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natural makeup look with some new products
New Products: FENTY BEAUTY - Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter benefit - Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel ILIA - Limitless Lash Mascara FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 Old Products: BOBBI BROWN - BOBBI BROWN Bronzing Powder BOBBI BROWN - Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Milk MAKEUP - Lip + Cheek BURT’S BEES - Tinted Lip Balm #shu uemura - Calligraphink Liquid Eyeliner Applicator[products]#[FiveStars] laura mercier - Translucent Loose Setting Powder
My Usual Go-To Makeup Look
*ignore the fact that my eyebrows are a little out of control at the moment, I’m working on growing them out and fixing the patchyness so I can go get them waxed* First I start by mixing The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and Neutrogena - SkinClearing Oil-Free Liquid Foundation , I’m not exactly sure all what it does but it makes my face look smoother. Then I apply it to my face using REAL TECHNIQUES - REAL TECHNIQUES Foundation Blender . I then go on to my eyeshadow. I use the color called top from JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS - Orgy Eyeshadow Palette . I take the MORPHE - Morphe X Jeffree Star JS6 Rule Blender Brush and apply that eyeshadow to my eyelid. Then I use the shimmer bronzer from #Ulta Beauty - Bronzer, Blush, and Highlighter Palette[products]#[FiveStars] to put some shimmer on the corner of my eye because I didn’t have the right glitter eyeshadow for this. After that I use ULTA BEAUTY - Waterproof Amped Lashes Mascara for my eyelashes. I take the BLOSSOM - Tropicali Flavored Roll-on Lip Gloss and put that on my lips, then I blot that with some tissue and apply some Red Dahlia BURT’S BEES - Tinted Lip Balm . I do it this way so that my lips are well moisturized when I put the tinted lip balm on and it doesn’t look dry. Then after all that I take my MORPHE - MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS7 Double Trouble Brush to brush out my eyebrows. And that’s all. It’s simple and doesn’t have too many steps. I’m not at all good at makeup. I’m just a beginner but I feel that this looks good on me. In my opinion this is a pretty good natural/minimal look. I’m always open to feedback because I am still learning.
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💰💰💰Worth or Not? Lip treatment Products👄
There are so many products regarding lip treatment going on right now on the market. I indeed tried some including Japanese and western lip balm. I found Moisturizing Lip Balm from BURT’S BEES really helpful in winter and summer as well. However, LUCAS’ Papaw Ointment #LUCAS' PAPAW REMEDIES - Lucas’ Papaw Ointment[products]#[FiveStars]is not good for me. LUCA’S is very famous in Australia and prevalent in other countries. People regarded it as an overall application for skin including boils, burns, cuts, rash, cracked skin, etc. It looks yellowish and its texture seems really oily, smelling like papaw of course because it accordingly includes fermented fruit. At first, I applied it every night in winter to keep my lip moisturized for the whole night, but I was cheated by its oily texture which seemed to give a protector to my lip. Every morning I woke up, finding my lip felt heavy and seemingly could not freely breathe. When touching my lip by fingers, I still felt crackers and dead skin cells peeling off. This treatment gave me a fake feeling that my lip wore a thick and heavy armor, but still could not get protected, and finally got tired because of the heavy shell. However, I was not too worried about this one because I thought maybe one day it would work out until I purchased the BURT’S BEES BURT’S BEES - Lip Balm one recommended by my roommate. This brand has various range concerning lots of smells. I bought a cucumber one to have a try. After using this one, compared to the former Lucas’ one I applied, I felt a big difference. At first, this lipstick does not look oily, and when being applied my lip does not feel oily either. After a whole night test, my finger feels smooth while touching my lip, without any crackers. Sunflower oil and beeswax in this product helped a lot. More importantly,  I realize it’s light and smelly, giving you a relaxed and sweet atmosphere when you use it. Therefore, I bought another one with a pomegranate smell.
5 Minute Makeup!
When I travel for work I don’t like to pack a lot and that goes for makeup too. I also like to be able to get ready as quickly as possible before I leave the hotel room. I’ve gotten a simple rosy, glowy look down to about five minutes using six products. Here’s the rundown: -benefit’s That Gal primer (which makes skin glow, makes a highlighter unnecessary and lasts through heat) -Wander Beauty’s Dualist Matte and Illuminating concealer (you can just use the matte end if you want to go especially fast, but I always use the illuminating end under my eyes because my circles are bad) -Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-hr blush in seduce -Glossier’s Boy Brow in brown -Thrive Causemetics’ Liquid Lash Extensions mascara -Burt’s Bees lip balm It’s a great, natural look that comes together quickly! benefit - ’That Gal’ Brightening Face Primer WANDER BEAUTY - Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer tarte - Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Glossier. - Boy Brow thrive causemetics - Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ BURT’S BEES - Lip Balm
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help! i’m breaking out!!
hey guys!! i used these two products in april and switched to burts bees and panoxyl in june, july . none of these products did me good, they cleared up my skin and then i started to break out after. the picture is when i started using cerave, my skin cleared up at first and then i broke out after that. i have been using la roche-posay purifying foaming cleanser, it sorta cleared my skin up but i’m now starting to break out. i have black heads around my nose and chin area, they just don’t wanna leave. it seems like i have combination skin, i’m not sure though. ••if you guys could suggest some products that i could try that would be so great!! CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skin CeraVe - Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin BURT’S BEES - Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin PanOxyl - Acne Foaming Wash Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Maximum Strength LA ROCHE-POSAY - Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser
EMPTY: Burts Bees Sensitive Skin Cleanser
BURT’S BEES - Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin I bought this cleanser on sale. I believe it was about $8, as opposed to its normal $13. I was really interested in their brand, and honestly it didn’t disappoint. The product is a thick, white, soapless cream. I used a dime size amount both morning and night. I noticed after switching to this from my previous product, Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser , I experienced far less break outs. My skin was a lot more hydrated. This bottle lasted me about four months. A downside to this is due to it’s texture, it felt like it never really fully washed off. Once it dried though, there was no feeling of product left over. However, despite being for sensitive skin, it does contain some potentially irritating ingredients. These include beeswax, witch hazel, and coconut oil. While I never noticed any redness using this cleanser, hearing about this was the reason I did not purchase another bottle. I heard good things about the LA ROCHE-POSAY - Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser, and I wanted to see if I’ve noticed any differences in my skin using a product without these ingredients. So far, I haven’t noticed anything besides for the fact that my skin feels drier after I wash my face than it did previously. All in all, I really like this product. As long as you’re not allergic to any of it’s ingredients and are on the hunt for a good cleanser for dry skin, I would recommend testing it out for yourself.
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Burts bees skin care.
I picked up these two Burts bees products in my local drugstore out of curiosity, I had just run out of the cleanser I regularly use (LANEIGE - Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser ) so I figured I would try BURT’S BEES - Anti-Blemish Purifying Daily Cleanser just incase i found that i liked it more than my regular cleanser. I find this cleanser works fairly well, I still had a few pimples show up but no massive breakouts like I usually get when I go without my regular routine for a while. However, my skin always felt pretty dry after I put on this cleanser. A big benefit of this product is you don’t have to use too much product in order to properly cleanse your skin. The one thing that really put me off of this product is the smell (this is a totally subjective thing so I didn’t mark it down any stars) I got use to the smell the more I used it but in the beginning I could barely stand it. I did end up going back to my regular cleanser after a few weeks. As for the BURT’S BEES - Rosewater Toner , I didn’t really like this product. It didn’t do much for my skin and again I hated the smell. Also the application was much more difficult than I’m used to because my regular rose water toner is PEARLESSENCE - Aloe + Rosewater Tonic Water Face Mist . The pearlessence toner has a lid similar to a parfum bottle so I could simply spray a bit on my face when I wake up. The Burts bees skin care line hasn’t had any negative effects but It’s nothing to go crazy about and I would recommend LANEIGE - Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser PEARLESSENCE - Aloe + Rosewater Tonic Water Face Mist Over BURT’S BEES - Anti-Blemish Purifying Daily Cleanser BURT’S BEES - Rosewater Toner Any day. (If you are going to buy the Burts bees products I strongly suggest buying them online as I paid more in store than the online prices!)
The Best Moisturizers for my Combo Skin
I have a pretty love/hate relationship with moisturizers. Most of the time, they’re too heavy, too oily, and too thick for my easily clogged pores. Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of creams and lotions that I have tried and tested to see what would work for me; and I finally found three that did. My skin is oily around the T-zone and dry around the cheeks, neck, and forehead. Over the summer, I am much more oily, while in the winter, I’m a lot drier. I also struggle with acne and acne scarring (dark spots). I’ve found three moisturizers that really help me with everything! Firstly, the Nourish Organic Ultra-Hydrating Face Cream. Nourish - Ultra Hydrating Face Cream I like to use this cream over the winter when I’m extremely dry and in need of dire moisture. The cream is very light and goes on like a dream; it smells of flowers. The texture is extremely smooth and right after application, my skin is a little bit sticky, but also very smooth and hydrated; I like to put it on my face during the night time after taking a shower; you would think that a shower hydrates your skin, but it really does the opposite! If I put this cream on during the day, I get oily and my pores clog. I found this product online on their website, and I really like it! Secondly, the Tate’s Natural Miracle Conditioner. #Tate’s - The Natural Miracle Conditioner[products]#[FiveStars] This stuff has literally been a game-changer! The formula is so smooth and thin whilst still being very hydrating. I like to use this product when I’m breaking out; if I put on too many heavy creams I break out even more. The product smells a little bit like watermelon, but not the artificial candy watermelon, and is so good at moisturizing my sensitive skin. It’s marketed as an all-in-one product, but I’ve only ever used it as a facial moisturizer. Right after use, my skin feels SO hydrated and SO nice! I discovered this product in my local health store, and I’ve been absolutely hooked since then! Lastly, the Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner. BURT’S BEES - Rosewater Toner Now, you’re probably like, “that’s not a moisturizer! That’s a toner!” but truly it does both for me. I like to use this product in the morning after I wash my face with a cleanser and then at night after washing my face again. I call this product a moisturizer because it makes my skin naturally hydrate itself by creating oils, but surprisingly it’s never clogged my pores! If I put the toner on a breakout the swelling and redness will have gone down quite a bit by the next day, making this a great product for my acne warriors! It smells a little bit like alcohol mixed with roses, but the liquid seeps into my skin so evenly that my face looks radiant after use.
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Lip care 💋💋👄
When I was a teen I didn’t take care of my lips properly. The only time I would apply chapstick is when my lips would feel dry, cracked, or sore. But hey, now I make sure I take care of my lips. Let’s get into it. BURT’S BEES - Hydrating Lip Oil With Sweet Almond Oil I like this but it doesn’t do the job by itself. Once I apply it feels dry after a while so every second I have to reapply. When I pair it with my cocoa palmers swivel stick it feels hydrating because the oil is locking in that moisture. I don’t like the smell I just wanted to try something new. You can get this at any local Walmart for $3. PALMER'S - Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick I have been using this for a while now and I love love love it. Y’all can tell I have had this for a while because the wording has rubbed off but a little goes a long way. This gets the job done every time, it’s my go to for when my lips starts to feel dry. My lips stay moisturized for a while and I don’t have to reapply it every second. You can get this at your local Walmart for around $3as well. It didn’t pull up the night balm by okeeffes. I’ve been using for a week. Man it’s like my lips are in heaven, I have never felt my lips so soft. Like as soon as you apply it you can tell that it going to make your lips feels soft. My lips stayed hydrated the entire night. Woke up with plump hydrated juicy lips. Y’all should give this a try. Also you can find this at your local Walmart. The spf one is great as well. I bought because I thought it would be cool to try out a spf lip chap. Guilty lol 🤷🏼‍♀️. It keeps my lips moisturize. Man I see okeeffes products are the bomb dot come because I have there hand cream and I talked about that and I’m almost out 😩. Really affordable as well. Let me know if you guys give it a try.
so during this cold 🥶 season and also wearing a mask 😷 makes the lip to dehadrate and this as we know is not comfortable 🤔 so i decided to share my experience trying out this 4 LIP HYDRATING balms 1. This is my 1st choice when it comes to lip Hydration CARMEX - Classic Lip Balm, Medicated, SPF 15 2.BURT’S BEES - Beeswax Bounty Classic Set 3. BURT’S BEES - Hydrating Lip Oil With Sweet Almond Oil 4.This lip balm smells amzing but the problem is its very hard getting it out, it hardens during cold !!!e.l.f. - Ride or Die Lip Balm
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Finally part two of my skin care basics! A lot of the steps are the same but I do have different products in those places. Let's get into it.... 1) MAKEUP REMOVER: this step is essential after a long day, look at this like double cleansing so they scheduled the service layer off before your cleanser goes in to get a deeper clean. my product: CLINIQUE - Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 2) CLEANSER: cleansing helps to get rid of dead skin, pollutants, oils, dirt, and bacteria in general but many dermatologists & estheticians recommend that you should wash your face first thing in the morning so that you can prepare your skin for any other products that go on top of it. my product: CeraVe - Hydrating Facial Cleanser 3) EYE CREAM: the eye area is a super fragile, sensitive part of the face so your best bet is to apply your eye cream right away. to allow for maximum moisturization, apply first and pat around the area GENTLY! also in the AM, eye cream can help tighten and depuff the eyes. my product: BURT’S BEES - Sensitive Eye Cream 4) TONER/ESSENCE/MIST: this step can help to prime your skin to absorb active ingredients, do you research on whether you should be using a toner or an essence. shameless plug, one of my first posts is about the difference between toners and tonics, check that out for help. my products: pixi - Collagen Tonic pixi - Hydrating Milky Mist 5) SERUM(S): this stuff delivers the bulk of active ingredients to your freshly primed face! if you apply serums over thicker formulas (moisturizers, etc.) they may not penetrate as well. serums DIFFER from day to night. be sure to choose ingredients that are SAFE for the time of day you're using them. (i.e. retinol should be used AT night, vitamin c during the day) my product: PACIfICA - Dream Shot Beauty Sleep Booster Serum 6) RETINOL: as stated above right now is best used at night! i use a retinol alternative. check out my dedicated post on bakuchiol vs. retinol! my product: ACURE - Radically Rejuvenating Dual Phase Bakuchiol Serum 7) MOISTURIZER: think of this as a way to seal in everything you just did! look for hyaluronic acid & other ingredients that lock in moisture. my products: CeraVe - CeraVe Moisturising Cream CLARISMA - Cali Dreaming Cream Daily Moisturizer 8) SPOT TREATMENT: only if necessary, you should be applying spot treatment on active breakouts both morning & night to accelerate the healing process. my product: JĀSON - JĀSON Tea Tree Oil 9) FACE OIL: i have a special post also on what face oils can do for oily skin! they help trap moisture in your skin & as a protective barrier. think of it like skin care topcoat. my product: ACURE - Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil Thanks for reading! ❤️
My morning routine!
As promised, here’s my morning routine with just a few small changes from my evening! I double cleanse in the morning as well, most of my skin care routine is inspired by Korean Skincare routines! I start with BURT’S BEES - Cleansing Oil with Coconut & Argan Oils and then BURT’S BEES - Skin Nourishment Gentle Foaming Cleanser . I follow with toner LUSH - Tea Tree Water Spot treatment is next BURT’S BEES - Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment Eye cream follows BURT’S BEES - Skin Nourishment Eye Cream I used my last of this today so I’m moving to BURT’S BEES - Sensitive Eye Cream Then comes moisturizer LUSH - Cosmetic Lad Finally, especially because I live in Arizona I get SPF with Neutrogena - Clear Face Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 55 As I said, there’s not a TON of difference from my night routine, but it’s worked wonders for me. I have some new products on the way though and I’m excited to try them and see if they’re any good ♥️
Natural, Minimal Makeup Look for Fall!
