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Summertime moisturizer ☀️

The product✨ Saturday Skin Featherweight Moisturizer, this moisturizer is packed with pomegranate extract which boosts firmness, peach fruit extract which promotes smooth skin, and avocado protein which is packed with vitamin C and E which promotes skin hydration. All this fruity goodness comes together to create a lightweight gel/cream texture with a slight citrus-y smell. This moisturizer is made for all skin types. ••• My thoughts✨ I’ve been using this for about a month and a half now and so far I really enjoy it! The texture is unlike anything I’ve really used because it feels like a thick gel, more than a cream. The container practically doesn’t weigh anything, I guess like a feather, but the product still manages to feel thick and hydrating. I use this as a daytime moisturizer and I’ve been mixing it with the versed vitamin c powder, and I love the combo together! As the weather has gotten warmer I was concerned this might be a little too thick for my oily skin, but it’s been light enough and my skin hasn’t been getting oily mid day like it normally would! I received this in a giveaway and it was apart of a Saturday skin kit, but this moisturizer, full size normally goes for $49 for 1.7 oz which is a little more than I would probably pay for a moisturizer right now, plus right now I have a bunch of others to get through so I won’t be repurchasing after I finish this product. ••• SATURDAY SKIN - Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream
Jun. 8, 2020
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What I learned about CERAVE after 15 years 😱
It took me 15 years of buying moisturizers, serums and oils at every price point, and going through a whole rainbow 🌈 of skin reactions, to understand that when it comes to skin care less is WAY👏🏻MORE👏🏻. CERAVE is the best-kept secret of the skincare industry and here’s why! 🤫 CERAVE products actually work even if not all of them work for everybody in the same way. I can’t use their SPF day moisturizer and I couldn’t use this moisturizer on my face for the longest time either until I figured out my cleanser was causing all of the break outs. When you find the CERAVE product that works for you, it is nothing short of chef’s kiss 😘. I haven’t used anything but CERAVE on my face since it completely transformed my skin 2 years ago. Here are some of the moisturizers that were left sitting on my vanity, sad and alone when I found CERAVE. I still LOVE some of these brands but they’ve been replaced for good: (TOTAL = $1,078 😱🤯🤭😵😭) CLINIQUE - Dramatically Different Oil-Free Gel CLINIQUE - Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator CLARINS - Hydra-Essentiel Cream Gel Kate Somerville - Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream COSRX - Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream LA MER - LA MER The Moisturizing Soft Cream (shocking, considering I sold my soul to buy this 💰- but true) Charlotte Tilbury - Magic Cream Moisturizer YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream Neutrogena - Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel Moisturizer OLE HENRIKSEN - C-Rush Vitamin C Gel Moisturizer OLE HENRIKSEN - Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer DRUNK ELEPHANT - Protini Polypeptide Cream SATURDAY SKIN - Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream PETER THOMAS ROTH - Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream The Ordinary - 100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane (close #2!) CeraVe - Moisturizing Cream For Normal To Dry Skin comes in a literal family-size tub and it costs about $24.99 CAD. It’s less packaging, less marketing, less money than any of the products I’ve tried (with the exception of The Ordinary) and it delivers way more results, way more value and is formulated way better for use over time. That’s super key 🔑 because any moisturizer can be effective but not a whole lot of them are good for your use over time without sensitizing your skin in some way. There’s nothing sexier to me than skin that is actually hydrated and brighter and clearer. It feels better, it’s actually healthier as opposed to just looking healthier and all of your makeup looks way better on top. If you’re spending a ton of 💰 and you’re in a skin rut like I was - it might be time to simplify!
Something different for my dry skin ❤️
Saturday skin is a very interesting brand to me. I think their products are extremely expensive and I don’t hear a lot about the brand overall. So when I received this free sample from Sephora I knew I had to give it a go. This cream “Featherweight” by Saturday Skin SATURDAY SKIN - Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream claims to be a lightweight daily moisturizer with an exclusive 7-peptide formula and multiple fruit extracts to help the skin’s renewal process while keeping the moisture barrier intact. The texture to me is SO strange. When I heard “light moisturizer” and “peptide complex” I immediately thought it might be similar in texture to Protini by drunk elephant. However, the texture is THICK and it reminds me 100% of Summer Fridays Jet Lag when you first apply it. Within 10 minutes, it’s sunk in and you’re ready for SPF or bed. I have to be honest, the fruit extracts I think burned my skin a little bit—I was feeling the tingle! At night, I applied it over a squalane oil and in the morning I applied it over both my hyaluronic acid serum and my squalane oil. In the morning I used a nickel sized amount and experienced awesome hydration with little tingling—I had more at night for sure. I’m not sure if “daily moisturizer” is a fair statement to make for those with sensitive skin. I would probably advise against it if you are prone to rosacea or redness. For $50 for 1.69oz of product, it’s pretty on par with other luxury moisturizers but I don’t think I could EVER justify that for this—if you have oily/combination skin, go for it!! But if you are dry or redness prone, stay away. I am giving this 3 out of 5 stars due to the price and the tingles it gave my sensitive skin.

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Origins Ginzing™️ Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer
Origins Ginzing™️ Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer
This post is dedicated to my current holy-grail, all-around FAVORITE moisturizer: ORIGINS - GinZing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer ! I really enjoy the Origins Ginzing line of products because they are marketed as being "energy-boosting," which I 100% need in my life as much as possible because I have narcolepsy aka I'm always tired at all times, and sleeping at most times lol. So anywhere I can get a lil boost, I appreciate! Obviously, skincare products won't *actually* be able to really help my problem since it's an actual medical condition and it's not like these products are medications lol, but I do really enjoy the slight, subtle tingly (NOT stinging) feeling that I get when I apply this moisturizer to my skin. It's just a nice lil boost on top of my narcolepsy medication so that I feel (almost) like a normal, well-rested person haha. This product is aimed at those with oily or normal skin since it is a gel formula, so I do sort of wish that it was a cream or something else more emollient instead that would be better for my dry skin, but it's definitely not a deal-breaker by any means since it's still my absolute favorite moisturizer! The consistency of this product is just like almost any other skincare product that is a "gel," it's more translucent than opaque and it has a very light-colored tint. I've been using it since this past summer when I got a free sample; I immediately fell in love with it after the first use and when I ran out of the sample, I bought a set with this full-sized moisturizer and a few other Ginzing products included (for a great price, I might add)! I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who feels like they might enjoy the feeling of an energizing "boost" in their moisturizer, and especially for those with oily or normal skin types since that's who this product is aimed at. But if you're at all sensitive to caffeine or if you don't like products that are tingly on the skin, this might not be for you. But imo, this is the best moisturizer on the market! 🧡
GinZing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer
ORIGINS-GinZing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer
***if you haven’t found that perfect moisturizer yet please keep reading*** I have been a ride or die to Ponds Dry Skin Moisturizer for many years, but lately the consistency is starting to leave my skin a bit too greasy and since summer is right around the corner I needed a quick switch! I have tried all of the drug store moisturizers to date but nothing has stood out to me and left my face feeling right! It’s either too oily or it pills🙄 nothing is worse than spending the extra time and putting in that extra care while doing your skin care regimen for you to find that your moisturizer has pilled and you look like a barcode sticker that someone has attempted to remove with water and bunches up into little balls all over your merchandise!!! This is my hands down favourite face moisturizer I have ever tried in my entire life!!!! I am not kidding!!! x Simple KIND TO SKIN* Replenishing Rich Moisturizer / 12 Hour Full of skin loving ingredients that leave your skin feeling nourished and replenished! A little goes a long way with this one, especially after oils, serums and acids. This moisturizer is so light and clean. It truly leaves your face supple and smooth! NO PILLS!!! -enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Bisabol which help soothe, replenish and hydrate your skin! ALSO FREE OF: -no artificial colours/perfumes -no harsh chemicals I bought this at Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto Ontario for $13. I simply cannot say NO😍
Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream
Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream
I haven’t used many Derma E products...but I can most definitely say that this one was the best! I have been using this moisturizer every night for the past 6 months and wow, have I seen results! I have really dry skin in the winter months and this kept my face/neck so soft and full of moisture! It’s vegan and cruelty free too!!! The only thing about it that I was not extremely excited about was that it contains “Natural Fragrance Oils”. And if I’ve learned anything for Hyram (the king of skincare) it’s that fragrance, in any form, is very bad for sensitive skin. DERMA•E - Vitamin C Intense Night Cream
Vitamin C Intense Night Cream
DERMA•E-Vitamin C Intense Night Cream
The BEST winter moisturizer fo
The BEST winter moisturizer for dry skin. not only does it hydrate your skin and smell fantastic but it also helps get rid of redness and discoloration
Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
THE BODY SHOP-Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
The Body ShopVitamin E Moisturizer
The Body ShopVitamin E Moisturizer
I’ve been using this vitamin e moisturizer by the body shop for over a year now and it’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s designed for those with normal to combo skin! It’s very light and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It does feel a little sticky at first when patting it in but that goes away shortly. The texture is gel like and is clear since it’s water based (another thing I really like about this product!). I decided on this bc I was at the body shop trying to find a new moisturizer and the team there recommended this one to me and I’m definitely going to continue getting this when mine is gone. For $20 (full price for 1.7oz) I think it’s pretty worth it. It’s does what it needs to do - great for all skin types! I normally use this in the day time since it’s more light weight! It also has a light scent, not too strong so you won’t feel overwhelmed. I feel like this really helps keep my skin feeling fresh and smooth during the day. I didn’t have any bad reactions to it either! THE BODY SHOP - Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Vitamin E Moisture Cream
THE BODY SHOP-Vitamin E Moisture Cream
The Aveeno Positively Radiant
The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer 🌞 This moisturizer claims to reveal naturally radiant looking skin & to protect you against harmful rays. This moisturizer is also good for dry, combo, & normal skin. The texture of this moisturizer is quite thick, but when you apply it on your face, there is no white cast, which I like. I really like this moisturizer because it’s very moisturizing & there is SPF in it as well, which is great for your skin. I decided to try this out because I really like Aveeno’s body lotion because it’s so moisturizing, which is why I decided to try out their face moisturizer. Once I applied it onto my skin, I loved it & it kept my face moisturized throughout the whole day. I would recommend this product to others if they are looking for a good moisturizer with SPF in it. This product is worth it because it’s $14, which is not bad since it has SPF in it & the moisturizer is 4 Fl OZ, which is pretty big & will last you a while. I would rate this product a 5/5! Aveeno - Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15
Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15
Aveeno-Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15