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Products Description: Missha Line Friends Cushion #21 MISSHA - Line Friends Edition M Magic Cushion Moisture SPF50+ - this gives you a nice glow to your skin, great for an special and or all occasions. Great for all skin type. TonyMoly Black Gel Liner TONYMOLY - Back Gel Eyeliner - I love these gel eyeliners, it does not smudge and it stays on your eyelids for a very long time. It does not smear and it is so easy to put on. Ruhuatuo Eyeshadow Mini Palette #Ruohuatuo - Mini Palette[products]#[FiveStars] -these mini cute palettes are great to carry on the go and there are 4 different variety of colors you can mix and match with. Stays on your eyelids and very easy to blend. Not too pigmented but packs the right amount you need ❤️👌 Peripera Double Longwear Cover Concealer peripera - Double Cover Concealer - this concealer covers everything and it does feel like an extra layer to cover your acnes, blemishes to dark circles. I love this concealer as it is not tacky and blends so perfectly with your skin. Too Cool Artclass by Rodin Bronzer too cool for school - Artclass by Rodin Shading -this bronzer is so natural that it does not feel tacky or too pigmented to make you look like you got sun tanned. Just the right amount to your skin to make you looked flawless at every angle turn. L’Oréal AirVolume Mega Mascara Blackest Black L'ORÉAL - Air Volume Mega Mascara - This mascara gives you the best mascara look. It does lengthen and make your lashes look longer and healthier. Sometimes you don’t need them false lashes after all 😉 Crazy Feng Glitter Flare Eyeliners - love these glitter eyeliners, it is multi use for anything from being an eyeliner to an eyeshadow to body glitter. I love that it sits on my skin and doesn’t fade over time. It doesn’t transfer or smear and that’s an additional plus. I decided to go for a neutral pink brown glow look today and heading out for the day with my family I got a few compliments, Ilove the look and it sits so well on my face, I don’t have to retouch even though it has been more than 8 hours.
Let's see how I create music festival makeup with my K-beauty products!
Hello, guys!  Recently, I have become a huge fan of K-beauty products.  I went to a music festival last month and my makeup helped me become the superstar around people! I can't wait to show you guys what I use to create this makeup! Foundation: ETUDE - Double lasting serum foundation Just put on my face with a beauty sponge, this foundation is super full coverage like the big patch on my cheek is completely gone, that why I love this foundation so much.And it tis super matte. I think this foundation is real for festivals just because of how long last thing. Bronzer:too cool for school - Artclass by Rodin Shading As for my bronzer, it comes with a little bi of like a light gold shimmer. It makes you nice and toasted, it just perfect mix for my skin tone. Eyeshadow:3CE - MOOD RECIPE MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE #OVERTAKE As for eyeshadow, we are gonna be putting three colors on the crease, Slightly higher than your crease for this. This palette is super perfect, the deposit much pigment and makes my eyes much easier to blend. And then go with yellow shade, Use a brush to dip little bit just put them like a transition shade to your brow bone. You don’t have to be nervous to get close to your brow bone. It is a festival makeup. And I m gonna create a sunset color on my eyes, so combine the purple, orange and yellow color and mix them up.  Glitter liquid eyeliner:CLIO - Waterproof Pen Liner Original And don’t forget the point that is the glitter! I 'm gonna go with the glitter liquid eyeliner   And the last step is to stick some shinning face jewels around your eyes. 👀 Hope this hack does help you! Give me a like if you like~
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Hello hello ✨🥰 Today I picked up a few new goodies and I’m soo excited to try them. So far I’ve tried the LA ROCHE-POSAY - Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser and i love the clean feeling i get without it feelings overly stripping!! Good cleanser for a good price ($15) I’m going to try out the other products and give updates on my thoughts. If you have any suggestions for new products I should try or things you’d like to see me try feel free to pitch them to me 😘❤️ UPDATE: i have used The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution twice now once last night and once this morning. I definitely notice a glow in my skin as well as my face not being dry after washing it. It gives my face a smooth texture as well. I love it! too cool for school - Rules of Mastic IX Enhancer Recovery Balm this has a very smooth cream consistency. It’s very light weight and gives good moisture so i like this one as well. I’ll be doing more research on the ingredients. Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oil I got this in hopes to repair my skin and get rid of my scarring left behind from acne. So far i like it. It’s a very light weight oil that doesn’t leave me looking too greasy for everyday wear. bliss - What a Melon Water Jelly Hydrator for Combination Skin This reminds me a lot of the Neutrogena - Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel Moisturizer Which is definitely a favorite of mine. It got it on sale from Target for $6 so i decided to give it a try. It has nice fragrance and a very hydrating feel due to it being a gel consistency.
Cleansing oil, kose it or loose it?
KOSE COSMEPORT - SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil This bit$& let me down. I had high hopes. This product did not clean off make up as well as it claimed and I didn’t see any added benefits to my pores, skin, anything. I used the product for a month and nope nothing..... It has a weird olive oil scent which in all tranparency made me a bit nauseous🤢 TMI and it didn’t pair well with a hyluranic acid cleanser CeraVe - Hydrating Face Cleanser For Normal To Dry Skin I usually like to start with a cleansing oil then a foam cleanser. The oil also blocked pores and wasn’t fun to use. Also if you have CYSTIC acne I wouldn’t suggest this. And if you are having a bad day this kinda makes it worse in other words. If you are under a lot of stress(about to get real here) it doesn’t pair well with tears lol yes. The back story of this is that college life and relationships get to us. And an important face wash and moisturizer in my opinion take away stress from the face. However, the PEACH & LILY - Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser that I switched to seemed to be sufficient enough for cleaning my skin and giving my skin a good protective barrier, however, if I put on my full face of make up then I need something to take away my powdered donut, so TATCHA - The Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser is unreal, how much grime, and make up it will take off with such a small amount. But for a cheaper alternative CeraVe - Hydrating Cream-To-Foam Cleanser but for this you should follow up with an exfoliant. I personally, have dry skin at the moment without makeup, so I have to be careful what I use because a lot of products strip everything from my skin. Okay lastly, I personally believe oil cleansing before a foam cleanser is not for everyone. Because I have seen some people have great success and me not so much. But in my experience learning how to exfoliate and cleanse your face is key. And truly understanding your face is key. I’m other words, focus on what your face needs. I feel that face masks twice a week that are for My SKIN conditions are vital to a nice well rounded well shall we say just great looking skin and let me just last note that this is too cool for school - Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask a holy of holy grails. This was incredible! Incredible! Incredible. Treat yourself and find relaxation you deserve it..
This super cute Too Cool For School Bling Bling Pumpkin Party is a limited edition gift set featuring 1 oz of Pumpkin Sleeping Mask and Pumpkin 24k Gold Sheet Mask .. Sheet mask: This is a bio-cellulose sheet and it comes sandwiched between protective layers. It fits like a second skin. I love bio-cellulose masks for the adherence, it stays put until you are ready to remove it. The mask and the pack has a lot of the milky lotion-like essence. The essence contains pumpkin extracts (natural AHAs and fruit enyes to brighten and smooth the skin. Also contains antioxidant Vitamin A and C to soften and soothe the skin) and 24k gold (for radiant glow). I did not see any glitter, shimmer or gold in the sheet mask. Despite of being a bio-cellulose mask, the mask started to dry up after 15-18 minutes. On taking the mask off, my skin was hydrated, soft and looked vibrant .. Sleeping mask: This sleeping pack has a gel-like texture and does not smell like a pumpkin. The scent is not overpowering and dissipates soon. Notable ingredients include Pumpkin and Papaya extract, Amaranthus seed extract, Centella Asiatica extract, Licorice root extract, Fig fruit extract, Aloe leaf juice, Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide NP with few dimethicones. This works like a lightweight moisturizer rather than a sleeping pack and I believe is better suited for anyone with normal to oily skin. This would not be my choice for anyone with dry skin like mine. I do not use sleeping packs every day and instead, rely on them for in-flight hydration. I cannot sheet mask in public so sleeping packs work better. I have used this in the past and like how it kept my skin hydrated and supple during long flights. I’m saving it for my trips .. Overall, this comes in a beautiful boxed set that retails for $15 and will make a great gift.
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Egg Cream Mask
Egg cream hydration sheet mask by too cool for school is a holy grail product for me. ✨ During the cold winter season my skin can get horribly dry. But thanks to this incredible sheet mask, my skin is no longer dry! This sheet mask plumps my skin with hydration and gives me a nice bright glow. I like to use this mask about once a week during the winter to keep dry skin away. During the summer I usually use it once every 3 weeks. I give this product 4 out of five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 I knocked off one star because I believe the product is a bit pricey. For one single mask it cost about $6. But there are 5 pack sets that run at around $25 which is what I usually buy. Overall, I do love this product and would recommend it to anyone with dry or combination skin. 💛 too cool for school - Egg Cream Mask Hydration
Sheet Mask: Egg Cream Mask
The Product: Provide hydration to the face, making it become more brighter, glowy, and radiant. Sheet Mask Review: I was a bit set off at first since eggs and coconut was kind of a iffy combination to me. But this face mask was wonderful! I wanted to try this because I’m new to face masks and I heard good reviews about this face mask so I decided to give it a go and did not regret it. This is my first time using this mask and my first impression was that it smells really nice. It was not heavily scented which was great and it came heavily moist in enriching extracts. The texture was smooth and easy to put on. After leaving it on for 10 minutes my skin felt amazing. My face was noticeably brighter and it felt really moisturized! It provided a very soothing and hydrating solution to my face! I really like this product and my skin has not become irritated by it. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft as well. My pores felt tighter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and do think that it’s worth it, considering you get really nice results after one use (10 minutes). Great sheet mask!too cool for school - Egg Cream Mask Hydration
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hydrating toner 🥚
I typically stay away from using anything with fragrance on my face especially if its a toner, but I decided to go ahead and try this since the ulta app listed it as the last ingredient. It’s a little further up on the actual bottle 😕. The scent was overwhelming at first but it wasn’t as noticeable as I kept using it. I like layering my products, so I only use a small amount. Pros: - light consistency -hydrating - layers okay with my essence Cons: - it has fragrance -- it irritated the more sensitive parts of my face (when used w a foaming cleanser) - if you’re sensitive to smells, this might be a no for you Niacinimide is pretty high on the list of ingredients so I’m careful not to use 100% vitamin c with this due to the sensitizing effect it has on my face, personally. I think this would be great for dry skin or normal skin. I’m combination and it works okay for me, but very oily skin may need something more mattifying. Like most of my products, I got this on sale. I won’t be repurchasing it, because it didn’t blow me away with the hydration and it irritated my skin. Aside from not overloading my skin, increasing the hydration that my products give me without overusing them has really helped with my overall skin texture, brightness, and hyperpigmentation :) I give it a 3
The best dry skin toner out there!
Too Cool For School Egg-ssential Fluid Moisturizing Toner Although this is good for all skin types, this is specifically targeted for dryness. The texture is a milky liquid that absorbs fairly fast once patted into the skin. This contains egg protein water which helps build fundamental skin barrier for increased moisture retention and glowing skin from the inside out. I have been using  this for 6 months and I’ve seen a change in my skin, this has eliminated dry patches and has provided immense hydration throughout the day. This typically costs $25.00 but it is currently $15.00 at Ulta.  If you search online, you can find it for as little as $15.00. I have purchased this twice and I believe it is worth every penny. My opinion of this is based on results. I really like this product, it provides hydration like no other. You can apply this to skin with a cotton pad or you can just do what I do, which is pat it into my skin.
Accentuate Facial with the right Contouring
Too cool for school - this brand is actually created in the U.S. I like their products cus its very affordable and the concept of product design is very adorable and convenience like this palette. too cool for school - Artclass by Rodin Makeup Set There are three colors here in this palette. I found this is the perfect palette for contouring my face. You kind of want to understand your face shape first before going to contouring. The whole concept of contouring is to “visually hide” your imperfections. With a highlighter, it works to enlarge your advantages and gather attention. Here are my techniques for Face Contouring (Round shape): I like to start with the darkest color where used to focus on key areas to contour underneath my cheek bones to get a defined look. I would also contour my jawline. For this time, I would take my brush and use the three colors together. With a large brush, I kind of swish these colors together, tap out the excess powder and start working on my jawlines to get that v-shape. Started with my chin first and then go up. Basically I am creating this shadow towards my ear and blend it out. I have round face, this way it helps me to get a more edge face shape and makes my face look slimmer. The next thing I like to do is to use the color in the middle for small areas on my temples. Since I have a round face shape, I normally put a lot contours around my face. The reason I heavily contour the size of my face is to get a natural elongated face. If you have elongated face, you might want to go the opposite way: lighter on the side but heavier on the forehead. I would also contour my nose use the color in the middle. I would put a little underneath my nose to kind of give it a lifted look and sides as well to get a slimmer nose bridge (mine is kind of wide). Then next is to take a brush to blend everything out till it is nice and flawless to finish it up.


Egg Remedy Hair Pack: damaged hair saviour
Egg Remedy Hair Pack: damaged hair saviour
Too cool for school has shook me to my core with this one. The egg remedy hair pack came into my life when I needed it most: my hair was dry, frizzy, damaged from bleached highlights, and desperate for moisture. I apply the too cool for school - Egg Remedy Hair Pack after using the shampoo and leave it in my hair for 3-5 minutes. It smells rich like honey and in just one use after rinsing my hair looks and feels like silk. Through consistent use my hair became so much smoother and more manageable like it was prior to bleaching it. It is $38.50 for 200g and lasts quite a long time. I love using it in conjunction with the egg remedy shampoo, but honestly get the same benefits using any other shampoo prior to this hair mask. It is my favourite hair product and I recommend it to all of my friends who have damaged or dry hair. 10/10 product (I would rate the shampoo more of a 7/10, however, as I don’t find the benefits as dramatic on its own).
Egg Remedy Hair Pack
too cool for school-Egg Remedy Hair Pack
Good basic moisturizer
Good basic moisturizer
I’ve been using this for a year now, and it have become my go to moisturizer. The texture is kind of sticky/stringy, but it goes on smooth. It’s good for when you are in a rush since it doubles as an eye cream. Great for all kinds of skin.
 All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream, 5-in-1 Firming Moisturizer
too cool for school- All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream, 5-in-1 Firming Moisturizer
Kbeauty & Drugstore make up
Kbeauty & Drugstore make up
I’d say Kbeauty should be getting much love from western countries too. Most of them are honestly so good and affordable. They also have the cutest packaging always. My picks for Kbeauty are from too cool for school - Artclass by Rodin Shading some from Etude House, lots of Mamonde Lippies and blushes. If I were to choose from Drugstore brands, I’d always pick up wet n wild - MegaGlo Highlighting Powder this baby retails for less than 10usd and I everything I want from a highlighter. Could apply it anywhere I want! Second is a RIMMEL - Natural Bronzer Waterproof Bronzing Powder SPF 15 the pan is big and it’s honestly the same shades as the famous benefit - Hoola Bronzer Bash Value Set which btw is a good on the go shader but I’ll choose Rimmel over it beck I could get 5 pcs of rimmel bronzer and gift my friends than getting my self 1 tiny benefit bronzer that lasts abt 3 mos max
Artclass by Rodin Shading
too cool for school-Artclass by Rodin Shading

Giving myself t
R O U T I N E Giving myself that full body foam love last night. I didn't realize how any foam items I owned which make me very happy each holds a specific purpose. You gotta love a good liquid turn foam formaula and here a three I use together. rituals t'ai chi white lotus and green tea shower foam - a surprise scent and experience. I can see why everyone is getting into Rituals luxe line. The foam does have problems coming out of the nozzle which it due to it being a spray and not pump but what I do get out I enjoy. thefaceshop chia seed fresh bubble foam - two pumps of it is enough to go over my face and neck. Its lightweight lather helps keep my skin soft on a daily basis. Its the perfect everyday foam cleanser. toocoolforschool egg mousse body oil - still a thing of beauty this body oil transitions into different textures and smell divine as it does it. I love how give my skin a crazy glow ✨✨! I will defintely be repurchasing.
Egg Mousse Body Oil
too cool for school-Egg Mousse Body Oil
This sleeping mask saved my sk
This sleeping mask saved my skin after I came back from a vacation which killed my skin. My skin was super dry and flaky, this was the only thing that could save it.
Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
too cool for school-Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
too cool for school - Egg Mell
too cool for school - Egg Mellow Cream Love this as a nighttime moisturizer! Idk how to describe the texture but it’s like a slippy mousse? And my skin feels so plump and hydrated in the morning. Definitely recommend!
Egg Mellow Cream
too cool for school-Egg Mellow Cream