It's finally fall! As a college student, I usually don't have the time to do a full beat so I often opt for natural, "no makeup" makeup looks. I'm also trying to embrace my natural face a little more these days. Here's what I have on! I'd recommend e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer to anyone with dry skin, (like me)! It's creamy, hydrating, and blendable. Perfect for natural looks. e.l.f. - Beautifully Bare Blush I purchased this product a while ago after eyeing it online and I was sort of disappointed. I expected a more blendable formula like Glossier. - Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color but this was chalky and dry. I've been revisiting recently in attempts to not be wasteful. The color is pretty and it stays on all day, but gosh is it hard to work with. benefit - They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara One of my favorite mascaras for a natural look. The photo doesn't do this product justice. It's perfect for softer, light makeup days. item - Brow Chow I got this in my Ipsy box and was pleasantly surprised! Never heard of this brand before. I usually just use a tinted brow gel, but this product has the perfect amount of pigment and is great for shaping brows! BURT’S BEES - Lip Shimmer This a really nice lip color. It's more of a balm than a lipstick. That being said, the staying power isn't fantastic, but it does leave a nice wash of color when it eventually fades. Not drying on my lips either. I have mine in the shade Fig, which is nice on cool/neutral skin tones like mine!
Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips!
Introducing some of my lip products! Decided to choose a range of them, from lip shimmer to lip gloss and give a little review for ya’ll! KOPARI - Coconut Lip Glossy When I tell you this smells heavenly...this smells HEAVENLY. It doesn’t smell like the artificial coconut scent, but more like the Maldives 😍 It’s a lip gloss/balm product, so it gives you a little glow on the lips at the same time as it moisturises! The applicator makes the application really smooth, easy and quick! This receives 4 stars from me as it’s sadly not as moisturising as the other lip products that I own. Still a good lip gloss though! Vaseline - Lip Therapy Rosy Lip Balm My favourite. This is hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever owned and used, it gives the slightest tinge of pink on your lips when you apply it and the size is perfect for putting it in your purse, your pocket, everywhere! Mine is rose scented, although it doesn’t exactly smell like roses, I still love it. I purchased this in Japan, when I went back and it comes in this rose scent, creme brulee, and unscented! A 5 star for sure. MENTURM - Medicated Lip Stick I mean what more can I say other than it works wonders. This is also a purchase from Japan, but you can get this at any drugstore or pharmacy, maybe even supermarkets(?) here, and everywhere else. It’s soothing and it keeps your lips moisturised! No doubt, a 5 star. BURT’S BEES - Lip Shimmer I gave this product 3 stars as I don’t really know how I feel about it. I mean it’s only a lip shimmer and it doesn’t moisturise your lips but it’s got a weird eucalyptus-y scent to it which is mixed with a subtle hint of guava...it’s confusing. This was gifted to me and I’ve used it max 3 times. The shimmer is great though, great for putting over your lip sticks, but it does have a pink tinge to it so it might look weird with different coloured lip sticks. Also, FYI, I rolled the product up in the last photo to take a photo of what it looked like and now it won’t roll back down...oh the things I do for Cherie. Also just a little question, I’m very new to this app so idk how the tags work, can you add more than one tags? 👵🏻
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Working From Home Desk Favorites 🤩
Glossier. - Balm Dotcom BURT’S BEES - Hand Salve BURT’S BEES - Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme SOL de Janeiro - Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Working from home has definitely had its ups and downs this 2020! Something that has helped in making my day better is having my favorite skincare essentials right in front of me. A) it’s nice to be able to quickly grab whatever I’m looking for when i need it, B) having your skincare right in front of you serves as a reminder to reapply your lotion, lip balm, etc., and C) all the cute packaging makes your home office just a bit more fun! I’m sharing my office essentials today, which include lip balm, hand salve, cuticle cream, and lotion (I have fuller reviews on most of these products in separate posts, that you can check out). I find that my hands have been getting more and more dry recently as we have rolled into Fall. Not to mention all the constant hand washing and use of hand sanitizer has really dried out my skin, so having hand nourishing products at my desk is a must! Lip care is an important skin care step that we shouldn’t forget, especially as the weather gets cooler and drier. Keeping a lip balm at your desk and remembering to reapply every couple of hours ensures that you’re keeping your lips soft and hydrated. Share below some of your WFH office essentials, I’d love to check them out!
Cuticle oil is absolutely essential to any good hand/nail care routine, and my two most recent additions come from New Zealand-based company, Arcadia. The products themselves come in an amazing variety of scents (which I love, because most commercial cuticle products are unscented or just not in scents I like). The owner is able to provide products in such a wide range because they are made to order, if I'm not mistaken. Cuticle oils and butters are essential for beautiful nials by moisturizing the skin around your nail (so you get fewer hangnails) plus, they condition your nails so that they grow longer and stronger. I ordered the cuticle butter in Vanilla Hazelnut, and the cuticle oil in Toasted Marshmallow. The label is missing from my butter because I got it wet and I took it off cause it looked ugly :( The butter is very airy with a whipped texture. I love that it's a MASSIVE tub in comparison to Burt's Bees cuticle butter,BURT’S BEES - Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme but I worry that it will become annoying and unhygienic to get product out of as I use it up. It's more travel friendly than the cuticle oil for obvious reasons, and I like having it with me in my bag. I find that the Vanilla Hazelnut scent is much stronger than that of the cuticle oil, and I'm not sure why this is! The cuticle oil comes in a glass vial with a brush attached to the lid. However, the brush is far too long and as a result, the brush itself is squashed and deformed at the bottom. This makes application kind of annoying as the bristles are splayed out every which way. I'm definitely planning on trimming the bristles - I recommend doing so as soon as you receive the product. The Toasted Marshmallow scent is MUCH more subtle than the Vanilla Hazelnut, but it's still strong enough for my fiancé to say that something smells "like cookies" when I open it around him. Both of them hydrate and moisturise my cuticles and nails VERY well, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for new cuticle care to try! What are your favourite cuticle products?
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Burts Bees is one of my favour
Burts Bees is one of my favourite skin care products. as it is gentle , all natural, and does not test on animals. I highly recommend everything in this picture. although it is very expensive it’s a very nice company!
Body Lotion with Milk & Honey
BURT’S BEES-Body Lotion with Milk & Honey
your lips deserve their own care routine too
your lips deserve their own care routine too
Everybody should show their lips some love! What else would you kiss with 😉? My lip care routine is still in the works, but here’s what I’m using right now. First, Burt’s Bees lip balm. I have so many of these and I will buy infinite more. Then the Bath and Body Works sugar rose lip scrub- it’s cheap, but it’s effective. If you need more exfoliation, you can also add the good ol’ clean toothbrush as a scrubber. At night I use Vaseline lip therapy to add some tint to my lips, and occasionally this lip mask, which I couldn’t find but I don’t like it anyway. It smells like grape Tylenol. During the day, I LOVE the Laneige grapefruit Lip Glowy Balm. I’m a sucker for grapefruit, what can I say? This stuff is amazing for your lips; they’ll feel so soft. The finish is super glossy with the tiniest tint, which is my kind of party! I would recommend all of these except the mask to show your lips a lil bit of love <3
Lip Balm
Burts bees nail cream🥰
Burts bees nail cream🥰
I love this. This made my nails grow a lot faster. This is the best10/10 IF YOU FOLLOW ME I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK IM IN A COMPOTITION WITH MY FRIEND. LOVE YOU🥰🥰
BURT’S BEES - Soap Bark and Ch
BURT’S BEES - Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream MARIO BADESCU - Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender PACIfICA - Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash DRUNK ELEPHANT - Protini Polypeptide Cream LANCÔME - Lait Galatée Confort
Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender
MARIO BADESCU-Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender
Almond & Milk Hand Cream
BURT’S BEES-Almond & Milk Hand Cream