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Some of my favorite hair products!!! SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL - Shaper Plus Extra Hold Hairspray SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL - Dark Oil SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL - Drench Shampoo SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL - Drench Conditioner I swear by this company. And everything smells amazing. The shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel great. eufora - Bodifying Shampoo eufora - Bodifying Conditioner On the pricy side, but amazing. 100% worth it. My cosmetologist sells it, so of course I buy it and use it. Keeps my hair healthy. TRESemmé - Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave In Spray I actually really enjoy using this when I curl my hair. Smells so good. OLAPLEX - No. 7 Bonding Oil Helps with the heat damage. Hair feels super soft after using. 100% saves my hair. FOXYBAE - White Marble Rose Gold Curling Wand FOXYBAE - Cool Af Heat Protectant FOXYBAE - Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner I like this company! Curling wand is super pretty and works great. Although you can’t adjust the temperature which is the only downfall of the curling wand. The heat protectant and leave in conditioner smell amazing and leave my hair feeling soft and fresh.
Foxy Bae’s Heat protectant - Pros and Cons
First and foremost - everyone should always use a heat protectant when using hot tools!!! I am a culprit of not always using them but it is so important to help keep your hair healthy! FOXYBAE - Cool Af Heat Protectant PROS: ✨spray nozzle - it has such an even spray and I love how it works ✨paraben & sulfate free! (Important for colored hair!!) ✨protects my hair from damage ✨shipping speed! You want it? You’ll get in a 2 or less days! CONS: ✨the smell - I’m suuuuuuper into good smelling products and this doesn’t do much for me 😪 And really that’s the only con on this product. Which is a pretty big bummer for me but I will still use it for hair protection that’s for sure!
Frizz secret weapon ✨
My entire life I have struggled with frizzy hair. I can step outside directly after flat ironing my hair and POOF!! 😩 it doesn’t matter what products I use my hair just has a very hard time standing up to this Georgia humidity. I was super stoked when I saw this product at Ulta. This iron is small enough to fit inside my purse and don’t think that I haven’t plugged this baby up in a bar’s bathroom back before Covid 😂 Let me tell you all the reasons I ❤️ it!! Tourmaline plates that add shine and sleekness Tourmaline's intrinsic Negative Ionic properties retain healthy hair by heating the hair evenly from the inside out. This reduces frizz, and gives hair a healthy shine. It’s so PRETTY!! The marble and rose gold design was irresistible The fact that I can put this in my purse and it doesn’t take up much room is EVERYTHING!! It heats up super quickly which is great considering the places I have used this 😂 Things to consider— This is strictly a travel iron that I use as a touchup iron. It does not quite get hot enough or is large enough to style my whole head with. It would take a long time. This is not made to be your main styling iron in anyway but it is everything when you are like me and have to carry something with you for those touchups throughout the day. Or the night LOL. I will say that I do not believe that this would work all that well on someone with a full thick head of hair. My hair has become very fine suffering from hypothyroidism so it works well with mine. FOXYBAE - Rose Gold Straightening Brush $45 at Ulta I have used this iron for over a year and never had a single issue with it. Now that I have tried this one out so extensively I am definitely looking into purchasing one of their full size flat irons which are all equally as beautiful. If you are looking for a great brand that has some seriously awesome hair styling products definitely check them out!! 🦊 💖