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Why, When, and How to do a Curl Reset
The picture on the left was my curly hair in need of a good reset wash day! The picture on the right is one wash day later - back to shiny, bouncy curls. How Did I Know I Needed a Reset? My curls were too dry and they were also lacking moisture. As you can see in the picture on the left, my hair looked dull and overly frizzy. My curls were not clumping together well and instead looked frizzy and ill-defined. Not only did my curls not look their best, but they felt dry to the touch and almost “crackled” when I would rub strands together. My curls had lost their bounce and my curl pattern was much looser than normal. What Does My Reset Washday Look Like? 1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo This clarifying shampoo from Kristen Ess is my go-to. It has a nozzle tip for easy application at the roots, smells nice, and has a great lather. To use it I thoroughly wet my hair in the shower and then apply a liberal amount of shampoo, rinse and repeat if my curls and scalp still feel like there is product buildup. KRISTIN ESS - Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo 2. Use a Protein Mask The tgin Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor further clarifies the scalp and hair, and fortifies your curls by restoring protein. I knew I needed a protein mask for my curls because they felt very limp and my curl pattern wasn’t as bouncy or defined as usual. My curls were stretched out and not as big (circumference-wise) as they typically get. I apply the mask and leave it on my wet hair for about 3-5 minutes, then rinse out completely. tgin - Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor 3. Deep Condition Once the protein mask is washed out, I go in with the Mizani Moisture Fusion Intense Moisture Mask. I apply it to my wet curls from roots to ends, gently brushing through (I use a Tangle Teezer) to evenly distribute the product. I let the mask sit on my wet hair for 5-10 minutes in the shower, then rinse out completely and style as usual. TANGLE TEEZER - The Ultimate Detangler MIZANI - Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask Have you ever done a reset wash day? Let me know if I’ve left your favorite products off the list! #CherieCreator
$14 VS $ 25! Tangle Teezer VS Tangle Angle. The NO.1 Brush Is🤔🤔🤔
I had a lot of brushes from Tangle Teezer and Tangle Angle. Today, I want to compare these two famous brands. Let's see which brush is the best. I have fairly long hair. It can reach my chest. My hair is quite rough. I am worried about hair loss and matted hair.  If I had to choose one, I would recommend Tangle Angel 2.0 pro For thick, wavy hair: Tangle Angle 2.0 Pro For thin hair or sensitive scalp: Tangle Angle 2.0 Pro For everyone else: Tangle Teezer  TANGLE ANGEL - Classic Soft Touch Professional Detangling Brush It is softer than Tangle Teezer's brushes. It can smooth my hair easily without feeling any pain. But it causes static electricity. I use the wings to massage my scalp. I recommended it to people with an average amount of hair.  TANGLE TEEZER - The Ultimate Detangler It's so pretty! It is also great to use. The teeth part is thinner than Tangle Angel. It is great for people with long or thick hair. It does not cause great static electricity. I really love it! TANGLE ANGEL - 2.0 Gloss Pink This is an updated version for Tangle Angel. I think the teeth are similar to Tangle Angel 1.0, both are softer than Tangle Teezer. It includes a new technique that prevents static electricity.  TANGLE ANGEL - Pro Titanium Professional Detangling Brush This is one of my favorite brushes! The teeth are loose, long, and hard. It can reach the scalp regardless of the thickness of your hair. It is great for wavy hair, doesn't cause pain at all. If I should choose one brush out of these four, this is definitely my top choice. 
No More Tangles & No More Tears
FINALLY A BRUSH PERFECT FOR NATURAL CURLS! In the past, brushing my curly hair was always a very painful experience. I would have to have very wet and conditioned hair for the detangling process to be possible.  TANGLE TEEZER - The Large Wet Detangler Hairbrush I bought this just to check out one more brush for my forever tangled hair and I was amazed. When it came i thought, this is not gonna work because the touch you feel is kind of soft.However, i washed my hair and after a couple of shampooing when is really tangled I usually try to detangled with conditioner so I thought here goes nothing and I actually didn’t need that much effort, it actually detangled and I didn’t went bald or with a headache, cause I have long hair and usually takes me a long time to detangled. With the tangle teezer, I have not experienced any pain, even on day five hair. This brush melts knots on damp, conditioned, curly hair and defines your curls at the same time. I recommend this brush for detangling and styling curly hair. Truly a game-changer for me after solely using a wide-tooth calm (PAINFUL) in the past. Honestly i might buy another one just to have a backup just in case, but this brush made my day,well actually my life :) cause I’ve spent so much money on brushes and they don’t work and this simple one surprised me.  The only complaint is that the brush does not have a great grip. I often find it slipping in my hand when it is wet or covered in conditioner. Otherwise, 10/10 would recommend for my fellow curly hair shoppers!
it took me years to find anything that's works for my dry sensitive skin let alone work to help me style and detangle my 4C hair. SKIN ROUTINE: I only trust Noxzema facial cleansers to not break me out and actually CLEAN my skin. I also recommend a soft bristle spin brush to help scrub. (I strongly recommend getting the NOXZEMA - Ultimate Clear Daily Deep Pore Cleanser The one in my photo has tiny beads that are hard to wash off without soaking your shirt) Be sure to pat dry your face. Next I use the ANDALOU NATURALS - CannaCell Hydrating Toner . This product contains "hemp stem cells", not too sure what that does but it sure does help keep moisture in. It has a citrus scent as well. You can spray about 2-3 times in a cotton pad but I usually just spray on the hands and rub it into my skin. The HONEST - Hydrogel Cream is the best thing I've ever used. I used to pay $50-$60 for the Murad - Nutrient-Charged Water Gel and never has it ever held in moisture all DAY. I never had to put lotion on my face again. My face never dried up again!!! 4C HAIR CARE: The TANGLE TEEZER - The Large Wet Detangler Hairbrush and Carol's Daughter - Hair Milk 4-in-1 ''Combing'' Crème I've only seen used on type 3 hair and was almost positive that it would not work for me. Was I extremely wrong. On wet hair the tangle teaser is the best detangler I've EVER USED. I was depressed and my hair was matted from neglect and it made the process of reviving my hair so much more tolerable. The 4 in 1 Hair milk, I used after detangling a section and applied from the ends to the roots, then brushed over them again. I wouldn't say to use this as a styling cream with type 4 hair because my hair instantly puffed back up but it did keep it soft and moisturized all day. For daily moisture I recommend using the AS I AM - DoublebButter Cream
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My go-to braided style
This pulled-back, partially braided style has been my go-to look for a while. It is pretty simple. While I normally have 4C, thick, natural hair, but with synthetic wig is none of those things. What do you need  TANGLE TEEZER - The Original Detangling Hair Brush : I actually have the purple one.  scünci - Conair Matte Black No Slip Grip Bobby Pins Step 1: Brush out your hair until smooth. Step 2: Take a small section and braid leaving about an inch of hair at the end. (This will help it blend more with the hair at the back.) *Repeat this until you have four braids on each side. Step 3: Pull braids to the back of the head and secure them with the bobby-pins. (I used black pins to make them more visible, but I would normally use a brown one for this hair color.) Step 4: Brush the nonbraided hair again. Final step: Live your life.
my five-star product lineup for natural 4a hair!
these are my holy grail products for my low porosity, medium density 4a hair. i stopped flat ironing my hair in 2014 to really see how my natural curls would develop. it has been a roller coaster 🎢🎢🎢 journey to find the products that work best for me. after lots of trial and error, these are my favorite products. i have used them pretty consistently for the last two years. amika: - Soulfood Nourishing Mask - this is the old packaging for my favorite deep conditioner. the scent is amazeballs and it does a fabulous job softening my hair and creating some slip before i cowash. the sea buckthorn oil is the secret ingredient - so moisturizing! i wet my hair with a spray bottle and deep condition for 2 hrs to a full day (up in my high bun). AS I AM - Coconut Cowash + TANGLE TEEZER - The Original Detangling Hair Brush in the shower to condition and get all of the shed hair out. my hair, like my skin, can be quite dry, so i need super nourishing products. this cowash has been a constant in my routine basically since the beginning. sometimes i’ll skip the tangle teezer and finger detangle, but i really want to make sure that i get that shed hair out during wash day. DevaCurl - Devatowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel to dry off these tresses. EDEN Body Works - Coconut Shea Natural Curl Defining Creme + ECOCO - Eco Style Argan Oil Gel - i part my hair in half, mix these two together, and run the product through semi-generously. then i’ll put each half into three twists to prevent tangling and let air dry. SheaMoisture - 100% Pure Argan Oil - once my hair has dried, i’ll use this oil to gently unravel the twists. the oil helps me ensure that i’m not pulling too hard on the hair, since it’s dry and more fragile at that point. i don’t do much between washes, to avoid product buildup. i sleep in a pineapple 🍍 on a satin pillowcase, and usually wear it down for a few days before putting it into a pineapple / bun for a few days. when my life is together, i do my wash routine every 5-7 days. i love talking about natural hair!! 👩🏾‍🦱 let me know if you have any favorite products or tips. 🤗
I can't live without this hair brush!
TANGLE TEEZER - Compact Styler Holo Hero Detangler Hairbrush I have tried several, and this is the best, by far, of the detangling brushes. Apparently tangle teaser was the first and no other manufacturer has topped them. I have several - for my purse, car, the office, each bathroom plus the shower, one in the camper and another in the travel kit. I have two different styles - the "Ultimate Detangler" and the "Ultimate Professional Finishing Hairbrush". At this point I have no use for any other brush. Regardless of which brush you use, please remember to start near the bottom and work your way up. Seems common sense but if you start at the top it will just tighten the knot. And I just cannot believe I have missed out on this brush goodness for so long! I used to buy “the” brush for WET HAIR.. unfortunately their product isn’t what it used to be and the company isn’t willing to be of any help, so I went out on a limb and got this. I got the Millennial Pink and I love love love the color! This pink is so cute and makes me feel like a princess LOL.It goes through my hair so much easier than any brush I’ve ever tried (or comb). Great for wet or dry hair. Just don’t use it with heat.I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It’s made me so happy! If anything changes I’ll update my review, but I think I finally found THE BEST brush for wet hair (and dry)! It’s a little hard to hang on to, but that could be because I’m not used to a brush like this. That aside, this brush is amazing!
To all my thick hair girls!
I have very thick, frizzy hair. I actually hate it. which if nothing is done to it, gets very messy by the third day after washing.I hate washing, drying and flat ironing it. I have to flat iron it everyday. I know great volume is what many people are looking for, but sometimes it easily drives you crazy just by managing it. And for most of the times, you can never be able to have a hairstyle I want. I want to share some of the tip and my SECRET TOOL to manage thick hair. The drying process is the part you should pay extra attention too. Using a regular towel to towel dry your hair can actually leave it frizzy and cause damage to the hair, to dry excess water from my hair. NOTICE, use a brush to comb your hair while drying. It is important to use the right tool that leaves your hair smooth, soft, shiny and healthy looking. And here comes my secret perfect tool for thick hair which I strongly recommend using - the Tangle Teezer designed by a popular UK hair stylist. TANGLE TEEZER - Compact Styler Holo Hero Detangler Hairbrush This is the tool I recommended to absolutely everyone around me. When I first saw people talking about it on Tiktok, I didn’t see the catching point of it comparing with other comb. But when I see my friend who has soft long hair that is always tangled around her neck used this to easily detangled everything, i was super shocked. This brush is different and it worths every penny! I guarantee you will love if after trying out. I cannot explain by word how unique this is, but so far I haven’t found any substitute. No matter how frizzy your hair is, it can comb through everything (getting that without a flat iron also means that it gets to stay fluffier looking instead of flat and stringy).!
How to Detangle Hair Without Damaging it?
We always wanted to have shiny, soft, damage free and beautiful hair, but how to keep our hair damage free?There's no denying tangled hair is annoying. Tangles (and the act of removing them) can damage our hair, cause major breakage, and leave your mane feeling brittle.  ⭐️Use The Right Detangling Tool⭐️ TANGLE TEEZER - Compact Styler Detangling Hair Brush You shouldn't only reach for a brush or comb when your hair is tangled, and it's a good practice for preventing the problem in the first place. Brushing through hair regularly helps stimulate hair follicles and prevents future knots. Investing in the proper tools and taking the time to carefully tackle knots is necessary to avoid tugging and damaging your hair. I have very thick, waist-length hair, and brushing my hair has always been a miserable fight even with conditioners and leave-in detanglers. Hair snapped and made a mat in my brushes and combs every single time, and tangles just turned into knots that ended up ripped out. I honestly didn't think this brush would be any different, but the reviews seemed good - and it's delivered. I still shed hair, but holy frag, the difference! I can brush my hair wet or dry, and it just swooshes the tangles out with only a few stray hairs caught. No pain, no pulling, and it's nice to use to massage shampoo and conditioner into my scalp in the shower. Between that and not fighting to brush my hair now, it's actually helping control my dandruff. That was a totally unexpected benefit for me. ⭐️Start From The Ends, Not the Roots⭐️ If you take your hairbrush straight to the root when detangling, you're doing it all wrong. The biggest mistake many people make when detangling hair is starting from the root instead of ends. Before you go detangling the roots, start at the bottom and work your way up—that way, when you reach the root, you'll have a smooth foundation to glide down. Plus, this minimizes the amount of tugging for the tender-headed. ⭐️Work In Sections⭐️ Be patient and if things are really matted, you can applying a conditioner/ hair serum on dry hair to help loosen the knots as you go. Smooth out any frizz or flyaways. Take a small amount of any hair oil of your choice or a hair serum in your hand.Rub it in between your hands. Start applying to the hair from mid length to the tips. Easy does it. Sometimes wetting the hair can lock in the knots, making it much more difficult to detangle, and much more prone to damage. Break out your detangling brush and slowly get to combing, working on one small section at a time. Sharing is caring. 💕
Wetbrush VS. Tangle Teezer, both $14, Guess Which Wins!👩‍🦰👩‍🦳👩
My husband doesn't like TANGLE TEEZER - Compact Styler Detangling Hair Brush. He thinks it feels uncomfortable in his hands. So I bought tWet brush - Teal Swirl Detangler. After using it for a couple of days, I am in love! I gonna compare the 2 drugstore brushes in this review. I have long, thick, wavy hair that tangles easily. The Wet Brush is amazing, and you can even call it "magical."👍👍👍 As it claims, you can use it for both dry and wet hair. It can detangle my matted hair without causing pain. It doesn't cause harm to the hair as well. I can brush my hair thoroughly.  The design of the Wet Brush is counterintuitive. Its bristles are softer and more flexible than bristles on standard brushes. The Wet Brush makes quick work of even the biggest knots and really does detangle my hair – wet or dry – quickly and painlessly. But there’s a downside😢😢😢: after several months of use, those magical bristles began to fall out, until the brush simply wasn’t effective anymore. As for Tangle Teezer, which seems to be the Wet Brush’s main competitor,  it's a completely different shape than the Wet Brush. It has no handle but is formed to fit comfortably in your hand. The bristles are stiffer than the Wet Brush bristles, and they don’t have the same ball tip. They also alternate between long and short bristles. In my case, TT brush isn't good for wet hair like Wet brush as the latter has a harder comb.  It simply does not get through the knots and tangles, certainly not any better than a regular brush. Also, I don't like the way the brush felt in our hand and I much prefer having a handle. So in terms of detangling ability, the Wet Brush wins. But durability is an issue, if you plan to buy a Wet Brush, know that you may need to replace it sooner than you would like.  No brush is perfect for everyone. Tangle Teezer might be ideal for other kinds of hair. For us, the Wet Brush is still the best option, but I will be keeping my eyes open for an equally effective but longer-lasting substitute. Do you have any favorite detangling products or tricks? Let us know in the comments!👇👇👇


Never going back
Never going back
TANGLE TEEZER - Fine & Fragile Detangler I’ll never use a traditional hairbrush again. This detangler slides through my hair totally painlessly - I don’t have to rip through all my knots anymore. And I lose about 75% less hair when I use it than what I’d pull out of a regular hairbrush after brushing my hair. Everyone should own one of these
Fine & Fragile Detangler
TANGLE TEEZER-Fine & Fragile Detangler