onto your side or stomach  If you are a side/face sleeper and just can’t break it - get one of those pillows with cut outs for your face. It will take some pressure off your skin while sleeping. NURSE JAMIE - Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Leopard A silky /satin sleep mask might help with crows feet and fine lines around your eyes. Luzern - Sleep Mask What’s your sleep position?


Nurse Jamie Massage Roller Isn’t It
Nurse Jamie Massage Roller Isn’t It
NURSE JAMIE - Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller I knew from the start that I was being influenced to buy this product. You see celebrities like Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff using this item in their skin care routines and you really want to believe it. I bought this roller hoping to use it as a preventive measure towards aging, and to use it just to feel better. Up until recently I was working at a spa, and definitely taking advantage of the services there - that’s why I didn’t buy the generic jade roller you see everywhere. The roller itself feels alright, it isn’t amazing at massaging - almost like it’s missing something (it’s a very gentle massage). Reading the instructions it mentions to wipe it between uses - this is made difficult because of all the nooks and crannies. It’s definitely made with quality, but I’m waiting for it to fall apart - I read so many reviews (after I already had it in the mail) saying it fell apart after a use (not my case though - yet). It’s very pricey and a bit awkward to use under the chin, if you use the directions mentioned in the box. Overall I don’t think it is worth to drop your money on this product - i’d save up for something better and that has a bit more research done on it.
Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller
NURSE JAMIE-Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller
Products featured this week ar
Products featured this week are: ⭐️ sol de janeiro - Bum Bum Cream - We all know it’s not for your bum by now it’s legit the best smelling cream and nourishes my skin so much. I’m almost finished my 3rd one and I’m still debating the coco scent. ⭐️ sol de janeiro - Brazilian 4 Play. - Love how hydrating this body wash is and it lasts forever I’m still on my first. ⭐️ drunk elephant - LaLa Sleep Mask. - Love lying in my bed with my mask on and music just chilling. . ⭐️ drunk elephant - APassioni. - Love Love Love this Retinol it’s the best one I’ve ever used. . ⭐️ nurse jamiela - Uplift Tool. - I use this for 14 minutes every single day and it helps products absorb, depuff the face and lift the skin. ⭐️ summer fridays - Overtime Mask. - I love love the scent of this mask, it makes the whole experience for me tbh. Although this can be a physical exfoliant I just apply and leave for 20 minutes. It says to leave for less but 20s my magic number with masks.