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Finally! No more hair losses
Finally! No more hair losses
To all my thin hair girls! Check these two things out that saves my hair loss is an amazing way! I’ve tried these for about two months and absolutely love love them! THE BODY SHOP - Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo I wasn’t too expect for this shampoo from the Body shop at the beginning. I was looking for something natural and more organic. I did see a few reviews on it from Instagram so I want to give it a try. It is sulfate free. It lathers nicely when you wash your hair it enhances silkiness. This is always something I’m looking for especially these two years. I do notices that my hair was not as glowing as before because of too many chemical damaging i did to my hair like coloring. Our hair get stropped once we put chemical treatment on. This is also why it is important to look for haircare products that is hydrating and moisturizing in order to retain length in hair that is nor breaking off or shedding. I found this shampoo does a great job at improving elasticity and reduces breakages. I do feel my get get stronger and probably that is one of the reasons that I have less hair losses as well. Next comes to this treatment from The ordinary. The Ordinary - Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density This serum has very light textures and feels comfortable when you put it on. I normally apply a few drops before going the sleep, to clean, dry scalp. I would also massage into scalp thoroughly for blood circulation and let the product evenly applied. The technologies present in this formula is to prevent hair loss, breakage and promote thick hair growth. I notice that after a few weeks of trying this product, my new growth is a lot more manageable. It does promote healthy hair growth because of the special formulation that they use in many of their hair vitamins. I have noticed that when I use their products, my hair do look healthier and it does feel a lot stronger.
Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo
THE BODY SHOP-Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo