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Lots of pretty pink products!! method - Pure Peace Body Wash
LOVE this stuff. Smells amazing. Slightly moisturizing. Makes a great bubble bath. Under $10 eos - eos Shave Cream, Pomegranate
This isn’t my favorite shave cream. It seems that it can clog your razor up and leave goopy chunks of cream all over. It just doesn’t rinse away completely enough. #Dr Teals - Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub[products]# another favorite for winter. Gets all the rough spots off elbows and knees. Don’t use for self tanning though as it contains oils. pmd - pmd Clean Pro
I use this cause it feels good in my face and it’s easily sanitized otherwise what does it even do that I couldn’t do just washing with my hands? I truly don’t know. schmidt's - Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant
This is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far. It has like a dry clay feel so it doesn’t make your armpits damp feeling and really soaks up sweat. Smells divine. Glossier. - Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid
I have maturing, dryish skin. I can’t even figure out what this is meant to do. I’ve tried using it alone. As primer. As a highlight after makeup. Mixing it in. Tried a dozen things and I’ve been underwhelmed every single time. bliss - Mighty Marshmallow Mask
Nice, basic mask. Not going to wow you. Gives your skin a wee boost. A more awake look. Can be a bit drying IMO. MILANI - Rose Butter Lip Mask
Smells good. Looks pretty. The texture is really nice and creamy. But my lips aren’t buying it. It soaks right in and the flakes are still hanging around. MILANI - Rose Sugar Lip Scrub
The smell is overpowering for me and the scrub is very abrasive. It smells like you are eating roses.
Dec. 23, 2020
Happy97I just got free sample of rose and vanilla deodorant i really liked it i tried to find it in many stores but wasn't able to get
Dec. 24, 2020·1 like
therainyoneI’ve been seeing the brand more and more as people more toward natural products so hopefully it becomes more widely available!! It’s just so darn expensive compared to the old school stuff!
Dec. 24, 2020
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Dewy, Springy Vibe
I’m baaaaack! After a long hiatus due to health reasons, I finally feel healthy enough to actually do my makeup! Hooray! I had some fun with the NATASHA DENONA - Eyeshadow Palette 5 in Peak which is such a great palette. I also cheated and used bareMinerals - Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette in “Soul” in my crease. Both of these shadow palettes are fantastic and very easy to work with/blend. The color payoff is great as well, especially the Natasha Denona shadows. I’ll be posting another look soon with the bareMinerals palette so you can get more of an idea of how gorgeous this collection is, so stay tuned. I’m still loving Glossier. - Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid because no matter how dull and dry my skin is looking, this serum can bring me back from dead-looking to hydrated and bright. I’m off to get vaccinated! Wish me luck 💕
Lit From Within Glowwww✨😍
I recently started using these 4 products for almost 2 weeks now & I’m never turning back!!! •YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream •YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil •YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask •Glossier. - Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid I have never had such a consistent glow to my skin since starting these! I get complimented daily! I love these products so much. The two Youth To The People creams absorb so quickly & don’t leave it feeling like you have all this junk on your face either. My previous moisturizer would always pill up once I went to put anything else on my face & these don’t do that! The Glossier serum is also extremely light & doesn’t clog pores which is something I was worried about initially. It comes out in this pinkish color but it doesn’t turn your skin any other, it just gives you a dewy look. & the Youth To The People serum is amazing of course! It literally gives me this glow like no other! A little bit goes a very long way, as with most of their products. Now I just need to clear up the little bit of texture I have left in my chin! I blame it on the fact that I went out quite a bit the last week (church, grocery shopping, random errands) & of course wore a mask the whole time! Resulting in some maskne 😢 But that is just temporary! As is every blemish! I definitely recommend trying these products guys! They are HOLY GRAILS if there ever was one! @cherie@Cheriebeauty@CheriePick
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How many masks are too many...?
I used to love masking! I’d do at least 1 to 2 a week. Now I’ve gotten lazy and just don’t do them and I have so many I need to start using before they expire! For me, I feel having an exfoliating mask and a hydrating mask is all you need. Unless your using the product consistently you’re not going to see changes. Masks are great for plumping up the skin, adding hydration and even a soft glow. But of all the masks I’ve used I’ve never found long term effects from them (except exfoliating). One way I like to use them is right before a big night (or day) out. To give my skin that added boost. Some that are great for doing so are: FARMACY - Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask GLOW RECIPE - Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask (use as a 10 min mask) SUMMER FRIDAYS - Jet Lag Mask FIRST AID BEAUTY - Hello FAB Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask And many others that help brighten and hydrate! I will also not go without my exfoliating masks which I do once a week. Some faves are: PAULA'S CHOICE - 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution HERBIVORE - Prism 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial And a few others I have that I liked to use; BIOSSANCE - Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask ELEMIS - Superfood Vital Veggie Mask bliss - Mighty Marshmallow Mask Unfortunately as I said, I just don’t mask as often as I used to. And I feel it isn’t necessary. If you like to then I suggest you get yourself an exfoliating and moisturizing/hydrating mask and you should be good to go. Treatments are where you want to really zone in and specialize your finances for. Is it Friday yet? Ugh! I’ve been down all week with a neck I cannot turn - ouchie! And a migraine on top of that! I’m ready to knock my dogs out cause they are wanting out every half hour (it’s nice here ⛅️) Much ❤️ my skinnies 🍒
This mask is A-mask-ing.. haha.. ha 😂
Hope you enjoyed a lil terrible humor moment. Now, for the mask, the bliss - Mighty Marshmallow Mask , i absolutely love it, point blank period. This mask contains marshmallow root extract, vitamin c blend, olive leaf extract, lime, lemon, pine, and eucalyptus oils, and zinc pca. The specific benefits of each can be found on the product description on their website. Basically, all of these ingredients come together to hydrate, prevent dullness, combat uneven skin tone, reduce excess oil, and calm. Right up my alley i would say! As someone with oily skin, dark marks, uneven skin tone, i gravitate towards masks like this. And honestly, if you’ve been on the journey to find a good mask, you’ll run into a lot of “hoopla” a lot of talkers with no bite. But this one does what is says it will do! (For me at least) After every use, my skin feels so smooth and hydrated. And the scent is very subtle but super relaxing. The consistency of the mask is so smooth and buttery which I love, and it doesn’t dry your skin down like some masks do. I also appeared less oily after using, and throughout the day, did not produce as much oil as usual. Finally, my skin does appear more radiant and “awake” after I use. In terms of uneven skin tone, i will review that aspect later. I have only used the mask for about a week consistently, so I don’t have concrete answers on that one just yet. I do see increased smoothness in my skin, but that could be the placebo effect, we shall see. Final thoughts: i would definitely recommend this mask! If you are into masks, this is a great, non intensive mask to consider adding to your collection. It is soft as a marshmallow, has a beautifully subtle scent, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Thanks for reading! 💖💖 i hope this helps you in your skin journey - Jas
Lip Filler— where?! | Lip Care Essentials
General Thoughts: The Rose Lip Scrub and accompanying Rose Lip Butter by Milani Cosmetics has been an absolute game-changer for my lip care routine; especially considering the fact that most people do not, it has quickly become a staple for my self-care and maintenance. How I Discovered: While rummaging through my collection of products, I realized this was in my kit! Seeing that I’m typically apprehensive of lip scrubs as they usually do not remove any stubborn, dry, flaky skin that persists on my lips. The only other lip scrub I’ve tried is the E.L.F. Lip Scrub Stick, and it isn't the most effective, which only further propagated my excitement for incorporating the scrub into my routine. Usage and Product Notes: I Simply start with bare, dry lips and begin with a pea-sized amount of the Rose Scrub to start. The granules of sugar are appropriately sized so that you aren't cutting into the surface of the lips, but rather allows for complete removal of dryness on the surface of the lips. After gently, be generously cleansing the lip of any crusty bits, follow up with the Rose Butter Lip Mask— a velvety-rich lip mask with the consistency of condensed milk and full of lip-smacking ingredients such as nourishing rose oil— and leave it on for a minimum of 2 hours (or overnight) to see instantly fuller, softer, hydrated, plumped lips without a trip to the aesthetic nurse! Best for: These two are a must-have for those who struggle with dry lips, especially with the frequent use of masks in our daily lives; but also, for those with big lips who find the traditional lip scrub and balm do not work for them.
Best Lip Scrubs Ever!!🍉🌹
I have very dry lips, so I decided to try out some lip scrubs and these two were the best!! The one from Wet n Wild smells like watermelon and the one from Milani smells like roses! They are both affordable and I highly recommend them!!wet n wild - Perfect Pout Watermelon Lip Scrub MILANI - Rose Sugar Lip Scrub
eos Shea butter shaving lotion
Get your softest, smoothest (and closest) shave ever. rich, non-foaming shave cream contains instantly moisturizing shea oil + lasting protection shea butter for incredible 24-hr hydration and lasting skin comfort. Soothing Aloe conditions + calms for the silky smooth shave your skin deserves. Say hello to: smooth, comfort, wet + dry, protection. Say goodbye to: nicks, cuts, irritation, razor burn. Instant moisture shea oil + lasting protection shea butter Shave + in-shower lotion – rinse off or leave on for awesomely smooth skin Made with sustainable natural shea 7 fl oz I love this shaving cream! It’s only $4 at Ulta and most Targets! It left my skin so smooth after shaving and it smells AMAZING!! I love that it has a pump as well and the lotion texture is so easy to apply a little goes a long way! eos - eos Shave Cream, Pomegranate
eos Products is mostly known for their lip balms, they also have a few other products though! I believe that shaving should be optional for everyone and that there is way too much social pressure on women to always be hair- and flawless. If you want to shave your legs, I can definitely recommend the eos shave cream though. It’s a cream that doesn’t foam and contains several calming and moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, aloe juice and (my personal favorite) colloidal oatmeal. Definitely gives you that sleek dolphin feel 🐬😉 Cosrx two in one poreless power liquid: I reviewed it before, I still have pores but they definitely look cleaner. First aid beauty facial radiance pads: I actually haven’t tried them yet 🙈 got them in a little travel set. They look promising though! foreo LUNA fofo: Also already reviewed this cutie.  Judith Williams made this eye cream in cooperation with German drugstore (she’s a cast member of the German version of shark tank called Höhle der Löwen 😉). The cream has egf (some people swear by it, some say it’s dangerous, some say it doesn’t do anything - I guess this calls for another post on this topic) and caffeine. Moisturises well, nothing spectacular, but very solid for the price. Will keep going back to it until I find my holy grail. Deciem Hylamide Hydra-Density Mist: It’s a calming and hydrating. I like to use it inbetween layers. I like it, but I have to admit that I have gotten pretty much the same outcome with every hydrating mist and/or toner I have used.
Are cleansing devices even really worth it? 🧐
I’ve been very fortunate to try many cleansing devices lately (all I purchased myself). I’m not quite sure why I keep jumping on this hype train but I do. Most cleansing devices on the market claim to cleanse your face any number amount of times better then your hands alone. They seem like fun, effective ways to up your skincare routine but they are really pricey. I’m here to say I don’t think they are worth it at all. The first cleansing device I ever purchased was the clarisonic - Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System . I’ve had this one for over 5 years. I know Clarisonic went out of business last year but I still wanted to talk about it. It had two speeds (which did nothing for me honestly.. I saw no difference) and multiple brush heads you could use. In my experience you could only use the Sensitive brush head or it was too harsh on the face. I don’t even have sensitive skin but the Normal brush head just hurt. I thought it did a good job cleansing my face but for the almost $200 I spent on it and having to buy $30 brush heads every couple of months it was not worth it. It also harbors bacteria easily so you have to be careful with it. Then, I decided to try the FOREO - LUNA mini which I absolutely hated. I got this one sale but it normally costs $119. The silicone design is a lot more hygienic then the Clarisonic but that’s all it had going for it. It has multiple vibration speeds which again did nothing for me. My issue with this is it only hit like 1/3 of my face because the silicone device doesn’t bend like bristles do. I was only really able to cleanse my cheeks and the middle of my forehead (which became so uncomfortable to cleanse). I ended up always going back in with my hands to get any crevices which defeated the purpose of the device. The silicone bristles were also a lot harder than described. They are described as very soft but it was just an unpleasant experience. I also didn’t like the feeling of it vibrating in my hand for a minute. It became really uncomfortable. Then, on another sale I tried the pmd - pmd Clean Pro which I hated for all the same reasons as the Foreo. The bristles were hard, it only hit 1/3 of my face, and the different pulses did nothing. For $99 this just wasn’t worth it. The only upside was the handle made it less uncomfortable in my hand with the vibrations. I also tried the back side to infuse serums into my skin (as they do say you can use that) and I stopped 10 seconds in. It’s just as uncomfortable as cleansing the face. Any “hard” planes of your face it doesn’t glide over nicely like the Foreo. So I’ve learned from this expensive experiment (which I ended up returning the Foreo and PMD) that you’re better off using your hands. It cleanses just as well and costs nothing. You’re able to fully get all the planes of your face gently and know everything is clean.
My AM routine! 🧼 🧴
I start off my day by washing with PanOxyl - Acne Foaming Wash Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Maximum Strength and I use warm water (not hot!) I use a clean, fresh wash rag to pat dry my face. I never use a hand towel because you never know how many germs sit on that towel! Next, I apply my TULA SKINCARE - Clear It Up Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel and allow that to dry. It only takes about 30 seconds to dry & absorb on the face. I love how light and clean this gel feels on my face & the Tula brand has been wonderful to my skin! After the Tula gel, I apply my SKINCEUTICALS - Retexturing Activator Face Exfoliator I like this serum, although it does leave my face feeling kind of sticky. That doesn’t matter though because I apply moisturizer and SPF after this serum anyway! My moisturizer is OSEA - Blemish Balm I love this moisturizer! It smells amazing and when I apply it to my face, my face feels immediately refreshed. This is perfect for oily/acne prone skin! After my moisturizer, I like to use my pmd - pmd Clean Pro I turn on the facial warmer and gentle vibrations and just allow my face to relax and soak up all of that moisturizer. I don’t do this everyday because it’s time consuming BUT it is very relaxing!!! Lastly, my SPF is TULA SKINCARE - Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and so far I really like it. At first, I didn’t really care for it because it smells like sunscreen and it leaves a highlighter effect on the face. I’ve gotten used to it though and I love that it doesn’t leave a white cast on the face!! I’m open to suggestions or comments ⬇️ 💗

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The product: it’s a sheet mask
The product: it’s a sheet mask for your butt. This one claims to plum and firm your tooshie. It says two sheets on the packet, but this is one sheet for each cheek. The sheets are rainbows! My opinion: Well it definitely didn’t firm or plump. It’s also awkward to put on yourself. However it did moisturize and soften. Price: $8. I do not think it’s worth this price as the only benefit was moisturize and you can get a nice body moisturizer for this price. Recommend: I would not. Instead I would recommend a Sephora face mask (I love the pear and the green tea masks) or you can’t beat CreVave body moisturizer!
Love it Butt Sheet Mask Plumping + Firming
SEPHORA COLLECTION-Love it Butt Sheet Mask Plumping + Firming
🚿🧖🏾‍♀️ shower essentials for body acne!
🚿🧖🏾‍♀️ shower essentials for body acne!
i get the occasional back acne / body acne flare-up. these products have been keeping me in check for the summer, so that i can wear all of my favorite racer axle and swimsuits. 👙 all three body washes are from my beloved target 🎯 SheaMoisture - African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash - this has been my OG skin-evening product for the last few years. black soap is wonderful for soothing acne and irritation; it also has vitamins A and E. i have also seen my scarring fade over time from using this gel. this product also uses oats as a gentle physical exfoliant. my husband and i both love this shower gel!! it’s also really affordable, at $8. pixi - Glycolic Body Wash - i started using this product this year, and i’m really liking it! it’s definitely stronger than the shea moisture product, since it has glycolic acid. as i have learned more about chemical exfoliating, i have been trying to incorporate them in my head-to-toe skincare regimen. i also appreciate the addition of aloe vera, for calming the skin. i would definitely recommend this if you want to see an overall smoothing effect. it is a little pricier for a shower gel ($18), but worth it. NATIVE - Native Body Wash in coconut + vanilla - i have struggled to find an affordable, everyday body gel that doesn’t irritate my skin and smells nice (but not too floral or sweet). this might be the one! I have emptied this first bottle and will definitely be repurchasing. four stars since it’s not super moisturizing, but it smells amazing (like a grown-up version of bath & body works warm vanilla sugar) and it’s also accessible ($8). i purchased the silicone scrubber online - i love that i can wash it in the washing machine (with no detergent) once a week and feel like it isn’t holding in a ton of germs and dead skin cells.
African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash
SheaMoisture-African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash
Truly Beauty
Truly Beauty
🍃 Truly Beauty was kind enough to send me some of their products for review 🍃 You can use code TRULYLAU (it’s not assout this time) for 10% off your order http://bit.ly/trulylauren 🍃I will do more in depth reviews of the products individually when I’ve had the opportunity to try them more but here goes 🍃All products are Vegan and Cruelty Free 🍃 Unicorn CBD Whipped Body Butter: are you even on Instagram if you haven’t seen this beauty? This body butter has a thick whipped consistency smells exactly like buttercream frosting and I tore into it like an absolute hyena immediately after taking this picture. This product contains 300 mg of CBD, matcha, and an absolute cornucopia of butters and oil that I cannot fit into this instagram caption. This feels and smells as good as it looks and has fast become my favorite body lotion. 🍃 CBD Facial Kit is an adorable packaged spot treatment kit (which I tried to open like an actual can of sardines) containing CBD pore strips, CBD acne patches, CBD spot treatment and a blemish extraction tool. An amazing kit to throw in your purse and use for emergency breakouts especially if you’re a picker like me. 🍃 Maryjane CBD Glow Serum is an amazing all in one lightweight serum containing antioxidant rich, soothing CBD oil, brightening glycolic acid and caffeine, soothing aloe leaf juice (first ingredient 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻), and a TON of botanical extracts. Honestly these ingredients lists are so impressive and thoughtful. I noticed a glow immediately upon applying this and I cannot wait to see the long term results. 🍃 Gold Leaf Resurface & Brighten Face Mask is a rinse off CBD infused exfoliating mask (this can also be used overnight for a more intensive treatment). This mask contains CBD, glycolic acid, and again a whole gang of botanical oils and extracts for brightening and hydration.
CBD Acne Facial Kit
TRULY-CBD Acne Facial Kit
Today I figured it would be th
Today I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about the brand Hudson Valley Skin Care. Their products are made fresh in Hudson Valley of NY. Clarifying oatmeal honey clay mask, pure perfection beauty balm, mango mania lip treatment and a minis gift set with shampoo, conditioner body wash, lotion and a perfectly pear lip treatment. Where do I begin, these products smell amazing, my favorite has to be the pure perfection beauty balm. It's an all in one balm for the face, body and hair. It smells so lovely just like orange and shea butter. The ingredient list is very short which is a good thing ingredients are Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Squalane, Vitamin E Acetate, Organic Blood Orange Oil. lovely consistency, it says on the website you can even use this as a cleansing balm, can't wait to give this a go, I know I'm going to like it. The clarifying honey oatmeal clay mask is also a fantastic product. It smells really refreshing on the skin. I used it twice and I love how my face felt after taking this mask off. Rosemary Oil-infused Clay Mask absorbs excess oils and draws impurities from the skin, leaving it clarified, conditioned, and refined. Skin receives a deep cleaning, free from excess oil and impurities. I really enjoyed this clay mask alot! Last products I really enjoy are their lip treatment balms. I love the packaging it's so cute. The scents are incredible they both are so fragrant and really hydrating on the lips. A blend of Avocado Butter and Vitamin E relieves and nourishes dry, chapped lips. 🧡
SUPPORT THESE BRANDS! #justiceforgeorgefloyd
SUPPORT THESE BRANDS! #justiceforgeorgefloyd
amidst the heightened tensions in our society, we must come together as a community & support the brands who are providing resources, contributing donations, & educating the public on this movement towards a better tomorrow. check out their instagrams for ways on how you can contribute & further support these brands as they value their society more than some companies can say. ✨PLUS ✨ these products are BANGERS and are worth your time to check out. please support black owned businesses, artists, creators, & every other black individual who needs your love & voice today! BLUME - Hug Me Deodorant BLUME - Cloud 9 Essential Oil for Cramps Glossier. - The Skincare Set cocokind - Facial cleansing oil #notpot - CBD gummies[products]#[FiveStars]
Cloud 9 Essential Oil for Cramps
BLUME-Cloud 9 Essential Oil for Cramps
Bliss Marshmallow Mask
Bliss Marshmallow Mask
This face mask is designed to revive skin and deliver a glow. I really like this mask! It is a fun pink color and it is easy to apply. It is a little bit thick which makes removing it a little bit difficult, but it does leave me glowing afterwards! It is only $15, so I would definitely recommend picking up this fun mask.bliss - Mighty Marshmallow Mask
Mighty Marshmallow Mask
bliss-Mighty Marshmallow Mask