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Amazing Cowash 😍

My favorite cowash! I have wavy hair but my scalp gets oily and this product actually makes my scalp feel clean after I use it. Perfect for those who sweat a lot and feel like they need to wash their hair constantly but get irritated scalps! AS I AM - Coconut Cowash
May 22
SofiaaKThis may be what my boyfriend needs, hope it works well
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bhazlewoodIt’s really good!!!
May 24
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Perfect product for coils/curls!
This AS I AM - Coconut Cowash has really helped my hair! It cleans my hair while making it really soft. (It smells super good). I couldn’t find the other product but it’s the AS I AM hydrating lotion. This hair lotion really hydrates my hair and makes it super smooth! Tell me what I should post next! Bye angels! ❤️❤️
my five-star product lineup for natural 4a hair!
these are my holy grail products for my low porosity, medium density 4a hair. i stopped flat ironing my hair in 2014 to really see how my natural curls would develop. it has been a roller coaster 🎢🎢🎢 journey to find the products that work best for me. after lots of trial and error, these are my favorite products. i have used them pretty consistently for the last two years. amika: - Soulfood Nourishing Mask - this is the old packaging for my favorite deep conditioner. the scent is amazeballs and it does a fabulous job softening my hair and creating some slip before i cowash. the sea buckthorn oil is the secret ingredient - so moisturizing! i wet my hair with a spray bottle and deep condition for 2 hrs to a full day (up in my high bun). AS I AM - Coconut Cowash + TANGLE TEEZER - The Original Detangling Hair Brush in the shower to condition and get all of the shed hair out. my hair, like my skin, can be quite dry, so i need super nourishing products. this cowash has been a constant in my routine basically since the beginning. sometimes i’ll skip the tangle teezer and finger detangle, but i really want to make sure that i get that shed hair out during wash day. DevaCurl - Devatowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel to dry off these tresses. EDEN Body Works - Coconut Shea Natural Curl Defining Creme + ECOCO - Eco Style Argan Oil Gel - i part my hair in half, mix these two together, and run the product through semi-generously. then i’ll put each half into three twists to prevent tangling and let air dry. SheaMoisture - 100% Pure Argan Oil - once my hair has dried, i’ll use this oil to gently unravel the twists. the oil helps me ensure that i’m not pulling too hard on the hair, since it’s dry and more fragile at that point. i don’t do much between washes, to avoid product buildup. i sleep in a pineapple 🍍 on a satin pillowcase, and usually wear it down for a few days before putting it into a pineapple / bun for a few days. when my life is together, i do my wash routine every 5-7 days. i love talking about natural hair!! 👩🏾‍🦱 let me know if you have any favorite products or tips. 🤗

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Function of Beauty NEW Product Launch Alert!
Function of Beauty NEW Product Launch Alert!
💇‍♀️ Bad Hair day? I don't know her. NEW Product Launch Alert! 🚨 Meet Function of Beauty's Hair Mask and Hair Serum. Hair Mask - Key ingredients include Argan Oil, Jojoba Ester Oil and Japanese Sake. This is an intensive, weekly deep conditioning treatment designed to hydrate & nourish your hair and to be used as a wash off mask in the shower after shampooing. Hair Serum - Key ingredients include Argan Oil Jojoba Oil, Annatto Oil, and Sunflower Oil. This is a lightweight finishing product to help enhance shine, tame frizz, and give you that perfect, IG worthy "glass hair" look. This serum can be used daily on both wet and dry hair. My thoughts? It's no secret, I've always loved FoB's 100% customizable products and these are no different. I've been testing the duo for a couple of weeks now and I love them both. I get so lazy with hair masks but, I've been reaching for this one more often because it just smells so incredible 🤤🍑 and the serum... I've not skipped a day since receiving it! Upon usage, my hair is left feeling silky soft and smooth, shiny (not greasy), healthy, and smelling great! function of beauty - Custom Hair Serum
Custom Hair Serum
function of beauty-Custom Hair Serum
🇯🇲 As I Am JBCO Collection for type 3/4
🇯🇲 As I Am JBCO Collection for type 3/4
🇯🇲 This deep conditioner from the As I Am Jamaican Black Castor Oil collection is amazing! It’s formulated for type 3 and type 4 hair. I love that they specify, because a big part of the natural hair journey is identifying what products will work for your hair type without wasting hundreds of dollars in the process. 💦The texture isn’t as thick as a traditional deep conditioner, but it still does the trick and it smells amazing! I have a lot of hair and even though the jar looks small it lasts for at least 5 treatments depending on how heavy handed you are.
JBCO Conditioner
AS I AM-JBCO Conditioner
 I've really been enjoying the
I've really been enjoying the briogeo don't despair, repair! hair mask lately, either as a conditioner or mask (though I always let it sit for at least 3-4 minutes). My hair is getting just long enough to be a hassle to manage, so I'll either be using masks a lot more frequently. Perhaps I'll mull it over with some wine, Kurt Vonnegut.
This Puttisu Clean Mild Shampo
This Puttisu Clean Mild Shampoo has been an adorable addition to my shower caddy and I've been loving it 😍 . It's a mild shampoo designed for kids, 98% natural and silicon and sulfate free. It's a clear gel with a scent that reminds me of tea tree. Very refreshing! It suds up easily but I find that 2-3 pumps are needed for my long hair. What got me is the cute reusable pump of course 😆 but it's a nice gentle shampoo that cleanses well and leaves my hair soft too! . 🛍 $18.88 on Amazon .
Macadamia Natural Oil hair masque and oil treatment. 💚 these two products have been a go to for like, 2 years now I’m not even kidding. The masque I leave in while showering and rinse out right before I get out. Not only does it leave my hair smooth and shiny but it actually feels healthier for days after my shower, which is think is great because I personally don’t like to wash my hair every day! The oil treatment is super light, and doesn’t leave my roots or my ends oily like some other brands do. I hate it when I use treatment oil that makes my hair look dirty. The masque itself retails for $36 on their site, so it was pretty pricy for MY personal use. But I did however, love it. The oil treatment was $40. So however considering I used it for so long, I’d say it was a good investment. MACADAMIA - Deep Repair Masque
Deep Repair Masque
MACADAMIA-Deep Repair Masque
KS Haircare⁣ Products
KS Haircare⁣ Products ⁣ PRODUCT INFO: ⁣⁣ ⁣ Humidity Mist ($25) - Lightweight oil that protects hair from heat when styling. The HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY prevents the hair from drying out. If use prior to drying this quick absorbing mist will absorb the moisture cutting down blow dry time. It is also a great finishing product to add shine to the hair without that greasy look/feel.⁣ ⁣ Revitalizer Leave-In ($27) - This great leave-in has nourishing benefits. It detangles hair, prevent split ends, controls frizz, repairs dry and damaged hair - leaving it silky and smooth. It also protects the color from fading so quickly. Reduces hair breakage and protects from thermal styling.⁣ ⁣ Fortify Leave-In ($27) - The fortify is great to restructure bounce and body to fine/fragile hair. This leave-In is great for detangling and adding⁣ life back into the hair. A great spray to add proteins back into the hair. ⁣⁣ ⁣ Bodify Volume Spray ($25) - This spray is good to create a foundation for styling. Allows hair to have volume instantly and protects from thermal. Good for all hair types. ⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ MY THOUGHTS: Paraben free, Sulfate free and vegan. KS Haircare products use certified organic extracts as well as Strandguard complex protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color and cause premature degradation of the hair structure. So many great ingredients! These products are all lightweight and will not weigh your hair down. Love the scents that left my hair smelling fresh and clean. My hair looks healthier than it has in a long time – it has a shine (not a greasy one) that has been sorely lacking for awhile. I love that I can still use my favorite shampoo and conditioner and that these products work with those. These are the best leave-in products I have ever used. And since a little goes a long way, you will get your money’s worth. HIGHLY recommend.⁣⁣ ⁣