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do PIMPLE PATCHES really work?

peach slices - Acne Spot Dots
pimple patches are a great thing to have if you get pimples! they can help to conceal them throughout the day, provide protection from bacteria and use ingredients to help minimise them. 🤩 product rundown 🤩
alcohol and fragrance free, no harsh chemicals
helps blemishes disappear quickly
activity absorbs secretions
drug free and non drying
hydrocolliod patch protects wounded skin
comes with 30 patches of all different sizes
$4.49USD @ ULTA
🤓 my thoughts 🤓 I really like this product!! it gets the job done, covers pimples easily, doesn’t fall off (even after 8 hours of me wearing it) and makes it look like you’re not even wearing one! I apply this on clean skin and kept it on for 8 hours throughout the day. in my first pic, you can see how big it was ! it really was ready to pop. the pic beneath it was me the next morning, you can see the difference! it’s now a scar yes, but the size of it diminished, and the patches helped me to not pop it (because you best believe it was very tempting). in my second pic, that was the pimple right after I had taken the patch off. the pus was literally coming out. it was so satisfying seeing it on the patch as well. I think these are definitely worth it! they have worked every time I have used them and they helped to not prolong the process of a pimple!
Feb. 1
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Today’s Ulta haul!!!!✨🥳
Hi all! Today I ventured off to Ulta in search of a new moisturizer! If you saw my last post, then you know that I’m currently searching for a new one, as my most recent product just didn’t do it for me :( I was desperate for something super hydrating, so I ended up with the Murad - Nutrient-Charged Water Gel! I have heard nothing but amazing reviews about this, and considering every Murad product i’ve ever used has yet to fail me, I thought i’d give it a try As for first impressions, this gal was PRICEY... not even gonna lie... but I was in the market for a new product willing to spend a little more than usual so I thought why not? It’s ok to treat yo self here and there 😉 But this cream is so THICK! It only took about a fingertip worth of product to completely coat my entire face comfortably, which is definitely what I want in a product! My skin gets so dry during this time of the year so lathering is key! It sunk into my skin effortlessly and i SWEAR my skin feels baby soft after one use! The only thing I’m a little weary of is that it has the slightest fragrance, however, my skin has never been extremely sensitive to that kind of stuff, unless it was like overly artificial. But this is a light, flowery scent that definitely smells natural and I can’t wait to keep using it! I also received a free Murad gift Murad - Free Intense Recovery Cream Deluxe Sample With Brand Purchase with the purchase and i’m excited to see what it does! Tbh not even sure of its actual use but I’ll try it out as an eye cream and see if it does anything 😂 My lack of sleep lately has definitely shown so i’ll try anything to get rid of my eye bags! While I browsed, I also came across the highly acclaimed COSRX - Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, which I constantly see on Cherie, as well as any K-Beauty skincare forums! I bought it to see for myself what the rave was all about! I finally feel comfortable in my new routine so I thought it would be a perfect time to add a new step! I’ve used essences in the past and it always made my face feel soft and supple! I’ve heard that this is more of a preventative product for anti aging, so I probably won’t see much of a physical difference anytime soon, but I’ll try anything as long as it’s safe for my skin! I’ve learned so much while being on this app and I’m excited to experiment with new products! I never thought i’d be putting snail mucin on my face if you would have told me a year ago, but here I am!😁🐌 Lastly, I also picked up some peach slices - Acne Spot Dots. These have always been lifesavers for me when I have to wear a mask for a long period of time, and since my classes are going to resume again soon, that means the mask stays on for several hours at a time 🥲 Thankfully I have no active breakouts atm, but it’s always nice to have a stack of these bad boys whenever I need them!
Influenster Voxbox
I received this Fall Vibes VoxBox complimentary from @influenster awhile back! [Review] ☁️ Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots: If you know me you know I LOVE pimple patches! I find them to be so easy & so convenient. If I’m going to work with the intention of keeping my mask on at all times of course, time to time I will put one or two on to keep any irritated spots from rubbing against my mask throughout the day! I do this especially if I’m doing my clinical rotations in the hospital, wearing the n95 mask as well as another mask on top, it’s pressed tight to my face which can cause a lot of irritation to my sensitive skin! These patches stick to my face pretty well which is great! 10/10 for me! ☁️ Chapstick: Total Hydration (Pretty in Pink): To be honest I am not into tinted lip balms! I prefer plain lip balms only because I prefer to wear either a very pigmented lipgloss or a lipstick over it. However, on days I’m running out the door quick and want to give my face that little pop of color, this chapstick comes in handy! The shade it not too deep which I like so it will give you a nice subtle color! ☁️ Bliss Clear Genius: Clarifying Toner and Serum: I have not had the chance to use this just yet. I am not sure how bliss really works for my skin anymore! I used them often in high school/early years of college but now that my skin has changed I am not sure how I feel about them! This is a brand great for teenage skin though in my opinion! I would love to know your thoughts on Bliss^ Have you tried their clarifying toner and serum? What are your thoughts? bliss - Clear Genius Clarifying Toner + Serum ChapStick - Total Hydration Complete Care SPF 15 + Color peach slices - Acne Spot Dots

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Worked a little too well??
