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You match your nails to your outfit, purse, shoes, etc. So why not match your nails to the accessory of the year. I recently got these new masks by Kitsch /kit·sch/ - Leopard Cotton Face Mask and wanted to coordinate my nails out in public to my mask. 😂 The masks are super cute but they are on the thicker side. In stores it can become claustrophobic but the thickness may be nice in the winter time. To create the nails I used 4 different neutral shade polishes: JESSICA - JESSICA Custom Nail Colour in ‘alluring creature’ Sally Hansen - Miracle Gel in ‘totem-ly yours’ NYC NEW YORK COLOR - In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in ‘brownstone’ NYC NEW YORK COLOR - Long Wearing Nail Enamel in ‘black lace creme’ To do (nails were already filed in a coffin shape and coated with Sally Hansen - Nail Rehab ): Step 1- apply to layers of JESSICA - JESSICA Custom Nail Colour . I love the consistency of this nail polish and it is highly pigmented. Step 2- with Sally Hansen - Miracle Gel apply random brush strokes. Make sure to use as little product as possible so it can remain detailed. Step 3- create random polka dots with NYC NEW YORK COLOR - In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish this product is a little sticky so make sure to wipe off a lot of the product so you are only applying a small amount of product. Step 4- lastly, use NYC NEW YORK COLOR - Long Wearing Nail Enamel and create random little circles/half circles around the dark brown polka dots. The best thing about this is that no matter where you place the colors, it’s still going to look like cheetah print. Even though this nail look looks detailed, it is definitely achievable by beginners. Would you match your nails to your mask or is the concept ridiculous?💭⬇️ #CheriePartner
CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER-Rayon, Cotton, Poly or Silk?
TEAM SILK BABY: brooklinen - Large Silk Scrunchies $32/set of 3 I absolutely love these! They’re made from 100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk🐛 Some brands that make quality Silk pillowcases don’t actually make their scrunchies out of the exact same type of Silk. ☁️Read my ‘First Impressions on Brooklinen’ post to find out all about Silk & the benefits for your hair (& skin) I love that these fit my thick hair without feeling like I’ll break them. They still have tons of ruffles when stretched, & the elastic inside is actually thick! I showed buns in the photos, but it fits all of hair perfectly with just one, strong, secure & so comfortable. I noticed they stretched a bit in size after first use (see photos) but no further stretching & perfectly strong. If you have thick hair I highly recommend. scünci - Scrunchies $7/set of 12 I know they make bigger ones called ponytail scrunchies, sold individually, but the scrunchies in this pack of 12 were way smaller than I remember Scünci pack scrunchies being before, & they’re not labeled mini or anything. I hate when scrunchies have no excess fabric when stretched to max, so there’s basically no ruffles to speak of when I use it for my thick hair. I also broke a lot of them🤦🏻‍♀️ I can only assume the fabric is Polyester based on the little pilling on it, but the fabric isn’t disclosed on the packaging🤔 Works for a half tail I guess, I do adore this sage green shade so much. /kit·sch/ - Microfiber Towel Scrunchies $18/set of 2 85% Biconstituent fiber (Polyester & Polyamide)/15% Polyester Biconstituent aka bicomponent fiber is made of two materials, utilizing the desired properties from each. I was a little disappointed by their fabric choice. Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning polyester fabrics don’t absorb fluids like perspiration or water, & Polyamide is considered a water resistant material, no matter what its design properties are. (Sorry for nerding out- I used to be in the fashion industry) However, these are super cute, fluffy & more convenient than a traditional towel, because I don’t use a hair dryer. But they don’t really dry your hair. /kit·sch/ - Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies $18/set of 2 65% Bamboo Rayon/35% Organic Cotton Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made by chemically reshaping cellulose. Cellulose extracted from bamboo can be suitable for processing into viscose rayon (also made from cellulose from other sources) This one dries better better because it’s actually made of absorbent materials! Yay! But isn’t as fluffy, soft or thick, as you can see in the photos if you swipe. I would love these if they were made thicker (which is totally possible with these fabrics) Both versions have a 5.5” diameter, but these are so much thinner than the original. If your hair is thin, one is probably enough, but I like to use both at the same time. Reviews of all the Kitsch towel wraps, both reg & eco-friendly🔜
Towel Scrunchie GOALS
I love this Microfiber Towel Scrunchie from Kitsch I got a pack of 2 from Ulta for only $14! I love using this after I wash my hair, I have thick curly hair so it takes a long time for my hair to dry and this speeds up the process. I braid my hair tie it with this and it soaks up allll the excess water with ease! I recommend these to everyone. They don’t crease your hair and hold it up super well. Great quality!! /kit·sch/ - Microfiber Towel Scrunchies
Boxy Charm Skincare Review!!! 💄💋🧖🏽‍♀️
Hey y’all!!! So these are recent items I’ve received in this month and last months boxy charms. First, I cleansed my face with my daily face wash. Then I used the OLE HENRIKSEN - PHAT Glow Facial Mask It’s meant to tighten wrinkles and reduce pores. It smells really good and didn’t irritate my skin at all. However I did notice some dryness on my forehead and cheeks which is where I usually get dry spots so it received 3 stars for me. I’ll be trying it again just to see what comes of it. Next I used EMMA HARDIE - Brilliance Facial Oil which is a facial oil that can be used day and night that’s supposed to give a natural glow and soothe and purify the skin, along with the /kit·sch/ - Ice Roller . (I place the ice roller in my freezer and clean in between uses) I massaged the oil in my skin then pressed the ice roller gently from chin to cheek up and down for a few minutes, then held it under my eyes to help reduce puffiness and darkness. I really love both of these products I’ve been using the facial oil only at night because I sweat too much during the day but it gives me amazing moisturized skin in the morning I truly love it and the ice roller is really soothing to my skin and helps distribute the product all over my face. Lastly I used FARMACY - Cheer Up Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream with Acerola Cherry under my eyes and while it does have a nice smell it does seem a little thick to put under my eyes during the day so I may just use it at night as well and stick to my daily under eye cream for the mornings.
Cutest accessories for short hair 💗
In case you haven’t noticed I chopedp my hair again 😛 I just love the look of short, short hair! I think it looks really chic and cool and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever grow my hair past my shoulders again, and I’m fine with that 😌 Finding cute, functional accessories that work for my short, wavy hair is sometimes hard but not impossible, take this beautiful MARGHERITA - Marie Pink Claw for example 😍 I found this little shop on Instagram and I’m in awe with the beauty and craftsmanship of this little acrylic claw clip. It works so well keeping hair out of my face but looks so cute at the same time! It’s inspired in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette which happens to be one of my favorite movies and that just makes me love this clip even more. I really want to get more clips from her shop. I also love this #Girl with pearls - Beautiful Tango Hair Clip[products]#[FiveStars] it’s a handmade, beaded barrette made by my friend Celine. She makes the most beautiful pearl hair clips and accessories and was so kind to send me one of her designs. It’s literally like jewelry for your hair 🌶 She puts so much attention to detail and all her pieces are so well made. I have medium thick hair, but I have a lot of it and this clip still works well for me unlike some other that don’t stay put. The brown claw clip I actually got at the grocery store, I can’t recall a brand but I thought it was so cute and it’s made in France, I don’t know why but I thought that was cool and I like that is small so it actually holds my hair well. This is my small hair clip collection, let me know if you know of other small shops that sell cute clips! I’ve been eyeing some from Chunks shop, they have the cutest designs! #CheriePartner
My curly hair accessory MUST HAVES!
Hey y’all!! I’m so excited to tell you guys about these products. I cannot live without them (not lying) but all for different reasons. My hair type is thick, HEAVY, dry, and curly so I have to take really good care of it to avoid breakage and frizz. Kitsch rhinestone bobby pins: /kit·sch/ - /kit`sch/ X Justine Marjan Rhinestone Bobby Pins these bobby pins are what I’ve been missing in my “dress-up” and/or formal attire. If you have curly hair like me, you are an avid user of Bobby pins to keep your crazy hair out of your face! Not only are these cute and LONG (like, 2.5 inches long), they’re super heavy duty and will stay in place all day without falling out of place. They’re a bit pricey (I got them on sale for 50% off, but their regular price is $34 for 12) and I often lose my Bobby pins but I love that they came with this little pouch so I’m less likely to lose them. They’re currently available at Sephora. Highly recommend them if you’re looking for fancier Bobby pins! 5/5 slip silk large scrunchies: slip - Large Silk Hair Ties I have been using these for SO LONG! I had always thought that silk scrunchies were very “frou frou” and unnecessary. However, when I started having to wear my hair up for work, and started having daily tension migraines, I was desperate to try anything to help and I found a pack of 3 large slip silk scrunchies at Marshall’s for $10. NO JOKE!! These are pricey (normally 3 for $39) but they have a ton of benefits: less pulling on your hair, helping your hairline as well as headaches; silk reduces hair breakage and pulling; and they are CUTE! These are real silk so they are not cruelty free, but I have yet to find a comparable cruelty free alternative. Additionally, if used daily, they only last elastically for about a year. Available to purchase at Sephora. 4/5 Kitsch Satin Scrunchie: /kit·sch/ - Blush Satin Scrunchies these were the first cruelty free alternative to the silk scrunchies that I’ve tried. They provide similar benefits like less breakage and not a lot of “pull” on the hair, but I still experience migraines when I use these, so I can only use them when I don’t have an oncoming headache or migraine. I’m rating them so high because they are MUCH more affordable than the slip silk scrunchies — 5 for $8. They are available for purchase in black or pink at Ulta. 4/5 Awake Vegan Silk Pillowcase: Awake - Sleep Is My Beauty Secret Vegan Pillowcase I was interested in trying a silk or silk alternative pillowcase for hair and skin benefits: silk is gentler on the hair than regular pillowcases, and is less abrasive to the skin (I get regular breakouts and irritation and wanted to see if this helped. I received this as a Christmas gift last year. The pillowcase is REALLY soft. However it’s just polyester, and it costs $40 at Ulta. I’ve noticed good results but idk if I could justify buying another one. 4/5 #CheriePartner
Different detangling tools do different things
There are so many different ways to detangle your hair. There is a paddle brush, which is a large and flat brush with air cushions and plastic bristles. It is very flexible due to the air cushions that the bristles sit and and that helps contouring to your head and hair shape. Paddle brushes are great for detangling and smoothing out hair. Next, there is the wide tooth comb, which have large teeth to comb through the hair. They can be made from plastic or wood and are great for detangling and even parting hair. These are the most like fingers when it comes to detangling and cause less ripping compared to other methods. On the opposite end of wide tooth combs are fine tooth combs which can be used to detangle, but are less recommended because the fine teeth snag and rip hair. You can also detangle hair with a regular hair brush, your fingers, and other specialized detangling tools. For your edges, you want to brush them out with a soft edge brush or soft toothbrush. Also, you can comb them out with an edge comb or fine tooth comb but just be caution because edges are very fragile and require good care. I personally like going in with different detangling methods throughout my wash day and styling process. I usually start off with a quick detangling using my fingers to get out difficult knots that the mechanical tools may rip through. I then go in with the wide tooth comb and make multiple passes until it goes through smoothly. Finally, I use a brush (paddle, detangling, or regular depending on what I pick up) and go through my hair again until smooth. This usually ensures me the best detangling process. Also, it is important to remember to detangle only when hair is wet or damp and best when there is product applied to minimize breakage.


Everybody get your roll on!
Everybody get your roll on!
Using my Kitsch Facial roller I'm rolling out impurities What tools do you use in your facial regimen? This is their beautiful Rose quartz Roller. You may own this already own one but do you know that about its benefits? Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, self love , friendships,healing and feeling of peace. With this roller, it also improves blood circulation, tightens skin. I talked about this on my IG live @Dollyalwayson Instagram. Hope you enjoy ! If you have more questions hit me up !
Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller
/kit·sch/-Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller