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BEST no chip mani! 💅
Are you: a.) Tired of getting manicures just to have them chip the next day b.) Impatient about waiting for your nails to dry c.) Just plain bad at painting your own nails? I'm all of the above!! Which is why I'm beyond excited to have discovered Dashing Diva nail wraps. These easy to use nail stickers come in a variety of fun colors and designs and adjust perfectly to your individual nail size. These lasted me about two weeks and I love that I never had to worry about them chipping. You can even add a clear top coat for extra gloss and shine. What do you think about my election-inspired mani?🇺🇲 I was so excited to get out there and vote with this cute design. I'm looking forward to trying many more styles. 💅❤️ DASHING DIVA - DASHING DIVA Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips
Dashing Diva gel strips: 2 week update 🦇
So it’s officially been two weeks since I applied my DASHING DIVA - DASHING DIVA Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips and let’s just say I loved them so much I repurchased more. I have a post a little farther down from this one explaining the process in more detail but long story short you clean your nails, peel off the strip, smooth it down on the nail, bend over the excess, and file down. Super easy to use. You also have a lot of excess nail strip when you apply so these will fit most nail lengths (even really long ones). I work retail so usually nail polish chips within the first couple of day’s on me. This didn’t chip at all. You can see from the video that the only real issues is the regrowth and a little bit of folding around the tip of the nail (which I’m going to blame my filing job since it was my first time using these). Once applied they feel super secure on the nails. Not once did I feel like they were going to pull up or chip off. To be honest I think I could completely get away with wearing these a lot longer if it weren’t for the regrowth. The only issue I’ve come across with these nail strips is they are a little small width wise to fit across my whole nail so I do have little gaps on the side. For me it’s not a deal breaker as they are really easy to apply, stay on well, and have really crisp detailing. I got mine at Ulta (though my Ulta doesn’t have them all the time) but you can also get them off their website. Mine were $7.99 and you get 34 strips which if you only left them on for two weeks at a time (which you can do longer) it would be a six month supply with four left over. Overall, I’m really happy with these! I think they are a win. They feel secure on the nails, look good, and are really affordable. In the packs I have they also have multiple designs so you can pick and choose what you want. Plus there is no damage to my nails. I would completely recommend these!
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Easiest way to get salon style perfect manicure
With this pandemic, it's been impossible to go to a salon. I came across these nail strips and immediately got them. I was super skeptical but they work like a charm. They are so easy to apply and they last for more than three weeks. It's juts peel and stick so it's super easy. I just trim them according to my nail shape and size and they don't look fake at all. Gives such a natural look and are so comfortable. PREPARATION If you’ve ever done your own gel nails, you know there is a whole process of filing and pushing back cuticles and preparing your nail. For these nail strips, all you have to do is quickly wipe each nail with alcohol. An alcohol wipe works great. APPLICATION The first time I put them on, I wasn’t really sure how to get the edges clean. But now I’m an expert. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get them all on. REMOVAL The removal could not be simpler. Put a drop of nail polish remover at the base of each nail strip. Let it sit for a minute, then peel the strip off. Zero damage, zero waiting, zero fingers-wrapped-in-tin-foil. LONGEVITY I am on my third set of these nails. The first two lasted 2 weeks, and then I took them off because the edges were lifting. This set has been on for a week, and looks perfect. Keep your nail strips in case you get a rogue nail that comes off early, and then reapply and keep on truckin! I have been amazed at how well these last. I wash my hands a million times a day, and am just generally really hard on my nails. And these can take it! They also have some amazing collection and I can't wait to try more of their nail selection strips. #cheriepartner
Dashing Diva Nails—Life Changing?!
YES!! These glossy nail strips have been a game changer for me! Each pack comes with 34 nail strips, so you can squeeze two uses out of each. Included in the 34 strips are 12 fun design strips. These are the ONLY nails that have lasted me over 2 weeks with no chipping and no peeling. You would think that a sticker wouldn’t last but miraculously they stay on! And even though they stay on very well, they’re super easy to get off and you can remove them with NO NAIL DAMAGE! These packs cost $8 each (which is a steal) and I have purchased them at Walmart for $6 and when Ulta has a sale, they’re sold for $4. These nail strips are PERFECT for those of you who hate having to sit and allow the nails to dry. My nails look professionally done everytime I use these. I just clean up my cuticles, shape my nails, and apply the strips. It’s that easy. DASHING DIVA - Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette
Nails perfect for busy babes #Cheriepartner
Everyone has those days that you don’t have much time to get their nails done. The best way is to do your nails super quick and looks very cute! These are stickers for your nails! All you have to do is buff your nails and push down your cuticles and you’re done! If they’re too large for your, just cut down the size and file the tips to finish and seal the ends! I supper recommend to get these at ulta! They’re super fast and cute! DASHING DIVA - Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette I got it in a different color set but this is the brand!


self-care Saturday
self-care Saturday
Saturday night I tried this foot mask (tagged as a hand mask but the packaging looked identical). This foot mask has lots of awesome AHA to help reveal smoother, softer feet. I would repurchase this product as a special treat. However, my feet normally don’t require a lot of up keep so I don’t think I will incorporate it weekly or regularly despite liking the product. I also applied these Dashing Diva ultra shine gel strips. Gel strips are everything! I discovered them a few months ago and use them constantly. I usually have to change them out every two weeks. I got this set at TJ Maxx so they were only $5 but there’s another brand I buy at Ulta that are around $8. $5-8 for a gel manicure that doesn’t chip for almost two weeks?! Seriously I can not recommend these enough.
DASHING DIVA Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips
DASHING DIVA-DASHING DIVA Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips