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Absolutely in love with these naturally untamed lip... | Cherie

Absolutely in love with these naturally untamed lip balms

Absolutely in love with these naturally untamed lip balms. I've been feeling a bit run down and with the cold weather my lips normally get all dry and deflated. Luckily, this time they haven't actually had the chance to dry out since I've been using these habitually. The peppermint lip balm is cool, smooth and soothing. It instantly give my lips the boost it so desperately needs in this shitty cold weather. The Turkish delight balm, I literally just want to eat it, need I say more? So silky and hydrating 💦. I can't fault either one of these products, one lives in my coat pocket and the other in my bag. Really beautiful products and the ingredients are 100% natural 🌿.
Oct. 8, 2019

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I’ve been hitting the jackpot
I’ve been hitting the jackpot on lip care lately 👄 I’ve always expressed how I struggle with chronic dry lips. They crack, peel and even bleed sometimes and I have always struggled with finding lip care that ACTUALLY works! I’ve found a few really amazing balms that I’m obsessed with. I was super excited to see HENNÉ has a lip serum, which I’ve never tried a lip serum before. It applies with a cooling metal rollerball applicator and it is 🙌🏻 I exfoliate my lips first, then apply the serum in a few layers and let that absorb (quartz roller helps in this step!), then I will go over top with the balm and it is DREAMY 😍 And for an extra step, I applied a lip mask over top right before bed time. I love love the idea of a lip serum and I really enjoy using it in my lip care routine.
All natural lip products by he
All natural lip products by henneorganics became my favorites and superseded my all time fave laneige lip mask. ⠀ Lip mask soothes my dry lips overnight, lip balm saves my lips while at home and tinted balm gives me that “your lips but better” result. ⠀
Nat’s Organic Lab Lip Balms
Nat’s Organic Lab Lip Balms
As the weather changes to cooler temps not only do you need to be aware of the changes in your skin & adjust your skincare routine accordingly but remember that your lips could probably use a little extra TLC as well! ⁣ Nat’s Organic Lab sent me two of their lip balms awhile back and I’ve found myself reaching for the Coconut one every morning to give my lips a moisture boost - there’s a hint of peppermint in this one & I love the cooling tingle. ⁣ “Nat's offers skin care products made using 100% organic ingredients. We carefully craft them in small batches in our laboratory in Calgary, Canada. All of the ingredients we use are certified organic in order to provide our customers a clean beauty product that nourishes and and restores skin naturally. We have formulated our lines to keep your skin and lips fully hydrated in even the harshest climates.”⁣
A lip scrub I don’t love
A lip scrub I don’t love
This Laura Geller Lip Strip Lip Scrub is less than impressive, but not a complete disaster. I have gone through one full mini tube, and this is actually my second one thanks to Birchbox. It is a gentle scrub designed to buff out chaps and rough lips to leave them smooth and ready for lipsticks, and the ingredients include sugar, coconut oil, wax, and peppermint oil. As a lip scrub, though, this is pretty lacking. It doesn’t have nearly enough sugar granules to give a proper exfoliation, but it’s not hydrating enough to be a lip mask pre-lipstick, either. The only reason I keep using it is because, for some reason unbeknownst to all of is, this is one of the few lip scrubs I actually haven’t lost yet. One thing I do like is the bit of refreshment that the peppermint oil provides, and it wipes away easily with a tissue before I go in to apply lipstick. This feels like it tried to be both a lip scrub and lip mask, but wasn’t very successful at either. The full-size version is .5 oz and retails for $16 on the Birchbox website, but I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have incredibly sensitive lips that can’t tolerate more gritty scrubs. On the Cherie star scale, I give this two out of five.
tinted lip balm from lanolips
tinted lip balm from lanolips 💫 it’s 1) aesthetic and 2) insanely moisturizing. It’s also a really good match to my lip shade, which I love! I don’t think a bold lip looks good on me, so I always go for colors closest to my natural one. I also find that applying it once in the morning leaves my lips plump + moisturized all day! I only have to retouch for the color. emilecordon lip balms I haven’t applied them yet bc I’m saving them for some close-up shots, but I noticed that all four colors have a different scent! That makes applying them such a magical experience imo ✨⁣
Which girl are you⁣
Which girl are you⁣ • GLOSS⁣ • LIPBALM⁣ • LIPSTICK⁣ • Boujee as F lipbalms that wear like all of the above ⁣ ⁣ These gorgeous luxury lip balms emilecordon have stolen my heart. I’m obsessed! When I first saw them I thought this is what you buy the girl that has everything 🤸🏻‍♀️❤️ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore but I do love a good lip balm! They use the most reputable gardens & laboratories to source their ingredients through out the country. They’re absolutely beautiful & wear like a silk dream. If you ever need a luxury splurge item I highly recommend!! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ TEXTURE⁣⁣ Soft, creamy, lightweight, slight gloss ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ RETAILS⁣⁣ $52-$65 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✔️Powdered Rose Rose champagne & strawberry leaves ⁣⁣ ✔️St. Bart’s pineapple coconut ⁣⁣ ✔️Rose Imperial champagne rose⁣⁣ ⁣