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Cloud Paint DUPE! 🤩 OMG!

I set out to find the perfect dupe for Glossier’s Cloud Paint, and I think I found something really special. 🤩 The NYX “Sweet Cheeks” soft cheek tint is the perfect cream blush if you’re looking for a similar formula to Cloud Paint, but without the hefty price tag.
Shade shown: “Nude’Tude”
The product comes in a range of colors from dark purples to mauvey pinks.
Buildable color
Retails for around ~$9 USD
Physician’s Formula Murumuru Lip Butter with SPF 15 was my first go at a sheer SPF lip. The only thing I didn’t LOVE about the lip butter was that it dries on skin fast, and therefore the color wears off pretty quickly... But the formula itself is SO creamy and soft on my lips I might just have to keep it.
Shade shown: “Brazilian Nut”
There isn’t a HUGE variety of shades
Buildable, sheer color that’s easy to reapply
Retails for around ~$7 USD
I found both of these products at Target and they are also available online through select retailers. 😍🥰
Jul. 16, 2020
OliviaDeannHuntI LOVE the physicians formula murumuru butter lipstick actually have one of my own very hydrating and pretty colors as well
Jul. 17, 2020·2 likes
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Full face drugstore products 🤩💸
Last nights look using ALL drugstore products. proof you can look glam on a budget 😍 pics taken on iphone front camera with NO Filters!!!! Product breakdown ⬇️ 🍒 PRIMER: NYX - Pore Filler Primer Good primer, not oily, smooth and gave me a good base for my foundation. mini ($5) 🍒FOUNDATION: e.l.f. - Flawless Finish Foundation The bottle i picked up says “Flawless Satin Foundation” Not sure if they’re the same product, however this is possibly the best drugstore foundation I have ever used. It went on smoothly, great coverage and soo cheap! 10/10 recommended you pick this up! ($6) 🍒CONCEALER: e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer This has been called a dupe for the Tarte shape tape but I think it’s even better. It’s lightweight, not thick with amazing coverage that hardly creases. I recommend the Hydrating version over the regular one. ($6) 🍒BLUSH: NYX - Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint I prefer cream blushes over powder and this is definitely my new favorite, absolutely love this formula!! It’s a whipped texture of blush that applies amazing, not blotchy or hard to blend at all!! In shade “Nude’Tude” ($9) 🍒POWDER: MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder Possibly the best powder i’ve come across! I use this to set my whole face, didn’t get cakey or blotchy throughout the night! In shade “20 Light Medium” ($5) 🍒BRONZER: PHYSICIANS FORMULA - Murumuru Butter Bronzer Good bronzer, doesn’t have the best color pay off but smells great and cute packaging. ($15) 🍒HIGHLIGHTER: IBYBEAUTY - Travel Size Radiant Glow Highlighter Cute little highlighter i received in my IPSY bag this month, not a glittery highlight more of a radiant glow which i like. Shade “24k Magic” ($8) 🍒BROWS: e.l.f. - Instant Lift Brow Pencil Came with a spoolie which i liked however the pencil is a bit dry and it took a lot of strokes to apply it. Shade “Neutral Brown” ($2) 🍒EYESHADOW: I actually just used the blush and bronzer for a quick and easy eyeshadow look, I forgot to pick up a palette 😅 🍒LIPS: NYX - Suede Matte Lip Liner Love the formula and the color pay off is amazing in the shade “London” ($3) topped with NYX - Butter Gloss In shade “Bit of honey” Best drugstore glosses hands down! 🙌 ($4) 🍒LASHES MAYBELLINE - Mascara Lash Sensational Not a huge fan of mascara but I really wanted to try this one, it’s good but i’ve used better ones! KISS - Ever Ez Lashes In style #11 My absolute favorite drugstore lash brand, lightweight band and perfect for everyday 💖 used with their glue. And that’s it for the Review 🥳 Thank you for reading i know it was a pretty big one! Let me know your thoughts, if you try any of these products, or anything else you’d like to add. 🥰🍒🤍✨✨✨

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A lipstick you may not have heard of
A lipstick you may not have heard of
Bodyography wasn’t a brand I was very familiar with, until last year when then released their fabric texture lipsticks and I won a full set of them in a giveaway. I’ve never been a huge fan of traditional lipsticks because they look too harsh on me, but these are buildable and can be applied for a blotted effect. Bodyography describes them as “demi-matte” lipsticks with a “next-to-nothing naked feel,” which I would say is accurate. They are cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan, and contain coconut and jojoba oils to moisturize. This is the shade “velvet,” and as you can see it’s a deep burgundy that always makes me think of blackberry juice. This is not a color I would normally wear, but since I can apply it and blot it do it looks more subtle, I really like it. It doesn’t last more than a few hours though, but I really don’t mind applying. I wish it were a little more moisturizing, but honestly my lips are always dry and I haven’t found any one product yet that has offered me a solution for it. These lipsticks are $26 each, which is a little pricey in my opinion. However, these will last me forever since I don’t wear them every day, and when I do I only apply a little bit. I recommend checking out Bodyography if you haven’t heard of them!
