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Another Lovely Fall Nail Polish Shade 🍂
Here I go again talking about another possible fall favorite nail polish shade! If you’re like me, I’m currently still not comfortable going into the nail salons so I’m doing my own nails at home! I went through my nail polish bag and rediscovered and re - fell in in love with this shade! Drum roll please for my ZOYA - Zoya Nail Lacquer in shade “Michaela!” This baby here retails for only $10.00 and can be purchased on zoya.com. I bought this shade almost year ago when Zoya was having an incredible sale and it would be my first time trying the brand! Y’all when I tell you this shade is stunning and the consistency is basically 99% perfect! It applies smoothly and is such a full coverage nail polish lacquer! Honestly if you have a good hand, you could get amazing nails with just ONE coat! My pictures show what the shade looks like with two coats and in direct and indirect sunlight! You can see that it’s perfect in all types of light! According to the website, Zoya is the “worlds longest wearing natural nail polish and nail care treatment.” The best part of Zoya is that all the nail products are affordable and have great sales all the time ( think BOGO 😱, yes!). I cannot stress enough how lovely the nail polish range is since they have 400 colors! Like any terrific nail polish line, they also have unique collections such as “Luscious” and “Splash!” If you’re a nail polish lover like me, I highly recommend checking out Zoya. Also, if you’re an Ipsy subscriber then you’ve probably seen this line before since they partnered together early on the Ipsy launch. Additionally, this shade is described as a dusty purple taupe cream finish 💜. The best part of Zoya is that the Description portion of the nail shade will tell you the color family, finish, intensity (5-Opaque in this case), and tone! I’ve never seen another company do this which is why I love and cannot stress enough to check them out! Let me know if you have tried Zoya out before in the past ☺️. #CheriePartner
Tropical nails🌴
Tropical nails inspired by top knot nails 🌴☀️ I couldn’t get the spacing right for the toucans, but they’re so cute that it doesn’t really bother me. I do like how the blue base complements the whole design nicely. ~ Base: cirque colors Meet Me in Montauk Toucans: sally hansen White On, zoya nail polish Willa, Cirque Colors Urbanized, opi I Just Can’t Cope-a-cabana Leaves: essie Off Tropic, OPI That’s Hularious cirque colors - cirque colors Cream Polishes Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear Nail Polish ZOYA - Zoya Nail Lacquer OPI - OPI Nail Lacquer
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Zoya Nail Polish
Zoya Nail Polish
I’ve been on and off with Zoya nail polishes for years. They occasionally have amazing sales where they only charge shipping so I try to take advantage when I can (if you’re interested, they tend to do a New Years sale so keep an eye). I think they have a massive and beautiful range of colors. Pictured here are India and Madeleine (left to right) which I think are both gorgeous. They are thick enough to not need many coats to finish a look. They dry pretty quickly. I think they chip sort of easily which is why I don’t think they are my favorite. I have tried numerous top costa with them and find they still have a tendency to chip. I think for a short term they are the perfect polish though.ZOYA - Zoya Nail Lacquer
Zoya Nail Lacquer
ZOYA-Zoya Nail Lacquer