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Oliveda Cell Active Facial Serum It's star ingredient is olive leaf cell elixir, a huge 70% of this product contains this gorgeous elixir. What is this elixir you ask? It's the cell sap of the olive tree leaves. Hydroxytyrosol for the olive tree is one of the strongest antioxidants in the world. The cell elixir is full of hydroxytyrosol, up to 3000 times higher than olive oil. As you can imagine, this is a very potent antioxidant, which helps fight against free radicals and environmental toxins. Some other ingredients that stand out to me are Aloe vera, Bisabolol and Honey. This powerful and highly concentrated serum they call the fountain of youth is said to firm and tighten skin, repair and regenerate stressed and dehydrated, moisturise and nourish, refines the pores, reduces pigment spots and balances wrinkles. My thoughts 💭 It absolutely helps repair and hydrate and has been an absolute saviour in my recent skin flare up. It soothes, repairs, definitely plumps, because my skin is hydrated my pores appear smaller and it absorbs so quickly leaving my face with a glow. I've haven't tried a serum with cell active ingredients before so was super intriged to see what it does. It's definitely magic in a bottle and these amazing mountain olive trees provide the most beautiful exilir.
Oct. 10, 2019
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Oliveda Product Review ⁣⁣⁣ F09 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (1.0 fl oz - $59.95) - This gentle eye cream contains a combination of active ingredients of olive leaf cell elixir and extracts from the black, sun-ripened Arbequina olive. These moisturize the delicate area around the eyes, while it tightens and softens visible lines and small wrinkles. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ F07 Anti-Aging Face Cream (1.7 fl oz - $59.95) - This highly active anti-aging cream contains olive polyphenols oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. These two natural anti-aging ingredients profoundly stimulate living cells and prolong their lifespan. The gently stimulating avocado oil helps reconstruct the skin on the cellular level, supplying it with deep penetrating moisture leaving it looking more youthful, smooth, and even.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ F06 Cell Active Face Serum (1.7 fl oz $89.95) - This highly concentrated Facial Serum strengthens, tightens, repairs, and regenerates stressed and dehydrated skin through its high concentration of anti-aging power. The fresh olive leaf cell elixir in this serum is a true fountain of youth that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Moisturizing, nourishing, refining pores, reducing dark spots, and evening out wrinkles with immediate effect. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ MY THOUGHTS:⁣ oliveda products are so rich and decadent feeling and my skin loves them. The creams are very lightly scented. The serum has a little more of a scent but not overly so. It’s a clean floral scent.
olivedao Oliveda released their first product back in 2001, in a tree house in Andalusia! Their formulas are so unique, replacing 70% of water phase in cosmetics with the cell sap of the olive tree! However, none of their products feel oily but instead they feel very nourishing and hydrating! I know my beautiful friend really enjoys their Face Serum and she was right about it, it’s such a beautiful one! My face is instantly hydrated, plump and radiant! Another winner for me was their Eye Cream. I have a particularly difficult time finding hydrating eye creams that wouldn’t feel too heavy on the area but this one is just the perfect combo! My concelear and powder applies smoothly and perfect afterwards!❤️❤️❤️ Unfortunately their Face Cream wasn’t a winner for me but my boyfriend is really enjoying it and said he loves how hydrating it without feeling heavy at all. I highly recommend checking them out because I think the method they use in their skincare is unique and deserves more hype!

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💎 This gem has been my secret
💎 This gem has been my secret little weapon for brighter skin as of late. This oil has become a true staple in my nightly routine. Lapis is more hydrating than I ever imagined it would be. Pure plant oils, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants nourish and create a beautiful barrier that locks in moisture. The best part? It actually reduces the appearance of blemishes, redness and pores. It’s time for this girl to get a larger bottle. 💎
Lapis Balancing Facial Oil
HERBIVORE-Lapis Balancing Facial Oil
I wanted to share with you tod
I wanted to share with you today my final thoughts about the klairs serum. I have posted a short review of it some time ago, but didn't like the photo and also some of you may not have seen it so I decided to post it again 😄 🍋 Star ingredients: Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid (5%), Centella Asiatica Extract and many different fruit and roots extracts 🍋 Consistency: something like a dry oil, absorbs well but not to completely matte finish, pH level of 3.81 🍋 Performance: This was my first Vitamin C serum and at first I was afraid of this ingredient a bit because of my sensitive face. But this one never irritated my skin and it is super gentle. Regarding the effects, I really love how my skin is bright and calmed after using it. It works very well under make up and never turns my skin oily - I would say it's the opposite, keeps my sebum under control. I think it prevents hyperpigmentation a bit, but it wouldn't handle my stubborn post acne spots alone. I mostly use it in the morning (as they say vit C enhance the function of SPF) but when I leave it for the night, the skin is brighter, plump and complexion is more even the next morning 😊 🍋 TIP: It is best to keep it in the fridge as if you won't store it properly it may oxidize quickly! Overall this is a definitely 5 out of 5 to me and did I mention that it is my second bottle already? 💛 Now I want to try a serum with higher concentration of vitamin C but still, highly recommend this one!! Great introduction to those who want to start their journey with vitamin C 😊
Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop
dear, klairs-Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop
I am a Dr jart Ceramidin conve
I am a Dr jart Ceramidin convert. I think of the V7 line as kind of a lighter version of the Ceramidin line. The priming moisturizer is super lightweight and blends into my skin better than anything while noticeably blurring out my pores. Both this and the serum is powered by their multi-vitamin complex that gives a nice boost for dull complexions. Being obsessed is an understatement!
V7 Antioxidant Serum
Dr. Jart+-V7 Antioxidant Serum
today on the agenda is a reque
today on the agenda is a requested review of my beloved Paulaschoice Omega+ complex serum. ⠀ It is a third bottle of this serum on my shelf so I had plenty of time testing it to share my thoughts ☺️ ⠀ ✅ This serum contains robust level of Omega 3, 6 and 9 from linseed, chia, passiflora, prunus domestica oils plus ceramides (ceramide EOP, ceramide EOS, ceramide NP, ceramide NS, ceramide AP) and hydrating ingredients (sodium hyaluronate, trehalose). ⠀ ✅ All these stuff help replenish dull, dehydrated skin, revive a beautifully smooth, supple feeling, plus visibly soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ⠀ ✅ It has milky texture, absorbs really fast into skin (with all under-layers). It mixes with hydrating serum or/and oil very well. ⠀ ✅ My skin feels great after applying. It is moisturized, soothed, nourished and smoothed. I always have this serum for winter season to calm down skin and help to protect and restore. I also use it as night-time treatment in summer/fall. ⠀ Psss. It works really well mixed with Paulas Choice redness relief repairing serum on sensitive dehydrated skin. ⠀ Hope it was helpful☺️ Love you all💚
Resist Anti-Ageing Omega+ Complex Serum
PAULA'S CHOICE-Resist Anti-Ageing Omega+ Complex Serum
✨Honeymoon Glow✨
AHA resurfaci
✨Honeymoon Glow✨ AHA resurfacing night serum with hydrating honey + gentle flower acids . . . ✨ I’ve never used retinols and probably won’t till my childbearing days are behind me. I’m always on the lookout for an effective alternative in my skincare rituals… and I think I found it in Honeymoon Glow. I have been let down by so many cult favorites that I didn’t have the highest expectations going in, but this stuff is Phenomenal. Farmacy claims it’s a 3-in-1 formula tackling refinement, clarity and hydration and it did those three things better than any other single product I have tried. I’m finally winning battles in the war against congestion, texture and blemishes that have been going on for forever. I know there are a lot of glowing reviews for this product already, so I’m just throwing in my 2cents that it’s working really well for me and if I had to choose a favorite from my Farmacy collection; this is it. . . . 🤓 A couple of things I’d like to note: · Yes it does tingle · I use it 3 times per week and almost no other acids in between · I’ve been using the Melano CC as my daily vitamin C treatment since the beginning of this feature and I believe it has contributed to the progress I’ve seen this month.
HONEYMOON GLOW AHA Resurfacing Night Serum with Hydrating Honey + Gentle Flower Acids
FARMACY-HONEYMOON GLOW AHA Resurfacing Night Serum with Hydrating Honey + Gentle Flower Acids
Kombucha Facial Treatment Esse
Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence. I recently got into using essences in my routine to add extra hydration. I love how my skin feels so hydrated and is ready for my serum This product has 8 benefits, which includes 24-hour hydration and improves the luminosity of the skin. It also minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. fresh - Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence
Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence
fresh-Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence