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OMG No ouai it’s And Ouai-t a minute - is that a nice Ouai

OMG No ouai it’s And Ouai-t a minute - is that a nice Ouai product? Any-Ouai I make bad jokes I realise. I just wanted to show you some favourites I’m obsessing over. Like REALLY obsessing. I need back-ups of my back ups.  That’s how good this stuff is. I’ll explain why. Ouai’s After Sun Body Soother is meant to be, yes you guessed it, for after sun. I can’t stop using it though! It fizzes and pops upon application, which makes me feel like an 8 year old with a packet of Fizz Wiz! It smells like sweet coconut and it hydrates beautifully. Contains aloe-infused bubbles, cucumber extract, and rose hip oil. I’ve been using this after my bath at bedtime and it feels lovely! I do need to stop using this now and save it for the summer as it also has a cooling effect, and I know I will be needing it on those sweltering days out! Then theres the gorgeous limited edition Goldie Rocks glowmotion by Sol De Janeiro. I’ve been using this on my arms and shoulders for shimmer and hydration but especially loving it as a highlighter on my face! It can even be used mixed in with foundation for a subtle dewy look! The scent is the same as Bum Bum and it contains Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí oil, and coconut oil. I really wish this wasn’t limited edition, it’s my favourite! This is my daytime hydration and shimmer, makes me feel like a queen! Last but not least, Ouai’s Hair Oil. My hair just LOVES this, absorbs without leaving my hair heavy and just makes it soft! The way I’ve been using this is a few drops in the ends of my hair, before wrapping a silk turban overnight. Absolute hair perfection the next day! Contains African galanga, argan, ama and Asian borage oils and has a gorgeous floral scent. My recovering bleached hair says thank you.
Aug. 21, 2019
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Another Sephora VIB Sale Purchase, and I picked this up because I love Sol de Janeiro Products and their smells. 🌟I also jumped on the bandwagon for the smell but honestly the smell is to die for because the products are moisturizing but the smell just lasts for so long! I get compliments throughout the day and the smell just keeps getting more and more potent!! 🌟The texture of this product is an oil with lots of shimmer, I usually apply this on top of lotion (non-scented) and this makes my legs look super glowy and healthy! It also makes my legs look super toned and long in pictures! This doesn’t stain anything and I just love how long the smell lasts on me. Love love this body oil because it also moisturizes the skin 🌟Do I recommend? Yes!!! They have a wide-variety of colors to suit any skin tone or any event you might want to use it for (from natural to music events) and are multi functional because I also use it on my shoulders to make my collarbones pop!! SOL de Janeiro - Glowmotions Glow Oil
#soldejaneirogiftedme their limited edition Glow Motion in color Master Flash. Summer may be over, but with this oil, it feels like July all over 😩 Truly, @soldejaneiro products always make your body feels like you’re in Brazil on a summer evening. This product makes my skin looks so stunning, just check out the videos. It’s so pretty; so dewy, shiny and sparkly 🤤 I truly can’t get enough of it, and has been using it on my skin every time I go out. It does feels sticky, does transfer on clothes and doesn’t have a strong smell. It checks all of my boxes.
