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what is your goto everyday eyeshadow palette? Mine is this one from NARS. It’s got all the neutral colors I need with a tint of glitter. Also their concealer is life changing!!! NARS - Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette
Jan. 30
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NARS dupe! 🌸🌼
I’ve loved the creamy consistency of the nars concealer and how it blends really well. But the mini size is $13 and only 0.05 oz (1.4 grams) which is pretty pricey. I’ve wanted an affordable concealer that does the job and is pretty creamy. I bought different concealers and the wet n wild photo focus was the closest one. It’s only $3.99 and 0.29oz. They’re both creamy and blend really well the only slight difference is the nars seems a tiny bit thicker. The wet n wild is great on its own and also with powder on top. They both crease a little, it’s concealer and every single brand with cause some creasing. Also wet n wild had been adding more shades which is awesome! Full size of nars creamy concealer $30 for 0.22 oz Full size of wet n wild photo focus $3.99 for 0.29 oz Price point is a big difference! ✨✨ NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer Mini wet n wild - PhotoFocus Concealer
The most important product in my makeup routine✨
NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer Mini Switching things up a little. Although I am a skincare enthusiast, I am also very picky with the make-up I purchase. I like to wear minimal make-up that still covers my imperfections. Considering my preference, concealer is the most important step in my makeup routine. I have purchased numerous types of concealers that I thought just didn’t do the best or didn’t match my skin tone. The NARS radiant creamy concealer is THE BEST concealer I have ever purchased by far. The coverage is absolutely phenomenal and a little product goes a long way. It does not feel heavy or greasy or ashy on the skin. It leaves a natural glow and sinks right into the skin creating a bright glow. Additionally, the product is perfect for under-eye brightening or even concealing any imperfections. Concealing imperfections with this product is magical, any blemish completely disappears! Like I said above, it is the most important step on my makeup routine, it is my holy grail, and I cannot go without this concealer. I have never looked back!
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Tarte Cosmetics Brand - Fave & Least  Fave
Tarte Cosmetics Brand - Fave & Least Fave
This will probably be a controversial opinion since I will be talking about how much I dislike a particular popular product, but remember not products work great on everyone! I absolutely love Tarte and it was my first ever Sephora purchase! I bought the Tarte LipSurgence in Enchanted back in my undergrad years est. 2010-2014 😅. That’s how you know you’re loyal when you have been with a brand for more than five years! I remember seeing all of their cute campaigns and wanting all of it! Here we are in 2020 and I’m still buying more Tarte products! Let’s begin with one of my favorite items, tarte - Lette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette . I asked for this pallet last Christmas and after a little over a year, I am almost half way done with it. In case you are wondering what happened to the top middle shade, I tried to de-pan this shade and my tool when right down the middle 😔. Other than that you can see I have used many of the shades. This pallet has six shades in matte and metallics. It’s perfect for on the go and can be used day or night depending on the look you want to go for! I mainly wear neutral shades on the daily so this one is perfect for me! It’s only $19.00 and at this price, it’s for sure a area! Now to my controversial opinion... I dislike the tarte - Shape Tape Concealer 👀. Yes I know this is many people’s favorite but for me it’s not a fan favorite item. This concealer retails for $27.00 (0.33oz), first of all it’s on the more expensive side for the amount of product you get. Then I find this to be incredibly too thick - like you can’t blend thick. I wore it a few times and felt the makeup on my face - this never happens to me since most of the time I forget I have makeup on. It’s meant to do so may things like give “eye lifts and blur imperfections” but I am not sold on it. It kind of bums me out that I don’t love it but it’s okay because I know not all items work like they say they will. Anywho, if you love this item - I am happy for you! Maybe I’ll give it another chance but for now I’m passing on it! Cheers 👋🏼.
Lette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette
tarte-Lette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette
Some of today’s makeup picks!
Some of today’s makeup picks! I’m so in love with the narsNatural Radiant Longwear Foundation! It’s just so perfect, it feels like this foundation was made for my skin! It’s absolutely stunning. I love the finish and feel of this foundation on my skin and it’s dreamy! I’m still obsessed with the anastasiabeverlyhills Soft Glam palette and use it almost everyday when I want a minimal look. toofaced Born This Way Concealer has become my go-to, I really want to try the foundation now! What’s better than toofaced Better Than Sex Mascara!
Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer
Too Faced-Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer
One Brand, Two Favorites and Three Choices - Urban Decay 💖
One Brand, Two Favorites and Three Choices - Urban Decay 💖
Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation is a vegan, medium coverage matt finish foundation. Available in 50 shades, which is so great and for all skin types, fabulous. It has a silk liquid texture, glides on really nicely. Urban Decay is a great all-around brand 💯 Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette (spotlight) is so lovely, my set is a warm amber shadow range with 3 different textures, creamy silky mattes, smooth shimmers, and sparkly metallics eye shadow in an amazing 12 shades. I share this with all my girlfriends as it looks great on all skin tones. So easy to blend, with no fall out at all 👍 stays in place all-day-long!  Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette it’s a collaboration with LIZZO! At first, I thought I wasn't going to like this palette because of the shade range but as soon as I tried it, it quickly became my favorite. It’s the best palette Urban Decay has ever created 💥 the texture is even better, even more, pigmented and even creamier. So long lasting with no fallout  12 golden honey shades, 3 different textures just like the spotlight palette, creamy silky mattes, smooth shimmers, and sparkly metallic eye shadows, but actually, it’s amazing, so good it will sell out fast! 💘  If I had to be negative and I really don’t like to be, but the foundation isn’t for me. It’s matt for a start and it oxidizes slightly so be careful when choosing your shade. The eye palettes are a different story, buy them, they are probably the best makeup palettes you will ever own! 🔥 Just remember I told you about them first! 😉
Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette
URBAN DECAY-Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette
I have three anastasia beverly
I have three anastasia beverly hills palettes that I want to start using. For a long time I have been a bit intimidated by these palettes as they are quite pigmented and take a bit more time with blending, where some of my other palettes I can just quickly slap on. The colours of these are beautiful and when I do use them I love the outcome. So I will be using Norvina, Modern Renaissance, and Soft Glam. I will be turning to these for the next month as my go to palettes. I also rediscovered a bobbi brown custom blush palette with the colours Tawny, Pale Pink and Nectar. As it’s summer I’m going to bring in my party red colour in Lady Danger by mac and also Shy Girl. Another blush is illamasqua blush in Tremble. Last is a foundation that works really well for combo skin which is the Amazonian Clay foundation by tarte. So I’m quite excited about doing this and am going to try very hard throughout the year to use more products in my stash! 💜
Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15
tarte-Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15
70s inspired mod makeup ✨
70s inspired mod makeup ✨
Hi! I also enjoy doing makeup and love sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned. I often get asked what brow products I use and people are surprised when I tell them black eyeshadow and hair gel 🤓 (yes you read that correctly) I haven’t found a good brow gel to hold my brows, so I use hair gel.
Flamingo PRO Eyeshadow Palette
Violet Voss-Flamingo PRO Eyeshadow Palette
Slay sista ♥️
Slay sista ♥️
I personally love this pallet🥰 so much that I bought the the mini also♥️ you really can create any look. I don’t go to crazy with the colors but because I’m learning not because I don’t want to 🤣 I haven’t made it that far. The colors are pigmented really good and easy to blend. Definitely worth the buy! Only down side is it’s so big. but still don’t regret buying it 😍 I forgot to mention I using the hard candy foundation I also reviewed in this picture 💙
Glamoflauge 16 HR Foundation
HARD CANDY-Glamoflauge 16 HR Foundation