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These are my top 5 (only 4 pictured) hair brushes that I use for styling and maintaining my hair. Each are used differently and are unique to their characteristics. Featured I have: * Wide tooth comb * Boar bristle brush * Round ceramic brush * Wet brush * Eyebrow spoolie - #Goody - Wide tooth comb[products]#[FiveStars] Wide tooth comb brushes are great for those with thick, curly and/or tangled hair. For that reason, I use this comb after each shampoo and conditioner wash in the shower. It allows for me to easily run the brush through my tangles leaving me with smooth, knot-free hair when I dry off. - #Goody - Boar bristle brush[products]#[FiveStars] Boar bristle brushes are great for all hair types/textures. When used from the scalp down, the bristles lightly massage the scalp creating blood flow that ultimately promotes the hair growth process. These brushes are especially great if you have oily/combo hair as it can easily transfer oil from the scalp down to the ends of the hair. I would recommend not to use on wet hair and use either every morning or night. - drybar - Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush The round ceramic bush is great for creating at-home blowouts. The ceramic heats up fast and essentially makes the hair hold its shape, like a curling iron. These brushes honestly take a lot of practice but once you figure out how to use it you will have beautiful shiny waves or curls depending on the brushes size. This large brush in particular creates more of a loose wave. - The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Detangling Brush Floral The wet brush is my favorite brush ever! It has made my hair so so manageable. Before using this brush it was so hard to run a brush through my hair but this de-tangles my hair perfectly every time. These are great for all hair types and good on dry or wet hair. If you have not used one of these brushes, I highly suggest getting one. I travel with a wet brush so throughout the day I can de-tangle my hair if needed. - LUXIE - 201 Brow and Lash Brush Rose Gold Lastly, I did not take a picture of the spoolie brush but I thought it was worth mentioning. Although this is technically an eyebrow brush, I love using the spoolie for up-dos. It allows me to brush back any flyaways without having to redo my hair. This brush is suitable for all hair types. For reference; I have long, thick, straight, combination hair. What brush can you not live without?💭


This Illuminating Face Highlig
This Illuminating Face Highlighter from vintagecosmetics is really, really pretty on the skin. I have the shade Rose Gold and I would actually consider it more of a blush topper as it's fairly pigmented. It has the most lovely golden pinky sheen. . I really want to try their Velvet Lip Crayons.