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-Both smell amazing -I recommend combining the two for a dewy look -My skin always feels super soft the next day
Apr. 27
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Effective Vit C serum ❣️
I have been looking for a serum for awhile, until I found this little guy. I have been using this for almost 8 months now and is totally hooked!! My skin was the softest and dewiest it had ever been. Without makeup my face looks great and thanks to the new smoothness, makeup went on so well. I love how this smells - very citrusy and has very slight hints of ginger . The product is heavy and is more like a oil than a serum. Now , because of this I am only giving it a 4 star!! My one recommendation is to apply this at night before bed because your face is left a little sticky. An added bonus to this is when you wake up in the morning, your skin will be baby soft and ready to take on the day!Sweet CHEF - GINGER + VITAMIN C SERUM SHOT
For Cherie’s picks for February 8-14
This is what a pure fresh vitamin C serum should look like... This Ginger + Vitamin C serum shot from @sweetchefskincare Sweet CHEF - GINGER + VITAMIN C SERUM SHOT is a good affordable option for addition of Vitamin C in your skincare regimen. I think this serum works well for Lightening, brightening and tightening purpose, though the tightening can not be visible in short period of time but a potent Vitamin C does all three jobs well!! The brand says this about the product: A lightweight serum packed with antioxidant-rich ginger and potent vitamin C for a naturally  hydrated and radiant complexion. Ginger helps to neutralize environmental aggressors and revive dull skin, while Vitamin C  helps even skin tone and brighten for a radiant complexion. I think this is a purely inexpensive option for L- ascorbic acid as Vitamin C is very hard to make in a stable form for us to use it over the time. Hence the most Vitamin C products are usually at a pricey side but this is equally good option if you're looking for one! ✨ . . . . . . . . .

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The Barrierderm ampoule is a l
The Barrierderm ampoule is a light purple liquid. It does have alcohol in it so I would be wary if you're sensitive to it, but my skin didn't seem to have any issues. It absorbed quickly and left a nice layer of moisture on my skin. Hard to say at this point whether it does more than that, I'll have to test it longer. The Barrierderm balm (swipe to see texture) is just lovely! I often put aquaphor on my elbows because they're soooo dry and even aquaphor doesn't seem to help. The skinnlab balm was so emollient and velvety and I felt like it softened and moisturized my skin better than the aquaphor, while soothing irritation at the same time.
Today there are my thoughts on
Today there are my thoughts on some products from my current routine (this is NOT my routine). ⠀ ▪️ khuskhus Sans age hydrolat. Love-love-love 💕 nothing to add :) this mist soothes and calms down my skin in seconds. I love blue oils and there are some in this hydrolat. ⠀ ▪️ Repechage triple action peptide serum. I just started using it a week ago. I love how quick it absorbs with no stickiness and makes my skin bright and hydrated. ⠀ ▪️ feycosmetics Acqua. Hydrating gel (thick gel, swipe to see texture), I use it rather as cream, not serum (before my oils). It smells divine, gives immediate hydration, but can pill, so I just tap it into my skin. ⠀ ▪️ Awareness rejuvenating rediant serum. This prickly pear oil (with argan and maracuja), absorbs quickly. I love to use it in the morning under sunscreen. ⠀ ▪️ janescrivner Bio buzz. Thick Bio fermented HA gel with acmella extract, aloe vera and white willow. Love how it hydrates my skin and doesn’t conflict with all other products.
This brand is all about cr
. . This brand is all about creating truthful, quality products and explaining each ingredient and the purpose / function of it in the products. These products are formulated using natural and organic products as much as possible, but there are also ingredients backed by science that are included to create the best products for the best results. . . From the packaging to the formulas I’m really impressed with both products already! The serum is a milky thicker serum (reminds me of the caudalie radiance serum consistency). I love the unique dropper and it soaks in so nicely! The cream has a very “bouncy” and lightweight texture. It soaks in nicely as well. The scent of both of them is just clean and fresh IMO. . .
If there’s one skincare produc
If there’s one skincare product that I’m guilty of hoarding, it’s moisturizers. As a dry-skinned girl, I can never have too many (and there are SO many good ones in the market right now). I was intrigued by the Deep Dive collection by redearth, mostly because I love moisturizers with a gel/cream texture (like belif’s Aqua Bomb). Here’s the rundown on this collection: 💦 Deep Dive Water Cream - At first glance, this moisturizer is similar to Aqua Bomb, but as you massage it into the skin it feels lighter, less creamy and more watery. I’ve been loving it for days (like today) when it’s brutally hot and sticky and a heavy moisturizer is just too much. Due to it’s light texture, it absorbs almost instantly. It’s the kind of moisturizer that would work for all skin types. I’ve found that it wears well under light-medium weight foundations, but I’ve yet to test it with full glam, as it’s been SO humid here in Boston. 💦 Deep Dive Water Essence - I love a good essence! Ive been using this in the morning to balance and hydrate my skin, as it’s packed with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. My favorite way to use this, however, is with Happy Pills. 💦 Happy Pills - I absolutely love Red Earth for their creative and fun approach to beauty. The concept of these travel-friendly Happy Pills is that you can drop whatever essence or serum that you have onto the individually wrapped “pill” and it expands into your own customized sheet mask. I popped a couple of these pills into my bag for a weekend trip and I love that you can mask with whatever it is that you have on hand at the moment.
Dang...these are good. sulwhas
Dang...these are good. sulwhasoo Bloomstay vitalizing line and while I've only had the chance to test them for a few days, my first impressions are really good. I'm definitely within the target age-group for this range (mid 30s). This line is nourishing, but unlike more intense anti-aging products, it doesn't feature super buttery, heavy textures. Instead each step is hydrating but has enough richness to replenish skin that isn't 20 years old anymore. Though it would definitely work for a 20-year old too! I just wish I could have afforded a $300+ routine when I was 20 (which is already quite a bit less than their high end anti-aging lines) lol! I've also, for the first time in a while, had a skincare routine made up of one brand's products - I've been using the Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum (not pictured) and these three products exclusively for a few days. And everything does layer beautifully with no excess stickiness or pilling, coming together at the end with the right amount of hydration vs richness. I can see why people would stick to one brand for their entire routine.
Bloomstay Vitalizing Serum
Sulwhasoo-Bloomstay Vitalizing Serum
Do you know what these 3 produ
Do you know what these 3 products have in common? One word - Ceramides! ⤵️ Ceramides are lipids that naturally exist in upper layers of the skin. Their main role is to protect the skin - they keep your skin safe from the environment, they are important to keep your skin hydrated, young and healthy. If your skin barrier is messed up and your skin is getting easily dehydrated then it's time to add a product with ceramides to your routine. Here are 3 products which I keep in my stash that contain ceramides: Neogen White Truffle Serum In Oil Drop - both serum and sheet mask from this series saved my skin this January. This serum contains Ceramide Np and I got a mini version with a Truffle Oil Cushion. COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream - I haven't tried this cream since I've been waiting for autumn or winter with this product but it's made out of Ceramide Np in 50%. Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Body Lotion - I tried samples of this lotion before and it also contains Ceramide. It might not be the best products if you check ingredients but somehow I felt the difference after the first use.