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🌟Creator Spotlight 🏷 Acne Skincare Routine | Cherie

🌟Creator Spotlight 🏷 Acne Skincare Routine

Check out @skincare_junkie profile for her full acne skincare routine! “I have acne-prone skin so I do this routine 1-2 times a week. I start by using the DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil
to remove sunscreen and/or makeup. Although this one clogged my pores and made me break out, I still want to finish it before I find a new one...” Don’t hesitate to share your own in 🏷 Acne Skincare Routine!
Jan. 6
mangosmoothieI don’t think you tagged the right account, would love to follow the actual Cherie user tho!
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GlossAndGlowI think the correct account would be @skincarejunkie1 !
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Apostrophe Update!
So far I am super happy with how my skin is looking! I started on January 6, and today is February 16. The end of my 90 days will be either at the end of March or at the beginning of April, so I’m about halfway there. The struggle for me right now is that my skin changes day to day. One day I will wake up with lots of cystic pimples, and one dat, like today, my skin will have none. I definitely still have dark marks, but I’m okay with that for now! As long as they aren’t active I am happy lol. I still seem to get acne flares on my period, which is discouraging considering Spironolactone is for hormonal acne. I’m just trying to trust the process🧐 I realized that I haven’t talked about my daily morning and night routine, so here it is! Morning: -cleanse with either PEACH & LILY - Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser or CeraVe - Hydrating Cream-To-Foam Cleanser -moisturize with either PEACH & LILY - Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream or FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Cream Minis Original & Cranberry Pomegranate -apply spf with Supergoop! - Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 -my makeup routine At night: -remove makeup with DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil -cleanse with CeraVe - Hydrating Cream-To-Foam Cleanser -moisturize with FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Cream Minis Original & Cranberry Pomegranate -apply a pea sized amount of .025% Tretinoin formula from Apostrophe - Topical Formula -and of course some Aquaphor - Healing Ointment Skin Protectant on my lips before bed!
another two bite the dust ✌🏻
Two more empties: HERITAGE STORE - Rosewater Spray I’ve already reviewed this toner on my previous post. I like the sprayer aspect but the formula is just meh. Nothing to write home about. I’ll keep the spray bottle to reuse again but probably won’t repurchase this toner in the near future. DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil The smell was a little weird at first, think olive oil, but overall the consistency and the way it felt being massaged into my skin won me over. I loved this product but will not be repurchasing due to the backlash the brand is receiving due to racist comments made by the brand’s creator. As consumers, we are powerful. We have the power to perpetuate wealth for creators. We vote with our wallets. I will not continue to support or buy a brand that has questionable ethics. I have instead chosen to purchase THE inkey LIST - Oat Cleansing Balm as it’s replacement! Have you tried these products? What do you think? Do ethics play in to which brands you purchase from? Let me know ☺️
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Best ALL Makeup Remover
Best ALL Makeup Remover
This is far the best cleansing oil Ive tried, as you can see I've used more than half the bottle and this is my tired bottle. I have tried many different makeup removers and found that the cleansing oils are the less damaging of all, all the other ones including wipes require a rubbing of the product on your skin which is very abrasive and damaging to the skin and eye are. In the other side cleansing oils are simple to use and do not cause more oil production which is something I believed when I was on my early 20s. How to use: Wash your hands, dry them, and get a pump on your palm, put both hands together rub a little and distribute it ALL OVE YOUR DRY FACE (not wet face) your skin needs to be dry or at least have no water in it - DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE PRIOR TO THIS, WASH YOUR FACE AFTER. Distribute the oil all over your face and do soft circles specially on the areas where you have more makeup or where you got waterproof makeup like the eye area for example (rub a little but in a delicate manner). And please keep your eyes close during this if your are putting this on your eyes. Rub softly for about 1 or 2 minutes. Now now rinse this off (the first time you will use water) with Luke warm water, I prefer to rinse by parts (I first do my cheeks to chin area, 2nd forehead, and last the eyes since I wear heavy eye makeup, the point of it to let the oil soak where it needs more removal) Now that you have removed your makeup is time to use a regular face cleanser, any of your choice, I use cethapil or the Korres foaming greek yogurt cleanser and wash your face as you normally would if you did not have makeup. Dry your face gently with a clean towel or paper towel and you are done and ready to proceed with your skin routine. Tip: I already mentioned it but an essential reminder, DO NOT USE ON WET SKIN BECAUSE IT WILL NOT WORK. Wash your face after it with a regular foaming cleanser so you can get rid of any left over oil (specially acne prone people) I genuinely enjoy this product and recommend it to all my friends, I have gifted this product to my mom and cousins and they love it as well. It works on any type of skin and all ages. Thank you beautiful women! Power to us all!!!
