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I have struggled with eczema all of my life. Fortunately, when I was little it wasn’t too bad, but the past couple of years it’s been a different story. My eczema was mainly around my forearm and it was BAD. I had so many bloody scabs and scars on my arm. I was so insecure I only wore long sleeves to cover it up. I can totally relate to all of you guys who have bad eczema too. But, I have found one product that cured ALL my eczema with in 1 month! It is called the Kamedis Dermatology Eczema Therapy Cream. I am so so so happy that my dad found this product for me. I tried all of the products in the picture and more, but none worked except this one. It is very affordable and so much better for you than products like hydrocortisone. I definitely recommend this product to everyone who has eczema. But keep in mind that everyone is different and this could not work for you. Please make sure to cheer this post of you like it!
Oct. 1, 2020
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Sweet like honey (not edible though)
First things first, follow me for more content like this😘💖. Let’s talk eczema. I’ve had eczema for 21 almost 22 years and always been so uncomfortable. I’ve always seen a dermatologist and he has always provided me with topical steroids. Recently I wasn’t able to go see my dermatologist and I had a really bad flare up for 2 months and I was extremely itchy and annoyed. Last month I came across the brand Eczema Honey. I saw it reviewed on this app oddly enough. Eczema Honey a skin care/body brand that is made with super safe ingredients. They have so many products like sunscreen, body lotion, soap, and even bath bombs. The product that I picked up was the original skin-soothing cream. It is made with beeswax, organic honey, almond oil, organic sunflower oil and other gluten free ingredients. 💖 Lets get Into why I like this product. This product has really helped with my itching. I literally went from itching every 5 mins to not itching at all. My eczema is also clearing up and I don’t even think about it anymore. I use this product everyday after I get out the shower. I also store it in my fridge for a nice cooling effect. It feels really nice going on the skin and it melts very quick so you don’t have to rubs too hard or for a long time. It also give the area a nice protective layer (although it feel kinda weird to me). 🤢 the only reason I’m giving this product 4 ⭐️’s and not 5 is because of the drying effect. When I first got this product, I used it as my sole moisturizer. That was the wrong decision. After a few hours my body felt really dry and cracked, especially the places where I have my eczema. So I do not suggest using this as your sole moisturizer. I pair it with my cetaphil eczema lotion. I put the eczema honey on my problem areas first and then I wait about 5 mins and then lotion my whole body. Overall I really suggest this product for anyone who suffers with eczema. It is 100% steroid free and comes in a 4 oz jar. It’s also super affordable Please check out their website for more products, I really encourage it. This product can be used on your face and body and is made for all skin types. It has really helped my skin and I hope it helps yours too😘💖. ($29.95)eczema honey - Eczema Honey Original Skin-Soothing Cream
A life “savior” for dry skin and eczema
I have Perioral Dermatitis, which is just an extreme case of eczema, and anything can inflame it. THIS PRODUCT has been the only thing that has really caused it to not only calm it but go away simultaneously. This passed week I put an oil on my face that I knew I was allergic to yet still had the audacity to put it on. My eyes swelled up and my face was filled with allergic red spots. I have only been consistently washing my face with Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser which I luuuvvvvv, and moisturizing with GOLD BOND - Eczema Relief Lotion for the past week and it’s almost gone. Recommendation: I would highly, highly recommended this product to people who are prone to allergic reactions, sensitive or dry skin, or if you have eczema. This product has changed the game for me in so many ways. I’ve bought prescriptions medications specifically for my perioral dermatitis, but nothing compares to the work this has done for my face and skin. *This also may sting a little or to an extent depending on how severe your case is, for me it stung A LOT because my case was really severe and it goes away after 5 minutes but I didn’t mind. As of now it only stings a lil bit because it has reduced significantly.* Rating: GOLD BOND - Eczema Relief Lotion It’s rare that I ever give anything a five star approval because nothing really meets my expectations in the sense of really being life changing for me. At first I didn’t really like this product because I wasn’t washing my face the right way, I left a lot of dirt and residue to pick up with the moisturizer, but now it will always be found in my cabinet. I love this stuff and will forever recommend this to anyone who suffers with the symptoms I’m suffering from. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask, much love, much peace🤎

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Healthy skin starts with the way you wash it. I make sure that I wash with a soap that is going to improve my skin and follow up with a hydrating moisturizer. Dove - Sensitive Skin Body Wash The sensitive skin formula of this wash is super gentle on the skin and super hydrating. It is a thick white cream that lathers when you rub it into wet skin and that keeps skin feeling soft. The ingredients include sunflower seed oil that has amazing skin benefits: + Moisturizes + High in Vitamins A, C, D & E + Antioxidant + Fights Acne + Reduces signs of aging + Improves skins moisture retention This product is paraben and sulfate free. Dove is my favorite brand for body wash, soap and deodorant. My boyfriend also uses their men’s body wash and he loves it too! I use JERGENS - Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer as my daily moisturizer. I love the cherry-almond scent of their original lotion. I go back and forth between their original and their Shea butter product, both are great! This product is also a thick white cream. It doesn’t make my skin feel sticky or provide a high shine. If I am going out I will just a product with a jelly or a thick oil consistency that will give my legs a shiny finish. This lotion contains lanolin oil which helps to heal dry chapped skin and it holds twice its weight in water.
Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer
JERGENS-Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer
Benton Shea Butter and Coconut
Benton Shea Butter and Coconut Lotion This lotion is infused with Shea Butter — which contains vitamins A,E & F that keeps the skin healthy. It also improves skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and extremely dry area of body while Coconut Oil hydrates and repairs your skin (thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties). It is also made with 5- Hyaluronic Complex — which is well known to alleviate dry skin, brings intense hydration and can help retain loss moisture as well as counteracting future skin issues. . 〰️ ✨My thoughts: After shower, I pat dry with towel, dispense about a dollar size of lotion and massage it in circular motion all over my body focusing on my dry areas such as my elbows, knees, legs and thighs. The natural scent of Coconut Oil is lovely. It leaves the skin soft and glides smoothly on skin. Absorbs nicely without cast and I love how light and non sticky this lotion is. Even when I am sweating, it did not feel heavy and my skin still feel soft and moisturised. The texture is amazing too. Most lotions I used has thick consistency which takes time to apply on skin and for it to absorbs it. 〰️ It is also cruelty free, organic and hypoallergenic. It is worth mentioning that this can be used by everyone including kids. My daughter loves this. She always point at this along with Rose Water Gel and Aloe Vera Gel and it gives such light and cool feeling. Perfect for humid weather.
L’occitane Shea butter line
L’occitane Shea butter line
Recently got this sample set from Sephora and I am in love with this and the almond set! The shower oil is amazing for when you shave your legs or any other part of your body! The Shea hand cream is incredible I reach for it when I feel dry patches on my hands and the hydration lasts for hours The Shea butter body cream is incredible! I am actually buying the full size during the Sephora sale I love love love it. This very much moisturizes your body and the dry eczema patches on my arms are fading since I started using this The Shea light face cream was a surprise to me I did not think I would like it, I typically go for much richer thicker creams for my face but this baby was great even when I come out of my shower and my face is dry as heck I did not have to put a ton on for my skin to soak it up and stay moisturized! 5/5 I recommend this entire line along with the almond one, the Shea line is more for my dry ladies which yes very much includes me. I just love the smell of the almond!! Sephora has this sample set right now and the almond one, go check it out!!!
SHEA BUTTER x OMY Ultra Rich Body Cream
Here’s a Farmacy Beauty family
Here’s a Farmacy Beauty family photo + review of Freshen Up! - Let me preface this by saying that I have sensitive armpits, apparently. I had no idea until I made the transition to natural deodorant a few months ago, but probably half the ones I’ve tried have given me rashes, and unfortunately, Freshen Up did as well... I’ve been using it for a little over two weeks, kept using it after the rash I got in the first couple of days, which was pretty bad, actually, and now I feel like it’s a LOT better, but still not great. No daily redness if I’m careful, but if I shower in the morning, wear the deodorant that day, and don’t shower again until the next morning, I see a little irritation. The smell is like Green Clean, but spicier, maybe? I’m horrible at describing scents, but it’s not as subtle as GC but still minty fresh. I love LOVE the cooling effect, and I think that’s why I’ve stuck with it for so long. Pretty bummed my pits don’t agree with it, tbh!
Freshen Up All-Natural Deodorant Stick
FARMACY-Freshen Up All-Natural Deodorant Stick
BARRIER+  : Skinfix body cream
BARRIER+ : Skinfix body cream
This is a Lipid-boost body cream for all skin type but made especially to target dry and irritated skin that even have a tendency to eczema. It says that it helps restore the skin barrier for a hydrated skin. It is a thick body cream, doesn’t have a smell to me and I’m ok with that ! The main ingredients are “Shea butter, Moringa, sweet almond, grape and jojoba oils”, oat to helps soothe the irritations, but also aloe. This products is vegan, cruelty free AND pH balanced. What more can you ask ? I know pretty great hein. I absolutely LOVE that it comes in a HUGE cream pot (tubes have a tendency to hold lots of products that you don’t use at the end or struggle to use, with that one : NO PROBLEM!). I love the rich texture that make me feel like I’m really nourishing my skin- if that make sense. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and my skin feel so much hydrated than it was. I can feel it when I’m taking a shower it’s still so soft. I also used it on my son, who has eczema condition, and it really helped him. His eczema had cleared up since we are using it and his skin never felt more smooth - EVER ! The eczema hasn’t came back since using it either. It really amazed me. The only negative point that I would bring up is that the cream doesn’t sink right in. I have to give it few seconds to penetrate but I don’t really mind it. By the time I’m doing my all body it’s all absorbed and don’t feel greasy or sticky. It is a bit pricey ($60 for 10oz) but so worth if you ask me + you have a lot of product. I would repurchase it with my own money ! *sent by the brand but opinion is 100% my own !
Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Body Cream
skinfix-Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Body Cream
I absolutely love this lotion!
I absolutely love this lotion!
Aveeno - Daily Moisturizing Lotion This oatmeal based lotion is claimed to moisturize skin for a full 24 hours & to help lock-in skin's moisture. It is clinically proven to improve skin's healthy look in 1 day. This lotion will leave skin smoother, softer and healthier. Targeted concerns include redness and dryness. It has a smooth consistency that’s thinner than cream but thicker than gel. It absorbs quickly!! I had major body hives/eczema and I was tired of using eucerin for how long it took to dry down and how it ruined my clothes for its stickiness. I looked into this product because I was attracted to the packaging! LOL $11.49 for 18 oz is totally affordable and it’s effective! I highly highly recommend this! It is scentless and not greasy at all! It is instantly absorbed into skin. It’s really amazing! I have full body eczema and this will relieve any itchiness and dryness. I always go back to this whenever I can’t get enough hydration for my skin when testing out other products! But I highly recommend doing a patch test. My niece also has eczema but she couldn’t use this product since she showed allergy to this. If you can use this product, you will absolutely love it! It lasts a really long time (lasted me a whole year!) 5 stars hands down and of course I most definitely recommend it! This current bottle is my 9th bottle. I’ve used this product for 9 years and I will continue to have a back up of it for years to come! This is one of my can’t live without products!
Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Aveeno-Daily Moisturizing Lotion