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The Ouai for Curly Hair
I've been testing out a few Ouai products they sent me a while ago for my curls to see how they do. So far I'm liking the Leave-in Conditioner for refreshing my hair and the Finishing Creme for styling! They smell AMAZING! I'm not a big dry shampoo girl since my scalp is dry rather then oily, so curly girls tell me how you use dry shampoo for your hair. Have you guys tried Ouai products before? What are your faves? I think I want to they their new treatments masks next. Products: * OUAI - Finishing Creme * OUAI - Super Dry Shampoo * OUAI - OUAI Leave-In Conditioner *OUAI - Rose Hair & Body Oil * OUAI - OUAI Hair Oil
Sephora favorites samples worth it? 👀✨
When I saw this Sephora favorites bag, I really wanted to get it for the ren body serum and the caudalie gel cleanser. I debated if it was even worth it, I bit the bullet and got it. I’ve got to say these are worth it. It’s great that it includes a 15% off code for each item. The caudalie purifying gel cleanser is 1oz. The full size is $28 for 5oz so it comes out to $5.60 and oz. first time I tried it it felt really good on my face. Didn’t dry me out and if I end up loving it I’ll have to get the full size. CAUDALIE - Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser Ren clean skincare body serum, this came in a great 1.7 oz. The full size is $42 for 6.8 oz. so it comes out to about $6 with some change. I’ve been using this for a couple days and it feels great on my skin. REN CLEAN SKINCARE - AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum Lancôme mascara. This is the mini 0.06oz. The full size is $25 for 0.33 oz, $13 for the 0.13 travel size so the mini 0.06 comes out to $6.50. Pretty nice mascara so far. It doesn’t clump up. LANCÔME - Monsieur Big Mascara Ouai hair oil. This came in the 0.33 mini size. The full size is $28 for 1.5 oz, $14 for 0.45 oz. This mini size I will assume it’s about $10-12. Just used this oil and it’s incredibly soft. The downside is the smell. It’s pretty heavy but it kinda smells like gardenia flowers to me. OUAI - OUAI Hair Oil Make up for ever ultra HD microfinishing loose powder. It’s in a tiny 1 g jar. The full size $36 for 8.5 g, $20 for 4 g travel size so the 1 g jar would be about $5. I’ve had this powder before and really likes it a lot. It’s super fine which I love. It sets my makeup well and hasn’t given me that many creases. MAKE UP FOR EVER - Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder Versace perfume sample. In a very tiny spray. It’s 0.03 oz. The travel size in a spray is $30 for 0.3oz. So for 0.03 it would be about $3.75 I’ve had this in the travel size roller ball. Really nice perfume with flowery notes. I love the peony, lotus and magnolia scents. VERSACE - Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette This bag was definitely worth it to me. I ended up liking every single product. As in the price, I’d say it’s pretty good. Personally the value of the bag is more than the $10 I spent. This may definitely not be correct but this bag could have a value of about $37! The math could be way off but to me I really liked this. Have you tried or bought this bag, or are you not interested?
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I had a feeling this @otherlan
I had a feeling this @otherlandco would be a good one. And it’s named Silk Pajamas 😩 too good. -Dax — gifted
After Sun Body Soother
OUAI-After Sun Body Soother
Anyone else love a good scalp
Anyone else love a good scalp scrub? I feel like I’ve been able to try so many . ohii scalp (and body) scrub leaves my hair super soft and adds a bit more volume to my otherwise flat hair it’s salt based, but doesn’t dry out your scalp. It’s a really lightweight scrub that’s easy to rinse out. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt is similar to the ohii one, but also very different. This one is thicker and the grains of salt are bigger and don’t dissolve as fast. It will produce a lather when you add water. I can feel the scrubbing more with this one because of the difference in the salt. This is my top choice for scrubbing away any dry shampoo or product buildup! I have to make sure I’m not scrubbing too hard with this one so I don’t damage any follicles. frank_body Stimulating Scalp Scrub is the latest one I’ve tried. All of their products are coffee based, so this one is no different. I could definitely feel the scrubbing going on but wasn’t too abrasive. I found it a little more difficult to rinse out all of the little coffee grains. They suggest shampooing to help rinse it all out, which I did and it worked just fine it’s also got a cooling feeling on your scalp due to the peppermint!
Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt
Christophe Robin-Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt
herbaldynamics shea & squalane
herbaldynamics shea & squalane body butter: really growing on me. love that its thick yet absorbent. it doesn’t leave me feeling tacky. the strong perfume smell doesn’t bother me either. soldejaneiro bum bum - well as its iconic now iv no new things to say - apart from: i could roll around in this all day. i use it quite sparingly as im almost out and i dont have £44 for a big pot, which is the only thing that makes sense to do next. amika amika amika amika - iv not tried this hair mask yet but im excited; because you only need to leave it in for 2-3 mins (who has time or patience for anything longer these days?!) and it smells gorge!!!* *gifted
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
SOL de Janeiro-Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Lush Explosion
Lush Explosion
I have bought many things from Lush now, and honestly I am hooked. There are many things that have worked for me and a few that haven’t. I enjoy using natural products, and brands that work towards a better Earth. I started buying Lush body wash starting about 3 years ago due to some pH imbalances in my skin. My skin was getting really itchy and dry, and my body odour had changed (partially from aging, and using products that weren’t right for me). Rose Jam Shower Gel - my tried and true! This body wash left my skin squeaky clean without drying my skin out. It makes my skin smelling like sweet strawberry/rose jam throughout the day, and is not over powering at all. I always buy it by the litre, and it lasts me the year - so worth the money! I have bought some new products during the quarantine since I am running low (FYI - Lush is running low on sizing and product). Stay tuned for more Lush reviews, I can’t wait to try these products out!
Dirty Springwash
LUSH-Dirty Springwash
Today it’s all about these 2 l
Today it’s all about these 2 lani hair treasures, which are veritable drinks of ultimate hydration for your hair and body! 🐠 Tropical Hair Treatment: alright, you guys. This one? This one blew me tf away. Heed my words: what’s in this bottle is MAGIC. I had pretty average expectations for this one, not gonna lie. I just haven’t really used anything like this before, and I was like meh, we’ll see. This is an ultra rich and intensively conditioning hair treatment that you can use as a 30-minute pre-wash treatment, overnight treatment, or as a frizz-taming serum. Made with just camellia seed oil, coconut oil, Kukui nut oil and macadamia nut oil, it’s supposed to soften and rehydrate, protect against split ends and breakage, help recover damaged and brittle hair, and then some. I chose to use this as an overnight treatment for maximum results and guys, I was astounded by the results. This left my hair so soft and conditioned that I did not find the need to use conditioner in the shower, or even leave-in conditioner post-shower. Yes, I’m serious. I was SHOOK. I applied this treatment to the bottom half of my hair and washed the top half of my hair, then applied leave-in conditioner to only the top half of my hair, and my strands are still smooth and soft af! This is automatically a holy grail item, and at only $18.30USD for 3.5 fl oz, it is an amazing*value. I’ll be repurchasing forever. 🌺 Tropical Body Treatment: another amazing product! This guy is made with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, camellia oil, Baobab oil, Moringa seed oil, and ylang ylang oil. This is a lightweight body oil meant to soothe dry patches, support skin elasticity, reduce signs of body aging, target stretch marks and infuse the skin with a long lasting moisture boost. I’m really happy with this oil! It really does sink in pretty fast and makes my skin feel so supple and moisturized for hours, you guys. And for just $20.91 for 3.5 fl oz, it’s another amazing value!
Tropical Body Oil
Lani-Tropical Body Oil
brooklynbotany - Blueberry Scr
brooklynbotany - Blueberry Scrub & Activated Charcoal Shampoo. The brand was founded in Brooklyn, NY and creates all-natural, vegan products. ▪️The Blueberry Scrub smells good enough to eat. It’s ingredients include blueberries (packed with antioxidants), grape seed oil, Dead Sea salt, apricot seed oil & sweet almond oil, to name a few. It’s gentle enough to be used on the face, but I’m picky about the physical exfoliants that I use on my face, so I’ve been using this as a body scrub. Every time I open the jar in the shower, my entire bathroom smells like a bakery. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft. Sometimes my skin gets irritated by exfoliants, but I didn’t have any problems with this one. Definitely sensitive skin approved! ▪️ My obsession with charcoal continues. I’ve been drawn to products with charcoal on their ingredient list for both hair and skin, as charcoal draws out impurities and detoxifies. The Activated Charcoal Shampoo contains activated charcoal powder and a luxurious blend of natural oils. I was terrified to use this shampoo when I first opened it. It’s black. Really, really black. And my hair is really blonde. Since I’m always trying to keep my blonde bright, I tried it a few days before seeing my colorist, just in case. It actually didn’t have any effect on my color that I noticed, but I haven’t tried it again since my last appointment. I felt like this shampoo stripped away all of the product residue and left my hair feeling extra clean, but not dried out. I’ll likely be using this once every couple of weeks to get rid of any product buildup and deep clean my hair/scalp. ▪️ All in all, I really enjoyed both of these products, but the Blueberry Scrub is most definitely one that I’ll repurchase.
Activated Charcoal Shampoo
BROOKLYN BOTANY-Activated Charcoal Shampoo