Worked a little too well??
So I bought this acne spot treatment because I don’t struggle with acne like I used to but every once in a while I’ll get a random pimple here and there. I think maybe the product may be a little too strong because YES it DID kill the pimple, BUT I’m now left with these little red blotches where the pimple was. I’m not sure if this is a common problem with spot treatments but I’m happy the pimple is gone, just not so happy with the red patches it left behind. CVS pharmacy - Acne Spot Treatment Cream Maximum Strength Any recommendations on a replacement? Or is this a common problem I should expect with any spot treatment?
Acne Spot Treatment Cream Maximum Strength
CVS pharmacy-Acne Spot Treatment Cream Maximum Strength
Hi I’m Lara 13 years old and h
Hi I’m Lara 13 years old and have been struggling with fungal acne, blackheads and oily skin for a long time now. I have tried so many products and nothing seems to be working for me, sad I know. Can someone please suggest some product or tips for me to try and get rid of this disgusting look as I’m constantly braking out and really need help.
Tips For Wearing Makeup with Acne
Tips For Wearing Makeup with Acne
When wearing makeup with acne there are some very important steps you must take, so that you don’t make breakouts worse and/or cause more breakouts. ✅Tip 1 First ! Depending on how bad of a breakout you are having , it’s best to avoid makeup and allow your skin to heal 🧖🏼‍♀️ so if your breakouts are inflamed, red, painful - treat the skin and ALLOW THE BREAKOUTS TO HEAL ❤️ ✅Tip 2 Before applying makeup , do your skincare routine and TREAT BREAKOUTS. Treat breakout with 🌸Spot Treatments (tea tree etc), 🌺Acne Dots ( circle patch you place over a breakout that heals them they can also be worn under makeup) 🌼Mask( betonite clay) treating the breakouts before applying makeup this helps to heal them while wearing makeup. Treatments For Acne While Wearing Makeup peach slices - Acne Spot Dots BURT’S BEES - Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment SheaMoisture - BeautyHack Face + Body + Hair Aztec Bentonite Clay 🌺There are some foundations that have acne treatments like Salicylic acid 🌺 ✅Tip 3 Remove makeup properly ! Don’t sleep with your makeup on , this will cause more / irritate breakouts. Cleanse, Tone, Serum , Moisturize. Make sure the makeup is thoroughly removed and breakouts are treated. ❤️The key is treating the breakouts before and after wearing makeup , if you have any questions about wearing makeup with acne comment below #cheriecreator ❤️
Acne Spot Dots
peach slices-Acne Spot Dots
Mask irritating your skin? I can help!💕
Mask irritating your skin? I can help!💕
What is maskne and why is everyone talking about it lately? Maskne is just a term for acne and skin irritation that sometimes comes from sweat, bacteria, moisture & oils being trapped in the skin while wearing a mask for extended periods of time. There are a few different ways you can help soothe your skin during these mask wearing times! I put together a list from tips I’ve seen other Esthetician’s post about and ideas that have worked for myself too. I will list them below 🤍 - Use a more gentle skin care routine / try to use less actives on your skin. Use a gentle cleanser AM and PM & leave the exfoliating ingredients (glycolic acid, salicylic acids, retinols - things like this) for night time but reduce them to only about once or twice a week. - Go makeup free! Wearing makeup under a mask all day can cause excess oil buildup and increase breakouts. - Apply pimple patches to breakout spots and wear them under your mask during the day. This is a really helpful tip that I have seen. The patches will not only medicate the breakout, but they will hydrate the breakout as well (which is what you want!) Hydration makes inflammation go down and helps heal a breakout much faster than drying it out completely. 💕 I have heard great things about the @zitsticka patches. They are backed and formulated by a Medical Esthetician and a Dermatologist! - Wash your mask after each use if it is reusable or use a new mask every time if it is not. - Healing and hydrating products are key! Healing ointments and creams, & make sure you are hydrating your skin with moisturizer always. - Cleanse your skin at least twice a day (morning and night) and if you wear a mask all day at work try to cleanse your face as soon as you get home and apply moisturizer right after. I hope these tips helped, even in the slightest bit!😷 #maskne #breakouts #irritation #CherieCreator
A must have!!
A must have!!
This is AMAZING🤩 Whether you have acne or not you need to try this! It’s perfect for that one zit that pops out of nowhere because you’ve been stressed or wore your mask too long because Covid or any other reason. Works within hours to a day✨ (depending on the zit) ⚠️ It may sting for 1-2 seconds after applying the first time because it’s working but it’s not painful, just a little uncomfortable but by the time you notice it it’s gone⚠️ Did I mention it’s $10 or less!🤪Clean&Clear - Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
Clean&Clear-Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
So I’ve always had pretty bad
So I’ve always had pretty bad acne. And because I’m getting older, I want to take better care of my skin. So in the morning I wash my face with PanOxl and before bed I wash my face with glycolix and I apply a topical cream. My dermatologist told me to wash my face with that stuff, but I’m not sure what else I can do to help my skin. For example, what kind of moisturizer would be the best? Or what stuff can I use to help get rid of my acne scaring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!