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Calamansi or Calamondin might not be my favourite because it's not a fruit which you... | Cherie

But nevermind the food, Calamansi is told to fade acne scars

Calamansi or Calamondin might not be my favourite because it's not a fruit which you can normally see in Europe but I have to admit I like sour fruits and I even eat raw lime from time to time. My genes are weird since I'm not the best with salty and fatty food, but sour, spicy or sweet? But nevermind the food, Calamansi is told to fade acne scars, does it really do that? It's too early to say that but this mask totally saved my skin during the heatwave - I put it overnight into the fridge and then use it straight from the fridge. It didn't break me out and I never felt so relaxed. The mask has a yellow colour and the fit is really good. I will totally buy more of them when I'm out of my sheet masks.
Sep. 20, 2019

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 I’ve always wanted to try a r
I’ve always wanted to try a rubber mask so was surprised to see this from Sephora. I always use their foot mask, hand masks and their charcoal nose strip so I assumed this would be great but it sadly didn’t meet my expectations for the reasons below. ✨ While charcoal mask are amazing for oily/acne prone skin this was slightly time consuming. Tho, it was fun to do, felt like I was doing a little chemical experiment 👩🏻‍🔬: you’re suppose to add water in the charcoal powder mix. I used filtered water to avoid using hard water. But it really did take me a while to actually blend it all in together even after it was quite lumpy. Do keep in mind that I did stir for quite a while even before the video. Plus, it was also a bit too messy to apply. While I’m saying these negative stuff, I do need to say that it did feel really nice on, it has a slight cooling affect, which I enjoyed and it was interesting to take off. I liked that texture when I was pulling it off. Now, there are some things I also didn’t enjoy when I was removing it. The left over residue or left over parts were not easy to remove! If you do try to use it, make sure you don’t use it around your hair ✨ If they do “upgrade” this to something that is less time consuming to prepare, then I would try it again to see how it affected my skin. I mean you’re only suppose to leave it on for 5 min which is great but it shouldn’t take almost the same amount of time just to prepare it.
PRODUCT: drroebuc
✨UPDATE POST PRODUCT: drroebucks Tama Healing Mask STATUS: (very close to) HG 💖 PRICE: $35 CAD / $28 USD SIZE: 50 mL WHERE: shoppersdrugmartofficial (Canada) / sephora (USA) . I used the mask with my PM routine and, by morning, the breakout had seriously calmed down. The pimples were much smaller and much less angry (less red and swollen). I also noticed them disappear more quickly than usual. After that experience it’s safe to say Tama is inching very close to HG status. I love the clean, simple ingredient list and the affordable price point. When Tama runs out it will definitely be a repurchase for me! . FYI it was only a mild hormonal breakout, not a cystic one, but I could still imagine that Tama would still help with the swelling in more severe cases. . TIP… Lately, when I use this mask, I do it immediately before a shower. That way I can rinse it off in the shower and avoid the mess.
Say hello to my Allies of Skin
Say hello to my Allies of Skin family!  I bought the 1A Overnight Mask on my own maybe 6 months ago. I was looking for a good Retinol night cream & had just never heard of Allies of Skin before. I used to buy my more expensive pieces from researching a company extensively & reading reviews. If you are considering buying any Allies of Skin products, all I can say is Read the Reviews out there. They are Phenomenal & this is a brand that delivers real results. I understand that the price tag is high, but for me if a cream delivers on what it promises, I will invest. I was really excited to try the Bright Future Sleeping Facial. It said to use this 3 night consecutively to really see the benefits as it contains 8% Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic Acids. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid Gel, 5% Prickly Pear Enzymes + Niacinamide. Umm, the ingredients alone sort of amazed me. So you can see why I can give a review as after 3 nights of using this night time facial, my skin is positively so smooth, blemish free & fully glowing. There was zero tingle for me & it didn’t feel like a heavy night cream. It also suggests using your fav serum underneath for a mega boost! Yes please! I would 100% purchase this when I run out.
302 White Bio Melting Mask

302 White Bio Melting Mask 🌻This is a two layer mask. Gauze & Jelly like. You peel off the Top thin jelly like mask & left with the gauze mask. (Had a hard time separating both) 💧Essence is clear, watery which absorbs nicely and it has a very mild scent. Almost nothing. So win win for those who are not into scent much. 🌻i waited for 20 mins and removed the mask. Skin feels refreshed & hydrated. Once my skin absorbed the remaining essence, I proceeded with Step 2: the Maskream! It was alot!!! It is creamy, and thick! The cream can be used for 3-4x as little of it goes a long way but since I wanted to know how great the product is, I used all of it all over my body and did not layer it with anything. I oly double cleansed & toned my face and this 2 step mask as my final skin care routine: Verdict: ☀️ woke up with hydrated face. Glowy but not oily. Thats it, it did not break me out, its just super hydrating. Great as a break mask if you wanna rest from treatments and just want to bring back the moisture. If you are looking for quick hydration that works overnight, this is the one. 💧💧💧
Kavita Khosa was inspired by t
Kavita Khosa was inspired by the pristine beauty and purity of the Himalayas, it was her desire to impact the lives of people in this region that led her to create purearth. I purchased 'Mitti' which means mud in Hindi. The packaging screams luxury, the violet glass jar is placed in the box (pictured) with a cute black ribbon tied around it that I cut to get the jar out. With Organic honey, clays and raw cacao mixed with botanical extracts like Licorice root, Manjistha, Gotu Kola, Moringa, Senna seed and infused with an essential oil blend of Orange peel, Rosa Damascena, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense and nourishing oils like Rosehip, Avocado, Macadamia and Tamanu this mask claims to heal rosacea and stressed skin, fades blemishes, pigmentation, UV and environmental damage. It smells of nature, you get a little of the clay, some of the honey, cacao and the herbal extracts in it. This super luxurious mask has a creamy smooth pudding-like texture. It glides on to your skin and stays put. I let the mask stay on for 45 minutes and often use a mist to activate it. It does not feel tight but forms a film on your skin as it begins to dry. I started using Mitti when I had a bad hormonal breakout and the results were beyond what I expected. It did reward me with hydrated, radiant skin instantly on rinsing but what impressed me more was the pimples appeared to have reduced in size.
Mamonde Flower Essence Mask -
Mamonde Flower Essence Mask - Honeysuckle (Boosting) Description || A mask that firms up the skin with the help of honeysuckle known for its great absorption power to take nutrients even from infertile land. Usage time || 20 minutes Impression || if you’ve been following me long enough, you’d notice that whenever I want to venture into the brand, I’d always started with their sheet masks or toners. So when I was at Mamonde counter in Parkson, Pavilion KL back in June, I grabbed all of their sheet masks to try. I find this sheet mask line being their simple daily sheet mask with the sheet adhered to my skin really well but it is quite thick and the essence contained also quite heavy; ampoule-like. There's strong scent to this mask but it's overpowering. I took the mask off after 25 minutes while the sheet was still wet but I was too sleepy to wait for longer last night. I slightly tapped my face with fingers for a few minutes till all the essence went in and applied my favourite moisture cream to seal everything in before going to bed. My thoughts || I'd say it was an above average experience with this mask as I do find my skin being well-hydrated, smooth, pore less reduced, plumped and slightly brightened. With the thick ampoule, I kind of expecting that this will break me out but thank God I didn't. Also, sheet mask doesn't contain as much emollient compared to moisturiser; as you've probably seen my Stories last night. Overall, 3.75/5. I do like it but I just wish the sheet is thinner and I don't have to squeeze out the excess ampoule for few times, reapply on my skin and had to tap my skin for awhile till all absorbed in.