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Battle of the Purple Creams
Battle of the Purple Creams
So sadly only one of these babies is actually purple, but they’re all purple containers and thick moisturizers, so let’s battle them out! TATCHA - The Dewy Skin Cream This cream is dewy glow in a jar, it’s thick but still light enough that it doesn’t feel heavy underneath sunscreen and makeup. It shines through these products too so makeup and sunscreen won’t dull the glow it gives. It’s $89 CAD, available at Sephora and has that signature Tatcha scent. My sensitive skin loves this and my dry skin soaks it up. I save it for special occasions. Kate Somerville - DeliKate Recovery Cream This is a new one to me and once I saw it launch at Sephora I had to have it. OH MY GOD. This cream is everything. It’s incredibly thick but melts down to the lightest texture ever and soaks into the skin leaving it plump, so soft and incredibly moisturized. This is actually my new holy grail. I cannot get enough. I can wear it under makeup without piling or heaviness and at night time for a rich night cream. It’s unscented, white and it’s target is to seriously calm stressed skin. I love this mostly after chemical exfoliants and peels. I use it daily. It’s $110 CAD. DRUNK ELEPHANT - Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer with Cream this baby was the love of my life for about three years. I’ve gone through countless jars and couldn’t get enough. It’s thick, stays thick and envelops severely dry skin with no problem to help retain moisture and hydration. I found I reached for it during the winter but once the snow started melting I gravitated towards others. This one has a slight but moisturizer smell, available at Sephora and it $84. So after all that, Drunk Elephant is best for price and dry skin, Tatcha is a luxury for dry skin but makes makeup look perfect, and Kate Somerville is just all around a perfect moisturizer but is pricey. My favourite has to be Kate Somerville for how it has changed my skin and how versatile it is. I won’t ever mind forking out the money for this baby.
DeliKate Recovery Cream
Kate Somerville-DeliKate Recovery Cream
💧 This “Water Drench” moistur
💧 This “Water Drench” moisturizer by Peter Thomas Roth is such a silky and water like moisturizer that sinks right into your skin upon application. I feel as though this product would work super well for anyone with dry skin .... especially during the winter months. But still works for my slightly oily and sensitive skin as well!! Isn’t greasy or sticky feeling at all. Just super absorbent and a breath of fresh air on the skin!!! They have so many gift sets that has this product in it to try out before purchasing the full size for $52. It definitely is a higher priced moisturizer BUT it really is a dreamy one. PETER THOMAS ROTH - Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream
Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream
PETER THOMAS ROTH-Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream