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The cleanser is nice, & it really is super gentle

Bliss The newbies in my little Bliss assortment are the Rose Gold Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Soothing Toner, the Gentle Moisture Cream, the Hydration Salvation Moisturizing Camilla Facial Oil, & the Mighty Marshmallow Mask, which I already own & love. I was a bit sceptical as to how much I'd actually like this line given I don't have sensitive skin, but after giving them a chance I realized they can perform relatively well, just as well as some of my other products. The cleanser is nice, & it really is super gentle. Maybe just a tad too gentle for my liking but hey, we all like what we like & have different skincare preferences. Same with the toner. It's a nice toner & I would use it again, expecually on those days when my skin is stressed & irritated. The two I really enjoyed most were the gentle moisturizer & the Moisturizing Camilla Oil. The Moisturizer smells like a newborn baby in a jar, & is so incredibly soft & smooth I really really love it. The Camilla Oil is just an all around nice, nourishing facial oil. I've been using it on my hands before bed & I've been loving how hydrating it is. Since I work outdoors & work with my hands they always need the extra TLC. I really appreciate that it's not a heavy type of oil, but is so moisturizing. I've pretty much loved every Bliss product I've ever tried, and I look forward to trying more of their products in the future.
Sep. 27, 2019
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Daily Skincare Regimen
Hi guys! 💗 I thought i would share what products I use on a daily basis. Morning: 1. Begin with cocokind - Facial cleansing oil - use damp warm wash cloth to wash it off 2. Cleanse with bliss - Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser - rinse with cool water 3. Use I'm from - Rice Toner - apply with a cotton round & after applying, squeeze excess product out of cotton round onto hands & apply directly to face, allow a few minutes for product to absorb into face 4. ApplyThe Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - warm 2 drops in hands & press into skin all over face, allow a few minutes to absorb 5. Apply The Ordinary - ''Buffet'' - warm 2 drops in hands & press into skin all over face, allow a few minutes to fully absorb 6. Apply The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 - warm 2 drop in hands & press intk skin all over face, allow a few minutes to absorb 7. Put a dime size amount of The Ordinary - Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA into hands & warm. Apply all over face & neck 8. I got back & forth between which eye cream I use but I usually go with thebliss - Eye Do All Things Eye Gel & apply a dot under my eyes & use the roller ball to rub it in & depuff my eyes. Night Time: 1. Apply cocokind - Facial cleansing oil all over face & use a warm damp washcloth to remove 2. Cleanse face with bliss - Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser - rinse with cool water 3. Every other night I switch between using The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution by putting it on a cotton round & applying it to my face, allow a few minutes to absorb completely 4. Also every other night (the same nights that I use the Glycolic Acid Toner) I apply PAULA'S CHOICE - Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliator with a cotton round & allow a few minutes to absorb before proceeding with the next step 5. Apply I'm from - Rice Toner with a cotton round & after applying, squeeze excess product out of cotton round onto hands & apply directly to face, allow a few minutes for product to absorb into face 6. Apply The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - warm 2 drops in hands & press into skin all over face, allow a few minutes to absorb 7. Apply The Ordinary - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil - warm 2 drops in hands & press into skin all over face, allow a few minutes to absorb 8. Warm a dime size amount of CeraVe - PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion in between hands & apply all over face & neck 9. Last but not least I apply KATE BLANC - Castor Oil to my lashes, eyebrows, & I warm a drop between my fingers & apply it under my eyes before bed (product not pictured) & that’s it, my daily AM & PM skincare routine!! Thanks so much for reading guys & let me know if you have any questions, comments or advice!
MILK Kush Waterproof Mascara ✨
Milk MAKEUP - Kush Waterproof Mascara : the waterproof mascara for those of us who love the idea of waterproof mascaras, but end up hating them. I got this in my BoxyCharm with the full intention of immediately gifting it to a friend. My lashes can be brittle, and I’ve always found that waterproof formulas are too abrasive and can even break off my lashes if I’m not careful. Luckily, I decided to take a leap of faith that and give it a shot. As promised, this stuff delivers gorgeous length and volume; plus, it layers beautifully with virtually no clumping. I got nervous at the end of the day because I am completely out of my oil-based makeup remover, but my usual bliss - Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser removed every trace of it with no breakage whatsoever. Friends, I cannot recommend this product more. Buy, buy, buy!
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✨Its time for me to
B L I S S ✨Its time for me to begin a resurface and brightening treatment. Regular home chemi peels and exfoliation by night but only at time. This beautiful rose gold rescue sensitve skin trio by Bliss has come in handy for the morning. . ✨The gentle cleanser, toner and cream all come with soothing rose flower water and nourishing colloidal gold and range in low ph of 3.7 to 6.0. The trio provides a calming rebalance to the skin while helping with the exfoliation for maxium glow. . ✨the pH levels are the only things that are low. The current price for the set starts at $12! Which IMO is a huge steal considering how effective the trio preformes on sensitive skin. While I'm sort of overworking my the cleanser come in gently removing dirt w/out stripping my skin, the toner instantly soothes and deinflames my derms and the cream set my skin a smooth a restore pattern for healing. . ✨even though I don't do this as often I should and I kinda go a bit hard for a faster results I highly recommend this sensitive set if you have sensitive or engage to semi-treatments that force you to alter your routine. To top off the beauty of the rose gold rescue is accessible it is now that Bliss is in Target!! You've probably spotted them already but if not then head over now to grab it.
Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser
bliss-Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser
Heres a FAB selfie on this fab
Heres a FAB selfie on this fabulous day! . A whole shelf full of first aid beauty products that I have been trying out lately. There are some knockout new products and some old favourites. . I have seriously been loving the Ultra Repair BarriAIR cream, with its bubbly, foamy texture, and the Ultra Repair Oat and Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, which is both hydrating and calming. The oil has a really thin consistency and is the texture of a dry oil, meaning it sinks in right away and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy at all. I also really like the scent of this oil, its very clean and almost soapy. . The Ultra Repair Cream is an OG and is a beautiful whipped, pearly moisturizer. I love it on my ultra dry legs. It locks in moisture right away and doesn’t feel sticky at all! Their Ultra Repair Cleanser is also a favourite of mine. It’s pH balanced at 5.5, which is the natural acidity level of your skin, so it won’t strip your skin or leave it feeling tight. . All around, these have been a big hit for me!
Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream Safe for Sensitive Skin
FIRST AID BEAUTY-Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream Safe for Sensitive Skin
So bliss really knocked it out
So bliss really knocked it out of the park with the latest launch of their rose gold line for sensitive skin! I can't tell you how great it is to find such an accessible and affordable line that has gentle and effective products. You can literally get an entire skincare routine for under 50 bucks, and they have super luxurious textures, no added fragrance, and are very hydrating. Unheard of! The entire line could easily pass for expensive products 3x the price. The Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Cream is SOOOO good I find myself reaching for it over much more expensive moisturizers, I'm not kidding. It's a thick cream in the jar but spreads out like silk and feels incredibly restorative (swipe to see texture). Ingredients are stellar with Shea butter, panthenol, oat kernel oil, chamomile extract, hydrolyzed silk, and a ton of soothing extracts. For a product you can get at Target for $18.99, I'm so impressed. This cream is perfect for combination to dry skin types and amazing for sensitive skin. The foaming cleanser is a great option for a soothing, non drying cleanser with a pH of 6 according to my testing strips. It feels very gentle and a tiny bit foams up into a luxurious lather. The toner mist is the only thing I haven't yet tried much, but the few times I've sprayed it on it feels very refreshing. The spray mechanism is very interesting in that it sprays a very continuous even mist despite not being aerosol.
Rose Gold Rescue Toner Mist
bliss-Rose Gold Rescue Toner Mist
for sensitive skin from Bliss
for sensitive skin from Bliss . Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser—A gentle foaming gel that’s infused with rose water to soothe, colloidal gold and willow bark extract to help keep pores clear. It’s SLS free, non-drying and doesn’t strip my skin. It’s got a good price point as well. If you like gels it’s nice. Plus it’s got this nice rose gold shimmer to it. I’m partial to rose gold . Rose Gold Rescue Moisturizer—This has such a nice light as air texture. It’s got rose flower water, colloidal gold, Alpine rose stem cells, chamomile and jojoba oil. It’s fragrance free as well so it’s really great for sensitive skin. It’s a great medium weight light moisturizer. I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s been Ella’s night moisturizer since I got it . Rose Gold Rescue Toner Mist—This has such a fine spray and is packaged in a cool metal bottle. It’s got rose flower water, colloidal gold, Alpine rose stem cells, witch hazel, chamomile and willow herb. It has a faint rose scent and is alcohol free. Overall nice mist and price point is great
Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser
bliss-Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser

I dipped into the Pu
banilaco I dipped into the Purple " Purity" Cleansing Balm lastnite after wearing makeup all day yesterday, and I was really able to put it to the test.. Needless to say, it did not fail me. . This balm literally banished my makeup in an instant. I was shocked by how quickly & easily it removed it all. My face felt nice & clean afterwards, even a little nourished. I'm looking forward to using this one more, as well as the original cleansing balm and seeing which one.  After cleansing, toning, essence, serum, ( you know, all that good stuff..) I used the Dear Hydration Boosting Cream and I absolutely loved it! Dare I say it reminds me of the Tatcha Water Cream?! It feels like silk on the skin, and absorbs so nicely, leaving the perfect amount of hydration. No doubt this cream would be incredible when used in place of a primer before makeup. I'll definitely be trying that out next time I'm wearing some! I think I'll try out the Dear Hydration sleeping mask tonight and see what it's all about. Definitely been enjoying these products from Banila Co, and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you later down the road once I've had a chance to really gain some insight on them.
Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original
BANILA CO-Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original
I remember my first visit to a
I remember my first visit to a spa at 18, I enjoyed a luxurious facial and massage with delightful espa skincare products ❤️ the scent alone was enough to send me into a deep 60 minute snooze, but the effects of the products lasted much longer. I’ve tried samples in the past after having facials and I’ve been seriously sad when they ran out. So when I received a full sized cleanser and moisturiser I was like hello thank you 🙌🏼❤️ The Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser is a responsive, lightweight nutrient-rich moisturiser that balances the complexion while delivering deep, long-lasting hydration where your skin needs it most. Most importantly it contains Yeast Bioferment which revitalises skin by night. Whilst the Optimal Skin ProCleanser is a 3-in-1 gel cleanser, exfoliator and mask to nourish, smooth and visibly brighten the complexion. Moringa Seed Extract cleanses and removes make-up, while Jojoba Spheres gently exfoliate and melt away to leave skin clear and smooth. Pumpkin Enzymes remove dull cells, revealing a radiant glow. I’ve been enjoying this duo morning and night, layered over my favourite serums and oils. I absolutely think they’ve made my skin that touch more hydrated and it’s definitely brought the spa ambience to my skincare routine.
Optimal Skin ProCleanser
ESPA-Optimal Skin ProCleanser