Deep Cleansing Oil
DHC-Deep Cleansing Oil
Purifying Gel Cleanser - Glo Skin Beauty 💧
Purifying Gel Cleanser - Glo Skin Beauty 💧
This is the cleanser I reach for if I feel like my skin needs that extra push. I’ll use this after my oil cleanser, and since this has active ingredients in it (salicylic acid) I tend to reach for this one if I’m experiencing some breakouts or if i feel like my skin needs some extra TLC. I switch off and on between this and the Hydrating Gel Cleanser from this brand. This purifying gel cleanser rinses away surface debris and impurities, deeply cleansing pores without over drying or stripping oil. It helps preserve skin's natural moisture balance with antioxidants in our purify cleanser to protect and soothe. It also purifies oily skin while leaving it soft and hydrated, so your skin won’t feel tight after washing! It has really helped balance the oils of my skin out, I used to think I had super oily skin but that’s only because I was using the wrong products and not moisturizing that much because I didn’t think I needed it!! But that is completely false. I’ll touch on that more in my next post for you guys ❤️ glo - Purifying Gel Cleanser #cleanser #oilyskin #salicylicacid #CherieCreator
Purifying Gel Cleanser
glo-Purifying Gel Cleanser
My current double cleanse routine
My current double cleanse routine
This is what my cleansing routine currently looks like. 1.Cleansing balm I'm from Fig Cleansing Balm I have using this for a few months. I'm almost out of it. It's the brand's first cleansing product.I look forward to see what other cleansing product they might come up with . it's a slightly pink colored balm with a nice sherbet texture. Easy to wash off, emulsify well and doesn't leave any residue. A pretty good 1st cleanser. Thinking of trying the banilla co. cleansing balm after I'm done with this one. 2nd cleanser rotation: a) BadSkin Ssuk Bomb Eraser I have been using this for almost 2 months now. it's the first product that I've tried of the brand. it's a mugwort based product with 2 functions. it can be used as a cleanser and as a wash off. I only use it as a cleanser. It doesn't have the most pleasant scent from all mugwort product I've tried so far. You can smell the mugwort scent but it has a more earthly scent to it. This cleanser comes in a cute packaging.It looks like a toothpaste. The texture itself is pasty . It's a pretty gentle cleanser. You get a descent amount of foam with this cleanser. The format is travel friendly. I might repurchase this eventually. I use it day /night depending on my mood lately. b) boH Anti Dust Glue Foam Cleanser (mini) This mini Cleanser came along with the watercool defense sun gel I bought at Olive Young Global back it March. I recently started using it. I enjoy using this mostly at night because it provides deep cleansing and clear out my pores and blackhead. it's pretty gentle, lightly scented and pretty affordable. it foam decently as well. It contains Ceramide NP and Cica extract. It's a nice option for acne prone skin. It doesn't dry out the skin.
Fig Cleansing Balm
I'm from-Fig Cleansing Balm
Who loves the Citrus fresh sce
Who loves the Citrus fresh scent of Lemons!?!? Do you have oily or combination skin type? 🍋If you do then these products are for you!. . The cleansing wipes are perfect for everyday use of dirt, oil, and makeup removal on your face. They cleaned very well on my face and had the right amount of moisture too them. I love how fresh and bright my skin looked. The lingering scent of lemons was phenomenal after using these. I love them!! . . The cleansing gel is thick, lathers very nicely, removes makeup very easily and leaves a refreshing scent of lemons on your face. My face was slightly red after using this so I may have too give this too my husband as his skin is thicker and less sensitive than mine. . The exfoliating facial pads is perfect for someone who has acne prone skin as it’s loaded with Vitamin C and cleans your skin very well. The texture of the pads has a light grainy feel too them on the skin for a deep exfoliating action. Great for those pesky blackheads and oil build up. I did noticed a strong alcohol smell too the exfoliating pads my face felt great after using them. . . I tend too gravitate and use products that are naturally derived as my skin is slightly on the sensitive side. I do know the Clean & Clear Products are more geared towards the people who have Acne/Oily skin types so this is why these products aren’t suitable for me. The price for each product is under $8 so it’s very affordable and excellent for those with troubled skin. .
Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Wate
Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water⁣ ⁣ PRODUCT INFO: ⁣ ⁣ Benton is a cruelty-free brand which focuses on restoring skin to its healthy, original condition by using clean ingredients instead of harmful⁣ ones. They create their products in small batches to ensure freshness is kept intact. ⁣ ⁣ Made with 70% tea tree leaf water, this cleansing water goes beyond simply removing stubborn makeup and impurities, and actually infuses⁣ skin with acne-fighting tea tree leaf extract oil in addition to the tea tree water. With only 10 ingredients and no fragrance, this is a cleansing⁣ water that does double duty, effectively removing dirt and grime from pores while treating them with antibacterial ingredients to keep sebum in check⁣ and pimples from forming. This product has a pH level of ~6. 6.76 fl. oz./200 ml⁣ ⁣ ⁣ MY THOUGHTS: Benton is one of my favorite Korean skincare brands and tea tree is one of my favorite ingredients for fighting blemishes while soothing inflammation and decreases redness. Tea Tree however is not something I would normally use for removing makeup because it has astringent properties and using around my sensitive eye area is a no no so I am surprised this would be recommended as a makeup remover. It didn't fully remove my makeup either and I ended up using one of my go to cleansers⁣ afterwards to finish the job. This is better suited for cleansing your face in morning when you don't need to remove makeup. I have cleansers & makeup removers that I like a lot better so this would not be something I would purchase again. It is also expensive for a cleansing water (compared to my preferred micellar water) and size is small compared to my 16 oz micellar water. This is best suited for those with oily and acne prone skin. It is also drying so it is important to use a great moisturizer afterwards. ⁣
OXY FAVs For Acne, Oil, Dirt, and Pores 🤯
OXY FAVs For Acne, Oil, Dirt, and Pores 🤯
I love this brand! Their OXY - Acne Medication With Benzoyl Peroxide helped me through some hard times when I was younger and suffered from severe acne. The Benzoyl Peroxide in it really helped subdue my extreme breakouts. Now that I’m older my acne isn’t as severe and Salicylic Acid is enough to keep my breakouts at bay. 🌼OXY Volcanic Ash Acne Wash: This product works amazing for keeping my skin clear of breakouts. This is apart of my daily skincare routine. The charcoal in it draws out the dirt from my pores leaving my skin looking and feeling fresh. It has menthol in it, which I like, because it gives my face a tingly clean sensation. Beware not to get it too close to your eyes though. Menthol feels good on the skin but it’s not something that can be rinse out of your eyes you will have to wait until the tingling stops. 🌼OXY 3-in-1 Acne Pads: This product is super strong. It contains alcohol so I would not recommend for people with sensitive skin but if you have oily skin like me this is great for oil/dirt control. It also contains Salicylic Acid which is good for breakouts. This product can be super drying so I make sure to follow up with a hydrating moisturizer to add some moisture back into my skin.
Acne Medication With Benzoyl Peroxide
OXY-Acne Medication With Benzoyl Peroxide