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Recreating the Princess Diana Look 👸🏼
Hello everyone! I’m not sure about you, but I’ve recently become very interested in Princess Diana since Netflix has added the new season of The Crown and released a documentary about her. After learning more about who she was, she no longer is JUST a Princess to me, but also an independent, well-established woman who was not given near the credit she deserved for her many great qualities when she was alive. While I watched the documentary, I noticed how much I liked her makeup and that got me wondering if I could recreate her look. After doing some research, I found out that Princess Di actually wore bright blue or purple eyeliner on her waterline and this made her eyes pop. I decided being the also fair complected individual that I was to try to figure out her look. I found a little guide on her makeup online that you will see above ⬆️. Though many of the products on this list were either from the 80s or 90s, I did my best to use the products I have to give off the same look. In the picture above I am wearing Glossier. - Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color in storm on the apples of my cheeks, Glossier. - Boy Brow in brown on my eyebrows to give the natural fluffy look they did in the 80/90s, ULTA BEAUTY - Gel Eyeliner Pencil in peacock (this is not the brightest eyeliner, but it’s all I had) it’s a blue/green liner and it definitely makes my eyes pop. For my lashes I used appleBiotic - Super Lash Mascara to achieve long black lashes like hers, MAKE UP FOR EVER - Rouge Artist Lipstick , and lastly NYX - Butter Gloss over the lipstick to have a red shiny lip look. Btw, what I did to my hair to make it have the swoop look that she had was to pin it to the side opposite of my part, clip my hair back and up to have a bit of a poof look, and flipped the ends of my hair with a straightener! ✨
Green + Purple
I have green/blue eyes and lately I’ve been experimenting with different colored eyeshadows and liners. So far I’ve used the ULTA BEAUTY - Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Peacock, Olive Oil, and Majestic. Every single one of them makes my eyes pop 👀. I recently ordered a new cream eyeshadow called NYX - Lip Lingerie Matte Lipstick which gives super pigmented color! I barely had much on at all in these pics, but you can clearly see the color! I LOVE IT!!! I’m not sure why they were discontinued, but they’re still available to purchase on sites like Walmart, eBay, anywhere you can get items that aren’t sold in stores anymore. Btw, MORPHE - Hint Hint Skin Tint is amazing for individuals with clearer skin who don’t need heavy coverage. I recently started using Glossier. - Boy Brow as well and I like it quite a bit. They also just came out with an auburn color, and I feel this might match with my hair color better when I run out of the brown. Other than that, most of the products used in these photos are products I use on most days! Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions! Thanks guys!!!
My fav glosses at the moment 💖
@cherie asked us to show our favorite lip glosses. These are mine! LAWLESS - Forget the Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss This one was gifted to me by Lawless and I LIVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It plumps and the shine is amazing! The only downside to this one is that is $22 (I think this is correct might be more) and it comes relatively empty once you remove the doe foot, it’s maybe 1/3 filled 😩 I still am obsessed with it though!! ULTA BEAUTY - Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss This is one I got for Christmas and I really enjoy it. It’s shiny but not too sticky. I’ll probably check more out from this line. DTE Beauty Gloss- This is a small brand i found on Instagram and won in a giveaway. It’s a really light conditioning gloss without any sticky at all!! It gives a tiny hint of pink. Phlor is another small brand on IG. I won this limited edition gloss as well and this one is SHINY! It has holographic glitter and I love how it looks on. Almost like glitter glass!! I used to hate wearing gloss but recently I’ve changed my mind! Have you tried any of these before?
essence - Metal Shock Eyeshadow e.l.f. - e.l.f. Liquid Matte Lipstick color Praline REVOLUTION - Revolution x Tammi Tropical Carnival Eyeshadow Palette coral essence - Get BIG Lashes! Volume Curl Mascara ULTA BEAUTY - Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss A nice makeup look with affordable brands I love make some looks with not expensive products, this one is a nice example that works for all skin colours and it’s just fantastic! This essence eyeshadow is very close to Stila eyeshadows. The elf lipstick color is a dupe for MAC color spirit. The makeup revolution eyeshadow pallets are cheap and easy to use. Nice colours, some matte and some shiny but all with strong pigment and easy to work. I hope you guys like :)
Let’s Talk Lip Gloss
I love lip gloss so much. I love the way it makes my lips shinny and tinted. I especially love when it’s either red or untinted. (Listed in order from 1-8) ULTA BEAUTY - Lasting Color Lip Gloss Stain , this lip stain works wonders, it has the perfect red tint that anyone could ask for. I got this as a Christmas present but I believe it’s around $10 for a full size tube. VICTORIA'S SECRET - Flavor Gloss , this gloss is subtle and sweet(literally), it’s flavored. I bought this for $6, it was on sale, usually it’s $10. COVERGIRL - Lip Lava , not my favorite, I dislike the color and it goes on a little streaky. It smells like crayons. I got this from Walmart for like $10. BLOSSOM - Tropicali Flavored Roll-on Lip Gloss , i actually have the raspberry scent. It’s one of my favorites only because it has no tint/color, it smells amazing and it hydrates my lips quite well. Only thing is is that it looks a little like grease on the lips instead of lip gloss. I bought this from Hot Topic for about $7. #Manshili - Cats Wink Lip Gloss - Red[products]#[FiveStars] , this is super cheap around $3. I’m pretty sure I originally bought this from wish. I love the color and consistency, it’s very smooth. It stays on for a good amount of time without having to reapply. JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS The Gloss , I bought this one right when Jeffree Star launched his orgy collection. I love the color and how shimmery/glittery it is. This cost $18. HAUS LABORATORIES - Le Riot Lip Gloss , very good quality lip gloss. Love the color and how thick and shiny it is. I bought this from Amazon for about $18. SOAP & GLORY - Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss , I love this stuff. It makes my lips look fuller and bigger. I also like the slight pinky tint it gives. Not sure why but I love the way it makes my lips tingle. I got this in a free gift from Ulta but for a full size tube it’s $13.


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Lip Care Kit
Lip Care Kit
This has to be one of my favorite products, first of all the smell is to die for, I love melon scented things, and this kit is all you need for the softest lips out there, and it’s also very cheap, I 100% recommend this 🥰ULTA BEAUTY - One In A Melon Lip Treatment Kit
One In A Melon Lip Treatment Kit
ULTA BEAUTY-One In A Melon Lip Treatment Kit
Best hydrating lip products
Best hydrating lip products
ULTA BEAUTY - Juice Infused Lip Oil I’ve seen these all over tiktok and of course I had to try. I’m so glad I did. When applied, it’s like lip gloss but it really is moisturizing and it’s not sticky. Really good to wear in pictures eos - Lip Balm, Vanilla Bean first use and I fell in love with this, I also have mint flavor. It smells good and it moisturizes my lips BURT’S BEES - Nourishing Mango Butter Lip Balm Tube Burts Bees lip balms are the best, I have too many to count. They’re really good to have on the go and it moisturizes my lips
Juice Infused Lip Oil
ULTA BEAUTY-Juice Infused Lip Oil
STRESSED but no time for a bath??? 😰😰
STRESSED but no time for a bath??? 😰😰
That’s me at least 2 times a week! Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious! I love taking baths! (I try to take one at least once a week!) ❤️ But sometimes there is NO time for a bath or the bath isn’t as clean as you want it to be! 👈🏻 me all the time! I found these at ulta and they have been giving my shower that spa like feel without having to do much at all! These one’s smell so fresh and just like beach! Just pop on out of the pre packaged bag and throw on the floor of the tub! BOOM instant relaxing shower!! 😏 BUT BAD NEWS... THEY DONT SELL THEM ANYMORE!!! On their app it does say they sell similar shower fizzies but I wouldn’t know they are the same! Since they are sold out I’m going to make a DIY one and post how I do that on a different day! So STAY TUNED!! ❤️ #cheriecreator
Ulta buttercream cupcake body sorbet
Ulta buttercream cupcake body sorbet
🧁 The what: This is the Ulta Beauty buttercream cupcake body sorbet. It is available online and in stores at Ulta. 🧁 The details: This whipped body sorbet (lotion) is made with jojoba oil and shea butter to moisturize your skin. It smells just like cake! Ulta’s house brand is cruelty-free. 🧁 My thoughts: I love this body sorbet! It smells delicious and feels so good on my skin! I really enjoy the whipped texture. I’ve had this lotion for about 2 years, and the only thing I noticed with its consistency is that it does need to be re-mixed if you haven’t used it in a while. The scent lasts most of the day and my skin remains moisturized. If you love sweet, bakery-type scents, you’d love this! The lid is kind of annoying because you have to pull it off instead of twist if ott, but it does make it sort of feel like a pint of ice cream. It’s available in a few other scents, but this is the only one I’ve tried. I would love to try some of the other scents once I get through a few other body lotions in my collection. Ulta’s bath and body products are frequently on sale, so grab this and a few more for yourself or a friend/family without breaking the bank. 🧁 The price: $10.50 for 8oz. 5/5⭐️
Buttercream Cupcake Body Sorbet
ULTA BEAUTY-Buttercream Cupcake Body Sorbet
Fall bullet lipsticks
Fall bullet lipsticks
See any of your favorites? -MAC “twig” -ULTA “nicely nude” -Makeup Revolution “luxe” -Colourpop “Y2K” -Maybelline “touch of spice” -NYX “ripe berry”
Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick
MAYBELLINE-Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick
Pretty in Pink!
Pretty in Pink!
I had needed a quick lip stick fix but I’m never very fond of solid lipsticks. This is where lip stick and lip gloss meet. It goes on like a gloss but has that lasting color like a lipstick. I got this in the shade crown. I really like this product the only problem is that it can be a little drying. 7/10 it’s a decent lip stain that goes on well and lasts long. ULTA BEAUTY - Lasting Color Lip Gloss Stain
Lasting Color Lip Gloss Stain
ULTA BEAUTY-Lasting Color Lip Gloss Stain