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Practicing My Wedding Hair! 👰🏻
A few days ago I shared a makeup look that will probably be very close to what I do on my wedding today. Today I’m sharing a hair look that I *think* will be my hairstyle for my “mini-mony”/“micro-wedding” that is coming up next weekend. Let me know what you think!! I followed a hair tutorial from Missy Sue. She’s one of my go-tos on YouTube for beautiful hairstyles that don’t take a ton of skill. Trust me, this looks complicated, but isn’t at all! You essentially just part your combed/brushed hair into 3 sections - a back (largest section) and one side section on each side. The back section gets braided into a basic 3-strand braid, slightly fluffed out (aka “pancaking”), and then wrapped into a braided bun. Pin in place with strong hold pins. With the two side sections, you create a lace braid (only add hair in on the side closest to your face), lay the braids across the top of the bin, pin into place with bobby pins, and lightly pull on the outer edges of the braids to make them a bit bigger (optional). Since I have long hair, I looped the ends of those 2 braids 2x and pinned them into place near the top of the bun. I then pinched and pulled to create some texture and volume on the finished look. I added 1 bridal pin that came in a 2-pack from Amazon, though I’m not sure if I’ll use it on the day of. Things I used: CONAIR - Styling Essentials Firm Hold Bobby Pins (amazing for long thiiiick hair) scünci - Conair Black Bobby Pins for All Hair Types (basic essential) #Jakawin - Wedding Peal Hair Pins[products]#[FourStars] (little cheap looking but might be cute for photos) Things that I will use next time: Texture spray (I ran out and need more!) - add prior to styling to give hair some grit + add texture Hair spray (didn’t bother because I’m just hanging at home today. Style held well without it!) - add after styling How did you wear/planning to wear your hair for your big day?! #CheriePartner
CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER-Rayon, Cotton, Poly or Silk?
TEAM SILK BABY: brooklinen - Large Silk Scrunchies $32/set of 3 I absolutely love these! They’re made from 100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk🐛 Some brands that make quality Silk pillowcases don’t actually make their scrunchies out of the exact same type of Silk. ☁️Read my ‘First Impressions on Brooklinen’ post to find out all about Silk & the benefits for your hair (& skin) I love that these fit my thick hair without feeling like I’ll break them. They still have tons of ruffles when stretched, & the elastic inside is actually thick! I showed buns in the photos, but it fits all of hair perfectly with just one, strong, secure & so comfortable. I noticed they stretched a bit in size after first use (see photos) but no further stretching & perfectly strong. If you have thick hair I highly recommend. scünci - Scrunchies $7/set of 12 I know they make bigger ones called ponytail scrunchies, sold individually, but the scrunchies in this pack of 12 were way smaller than I remember Scünci pack scrunchies being before, & they’re not labeled mini or anything. I hate when scrunchies have no excess fabric when stretched to max, so there’s basically no ruffles to speak of when I use it for my thick hair. I also broke a lot of them🤦🏻‍♀️ I can only assume the fabric is Polyester based on the little pilling on it, but the fabric isn’t disclosed on the packaging🤔 Works for a half tail I guess, I do adore this sage green shade so much. /kit·sch/ - Microfiber Towel Scrunchies $18/set of 2 85% Biconstituent fiber (Polyester & Polyamide)/15% Polyester Biconstituent aka bicomponent fiber is made of two materials, utilizing the desired properties from each. I was a little disappointed by their fabric choice. Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning polyester fabrics don’t absorb fluids like perspiration or water, & Polyamide is considered a water resistant material, no matter what its design properties are. (Sorry for nerding out- I used to be in the fashion industry) However, these are super cute, fluffy & more convenient than a traditional towel, because I don’t use a hair dryer. But they don’t really dry your hair. /kit·sch/ - Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies $18/set of 2 65% Bamboo Rayon/35% Organic Cotton Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made by chemically reshaping cellulose. Cellulose extracted from bamboo can be suitable for processing into viscose rayon (also made from cellulose from other sources) This one dries better better because it’s actually made of absorbent materials! Yay! But isn’t as fluffy, soft or thick, as you can see in the photos if you swipe. I would love these if they were made thicker (which is totally possible with these fabrics) Both versions have a 5.5” diameter, but these are so much thinner than the original. If your hair is thin, one is probably enough, but I like to use both at the same time. Reviews of all the Kitsch towel wraps, both reg & eco-friendly🔜