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shu uemura blanc:chroma cleansing oil and eyelash curler 👑

shu uemura blanc:chroma cleansing oil and eyelash curler 👑 blanc:chroma Cleansing Oil - This oil claims to 1) clean your face, which is standard, and 2) brighten the overall skin tone and lighten dark spots, which is wild. On the cleansing front, I think this works really well; It truly feels like the most emollient, effective, yet gentle cleansing oil I’ve ever tried. 💰 However, it is also 400% more expensive than my usual Kose Speedy Cleansing Oil. At $45, I would need it to live up to the second part of the claim - to brighten my sun spots - but I haven’t used it enough to evaluate that yet. The intriguing ingredients that would achieve that are volcanic clay (mild exfoliant) and Lipo HA, a modified salicylic acid that accelerates skin regeneration. I’ll definitely check back in! 💄 Eyelash Curler - This curler is iconic, an Allure best of beauty winner, and FINALLY FITS MY ALMOND SHAPED EYES. What a godsend! No more pinched lids, and it actually curls my stick-straight eyelashes from the base. At $20 at sephora, this is a great product at a fair price. ✨TLDR: Really enjoyed both of these products, but need more time with the blanc:chroma to see if it evens my complexion.
Sep. 22, 2019
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All Curlers are the Same...right?
So, I used to think, an eyelash curler, was an eyelash curler, was an eyelash curler. I would pick one up at Walmart, and call it a day. I typically had to replace it once a year. After hearing how great this curler was, I thought, ok, I'll see what the big deal is. Well, I'll tell you. it curls, instead of crimping. it gets all my lashes instead of leaving a bunch on the end. It costs about twice as much as the one from Walmart...but I have had it for 4 years and counting. It does a better job, and it is more cost-effective...this is a winning tool all around
Makeup Tools I Can’t Live Without✨#CheriePartner
REAL TECHNIQUES - REAL TECHNIQUES Blush Brush My go-to brush for powder! I know it’s a blush brush but I love that it’s not too dense and is able to pick up the perfect amount of powder (AKA enough to dim any shine but not enough to completely mattify my skin). It’s also super inexpensive and can be found at most drugstores! it Cosmetics - Airbrush Dual-Ended Flawless Complexion Brush #132 My go-to brush for blush! The large side is fluffy, round and not too dense- so it applies a sheer amount of color to my cheeks and has the perfect shape for blending and buffing into the skin! It gives a super soft airbrushed effect to my blush. (I don’t really use the smaller side) NUDESTIX - NUDESTIX Blend & Buff Brush My favorite brush for bronzer/contour! The bigger side is dense and picks up a decent amount of product. The shape also allows it to “blend and buff” (LOL) bronzer into my skin without sheering it out too much into nothing. The smaller side is also perfect for contouring the nose (if that’s your thing) or for blending cream eyeshadow (what I use it for)! it Cosmetics - Airbrush Blending Crease Brush #105 The BEST brush for concealer! I know using a brush to blend in concealer is a bit controversial as I know MANY people prefer a sponge. But this brush literally airbrushes the concealer under my eyes and makes it look like I don’t have under-eye circles at all! shu uemura - Eyelash curler I don’t always curl my lashes but when I want a dramatic, long-lasting curl for every single lash, this is the one I go for! It grabs onto all my lashes and gives it a true curl. My tip is to curl three sections of the lash (once at the root, once in the middle and once at the ends) to create a real full curl like a “C” and not like an “L”.
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▫️ Yes Sir, I can “bougie”✨
▫️ Yes Sir, I can “bougie”✨ ▫️ How cute is my primark ? I bought 3 but I definitely want/need more! . ▫️ Also, I wanted to tell you about my latest obsession: skinesis - Particularly the Ultimate Cleanse and Overnight Facial! . ▫️ The Ultimate Cleanse is a balm-to-milk cleanser the removes make up effortlessly and smells like a spa. It contains baobab and borage oils, Dermaxyl™, Q10 and vitamins A + E. This is one I keep taking back to my bedroom as I don’t want anyone else using it! (It’s *that* nice) ▫️ The Overnight Facial is a product I want to propose to. I love it SO much. It’s a serum-oil in consistency, is delicately scented with jasmine, frangipani, rose and tuberose essential oils, and is made with a mixture of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory Omega oils, vitamins and a skin-brightening complex. I’ve been using this of an evening over my hyaluronic acid serum and it’s SO GOOD. So good. Omg. Uhhhh.🤤 ▫️ Anyone else fall in love like this unexpectedly? I didn’t think I would like Skinesis products let alone LOVE them! 😭
Morning Routine ☀️
Su-man Puri
Morning Routine ☀️ Su-man Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil. One of the OG gel oil balms that got me into oil based cleansers & double cleansing years back Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM400. My weekend staple right now African Botanics Infusion* You all know how much I love my essences. If I could only have one this could probably be it. I can’t give them all up though NIOD FECC. Thin textured serum that does provide good effects Marie Veronique Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Serum—Creamy texture MUKTI Vital B Elixir—A gorgeously textured hydrating serum Eco Your Skin Meso Ampoule—A very cool product I’ve been wanting to pull out of the closet. It has micro needles to help deliver vitamins & peptides to the skin. I didn’t read the instructions that it goes last after moisturizer. Says use 1-2x a week. So I’ll try it last next time Graydon Green Cream mixed with OKOKO Les 16 Precieux oil for a light seal Julisis Sun Emulsion—A truly amazing mineral SPF 30. It has no white cast, light serum lotion texture. It feels weightless once it sets. No pilling .
Is there anything better than
Is there anything better than wandering into a shop and discovering organic skincare? And I mean a lot of skincare!! Here are a couple things I picked up: ●REMOVE- Eye Makeup Remover I ngredients: Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E. This blend of oils gently removes all my eye makeup (even waterproof mascara!) Plus I love that the oils nourish my eyelashes and over time they will become longer and thicker. ●REPLENISH serum - I can't find the list of ingredients but this oil blend is formulated specifically for dry skin, this serum is packed full of moisturizing ingredients that really get into the deep layers of your skin. It feels really nice and is definately making my skin softer. ●FIX makeup setting spray- Ingredients: Neroli (Orange Blossom) Distillate, Rose Distillate, Aloe Vera, Distilled Water, Glycerin. This makeup setting spray is lightweight and locks moisture in while making your makeup last. I haven't used this a ton because I made the mistake of buying the TINY sample size and the mist on it is awful. I tested the full size in the store and it had a great mist! Over all I'm impressed and happy with my items! Next time I'm down I'll likely pick up the full size of FIX, their Anti-aging Night Cream and a few other hair and body products. .
Eco friendly Cotton Pads
Eco friendly Cotton Pads
I shared in my stories that I wanted to be more conscientious about my purchases in 2020. Do I need it or do I want it? But I want to go further and be more aware of how the products I use affect the environment. I wash my face in the morning and the evening. That can include a lot of waste. I’ve always loved using cotton pads to apply my toners, but it always feels wasteful. But luckily there are eco friendly options available. . I was excited when @cscfamily reached out to me to try their Organic Cotton Pads. They come in a box of 100 for $7.95, which is a great value! The pads are made of 100% organic cotton and are 100% biodegradable. The pads are huge with a 2” diameter! Perfect to clean or apply products to the entire face! They are thick and extremely soft! These feel so luxurious on the face and are a better option for the environment. These are now a must have for me!!
Organic Clean Face Pads
CLEAN SKIN CLUB-Organic Clean Face Pads
Don't start your week off with
Don't start your week off without moisturizing!! Pixi dropped Vitamin-C Lotion that'll get you right this summer for just $24. It's a rich, hydrating cream for all skin types infused with Vitamin C for potent antioxidant power + a yummy citrus scent. It's formulated to: 🍊 Nourish + brighten skin 🍊 Defend against free radicals to minimize sun damage you can't see 🍊 Fights signs of aging (like fine lines & wrinkles) + plumps & firms skin by boosting collagen production 🍊 Reduce the appearance of dark spots (hyper-pigmentation) I've been using the Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion for about 2 weeks. I've noticed some instant results. Like smoother, more radiant skin & increased moisture. But I haven't used it long enough to tell you the long term benefits just yet. I can say, though, my fine lines have been a hell of a lot less annoying with my makeup lately 🙌🏾
Do you prefer Cleansing balms
Do you prefer Cleansing balms or cleansing oils? I'm a recent cleansing balm convert. The one that I've been currently loving is the cleansing balm by sempiira , I only have a few uses left so I thought its time I review this before it shows up in my empties. This soft cleansing balm comes in a violet miron glass jar. I absolutely love the packaging, the branding in white and gold is appealing. The balm has a silky smooth texture (swipe for a texture shot), a cheerful yellow color that can brighten up anyone's day and a pleasant natural scent. It features oils like Safflower, Jojoba, Castor, Argan that are rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, Seabuckthorn CO2 extract that gives the balm the natural color and Beeswax which is nourishing and adds to the consistency. I warm a scoop between my palms, it immediately softens and melts into a smooth oil. I take time to massage my face before I wipe it away with a warm wash cloth. The heat from the washcloth is comforting, I look forward to the warm washcloth gracing my face each night. The ingredients in the balm work in perfect harmony to deeply cleanse removing all the makeup, dirt and grime revealing soft, supple skin with a renewed complexion. This also doubles as a hydration mask, I enjoy using this for a quick masking session in the mornings. While cleansing oils do their job effectively, there are some days when you want to start your beauty ritual with an indulgent product, this is perfect for a little spa-like experience at home. I would love to repurchase. I can't wait to try their Beauty Sleep balm next (swipe for a texture shot)