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Do you like Centella? I literally love this ingredient so when I got a package... | Cherie

Usually, acne-prone skin prefers slightly acidic pH of the

Do you like Centella? I literally love this ingredient so when I got a package from Neogen I knew that I'll need some time to test the product and give you the most honest review I can make. Why are these products so unique? The whole Real Cica line from Neogen contains Cica ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Extract, Asiaticoside, Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid and Asiatic Acid. But you can also find here ceramides or Hyaluronic Acid. Neogen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil - I really enjoy this product since it works on my sensitive skin and it removes makeup well (just to let you know, I always pre-cleanse my makeup with micellar water). I cannot really smell any scent in it and face massage while cleansing is not a problem when you use this product. Neogen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Foam - unfortunately, I have no pH strips to test the pH but Neogen claims that pH of this product is around 5,5 - 6,5. I can believe that since I had no acne attack after using this foam - something that usually happens to me when pH of the cleanser is above 6/7. Usually, acne-prone skin prefers slightly acidic pH of the cleanser so if your skin freaks out - try to check your cleanser first. The foam contains Polyhydroxy Acid and Lactobionic Acid - both can be called PHA's, very delicate exfoliators. I can smell so citrus in this product but my sensitive skin goes along with this product. Where to get both products? You can get both products on sokoglam the price is really good for such products, I use them for over a month now and I used probably less than 1/4 of the packaging in each bottle .
Sep. 20, 2019

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 Let's have a closer look on t
Let's have a closer look on these two cleansing foams from huangjisoo. Huangjisoo cleasers are based on sodium cocoyl apple amino acids - which is a natural and very mild detergent, derived from apple juice. They are EWG safe and crueltyfree. Moreover they are made with 99.5% natural organic ingredients. 🍏Anti-(skin) Trouble: this version is dedicated to people with sensitive, acne-prone and problematic skin. The star ingredients are: Chamomile Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Horse Cheasnut Extract, Aloe - but actually the whole ingredient list is full of many different extracts. 🍎 Moisturizing: this version is dedicated for people with sensitive but also dry skin with damaged moisture barrier. Here, the star ingredients are: Wheat Seed Extract, Ceramides, Geranium Oil, Pomegranate Extract. And just like in the other versions, the ingredient list contains many, many different extracts and good-for-skin ingredients. In my opinion, both of these work similar on the skin - very, very gentle, leaving skin clean but not stripped (and even moisturized). I really enjoy using both, but I like Anti-trouble version a bit more, because I feel that my skin is more calmed after using this one. Overall, I find these cleansers one of the best I've tried and I think it's a great alternative if your skin is over sensitive and reacts badly to the regural, chemical detergents. I would definitely repurchase them (or try other versions) but I'm sure they will last ages since I really need 1-2 pumps to cleanse my face 😊
Anybody else feel like this we
Anybody else feel like this weekend has flown by? I feel like I blinked & it’s almost time to go back to work. 🙃 I tend to rotate cleansers pretty regularly depending on what my skin needs. If I’m breaking out, I reach for a salicylic acid cleanser. If I’m recovering from an irritation, a gentle cleanser. Etc. 👍🏾 This Back to Pure Foaming Daily Cleanser from thank you farmer because my face was still recovering from an allergic reaction. Since this is formulated for sensitive skin, it cleanses without being overly harsh or drying. 🙌🏾 This is gel cleanser, which I prefer, & it didn’t cause my skin any further irritation. I double-cleansed with this & their Cleansing Water last week and I was pleased at how well the combo worked. 👏🏾 My skin has fully recovered from my reaction but I’m going to keep using this for a while. I’ll most likely switch again when my acne flares up again but until then, I’ll stick with this. ✔️
Mychelle Cleanser 💦
Mychelle Cleanser 💦
MyChelle dermaceuticals - Gentle Cleansing Wash I really wanted to love this cleanser but unfortunately it didn’t do anything I expected 😞 The wash is said to remove “impurities that can lead to irritation, thereby soothing the skin.” However, my experience was quite the opposite. I start my routine by washing my face for 60 seconds using gentle massaging techniques to remove buildup from my pores and to really focus on removing all the dirt and debris from my skin. With this cleanser though, my skin is usually ultra sensitive once I rinse it off and feels more irritated than before. The cleanser is targeted towards sensitive skin, so you can understand how disappointed I was when I stated using it. I will say that it doesn’t dry my skin out, but it’s still not enough to over look to the sensation it causes. The formulation is supposed to be good: + Blue Daisy and French Oak Extract + Aloe Extract * made without parabens, pthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances. However, I’m assuming one of the other fragrant extracts, preservatives, or cleansing formulas could’ve been causing this sensitivity. So it’s safe to say I WILL NOT be repurchasing - even though it seems the company has discontinued this product. 2 stars ⭐️ ⭐️
Gentle Cleansing Wash
MyChelle dermaceuticals-Gentle Cleansing Wash
So here’s a mini review on mil
So here’s a mini review on milk cleanser ❤️ 〰️ g9skin formulated their skincare with G9 Complex that nourishes, repairs, and improves skin's health to protect against urban stress. Perfect for those who lives in the city or skin that meets pollution on daily basis. 〰️ 💐 🥛White in Milk Whipping Foam 120 ml — has a ph of 5.5 that helps in maintaining your skin balance. It contains 9 botanical ingredients extract — lotus, ivy, pine needle, eucalyptus, oregano leaf, chlorella hibiscus petal, chia seed, green tea extract (the G9skin complex) it’s enriched with with milk protein glutathione which won’t leave the skin dry and can brighten skintone. Contains natural AHA & BHA to exfoliate dead skin cells! It also contains moisturising ceramides & hyaluronic acid. . 〰️ Scent & Texture smells like strawberry milk shake and flowers which I like. It’s a cream type cleanser that lather pretty nicely. Creates a soft froth when introduced with water. . 〰️ Application This can be used on your am/pm routine but I rather use it at night because it deeply cleanse and removes excess impurites/dirt after I balm/water cleanse. I use about one to two pea sized and add water to create a froth using my hands, gently massage it on face in circular motion, rinse off per usual and i let my skin dries a bit before i proceed with the rest of my routine. . 〰️ Thoughts Oh, i like this. This really helps with my acne prone/blemished skin, it deeply cleanses my face but not stripping it. After i rinse it off, my face feels soft and clean, did not irritate me nor made me itchy. I’m in oily-acne prone category and based on the ingredients of this cleanser, i expected it to work well on my skin. 〰️
My all time favorite cleanser
My all time favorite cleanser
The Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser is meant to be a gentle, but effective cleanser. This works really well for sensitive skin, but could also work for pretty much any skin type, although oilier types might prefer a stronger cleanser. It has a bit of a slimy texture and lathers up lightly, but doesn’t produce too much foam. This does a really good job of cleansing without stripping. In fact, my skin often feels more hydrated after I use it. Love that I can use it when my skin is irritated. I recommend this to all my friends as a good basic cleanser. It’s $16, which is a great deal for what you’re getting. I give it a 5/5 stars and will forever repurchase it.
Here are my thoughts on the pa
Here are my thoughts on the panacea Daily Facial Cleanser which, although I love the fresh scent, leaves my skin a little too squeaky-clean for my preference Do you always use low pH cleansers or your skin doesn't show a preference? Or do you alternate according to seasons like me? 😊 💧The Aegis Daily Facial Cleanser is a Korean sulfate-free, foaming cleanser that features hyaluronic acid, Laminaria Japonica (Japanese seaweed), green tea, vitamin E, and fig extract. It's meant for normal to acne-prone skin to draw out impurities and rinse off without stripping skin. 💧 On my acne-prone, combination skin (which is a little on the drier side in the freezing winters here), however, this cleanser leaves my skin a little dry upon use. It has a creamy consistency that foams up very easily with just a tiny amount, which I like but when washing it off, doesn't leave my skin soft to the touch but a little tuggy, if that makes sense. 💧 I've experienced this effect with cleansers with a higher pH, that squeaky-clean feeling that ends up drying my skin a little too much if not immediately followed by a toner and essence. I don't have pH testing strips but some reviews have stated its pH is around 7, which could justify why. 💧I'll give it another try in the summer when my skin turns to the oilier side. I do appreciate its simplistic packaging and fresh scent though!