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@versed dew point moisturizer is a gel-cream moisturizer that seems very basic but it’s actually SO good. It literally feels exactly like how you would think a gel-cream would be like, but has a more watery texture once applied to the skin and is extremely refreshing and hydrating. I love keeping it in my my skincare fridge and I usually use it in the morning, which really wakes up my skin and gives it the extra plump is needs. I also appreciate that it’s non-greasy and never leaves a sticky residue. I think this moisturizer is great for all skin types, as it is not overly heavy nor is it too lightweight. If you’re dry, it’ll definitely give you the hydration you need. If you’re oily/combo, it’ll help balance out your skin and give you just enough hydration. It’s also very gentle and those with sensitive, acne-prone skin should be ok with it too (as someone who struggled with both, I personally haven’t had any problem with it). I’ve been using this product since the end of summer and I absolutely love it. I can definitely see myself repurchasing it over and over again. If you’re looking for a new moisturizer that is extremely affordable ($15!!!!), then I highly recommend checking this baby out! It may also be important to note that versed is clean, cruelty-free and vegan ☺️ VERSED - DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream
Dec. 13, 2019
simplykaylavI was curious about this one, thanks for the detailed review 🥰
Dec. 26, 2019
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HOW TO: wake up looking like a glazed donut ✨
GOOD MOLECULES - Overnight Exfoliating Treatment Contains 10% (Glycolic Acid) AHA+ BHA. This is the second product I’m testing from Good Molecules and I’m loving it already. This is my first experience with a leave-on “sleep mask” version of glycolic acid (the smallest form of AHA). And seriously people, I WOKE UP GLOWING IN A GOOD WAY. I wanted to chuck all my glossier products out the window and triumphantly announce that I solved the glowy but not oily skin look that no makeup has ever done for me. I have a few layering tweaks I wanted to share for those looking to add this step into your routine! TLDR; pore-shrunken glazed 🍩 look for $6. scroll down for layering steps. 😅 Conceptually, incorporating a GA solution into my night routine 2-3x per week is the best way to use GA without drastically changing my current ritual. While glycolic acid toners work have worked great as well, I notice my skin is way more sensitized throughout the day and susceptible to sun damage. I just don’t want to run the risk of forgetting to reapply sunscreen ☀️ every few hours, you know? Especially if you have dry/combo skin, the following layering technique may be of use to you. Starting with dry or freshly cleansed skin I add: (1) Any hydrating toner. I used the niacinamide toner from Good Molecules but if you have sensitive skin I’d opt for one without vitamin C or other actives. GOOD MOLECULES - Niacinamide Brightening Toner I'm from - Rice Toner dear, klairs - Supple Preparation Facial Toner (2) Any mild peptide serum or essence. But no crazy actives like retinol or the true form of vitamin C ascorbic acid (I used one with the SAP derivative which was ok). If you normally add oils to this step, I would skip until the end. An oil ester like jojoba oil may be okay. Bottom line is to use something your skin finds familiar but comforting. The Ordinary - ''Buffet'' The Ordinary - Marine Hyaluronics GOOD MOLECULES - Niacinamide Serum (3) THE Glycolic Acid/AHA-containing treatment. Feels like thick serum. I used one droppers’ worth, going heavier on my t-zone. This one from Good Molecules contains Glycerin, HA, and Butylene Glycol, gold standard humectants that need more moisture to lock in its hydrating benefits!! Especially if you just used another hylauronic acid-containing serum in the previous step, the treatment as a final step can leave you feeling dry. GOOD MOLECULES - Overnight Exfoliating Treatment (4) Wait 3-5 min to add a gel moisturizer or hydrating spray-on mist. Feed those humectants! Really anything works here. I used MUJI’s all-in-one essence. I just wouldn’t go too creamy or heavy. VERSED - DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream dear, klairs - Fundamental Ampule Mist The Ordinary - Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Lmk if you try this! Cheers to looking like a glazed donut 🥂
Amazing moisturizer for Oily Skin!
This product is really great for Oily Skin! It has Green Tea Extract to calm your skin. And Aloe Vera Extract to also help reduce redness within skin! It also absorbs to your skin quite well. Wouldn’t recommend for people with dry or combination skin It won’t be enough moisture for your skin. But is great for oily skin! 🍀💚VERSED - DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream 🤍🍀 :Note: (This works for people with oily-Normal skin types and also people with skin conditions like Sensitive skin or Rosacea. Just remember you’re skin is very different/Unique! It can literally have a reaction to anything. Just depends on your skin)
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Just what my skin Kraves
Just what my skin Kraves
Krave Beauty’s Oat So Simple Water Cream is honestly a lifesaver. It is super gentle, fragrance and essential oil and irritant free, safe for everyone’s skin! It’s even Fungal Acne (malassezia folliculitis) safe! I bought it launch day and just got two more jars on Black Friday 🤣 I love it SO MUCH! I use prescription Tretinoin (via Curology) which can be quite drying, I live in LA which is always dry and it’s winter so it’s EXTRA terrible skin-wise! This cream is gentle and soothing and hydrating and amazing. Instant HG status! Krave - Oat So Simple Water Cream
Oat So Simple Water Cream
Krave-Oat So Simple Water Cream
A gel moisturizer that is JUST enough!
A gel moisturizer that is JUST enough!
The Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream came into my life exactly when I needed it! This product is marketed as a light and simple moisturizer which is exactly what my skin was needing when it had a FREAK OUT earlier this year. My skin was craving something light instead of a thick cream. The texture on this is pretty cool! It’s not quite a gel, but also not quite a cream. It is a milky looking gel and it sinks in so fast, providing the perfect amount of moisture to my skin. Since I first started using it, I have loved it!!! I picked it up on a whim about two months ago when I was at Target and I haven’t stopped using it since. I would say I am more than half way finished with the tube and would definitely repurchase. I use it every morning as my daily moisturizer and honestly, in a Texas winter, it’s enough. I would say it is an amazing value at $14.99 for 60 ml. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive, light moisturizer! VERSED - DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream
DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream
VERSED-DEW POINT Moisturizing Gel-Cream
Gotta love that moisture - especially when you have combo skin prone to breakouts! I cycle through moisturizers constantly, never really marrying any one. However, these two just might make me want to settle down 😌 e.l.f. - Happy Hydration Cream I’ve reviewed this little guy before, but WOW I hope e.l.f. never discontinues this line. It’s the perfect light cream with hemp seed oil, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid for a long-lasting hydrating feel. All for $12 too! BANISH - Vitamin C Cream I’m using this is conjunction with the Banisher 2.0 for my acne scars, but I’ve also adopted it as a night cream! Though it’s the tiniest moisturizer I’ve ever bought, it’s so rich I barely need any to cover my entire face evenly. The ingredients are INCREDIBLE - aloe juice is the first ingredient, followed by rosehip oil and a bunch of fruit oils, with ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbic acid for the vitamin c 🍊☀️ While it is $39, I’ve been finding it worthwhile for the ingredients list ALONE!
Happy Hydration Cream
e.l.f.-Happy Hydration Cream
This is one of the moisturizer
This is one of the moisturizers I’m currently loving. It is formulated with 20% Cannabis Sativa Oil (Psychoactive-free) and it claims to ease inflammation, treat , and boost the ’s natural barrier. I fell in love the first time I tried it. I noticed the scent right away and it reminded me of something sweet like candy and I really like it! I saw some people complaining about it but to me, it smells lovely. The texture is creamy and it leaves some sort of white streaks but it goes away after a few massages so I suggest applying by parts in tiny amount. My look refined,my looks moisturized and after application. It absorbs quite fast especially if you use the right amount for your . I did notice my free of for a long time. However, it isn't the first product I'll run to if I need to get rid of s because I usually go for , gel-cream types. I’ll try it next time I breakout though. It has got a long list of great ingients but it is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.
High Five Cannabis Seed Facial Moisturizer
high-High Five Cannabis Seed Facial Moisturizer
this belif aqua bomb is a ultr
this belif aqua bomb is a ultra-lightweight, oil-free gel cream that is supposed to instantly cool and refresh the skin while providing intensive hydration. I tried it because I was able to get a sample size & after using that up, I bought the full size this is a moisturizer I initially really enjoyed because it was very lightweight yet hydrating. I used it for several months before I discovered that alcohol denat was high on the ingredients list. alcohol denat is used in products to help them feel lighter but can cause irritation, breakouts & dryness with use. so while I do love how nice this gel moisturizer feels, I can’t recommend it 😩 it costs $38 for 1.68 fl oz which is reasonably priced. while I didn’t personally break out from this, I do know that a close friend of mine that did so if you decide to try this, do it at your own risk 😖 belif - Aqua bomb
Aqua bomb
belif-Aqua bomb
Weleda Skin Food Original
Weleda Skin Food Original
Oh man. I wanted to like this so much. I have extremely dry skin on my face, especially in the winter. I thought this was going to help as a night time moisturizer and help with the dry peely skin, but it was so heavy that it broke me out. Every time I use it I get the worst breakouts and I have relatively few blemishes. I now use this for my heels and elbows and it works fine there. WELEDA - Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream
Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream
WELEDA-Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream