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spring beauty = effortlessly beautiful 🌺
to me, spring beauty means natural glam and taking your own beauty to beyond — i love only doing lashes, lips and a light base look to achieve this! i’ll use concealer on spots and my undereyes and then go in with these products. COLOURPOP - blush stix i don’t love the shade i bought this in (it has shimmer and i prefer matte blush,) but this formula owns my heart! it blends out easily and is very buildable. L'ORÉAL - Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara my favorite drugstore mascara by far. does exactly what it claims — voluminizes and lengthens lashes. Lilly LASHES - Miami i actually got these for free, and they’re definitely the most expensive pair of lashes i own — but they’re worth it! they’re beautiful and easy to apply. they’re dramatic but not too dramatic for everyday wear. NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream this is a liquid lip that feels like a lipstick. it’s not drying, the color payoff is beautiful and i love the finish, which is a satiny matte that looks gorgeous and effortless.
Mascara Dupe Alert! 🚨
The cult fave “Better Than Sex” mascara. We all know her, but is there anythinf better than her? In my opinion, yes. I have other mascaras that work better for me. (Ilia Beauty Limitless Mascara is my fave!) And to top it off there is a drugstore dupe that I found that performs almost identically. Both create FULL & VOLUMINOUS lashes. But I find both formulas to clump and I personally like my mascara to not make my lashes stick together, I like a lengthening formula as opposed to a voluminous formula. Nonetheless this is a great dupe if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the BTS mascara 😘 The L’oreal Lash Paradise is around $10.99 and the Too Faced Better Than Sex is $25! Can we agree that the pink packaging is adorable? My nails also match 👀💕 L'ORÉAL - Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara
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I have been using this foundation forever. I don’t even try new ones because nothing has ever beat the price and the quality of this product for me! I have acne prone, SUPER OILY skin, so this is the only foundation I ever use to combat some of my oil. Plus I have hyperpigmentation and this leaves such a beautiful soft matte, healthy finish and medium coverage on the skin😍 I use it for my everyday look and even when I go out and I’m wearing more makeup. It works for everything. It lasts all day and keeps the coverage even on my oily skin. Honestly even when I touch up on my nose during the day, it still doesn’t look cakey and nasty but still beautiful. Plus half the time I don’t use primer so it’s just this foundation that is magic 💓 They also extended their shade range and I’m such an odd shade of neutral but I found my perfect match in this foundation and I’ve gotten tons of my friends obsessed with their formula! It’s genius Swipe 👉🏽 to see my everyday makeup look 🥳 L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation
Best drugstore foundation
This is a very good option for oily skin type it gives you a matte finish which i love. It is lightweight and creamy, goes on smooth and lasts all day — hiding imperfections. It can be found at any drugstore and is cheap. It will give you a full coverage but without feeling you have too much makeup on so you will look very natural, i’d say is as good or better than those products with really high prices, i’ve been using it for almost 2 years and im in love❤️ L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation
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Ooooooomygod - let me start by saying that I actually can not and will not live without this foundation because it is !!! Claims: 24 hr fresh staying power (maybe like ,, ~16 hours let’s be honest, but STILL). Lightweight and breathable texture (yes), transfer resistant (it will def get on my sweatshirt if i put it over my head after i put this on so no), natural finish (YES). I looove this because it’s non-comedogenic 🥰 gives me the smoothest and freshest appearance 🥺 and it does NOT oxide 😤 it also blends out super easily and the consistency a good middle between runny and thick. It’s my perfect every day foundation! Sadly, this is ALSO an empty which means I will be repurchasing ASAP! L'ORÉAL - Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Foundation
Surprised these were pretty good by L’Oreal
L’Oréal Infallible fresh water 24hr Foundation, & the L’Oréal Infallible Full wear waterproof Concealer! This Foundation is literally amazing. The coverage is absolutely amazing on skin. It is beautiful, comfortable, and has SPF as a bonus. This is my foundation! Ivory 410 matched me perfectly on my pale skin red tone skin! . Concealer-Excellent coverage without feeling heavy, It gives you full coverage, and blends really well and very light weight! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! L’Oreal longwear Foundation 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation provides medium-to-full buildable coverage that lasts all day and allows the skin to breathe. The formula's three oil absorbers resist sweat, water, and transfer. The ultra-thin liquid goes on smoothly to give a fresh, healthy-looking complexion that lasts. Color stays true and blends in evenly, so your makeup looks fresh all day. Non-comedogenic and formulated with SPF, this foundation is suitable for all skin types. In 30 shades for every skin tone. Apply all over the face with your fingers or a brush, or use a beauty sponge to blend. Retails Foundation $11.99 at Target 🎯 Full Wear Concealer gives full coverage with a flawless matte finish. Conceals imperfections while doubling as a contour/highlight product. Shape the face by applying one shade darker to contour and one shade lighter to highlight and blend! Our extra large applicator provides maximum coverage in one stroke to cover under-eye circles, acne scars, and discoloration. Our waterproof, non-greasy formula wont transfer, fade, or flake so your full coverage look is locked in all day. The creamy texture is non-greasy and easy to apply - a little goes a long way! Retails $5.99 Target 🎯
