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Heres some of my pink skincare from my collection also decided to include my trusty... | Cherie

Heres some of my pink skincare from my collection, also

Heres some of my pink skincare from my collection, also decided to include my trusty glossier lash slick mascara and wowder powder. Because why not they are pink and I just adore the cute packaging. I don't see many people talk about the saturday skin daily dew essence mist, it's such a hydrating essence mist and isn't the packaging pretty as well? Do you see a pattern here? I love gorgeous packaging I can't help myself!
Sep. 20, 2019

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Garnier skinactive
Garnier skinactive
I love this skinactive because it make your face smell nice and it so smooth😍😍
Clarifying Body Spray
Clarifying Body Spray
10/10! I had troubled skin for awhile now and one week of this cleared almost 90% of it up!! Smells clean and floral, not strong at all which i prefer. This product is also super cheap for the results I get. All you do is spray it on your troubled skin after you shower!! Its only been one week so I definitely will continue to use this until my skin is clear 😊😊😊
Madecassoside Clarifying Body Spray
koelf-Madecassoside Clarifying Body Spray
that post misting, no makeup g
that post misting, no makeup glow ✨ i love using facial mists in my morning and nighttime skincare routine after cleansing my face, but before serums and moisturizers. facial mists increase hydration levels and get to all those areas between skin cells - make sure to lock in all the goodness with a serum and moisturizer after! the facial mist is going to help those products soak into your skin even more. i’ve been traveling so much & i quite literally cannot live without this product! it’s been saving my skin from nasty airplanes and making sure my skin is dewy and fresh ✈️
ledew beauty has stolen my hea
ledew beauty has stolen my heart! This mist is so far the best I’ve ever tried! ⁣ ⁣ + Ingredients of white willow, rose, aloe, tea tree & glycerin. ⁣ +The HA serum is amazing on a layer of the mist. This mist plumps, hydrates, & finally gives me the dewiest skin ever! The GLOW! It’s phenomenal ⁣ 🤸🏻‍♀️ ☺️ ⁣ Do you have a BEST Hydrating mist? I’ve been looking for awhile & finally found mine! ⁣ ⁣ I’m VERY impressed with this brand! ⁣ I. AM. OBSESSED!⁣ ⁣ ✔️ Cruelty Free ⁣ ✔️ Vegan ⁣ ✔️Paraben free ⁣ ✔️ Gluten Free⁣ ✔️Phthalate Free ⁣
ICONIC - Prep Set Glow Hydrati
ICONIC - Prep Set Glow Hydrating Spray Love this product!!! - This is the original color. - LOVE the natural glow it leaves. - Refresh, illuminate and hydrates the skin. It can be used to prep the skin before makeup, set a finish look or just to add glow. It can be used to hydrate your skin overnight too. Multitasking product I just loving it 😍😍😍😍
Prep Set Glow Hydrating Spray
ICONIC-Prep Set Glow Hydrating Spray
KENNETH COLE - BLACK Body Spray I enjoy using this scent very much. Never really liked using spray colognes because I think sometimes they can smell very obnoxious but this one is masculine but has a hint of femininity (if that makes any sense)...
BLACK Body Spray