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bye bye texture ✌🏼
found this toner last year and it’s been a staple in my routine since the beginning. My skin can be sensitive towards toners but I haven’t had any issues with this product. No redness or itchiness. Over the last few months this toner has helped with my acne and scarring but also the overall texture of my skin and my pores are smaller. After using this product the next morning my skin is glowing and looks so smooth. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking to test out chemical exfoliants or looking for a new toner. It is on the pricer side but you will see results. Plus youth to the people have such incredible ethics and morals as a brand so your supporting a good clean brand! YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner
YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE-Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner
This cleanser saved my skin. Literally. I have combination and oily skin and because of that, I have bumps on my forehead. They’re not really pimples, but just bumps. I struggled with this problem for YEARS and I couldn’t find anything that would help me to get rid of these. One day, I decided to try this cleanser from CeraVe and I can tell you, it revolutionized my whole skincare routine. Ngl I still have a few bumps, but they’re practically invisible and my skin is SO soft! I really recommend you to test this cleanser (I like it so much that I’ll soon finish my third bottle oopsie). Plus, it is quite cheap compared to other cleanser sold at Sephora and it is dermatologically approved!
CeraVe-Renewing SA Cleanser For Normal Skin
goodbye acne!
long story short...I had acne. Looking back it wasn’t the worst thing ever, but at the time it made me feel like the ugliest human on planet earth. I would come home everyday and wash my face thinking that having makeup on for a shorter amount of time would help, and then I would cry. I would go sit in front of my heater so that my face got all red from the heat that it made it harder for me to see my pimples, I would make concoctions in my bathroom trying to find something that would help and stayed up all night researching skin products and cleansers to help...sound familiar? That was my life for about a year. Finally after spending so much money on random products I thought would help me I came across la rochey posay acne kit and picked it up at my local Walgreens. Let’s just say I saw INSTANT results. The first couple of weeks my face was dry beyond belief but with the help of a little moisturizer it was nothing I couldn’t handle. After a month I was only left with scars that faded over time and now..nothing. This is my personal story but I must say that anytime anyone asks me what I do to get such clear skin I send them to go get the acne kit and they almost always love it as much as me !LA ROCHE-POSAY - EFFACLAR ACNE TREATMENT SYSTEM
The Secret To My Clear Skin
I was 13 years old with tons of acne all over my face that just wouldn’t go away. It really messed with my self esteem so I went to Walmart to find something that could help me out. It was called Differin Gel and it was very affordable. I would wash my face with CeraVe the cleanser at night then apply the gel to my face. I would wait 30 minutes before applying moisturizer and that’s all it took. My skin cleared after 2 months and I barely have any breakouts. Differin gel truly helped me and it may seem like it’s not helping, but give it some time. I have sensitive skin so I did get some redness, but eventually it all cleared up. P.S. Make sure to use sunscreen in the morning as well to help not getting sunburnt because it makes you more prone to.
DIFFERIN-Acne Treatment Gel
ACNE & DARK SPOTS?! You need this!
COSRX - Centella Blemish Cream a product that slowly but surely has become a favourite in my skincare regime. I constantly would breakout but not not as much due to getting my skincare routine down 🎊 But those of you who still struggle with breaks outs and acne leaving dark spots after they leave, legit those bother me so much but after using this on some of my dark spots and active acne, it really ensures my breakout is taken care of and doesn’t leave me with a dark mark after! It can be used as an all over cream but I normally use this as a spot treatment for my breaks outs in the evening as it has a slight white cast 😭 but otherwise, if you have a habit to pick at your pimples, try this out and stop picking them because this will help you within a night or two
COSRX-Centella Blemish Cream
Curology is Amazing🥰
Curology - Curology formula I had very bad scars and lots of acne. I started using Curology in March 2019 and I started seeing results pretty quick, my face was totally clear about 7 months later. I still continue to use it and I couldn't be happier. I was always so insecure and couldn't leave my house without foundation to hide all my acne, now I don't need it and I'm comfortable without it 😊 I totally recommend people try this out for a few months see if it helps!
Curology-Curology formula
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