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(Skin) Dope is dope

JOSIE MARAN - Skin Dope Argan Oil + Hemp Seed Oil
Woah, I had little to no expectations for this product. I was refilling my Josie Maran Argan Oil and this came with it for practically the same price so I decided to give a go. It leaves my skin so smooth, so refreshed, and so hydrated. This has become one of my holy grail skin care items. I use it before bed and when I wake up my skin is bright and smooth. It’s ever so slightly on the tacky side- if you’ve used face oils before, then the texture is not new. It has a smell of hemp oil which doesn’t irritate me at all but it might for some.
Feb. 7, 2020
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I have been using Josie Maran’s beta-retinol pink algae serum for a couple months & I love it. It’s a gentle retinol serum that never causes redness or irratation on my skin; it’s a drier serum so it doesn’t feel greasy- it’s also great for layering under oils & moisturizers. On days when I just need that extra hydration or I’ve done a treatment on my skin & need to replenish; I reach for Josie Maran’s skin dope hemp seed oil , it’s nourishing & hydrating. It does sink into skin nicely if you use a small amount , but I have over done it some nights & it did feel a bit oily, but since it was part of my nighttime routine I didn’t really mind. I also really enjoy Josie Maran’s skin dope CBD oil (not pictured) which is a little bit of a drier oil as well, it sinks into skin fast and makes my skin feel very smooth & nourished. I actually finished that one a couple months ago, def will repurchase these items in the future.💘I actually purchased the skin dope duo, about 6 months ago, which comes with the hemp seed & CBD oil in smaller sized bottles , but I’m unsure if Sephora still carries it as a set.
Oil for acne prone skin
JOSIE MARAN - Skin Dope Argan Oil + Hemp Seed Oil is a great oil for acne prone skin. Usually with acne prone skin you want to avoid certain oil based products. This product has so many calming properties that it works well for inflamed and irritated skin. This product is organic and it contains argan oil and hemp seed oil. This product increases skins radiance while calming skin. It boosts skins resiliency and combats dryness (a common cause of acne). The product also combats fine lines and loss of elasticity. In comparison to Josie Marans Argan Oil (original), this oil is a better alternative for those with acne prone skin. It’s not as oily as the other oil (if that makes sense 😂). It doesn’t spread like an oil and absorbs fast into the skin.. it doesn’t leave your skin too greasy either. This product has a very high price point so it’s definitely a splurge! 💲💲💲 I like it, but test it out at Sephora to see if it’s a good fit for your routine.

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The Elishacoy Honey Murumuru Moisture Oil is the first facial oil I've allowed to form an integral part of my routine. Unlike other oils I've tried (pure argan and a few blends), it feels light and non-greasy, but still does a phenomenal job at softening my skin and keeping the moisture in. Also, unlike other facial oils (I'm looking at you l'Occitane Divine Youth Oil), the scent is fresh and non-overwheming.
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The cosrx BHA Liquid and huangjisoo cleansing oil I used only twice so far so I can't say much, but the rest I already love! Both, mugwort essence and raspberry seed oil are performing so well on my skin! The essence is very calming and the oil locks up the moisture and makes my flaky skin disappear! I can say that it's the first face oil that I look forward to use everyday.
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HABA SQ Oil-my new fave in this winter
I was really touched! HABA is a long-established, additive-free skincare brand from Japan, and such a smash-hit sweeping across Asia! It is now the most trusted skincare product for me when I have any skin problem! The concentration of squalane SQ oil form HABA is high to 99.99%, the highest one in the world! As you know, higher purity always means much safer, this oil can even be applied on newborns! What my actual thoughts? The fact is that my face always turns to be extremely desirable and sensitive in winter, while the dry wind can make the situation worse every day. I know my cuticles urgently need repair treatments in a gentle way. Squalane in this formula can repair my sebum and nourish me very smoothly. Available at Amazon, you must have it this winter!
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She’s so beautiful, I thought she deserved a post of her own. • There’s just something about Herbivore Botanicals oils that just make them so damn...picturesque. Here’s Prism. I haven’t actually tried her out yet but she claims to use a rainbow of natural fruit acids and botanicals extracts to exfoliate, hydrate, even the appearance of skin tone and clarify the skin. You know what this sounds like to me? Like a magical unicorn. A product that’s going to clarify and exfoliate my skin whilst keeping it hydrated? Oh yeah I’m totally here for it. I can’t wait to dive into this and let you guys know what I think of her!
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Do you use oils before applying makeup? I feel like theres a 50/50 split on this. Some oils make me pill but this one from goto skincare never does and acts as my moisturizer. One of its main ingredients is buriti oil which is filled with essential fatty acids to restore skin cells and defend against premature aging. Speaking of aging, it's never too early to start protecting your neck. I'm on day 5 of using this 45 day 3-phase neck treatment from beautybio - and each phase is designed to create a more defined neck, décolletage and jawline. I usually just apply the leftovers of my sheetmask on my neck and intrigued as to what this treatment would do! Oh yeah so back to oils. I use this oil more on my cheekbones and it really makes even this subtle cream highlighter from Lilah beauty pop. I'm usually more of a powder highlighter kind of girl but found a newfound appreciation for cream highlighters because of this beauty! ✨