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Nuface mini device and primer

NuFACE - Mini Mini Facial Toning Device
Starting off with the Nuface Toning Device there’s this Mini size and a bigger size. The balls are the same size so I picked up the mini version, which was 200$ with the primer. I’ve only used it for about 6 weeks and I try to use it every morning, but realistically use it at least 6 times a week. It definitely gives me an instant lifted look and I love the experience of using it. It does take some more time than your usual routine though, but you can easily do it in the evening if you prefer. I looked at some older pictures and my face looks more defined, especially my jaw line and cheekbones as well as laugh lines around the mouth. I can’t wait to keep using and I’m sure I’ll see even better results over time. Also want to pick up the eye version, but these are all kind of pricey! NuFACE - Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer
Unfortunately I don’t think this works as a leave on primer. It works fine with the device, it’s clear and a thick gel and I find that you need kind of a lot of it. I don’t think the ingredients are special at all and a bottle is just not worth 50$. Plus it pills badly throughout the day, even without makeup. I guess if you use it and wash it off after it works, but what’s the point of that. I prefer to just use a hyaluronic acid or cosrx snail mucin which comes in a huge bottle and lasts forever. It works fine and you don’t feel any micro currents plus they are much more affordable!
Feb. 10, 2020
_jennympBeen struggling on whether to buy one of those ... still can't make up my mind
Feb. 11, 2020·2 likes
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⚡️ Ziip vs. NuFace ⚡️
Microcurrent is something I really started doing research into towards the end of 2019. I was just a few months shy of 25 and have always heard that starting anti-aging routines early would make all the difference. Microcurrent devices are an anti-aging tool, essentially these devices send currents into the skin that stimulate collagen and elastin effectively building and repairing skin over time. In short, it's a workout for your face! The two main players in microcurrent are the NuFace and ZIIP. The NuFace is significantly cheaper than the ZIIP, but is it a dupe? Let's break them down, because both are expensive! ZIIP uses both microcurrent and nanocurrent safe for all skin types, even sensitive connects to the ZIIP app, which gives you access to multiple different treatment routines to target what you want easy to follow along with tutorials for each treatment lifts and tones the face can target acne-causing bacteria can target pigmentation like melasma and PIH must be used with the ZIIP conductive gels, these are full of great ingredients! conductive gel prices range from $50 to $129, each one addresses different types of concerns like hydration, firmness and lines, or environmental protection. there are two ZIIP devices, the original version retails for $450 and the newer model retails for $480 NuFace uses only microcurrent contours facial features, smooths lines and tones the skin claims 5 minutes a day for 60 days will give you results must use a THICK conductive gel, other users have tried aloe vera gel no routine is required, there are some available on YouTube and Instagram by the brand and consumers the mini retails for $199, the larger model that is compatible with other attachments retails for $325 So what’s the verdict? Well it depends on what your skin needs are. For me, the ZIIP is my favorite because of all the different treatments and tutorials on the app! It’s so easy to follow along with and I can personalize my routine as I need to. I also really prefer the conductive gels as they feel like luxurious skincare masks, unlike the NuFace gels which smell like alcohol and dry out in a few minutes. The NuFace Trinity, which is the larger model, has different attachments like LED lights and smaller probes, which someone with fine lines and wrinkles would really benefit from! Other users have used aloe vera gel instead of the NuFace conductive gels, but I haven’t tried this yet. The ZIIP doesn’t hurt, unless you are doing the acne treatment and are going over active spots. The NuFace device does sting on the highest setting, even with a thick layer of conductive gel! I still use both and enjoy both, but if I had to choose one then it would be the ZIIP. #CherieCreator NuFACE - Mini Mini Facial Toning Device ZIIP - ZIIP GX
Best At Home Skincare Device
As part of my #selfcare routine, I’ve added a few skincare tools to my collection. For today’s #minimonday, here’s my new NuFACE - Mini Mini Facial Toning Device , mini review. Since I’m in my early 30’s, I like to do extra when it comes to anti-aging. I think that supplementing your skincare products with powerful skincare tools significantly increases their efficacy. This NuFACE mini is a petite, microcurrent facial toning device that helps improve facial contour, tone, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a travel friendly device that allows for a 5-Minute-Facial-Lift anytime, anywhere. I finally bought it because it was on 20% off a few weeks ago. I’ve been using it for more than a week now, in the morning after cleansing. It comes with a conducting gel that you apply before gliding the device on your neck, face and forehead. Microcurrent facials don’t hurt - I actually don’t feel anything during the 5-10 minute treatment. After using it 5 times a week for a week now, I can see a tiny bit of difference - my eyes are less puffy; my brows are lifted; and my jawline is more defined. My husband said that my skin looks firmer and brighter, so he started doing it too. Because of these mini results, I am very encouraged to keep up although sometimes I can be lazy. But note, that this device requires consistency in order to see long term benefits. What skincare tools do you use or what to buy in the future? ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Come on my micro current journey!
Come on my nuface journey with me! During the Black Friday sale, I purchased the nuface mini. This tool is provides an at home microcurrent treatment to help with facial contouring, toning, and firming of aging skin. I’ve been using it pretty consistently for 3 weeks now and already notice a difference! But now I want to track to ensure this is actually working! So here is my face in the morning after I applied my skincare. I’ll post an update after using it for 30 days. I have my hair down so there is no tugging. I hope to have positive results that I can see through my pictures! NuFACE - Mini Mini Facial Toning Device
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A flawless filter & Protection!
A flawless filter & Protection!
I came across this sunscreen a few years ago and its my go to when I travel because it has the right amount of sunscreen but also makes your skin look poreless and flawless! The consistency of this sunscreen is a creamy pink color and you do have to blend it in to your skin but it really does brighten your skin and makes it look glowy! Would I recommend this product? Yes, because this small bottle has been with me for over a year as a little goes a LONG way! CHANEL - LE BLANC LIGHT CREATOR Brightening Makeup Base SPF 40
LE BLANC LIGHT CREATOR Brightening Makeup Base SPF 40
A true skincare-makeup hybrid
A true skincare-makeup hybrid
A few months ago I was part of the re-launch of Ren Skincare’s Perfect Canvas Clean Primer which is kind of a skincare-makeup hybrid. I’ve been using it consistently since then and have some thoughts! This primer is marketed as a weightless, silicone-free primer that minimizes pores, controls shine and locks down makeup. I’ve worn it both under makeup and alone and it works well both ways BUT DO NOT use this under products that contain silicone because it WILL PILL VERY BADLY! Apart from that, I really like it for minimizing the appearance of pores and smoothing out fine lines as well as keeping my oils at bay. It’s a viscous liquid serum like texture and contains agave extract to mattify skin, probiotics to support natural cell renewal and alpha gluons to support a healthy skin microbiome. I like the concept of this product because it truly is a makeup-skincare hybrid — it even contains lactic acid! It’s oil free, silicone free, sulfate and paragon free and I like it best worn alone instead of under makeup. To me, it reminds me of the effects I get from a niacin amide product though it doesn’t contain any niacinamide. In looking at the ingredients, the list is short which I love but I do feel like it is important to note that it contains Parfum for those who are sensitive to fragrances. I really like this product BUT that being said there is a definite learning curve and you need to test out your products with it to see if they play nicely together because it can be finicky. It is AMAZING for controlling oil though. I would recommend it to those who are looking for an oil controlling product more so than a makeup primer because I don’t prefer to use it as such. The price is hefty and I’m not sure I would’ve picked this up on my own at $45 for 1.02 oz of product BUT that being said it is wonderful at what it claims to do. I think if you really struggle with oil control or enlarged pores this is a good product to try and if you can, get a sample at Sephora! 4/5 because of the price and the fact that it doesn’t layer well with some products.
Perfect Canvas Clean Primer
REN CLEAN SKINCARE-Perfect Canvas Clean Primer
brand spotlight on lilah, who
brand spotlight on lilah, who i am seriously crushing on right now ✨ they’re launching their new glisten + glow color. lilah is a clean beauty company and they’re sold in sephora! ✨aglow face mist: my fave use is setting my makeup for that final dewy finish. it has a hint of lavender and it smells sooooo bougie in the best way. like i’m the princess of a small town in france, dewy and glowing, running through a lavender field. ✨tinted lip oil: my two fave colors are b.elegant and b.romantic. b.elegant is the perfect brownish nude and b.romantic looks super super pink in the packaging but goes on like a neutral gloss. that might be because i’m about as pale as casper so keep that in mind. ✨glisten + glow: the og color is so gorgeous and gives you a lit from within glow. the formula is seriously nothing short of wizardry. it’s a hybrid creme/powder formula and just goes on so effortlessly. i also love the b.captivating color for a bronze eyeshadow or using it as a highlight when i’m going for a tan look. like i said, i’m normally casper, but i tanned last night and put on b.captivating this morning as a highlight and i love how it looks with my glossier cloud paint blush in dusk
Glisten + Glow Skin Illuminator
lilah b.-Glisten + Glow Skin Illuminator
This primer is sooo good, I find myself being picky about when I use it, for special events, it’s worth it’s cost, but pricey, so I try and make it last longer. It’s great for controlling oil, with or without makeup on. It’s oil-free and smooths out pores, wrinkles, and reduces redness. It has a silky, creamy, airy texture, that even makes me feel comfortable just putting on my face and leaving the makeup off! I’ve recommended this product to multiple friends, who have all started using it.#HOURGLASS - Veil Mineral Primer[products]#[FiveStars]
I’m almost out of the Dr. Barb
I’m almost out of the Dr. Barbara Sturm HA serum which has helped so much to keep my skin from getting dehydrated. Such a bittersweet moment 😭 I’m also on my last pack of the Erno Laszlonyc multi-task eye masks since I’ve been using them like crazy. Between catching colds on and off and not getting enough sleep, these have been amazing. Especially in the mornings when followed up by the Eve Lom Radiance Antioxidant eye cream! That is a combo that will really make you look alive again 😂 and I wanted to show some appreciation for this Invisibobble Scrunchie for not disappearing on me.
Silk canvas
Silk canvas
Skin type: combination, acne prone. The product: this product promises to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections, creates a barrier that helps with clogged pores avoiding breakouts. Texture: very soft, velvety. Experience: the packaging is cute and very convenient, I obtained this sample at Sephora and I am thinking of buying the full size. I do not put on makeup very often but I used this when I do it and I really like the results, it is lightweight, minimize pores and makeup lasts longer. 👍🏻👎🏻: I highly recommend. I think it worth the price. Price: $52 TATCHA - The Silk Canvas Protective Primer
The Silk Canvas Protective Primer
TATCHA-The Silk Canvas Protective Primer