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𝐔𝐡-𝐇𝐮𝐡 𝐇𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲
Looking for yellow? I think I got you covered babe 🍯💛 I fell in love with this palette the second Colourpop released it! The metallic colors are oh so pigmented and so buttery I just wanna put them on my whole face! No😹not really. That would be creepy. As you can see this is a yellow focused pressed powder eyeshadow palette. 💛🍯every thing you need to create a look full of sunshine ☀️ this palette is everything you need to look bee-utiful ;) The only thing is the packaging is kind of cheap. I mean, it is only a $12.00 palette but I received mine with a broken hinge on the mirror part. And some of my shadows slip out. Even tho there’s a magnet, it doesn’t hold them good :( however, I ordered mine in December, and delivery people were super busy and probably rough with the packages as they wanted to be done with their day. So my package probably wasn’t so lucky :( I would still order this. In fact when I use this one up I am ordering another🍯💛☀️IM SO IN LOVE. And the Palooza big glitter color adds all the fun! ✨ Note: I think Colourpop is actually having a sitewide sale rn so I think this is only $8.40 :) which is even better! COLOURPOP - Uh-Huh Honey
𝐋’𝐎𝐑É𝐀𝐋 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡
Gorgeous foundation. I have been buying this for 3 years now because I’m so in love and it’s so affordable. The pigment is amazing but not overpowering. The shade shown is Sun Beige W6. Texture🧡: Very runny but milky. A little creamy. Extremely easy to blend. I feel like I’m putting on silk when I put this on my skin and it’s NOT drying. Places to find it🛍: Walmart and Ulta. However it’s only $8.86 at Walmart but $10.99 at Ulta. Quite different pricing. The only catch is Ulta and Walmart carry different shades of this. But it comes in such a wide range of shades you are guaranteed to find your perfect color! L'ORÉAL - True Match Super-Blendable Foundation Makeup
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Best drugstore mascara ever period
Subject line says it all. This is the best drugstore mascara I have ever purchased, and is actually the best mascara I have ever used. I was truly blown away by the quality of this mascara and will continue buying it as long as it’s available. It retails for $9.99 at target.
My Go-To Mascara for...
EVERYDAY — benefit - Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara This has been one of my favorite mascaras for years because it lasts a long time on me (which is rare because my eyelashes touch my lids and cheeks and tend to cause mascaras to smudge right away). I have mine in the black color and I can honestly say it holds the natural curl of my lashes for hours. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes and looks very natural. It is also very easy to remove with an oil or balm cleanser, which is always my first step in my nighttime skincare routine. Because of this, I gravitate towards this mascara for everyday use. I give this mascara a 5/5 stars but it is pretty long-lasting (I usually get about 6 hours of wear before it starts to smudge) and its the best when it is humid out, which is often in Miami. $25 SPECIAL EVENT — L'ORÉAL - Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara Whenever I have a special event, I always go for my Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara. In the case of a special event where I know it will be hot and I will be sweating or if I know I am going to cry, I will always go for this mascara. It is super black, makes my lashes look really voluminous and full, and does not budge. The only downside to this mascara is that because it is so long-lasting, it can be a pain to try to remove, but its nothing that can’t be taken care of with a good double cleanse, starting with an oil-based cleanser. I give this mascara a 5/5 stars because it lasts forever and looks just as good when you take it off as it looked when you put it on. (this mascara has a slight scent to it, so be wary if that irritates your eyes) $9.89 GOING OUT — MARC JACOBS BEAUTY - Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara When I want thick, voluminous, stand-out lashes, I always choose the Velvet Noir mascara. When I am going out, but know that I do not need the longevity of my waterproof mascara, I gravitate toward this one. It is suuuuper black and gives the most incredible volume and lift to the lashes. This is the priciest mascara of the bunch, but I think it is well worth it because it just gives that oomph that other mascaras don’t. I highly recommend it and give it a 5/5 stars! $27
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L’Oréal face mask
L’Oréal face mask
Perfect for sensitive skin, and amazing results.
Pure Clay Purity Mask
L'ORÉAL-Pure Clay Purity Mask
Pure clay mask
Pure clay mask
Love this mask! Result beautiful, bright and radiant skin. It also feels super clean. #lorealpureclaymask #pureclaymask #glowskin
Pure Clay Bright Mask 50ml
L'ORÉAL-Pure Clay Bright Mask 50ml
Natural vs. chill
Natural vs. chill
L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Powder L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation
Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Powder
L'ORÉAL-Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Powder
Not as Matte as I thought
Not as Matte as I thought
Good to wear to class/ short events, doesn’t last as long as other primers L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro Matte Lock Primer
Infallible Pro Matte Lock Primer
L'ORÉAL-Infallible Pro Matte Lock Primer
My favorite is the Color Riche
My favorite is the Color Riche Shine Glossy Lipstick. It’s super glossy with sheer beautiful color. I love it for minimal makeup days. It’s perfect! 👌🏼
Colour Riche Plump and Shine Lipstick
L'ORÉAL-Colour Riche Plump and Shine Lipstick
Loreal Paris clay mask
Loreal Paris clay mask
Does what it says. It smells so different.L'ORÉAL - Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask L'ORÉAL - Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask
Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask
L'ORÉAL-Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask