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Over priced hourglass primer
Over priced hourglass primer
This is a nice primer but a bit overpriced for what it does… It’s good at keeping oil at bay but I do not see it hiding my pores. Obviously pores cannot be diminished but it literally does nothing for my nose and under eye pore area. I wouldn’t say its anything special. Its a cruelty free product so if you’re particular about that, then go for this. I do think this makeup base is good for acne prone and sensitive skin like mine.
Makeup prime
1emptie1newbie⁣ ⁣ Makeup primer at first feels like another extra step, but when it works, it's a game-changer and you just can't do your makeup with it. Dramatic, sure, but that's what I feel about this Tatcha Silk Canvas. ⁣ ⁣ A repurchase happened almost immediately after this one ran out because it’s such a great product to keep. ⁣ ⁣ Not only the packaging looks so pretty, its silky texture seems to fit together with whatever skincare I've got on underneath without messing out my skin's texture. It feels almost like a protective film between my makeup and my skin. I have clogged pores almost every time I’ve used a primer, but I have not experienced any massive breakouts or clogged pores with it since I started wearing it under my makeup. It treats your skin like a moisturizer, thanks to the silk, botanical and Akoya pearl extracts that can be found in the multi-tasking formula.⁣ ⁣ A little tip to have the perfect blend: you have to warm it between your fingertips first to melt the balm into the skin. Then spread it all over your face, even eyes and lips, and press gently into the center of the face where pores are more visible. This way, the primer will melt into the skin seamlessly without that too-slick silicone texture sitting atop your face. ⁣ ⁣ It makes my foundation and concealer go on incredibly smooth, holds onto makeup very well and doesn't make me greasy as the day goes on. Even when I don't wear makeup, just a little powder, I still like to use this since it gives such a "blurring" and radiance effect to the skin.
The Silk Canvas Protective Primer
TATCHA-The Silk Canvas Protective Primer
Now have you tried the Goddess
Now have you tried the Goddess Skin Clay Mask? I had the mini one and I tried it last night and me likey! ✨ This is a kaolin clay mask with essential oils, sweet almond, peptide complex, etc. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft! Tip: as always I remove any clay mask with a warm wet towel, its the best way I find and most effective/beneficial. I will purchase the normal size to review this more properly. ✨
Wonderglow Face Primer
Charlotte Tilbury-Wonderglow Face Primer
Primer review!
Primer review!
💖 my skin type is dry/acne prone 💖gel-like formula, creamy I just got this a few weeks ago for the first time! For me it didn’t do anything special for my skin, I didn’t notice a difference in the way my foundation set after I put it on. One thing I like is that it’s relatively lightweight and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my skin when I put it on. But overall I wouldn’t say it was worth the price and I would recommend it. 💖rating 2/5URBAN DECAY - All Nighter Face Primer
All Nighter Face Primer
URBAN DECAY-All Nighter Face Primer
Erborian Glow Creme Review.

Erborian Glow Creme Review. This is an illuminating primer that is supposed to give you a dewy glow. I love the texture of this primer - rather than a really plasticky siliconey primer, this feels more like a light gel-cream and is quite moisturizing, so if you have oily skin this could probably double as your day cream. I have combination-dehydrated skin so I put this on over my normal cream.It doesn’t cover anything so if you were hoping this could provide base coverage, this isn’t that product. What it does is provide a healthy-looking sheen over your face that really does look natural and dewy. If you already have oily or dewy skin, this might not be necessary. It is subtle and doesn’t have a highly shimmery or strobe effect, though it does have a minimally blurring effect on pores. I find that the pink shimmers in the cream balance out any sallowness in my skin, making my complexion look healthier. Under my BB cushion it does make my skin look more dewy (and since my BB cushion is already dewy it’s almost too much). I really wish this had SPF in it as it kinda feels like it should. All in all, I like it, and I've been wearing it on its own quite often, as I love the texture and the subtle glow, though I don't consider it a must-have.
Glow Crème Illuminating Primer
erborian-Glow Crème Illuminating Primer
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer
My insta-bestie @glowwitherin sent me this concealer and I’ve been testing it out as it’s a new one to me. I actually really like the formula and have been using it on “no makeup days” to just even out my skin tone. It is a close match for my skin colour so it’s not one I use under my eyes to brighten but just in places to cover redness or a breakout. So far, I really do like this one!
Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer
MAKE UP FOR EVER-Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer