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Create my own summer lip color 🍒+🍑
Create my own summer lip color 🍒+🍑
Today I want to share a really beautiful combination that I love to do recently. Since there are more sunny days this month, I prefer using shiny lip glosses. And the Water Stain collection of Yves Saint Laurent has been my favorite lip products recently because they are water-enriched, lightweight, fresh, and non-sticky at all. The price is $37, like the regular prices of YSL lip products, and recently Sephora has its VIP sales for 20% off, which is a perfect time to give it a try. Let’s start from the base color #610, named nude underwater, which is a brown nutmeg nude. I usually do two layers, because the color is quite sheer but still buildable. I want to have a peach nude color underneath, so the other color will blend naturally.  Then I will use #613 on top. This is called Cascade Bordeaux, which is a deep burgundy shade if I do several layers, and a bright strawberry red if I only do one layer. That is the reason I love this collection because they are sheer and buildable, and you can choose how many colors you want depending on seasons, weathers or moods.  In this combination, I will only put #613 on the center of my lower lip and blend it with #610 and repeat it again to have a juicy cherry lip color. Then I will use #610 again only on the edge of my lips and blend it inside to have a soft transition. Comparing with only using #610, I feel this combination can make my lips look more pump, and the color is perfect for summer.  Since we have to stay at home, it’s time to do some creativity. I do have fun using my old lip colors to create some new ones, and I think it is a good way to save money too.  YVES SAINT LAURENT - Vernis à Lèvres Water Stain Lip Stain
Vernis à Lèvres Water Stain Lip Stain
YVES SAINT LAURENT-Vernis à Lèvres Water Stain Lip Stain