Fabric Texture Lipstick
bodyography-Fabric Texture Lipstick
This dupe saves you 20 dollars!💄
This dupe saves you 20 dollars!💄
There is never too much lips stains or lip gloss for women. We always have various reasons for buying new one. For example, you are obsessed with hoarding coral lipsticks, find yourself lacking a red rouge, or just want to buy the new product a brand launched recently. But if you spend too much money on lipstick, your purse may cry for help! So it is a good way to find a dupe for high-cost lip products. If you know me, you’ll find me coveting brown lip stains. I really like how lip gloss feel on my lips. It gives me juicy and shiny lip look. Recently I bought a medium-brown lip gloss from NARSNARS - Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer, the shade is Foxy. It retails for $26 and contains 0.18 oz. When I applied it on my lips I was surprised to find this one is almost 90% similar to Colourpop’s R We Done Ultra Glossy LipCOLOURPOP - Ultra Glossy Lipnars! Colourpop provides makeup products for drugstore. So this lip gloss is much cheaper than Foxy! It only costs $6 for 0.11 oz! I highly suggest you choose the Colourpop R We Done as a dupe for NARS Foxy so that you can save $20!  The swatches of both are presented in pictures. Both of them appear as peachy brown with warm undertones and a cream finish. The R We Done is a little bit lighter than Foxy. But you won’t see the difference if you apply R We Done with two more layers. Both of them lats well for about four hours on the condition that you are not eating too much. As for their packaging, NARS is fancier than Colourpop, since the difference of price is obvious. Similar, Foxy smells better than R We Done. Who cares! Colourpop is $20 cheaper than NARS, and the shade R We Done is 90% similar to Foxy. Why not pick this Colourpop R We Done Ultra Glossy Lip!
Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer
NARS-Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer
Drugstore Lip Satin Under $10 That Lasts All Day
Drugstore Lip Satin Under $10 That Lasts All Day
LIP STAIN VS LIPSTICK? LIP STAIN DEFINITELY!!! L'ORÉAL - Rouge Signature Metallic Liquid Lipstick Ok at this point, I guess it's safe (and sad) to say that I am ADDICTED to this matte lip stain!  The reason why do I prefer lip stains better is because they are much more moisturizing, unlike many others that dry out the lips, plus they actually last.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 I’m always amazed by how well it stays on throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than putting on a bold lipstick and having it come off after your first sip of coffee. With L’Oreal, that doesn’t happen. I can even eat full meals confident my lip color will stay on. Does the stain eventually fade?  Of course… But what I love about this stain is that they stay looking very even.. I often find with other lip stains, the color starts to fade more in the center of my lips, leaving a darker outline. Not cute.. CONCLUSION: Pros: ✔️ Ultra-lightweight formula Brand credibility Highly pigmented load Fresh matte finish Ultra-comfortable Feels like it’s not there Cost Effective Price ($9.9 | drugstore) Cons: ❌ Does not have SPF Might be patchy for some This is the perfect choice when you want statement colors with a barely-there feel. Despite the matte finish it stays comfortable and flexible without cracking. No liner needed. I will continue to buy these!!$ Definitely recommend it! Included pictures, the colors tend to look a bit different on Asian girls, so I wanted to give ya a gander at what this color looks like on this yellow-skin gal. :-) 💚💚💚
Rouge Signature Metallic Liquid Lipstick
L'ORÉAL-Rouge Signature Metallic Liquid Lipstick
A favourite from YSL!
A favourite from YSL!
I’m a sucker for a good lipstick/lip gloss hybrid. It’s super moisturizing and not super opaque. One of my favourites has to be YSL’s volupté tint-in-balm! The shade I have here is #1. These lipsticks smell like mangoes oh my gosh 😍🥭 (talk about yummy). They are super duper moisturizing, which is one of the reasons why I love them so much. The colour is a sheer tint of colour, but it is super buildable which is great - being able to control the intensity of the colour! Oh ya, and the texture 😍 glides onto your lips like butter 🥰 I highly recommend this product to all you girlies out there! You will not be disappointed by this product. In my opinion, I believe it is very much worth the price! Plus, who can resist this beautiful packaging 😍😍🤩 YVES SAINT LAURENT - Volupté Tint-in-Balm Lipstick
Volupté Tint-in-Balm Lipstick
YVES SAINT LAURENT-Volupté Tint-in-Balm Lipstick
How did I live without coral lipstick!👄
How did I live without coral lipstick!👄
L'ORÉAL - Paris Limited Edition Stardust Lipstick I'm so surprised by this lipstick cause I never ever bought a lipstick online. Even if you try on lipsticks at expensive department stores, you still have to go outdoors to see what it looks like cause the lighting is oddly terrible. I used to only buy expensive cosmetics and life changed. I had tried this brand before from a sample and I used the whole tube. That means I liked it. So when searching for a pretty corally pink lipstick, I thought, hey, I'll look online for one in this brand. I found awesome reviews like crazy on this Tropic Coral and the price was great.so what the heck. I didn't really have high hopes cause even the computers don't show all the colors accurately. OMG! I looooove this lipstick. I haven't felt so pretty in years. Super great for spring and summer. I love this L'Oreal lipstick because it stays moist on the lips most of the day, only having to reapply after meals. I've read some complaints from other reviewers about the Tropic Cora not having much of a tint to it, but that's exactly why I love it! I like the nude look on my lips, and this gives just a hint of shading along with a sexy sheen. I've found this brand works so much better than lipgloss for chapstick or keeping my dry chapped lips moisturized for longer periods of time.It was exactly what I expected . . . a light shimmering peach shade. Smooth application, no noticeable odor/flavor and a snap tight case.
Paris Limited Edition Stardust Lipstick
L'ORÉAL-Paris Limited Edition Stardust Lipstick
nude lips from the drugstore!
nude lips from the drugstore!
I love the nude lip look, but sometimes makeup can be pricey! these are some of my favorite products to use for a really neutral, pretty nude. you can omit the gloss if you want a really matte look, it’s fun to play around with different applications. MAYBELLINE - Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner I have the color “raw chocolate” and it’s a warm brown on me. it’s super soft and never breaks. I think it’s one of the best formulas for lip liner I’ve tried! NYX - Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream I got this after seeing kamie from catfiish’s makeup! I love her look and this is the product she uses. I have the cream lipsticks in other colors because it really is a good formula. e.l.f. - Lip Plumping Gloss if you’re feeling like you want shine, elf’s “naked nude” is one of my favorites! it’s such a pretty neutral shade and the gloss is gorgeous. nude lips are one of those looks that go with any eye look, so it’s my absolute fave. #cheriepartner
Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner
MAYBELLINE-Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner