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Battle of the sunscreens ☀️🧴
Ever since the purito ‘scandal’ I went into a sunscreen shopping spree and tried a few. PURITO - Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF50+ - I loved this sunscreen, it was moisturizing, didn’t leave my face oily or with a white cast and offered supposedly SPF 50 protection. Some lab results tested it and it came back at around SPF 19 and another test came back at SPF 30ish. I obviously no longer count on this sunscreen as my primary sunscreen but when working from home and far from windows I wear it and try to reapply it, not throwing it away until it’s finished! It’s an affordable physical sunscreen. Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Sunscreen SPF 50 - this sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen. I learned after I bought it that one of the ingredients is not good for the coral reefs so never buying again. It burns, leaves my face oily and has a strong scent that I don’t like. As a chemical sunscreen it doesn’t leave a white cast. ETUDE - Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ - I bought this off of a recommendation for a substitution for the purito one. It’s very light and absorbs easily but it does leave a white cast which lead me to buy the next one. Australian Gold - Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50 - this sunscreen is awesome. I never wear makeup so I was nervous I’d look weird/different with a tinted sunscreen but that’s not the case. The color is to offset the white cast that is hard to not have with a mineral sunscreen. It’s pretty affordable at $10 for 3oz. Though I’ve tried multiple sunscreens I’m not done experimenting and trying new ones, just waiting to use up these four first. I go through sunscreens pretty fast though, with using them everyday and having to reapply once or twice. Let me know what your experience with these sunscreens has been and if you have any recommendations for physical sunscreens that don’t leave a white cast and don’t leave your face oily!
My skincare detox!!
Hey awesome people!! It's been a while since I last posted because I was on a skincare detox (and ridiculously busy). Sensitive vs senstized skin: If your skin feels like it burns with the mildest products (for me, even spf and lactic acid) when it's usually not this sensitive - chances are your skin is getting sensitized. Sensitive skin is something we're born with, sensitization happens due to external factors. It's not necessarily due to just rigorous skincare but also external factors like stress, diet, UV exposure etc. So while skin detox is great, also remember to take care of yourself 💜❤️ What and why? I'm no skincare expert by a long shot. I keep things mostly simple and I believe we can tell what our skin needs. I started serious skincare around January this year (I know, suuuper late but better than never lol). My skin before that was mostly normal with bouts of dryness but no major sensitivity. So I was wondering why after skincare, my skin felt like it was hurting when it should feel better. Answer: I needed to give my skin break once in a while! The products, especially the ones with active ingredients, can sensitize skin - even if it is not already sensitive. So I took a break for about 3 weeks. I don't think you need to break for that long, I suppose 10ish days should be enough. I just got lazy to start again. BUT - I can definitely see a difference. For example, now if I use the The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, it tingles less than before! How did I detox? Again, not saying this is the only way. I stripped down to basics. Cleanse, moisturize and spf. That's all. In detail: AM: Cleanse with either DERMA•E - Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser or SOAP & GLORY - Face Soap And Clarity Facial Wash (nothing technically wrong with either cleansers, they're both a bit drying with a bit of fragrance and I'm still on the hunt for The One™) Moisturizer: #Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF: Australian Gold - Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50 PM: Double cleanse (because of spf): BANILA CO - Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original (love this Btw) And then DERMA•E - Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser (soap and glory is too harsh for double cleanse) Moisturize: FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration And that's it! No actives, no exfoliation - just the bare mininum. Info: The selfies are somewhere around week 2 of my detox (not a selfie person so I probably suck at taking selfies but oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️) Hope this helps!! Cheers ✨
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Is this made with glue?!
I have been trying out many different sunscreens for the past few months trying to find an affordable option that I will actually feel good about wearing. I came across this small little guy where I work and decided to try it out. First off, I need to point out that it is an Australian Gold product so it has a pretty hefty amount of fragrance added. In fact, its right in the middle of the ingredient list. So be aware of that if you have skin that is sensitive to fragrance. If you don't, I personally enjoy the tropical 🏝 smell of it. I've tried out several chemical sunscreens so when I saw this, I was excited to find a mineral SPF to try. I was aware that it had more chance of a whitecast, but figuring I could just use this when I'm at home I wasn't too concerned. When you put this on, the first thing you notice is that it feels really good going on the skin. Its not greasy AT ALL which is amazing to me. Unfortunately thats about where the positives end. The second thing you notice when you put it on your skin is that your skin immediately looks PURPLE 😲. Yes, purple. How? I have no clue, but it takes awhile the purple-ness to go away. Honestly I dont think it really completely goes away either. Then comes the white cast. Ghostly 👻, pale, white cast. This doesn't go away at all. Like, I'm talking does. not. come. off. Which brings me to my next point... How in the world do you get this stuff off your face? When I wash my hands after applying, I need to wash them about 2 or 3 times in a row just to get it off my fingers! I swear this stuff has some sort of glue in it (kidding, I know it doesn't). The hair on my temples- WHITE. My eyebrows- WHITE. Even after washing my face for a full minute- WHITE. Both times I've tried this product, I have had to wash my face and really rub too harshly multiple times to get this stuff completely off. I had to scrub with Micellar water to help break it down before I washed my face too. If the insane white cast didn't turn me off to this product, this was the cherry on top. I can't even imagine reapplying and how much that would just worsen everything. (I know I should reapply, but this product was bad enough with the purple skin, white cast, and with how hard it is to remove with 1 layer.) Let's break it down: Pros ✅: Non Greasy Affordable Smells good (this may not be a pro for everyone) Cons ❌: Makes skin look purple Holy White cast 😳 Fragranced (for those with a sensitivity) Extremely hard to remove (this was the major kicker for me) I gave it 2 stars only because it smells good and it wasn't greasy.


Favorite TINTED sunscreen ☀️
Favorite TINTED sunscreen ☀️
Another sunscreen review! 💛 I usually don’t like sunscreens that are tinted because I’m afraid that it won’t match my skin tone but this one is an exception! I like to use this product everyday because it’s very lightweight and I get that extra sun protection. Although it is tinted, it doesn’t cover my acne scars. It just evens out my skin tone but I still use it because it lets my skin breathe! I use this just as a foundation (meaning I prime before applying and I add concealer to my dark circles then powder). Product highlights ✨ + lightweight + doesn’t transfer as much compared to a regular foundation + very LIGHT coverage + SPF + non-greasy + UVA + UVB protection + product is water resistant If anyone has any tinted sunscreen recommendations, please let me know! I’ve tried the Laura Mercier brand but I felt like that was more of a foundation (it does give more coverage compared to this product) and it made me greasy.
Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50
Australian Gold-Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50