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Just wanted to show some of th
Just wanted to show some of the cute stuff that I'm loving 😍 . 📷 Instax mini 7 bundle from Walmart I've always wanted an Instax!! I don't use it that much actually lol but it's so adorable and it came in a bundle with a lot of other accessories and film for $55, plus I had an extra $20 gift card. Couldn't pass it up! 😁 . ⭐ Zoella Cosmos fragrance mist & lotion Not a huge fan of the strong mint scent but it's still enjoyable 🍃 The lotion itself is pretty moisturizing too but of course, I got it for the gorgeous packaging 😆😍✨ . 🐱 jiji mirror from Barnes & Noble I kinda sorta needed a new small mirror and when I got a 25% off coupon I just had to get it 😆 It's too beautiful 😭❤️