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Even though my skin leans more combination I habitually pamper it as if it were... | Cherie

Personally, I prefer to do a quick and gentle second cleanse

Even though my skin leans more combination, I habitually pamper it as if it were dry. It's just happier and more supple that way, and using oils and richer products hasn't caused pore clogging or excess oiliness as long as I'm diligent with cleansing. So when I saw that shuuemura had come up with different variations of their classic cleansing oil, I decided to try Ultime8, the one for dry skin. What I noticed is that even though the Ultime8 is their richest formula, it doesn't feel thick; in fact it's a thin, runny, incredibly silky feeling oil. It provides a good buffer for massaging over the face (unlike some thinner oils) but doesn't have that thick oil consistency that some people dislike. It emulsifies well and rinses off easily, but you do feel like there's a slight residue of oil on your face. I think this is intentional to prevent that stripped or dry feeling. Personally, I prefer to do a quick and gentle second cleanse with a foam cleanser to remove this residue, even though shuuemura says that a second cleanse isn't necessary after using their oil cleanser. I really feel this is great for dry skin folks, especially if you have trouble finding an oil cleanser that doesn't dry out your face!
Oct. 8, 2019

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  I love how el
earthsrecipe I love how elegant and pretty these products are! I've already tried the Stemwater cleanser and it's a delightfully gentle cleanser. It has a unique sticky honey texture when straight out of the tube but lathers up into a lovely slippy foamy gel. And it has a pH of 5.5! I can't wait to try the energy boosting toner and the gigawhite serum too.
Day 1: Oil Cleanser: My pick i
Day 1: Oil Cleanser: My pick is jordansamuel After show treatment cleanser .. I'm not going to say anything that has not been said before about this cleanser. If I could use just one first cleanser for life this would be it. It has a gel like consistency and I love the texture. It transforms into an oil as you work with it. Key ingredients include nourishing oils like Olive, Grapeseed and Jojoba with naturally occuring AHAs and BHAs in extracts like Sugarcane, Lemon, Orange, Apple and Willow Bark. It also contains hydrating ingredients like Aloe, Glycerin and Green tea leaf extract. It takes off all the makeup and sunscreen, gently exfoliates while keeping your skin hydrated. This does not emulsify with water and the recommendation it to use a warm wet washcloth. I rinse with water and follow up with my second cleanser .. This is a multi tasking product and can also be used as a hydrating mask. I apply a thin layer pre-shower to prevent the heat from drying my skin. I love that it comes in a travel friendly 3 oz tube and is super high quality for the price, it retails for $20 on the website. I highly recommend this cleanser, you will not be disappointed
What's your favourite foam cle
What's your favourite foam cleanser? For me, it's anything with pH around 5,5 since pH between 6,0 and 7,0 is the best for P.Acnes to grow but sometimes I do give a chance to foams with higher pH than 5,5, Lagom Cellup Micro Foam is one of the foams with higher pH. It's a foam which I can't use every day (since it's can dry your skin out) but when my skin gets extra oily like during the heatwave - it's ideal! It's a cleanser which was even selected in 2018 by TV show Get It Beauty as a foam of the year for oily skin. Remember to use balancing toner after this foam, I used A'Pieu Madecassoside Fluid and this duo worked well.
Absolutely love this alexstein
Absolutely love this alexsteinherr x primark Miscellar Gel Cleanser. I apply it directly on skin/makeup when I don’t feel like using an oil cleanser and massage it until I feel I have covered most of my face. You can open your eyes during application as it does not sting at all. Removes the eye makeup nicely and the bottle is huge. Great value of ££.
Trilogy Cleansing Balm Travel
Trilogy Cleansing Balm Travel Size Used to think baby wipes was enough to remove make up followed by# facewash but boy, was I wrong. Im in search for the perfect make up remover: from wipes—micellar water & in oil — oil remover—cream—balm. For me, this is a decent light balm. Moisturising but not super oily, easy to wipe/wash, won’t leave that oily sticky feeling, smells divine. Very light lemon/vanilla scent. I think this is perfect for not so heavy make up. Swipe left to see how well it removes diff. Kind of make up.
Depending on my current state
Depending on my current state of complexion, I'm always changing up my facial cleanser - with NIOD Sanskrit Saponis (SS) being my latest experiment. ⁣ ⁣ At first thought, the idea of cleansing with non-foaming balm didn't sound like it would be very effective for my oily skin, but it surprisingly is. And the best part is that this balm cleanser is so much more gentle on my skin than harsh cleansers, which is exactly what I need when my skin flares up.⁣ ⁣ What makes this cleanser unique is that it's formulated with highly-concentrated Ayurvedic plant surfactants like Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract, commonly known as Chinese soapberry or Soapnut (Aritha). The berries contain a natural saponin that has been used throughout centuries to clean many things, from skin, hair, clothes even dishes. ⁣ ⁣ Hence, this product is inspired by the ancient cleansing method with plant saponins which were effective at removing dirt, oil and intensely cleaning the pores very gently without peeling the skin. The formula also modernized and enriched with the amino acid Lysine that helps to aid collagen production and prevent blemishes.⁣ ⁣ When NIOD said the ingredients of this cleanser "borrow their colour and smell from a place far away from today’s madding crowd of refinement," it's true. This first time I use this, I'm shook at how bad this product smells - really bitter like medicine! But it doesn’t linger so don’t worry. It's actually a good thing that they avoid artificial fragrance.⁣ ⁣ The texture is a slightly gritty cream, and when you rub your hands together it forms a pasty texture. It doesn't lather at all, nor remove makeup. So I use this every other morning on slightly damp skin, message thoroughly all over the face and leave for few minutes as I'm taking a shower. ⁣ ⁣ According to NIOD website, this cleanser could result in temporary dryness. However, my oily skin didn't dry out from this. I personally find the feeling satisfying and purifying as it truly removes my skin's excess oil and sebum. The effect is much like I just used a clay mask. My pores are still visible though, but I will concede that my skin is breaking out less and less congested since I use this.