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The Hair Dryer Like no Other Hair Dryer

The Hair Dryer Like no Other Hair Dryer

I am in love with the Revair! It is truly a hair dryer like no other! It comes a pretty steep price of $400, and while you do get every bang for your buck, I know not everyone can necessarily afford it, so I am happy to announce that I have partnered with Cherie to give out this dryer along with other hand picked hair goodies worth a total of over $500!! Just head over to my Instagram account @seunokimi or Cherie’s Instagram account @cherie for a chance to win! I chose this hair tool to giveaway in particular because I believe it will make such asset to anyone's hair routine. I love it because by sucking the excess water off your hair instead of blowing it off, it helps protect your hair from the high temperatures associated with traditional blow dryers. Additionally, because it works kind of like a vacuum, as it is sucking your hair dry, it is also stretching it out, giving you a blow out and stretched hair without having to go through the hassle using a round brush with a traditional hand dryer. This is perfect because when trying to grow your hair and retain length, less manipulation is key! This is a revolutionary dryer that I have a feeling will be the start of a new era when it comes to blowing out hair safely! I know you'll love it too, so hurry and head over to Instagram for your own chance to win! #Cheriepartner
Dec. 16, 2020
LawrenWorthyI would love one for Christmas ❤️ Me and my mom both have very thick, coily hair that can sometimes be hard to manage 😂.
Dec. 21, 2020·2 likes
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