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My love for small CLEAN cruelty free skincare... | Cherie
My love for small, CLEAN, cruelty free skincare brands exploded after being blown away by the formulas and quality of Honua products🌺🌱 These products are luxuriously made and work so well. . Here are my honest thoughts - in the order I would use them. FYI: I have extremely acne prone skin and these did not break me out! ——— ✨Pa’akai cleansing cream - First off, this reminds me of my childhood in Hawaii because of its delicate hibiscus scent🌺 Used AM/PM as a cleanser, this cream deep cleanses gently and thoroughly without stripping or drying the skin. It is divine. . . ✨Hawaiian beauty water - Ok, I’m gonna need back ups of this😭 This has been my favorite exfoliant to use lately. Blended with natural AHAs sugarcane and papaya enzymes, I always feel the product working and love the glow afterward! I also love mixing this with the cleansing cream as a quick mask for some extra TLC. . . ✨Aloha youth serum - This serum is blended with lovely firming and brightening ingredients. It sinks into the skin beautifully and my skin instantly feels hydrated and nourished. Love a good vitamin C serum for my hyperpigmentation. . . ✨Olena beauty oil - I am obsessed with using this both AM and PM. It contains turmeric, an anti inflammatory powerhouse which is amazing for skin with acne and eczema. My favorite way to use it is at night after extra exfoliation - I warm the oil between my palms and press it into the skin. My skin afterward feels so calm, almost like I just came from a spa.
Oct. 20, 2019

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Personalised products are an a
Personalised products are an absolute treat for me. Something that's tailor made for my skin, made with thought and care. kihoutei is the king of personalised skincare. I've yet to try a product I don't like. kihoutei is also an independent business I've followed since I set up this page almost a year ago now. They're amazing, selfless and do so many great things for charity. I recieved a cleanser, toner and two in one serum moisturiser. My cleanser is made up of Joboba oil, Aloe vera, Watermelon, Cucumber, Neroli oil and Geranium oil. Contianing vitamins A, B, C, E. It has many anti-inflammatory properties, it's literally perfect for my current acne breakout. My toner is an Aloe vera, Watermelon and Cucumber toner. It's super refreshing, nourishing and cooling. Aloe contains vitamins A and C, Watermelon contains vitamins A, B6 and C and Cucumber contains vitamin C. This toner is packed full of so many beneficial vitamins and nutrients. I loveee it! My two in one serum moisturiser, made up of Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Aloe vera, Papaya extract, Baobab oil and Geranium oil. This is my personal favourite, my secret weapon. Papaya will always be one of my favourite ingredients for skincare due to the enzymes in the fruit that gently exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells. Packed with more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with added anti-inflammatory properties. I use this before a heavier moisturiser (thanks dehydrated skin), it definitely soothes and reduces inflammation. I'll apply in the night before and the next morning my cystic pimples have shrunk.
Here's some products I've been
Here's some products I've been enjoying lately. I have been really loving the mogi mousse oil cleanser. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated once rinsed off. The image skincare Iluma intense brightening serum has a really lovely consistency, it helps with redness and skin discoloration. It also absorbs into the skin right away. The poppy austin retinol serum is an extremely lightweight retinol. Not harsh at all it seems to be really gentle on my skin. The freedom naturals calming cleanser & moisturizer are really lovely products. Made with aloe, arnica and beeswax. This cleanser and moisturizer help to soothe skin and help with any redness. I find them both very gentle on the skin.
Today’s talk is all about rose
Today’s talk is all about rosen skin care, which was designed by Jmaack who was tired of using the same old products to try to help with her acne. She created these products to help those with acne see results by using clean ingredients. Rosen believes that it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing what you are putting on your face. I really love the philosophy behind the brand and the power of each product. Every product that I have tried is potent and effective which is important especially knowing that they contain the cleanest ingredients. The best thing about rosen skincare is that the products are affordable! ✨ Bright Citrus Serum 🍊 ✨ Ingredients: Vitamin C, Grapefruit Oil, Mulberry extract, Radish Root Ferment, Coconut Fruit extract. 🥥 ✨ This serum contains 20% Vitamin C and promotes bright and radiant skin. Anyone who has dull skin and/or discoloration due to scaring would benefit from this. I personally like using vitamin c in the morning to refresh my tired skin. ✨ Rose Water Face Dew 🌹 ✨ Ingredients: Rose Water, Castor Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Radish Root Ferment, Lactobacillus, Coconut Fruit Extract, Rose Absolute. ▫️ This hydrating mist is meant to be a replacement for your heavy moisturizer which could come very handy in the summer when your skin doesn’t actually need all of that moisture. You can use it after cleansing and toning or just throughout the day to freshen up! ✨ Super Smoothie Cleanser 🍓 ✨ Ingredients: Lemon, Strawberry, and Raspberry powders, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Radish Root Ferment, Lactobacillus, Coconut Fruit Extract. 🍋 ✨ This powerful cleanser is filled with active fruit powders that are all high in vitamin c. It’ll help brighten the skin, fade any scarring or discoloration, and balance out your skin’s oil levels. ✨ Enzyme Scrub Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil, Walnut Shell, Pumpkin, Lemon, Frankincense, and Jojoba Seed Powders, Lemon Oil, Radish Root Ferment, Lactobacillus & Coconut Fruit Extract ▪️ This is a super fine paste that is gentle enough to be used daily. It’ll polish away those dead skin cells leaving your skin smoother. (cont. in comments)
A few budget beauty bargains I
A few budget beauty bargains I have been enjoying lately purity Facial Moisturiser £12.99 ✨ Containing Coconut Oil plus Shea Butter and Beeswax this moisturiser provides superb moisture retention, softening and protection throughout the day. It also contains nourishing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and sinks in so well. purity Facial Exfoliator £9.99 ✨ With ground Coconut Shell to give a deep pore cleanse, this effective exfoliatior contains a blend of softening, moisturising and conditioning Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera which leaves my sensitive skin cleaner, softer and brighter. purity Facial Wash £8.99 ✨ Formulated with a sugar-based foam to cleanse, ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil , Aloe Vera and Glycerine for softening and conditioning skin. purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion £9.99 ✨ An effective skin conditioning cleanser with a blend of clever ingredients which effectively break down and gently remove the day's grime and make-up. Ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Oats, Amino Acids and Avocado Oil to help skin to absorb moisture and condition, whilst Euphrasia and Rose Water tones the skin. botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum £8.99 ✨ Formulated with naturally exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) from the Hibiscus plant and a blend of active botanicals, this effective serum improves skin texture and tone. botanics Organic Super Balm 93% Organic £7.99 ✨ Infused with Organic Rosehip extract, which is rich in omegas and essential fatty acids, all nourishing for a healthy looking complexion. The gentle formula leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
Loving this Pixi Beauty Glow C
Loving this Pixi Beauty Glow Collection! Gorgeous products+great ingredients. Powerhouse ones include Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera, & Ginseng, like the Glow Tonic. Along w/Horse Chestnut, Vitamin D2 & Citric Acid & more skin loving ingredients. Its inspired by Glow Tonic, which I'm thrilled about!✨Products in this kit include: 💚Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel-Makes my face feel so clean, not dried out at all. Leaves me w/good amount of moisture behind, along w/softness & radiance..due to the gentle exfoliating it provides. Formulated w/Moisclean, Glycolic Acid, Horse Chestnut, Aloe, & Ginseng. Perfect for cleaning while also leaving skin glowing & healthy. I'm def a fan! 💚Pixi Glow Tonic Toner-This bad boy has been a staple in my skincare routine for ages! I already knew I loved the Glow Tonic. Still love it today. Helps me have a nice radiant glow, even complexion, not as many breakouts, plus smoother skin. A HG product of many! 💚Pixi Glow Tonic Serum-I'm loving this serum! It's the perfect texture & consistency, not sticky & feels lovely on, soaks in well. Not heavy at all. Which I love. Pairs perfect w/rest of the line. Giving such a healthy glow to skin. 💚Pixi Glow Tonic pHenomenonal Gel-Balances & brightens while it hydrates & soothes skin. I like how it is working w/ my skin! Aloe Vera & Horse Chestnut are in this neutralizing moisturizer. Along w/Citric Acid. Really seems to give my combo skin a nice balance to it. Not to dry, not to oily. It's a nice one & calming to skin. 💚Pixi Glow Tonic On-the-Glow Moisture Stick-This is such a neat product! Comes in a twist up style solid stick. So travel friendly! Love how it's easy to take along w/ me, & esp how it's multi use! I'm a sucker for multipurpose products. Can use it for adding moisture to skin, lips, body, hair...Anywhere you need extra hydration. This solid moisturizer stick works fab & has Vitamin D2 for protecting & brightening also. ✨Loving these!
OSKIA is a British natural bra
OSKIA is a British natural brand with an emphasis on nutritional skincare (bio-available actives). I started with Renaissance Mask & Cleanser . These two have been a staple in my skincare wardrobe for a very long time. I’m never without them. The cleanser is a dreamy pink gel oil balm & the mask is a gentle lactic acid peel in a non-drying gel oil base. The mask actually can double as a cleanser & quick facial if you leave it on for 1-2 minutes . It’s hard to choose favorites because everything is good but I’m partial to the serums—Get Up & Glow has a slippery hydrating texture & pearly pink hue (on my third bottle), Brightlight is great for brightening & evening skintone, Super 16 is a light milky anti-aging serum. I’ve gone through three bottles of the Nutri-Active Day Cream which is a huge favorite for me. I also really love the Citylife mist & concentrate . MSM is a core ingredient in all OSKIA products. Known also as the ‘beauty mineral’ this organic sulfur compound supports collagen production & is anti-inflammatory. OSKIA has their own MSM supplements that I’ve been dying to try.