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Products featured this week ar
Products featured this week are: ⭐️ sol de janeiro - Bum Bum Cream - We all know it’s not for your bum by now it’s legit the best smelling cream and nourishes my skin so much. I’m almost finished my 3rd one and I’m still debating the coco scent. ⭐️ sol de janeiro - Brazilian 4 Play. - Love how hydrating this body wash is and it lasts forever I’m still on my first. ⭐️ drunk elephant - LaLa Sleep Mask. - Love lying in my bed with my mask on and music just chilling. . ⭐️ drunk elephant - APassioni. - Love Love Love this Retinol it’s the best one I’ve ever used. . ⭐️ nurse jamiela - Uplift Tool. - I use this for 14 minutes every single day and it helps products absorb, depuff the face and lift the skin. ⭐️ summer fridays - Overtime Mask. - I love love the scent of this mask, it makes the whole experience for me tbh. Although this can be a physical exfoliant I just apply and leave for 20 minutes. It says to leave for less but 20s my magic number with masks.
Nurse Jamie Massage Roller Isn’t It
Nurse Jamie Massage Roller Isn’t It
NURSE JAMIE - Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller I knew from the start that I was being influenced to buy this product. You see celebrities like Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff using this item in their skin care routines and you really want to believe it. I bought this roller hoping to use it as a preventive measure towards aging, and to use it just to feel better. Up until recently I was working at a spa, and definitely taking advantage of the services there - that’s why I didn’t buy the generic jade roller you see everywhere. The roller itself feels alright, it isn’t amazing at massaging - almost like it’s missing something (it’s a very gentle massage). Reading the instructions it mentions to wipe it between uses - this is made difficult because of all the nooks and crannies. It’s definitely made with quality, but I’m waiting for it to fall apart - I read so many reviews (after I already had it in the mail) saying it fell apart after a use (not my case though - yet). It’s very pricey and a bit awkward to use under the chin, if you use the directions mentioned in the box. Overall I don’t think it is worth to drop your money on this product - i’d save up for something better and that has a bit more research done on it.
Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller
NURSE JAMIE-Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller