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The best hydrating toner - hada labo! | Cherie

The best hydrating toner - hada labo!

Hada labo is king when it comes to hyaluronic acid. Their goku jyun “lotion” is more of a hydrating toner (which they call lotions in Asia). It contains multiple weights of hyaluronic acid and holds hydration in the skin. It’s also a huge bottle and lasts forever. I use this after exfoliants in the PM and after vitamin C in the AM. Nothing plumps up my skin and leaves it bouncy throughout the day quite like this!
Dec. 11, 2019

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Huxley Extract It Toner ✨💖 TH
Huxley Extract It Toner ✨💖 THOUGHTS I bought this year and I loving it the first time I applied it. ✨ I was surprised because it had a scent and it didn’t bother me at all (or did I just get used to it… Haha). I found it relaxing even though it could be a little strong. Some might hate it at first but I’d still recommend it (unless you have sensitive skin, try to get a sample first). It’s really hydrating for my oily skin and my friend said the same thing and she has dry skin. It’s a pH balancing toner formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients with Sahara cactus extract. I really love me some hydrating toner! 💖 Aside from that, the packaging is really nice. It’s in a glass bottle and it’s minimalist and luxe. I only have issues when I apply it with my hands which is all the time because the product could spill and you really want to save every drop of it. But it’s no big deal. Overall, it’s a nice hydrating product. I would repurchase someday when I run out of toners to try hehe. It’s just a little pricey and I think there are cheaper ones that basically do the same thing. ☺️💕
Lately, I've found myself reac
Lately, I've found myself reaching for the TIA'M Global My Signature Vita B5 Toner every night. It's right up there with my SK-II FTE in terms of frequency of use - but only costs around $15! . .💧This is a wonderful toner for all skin types whose main benefits are hydrating and strengthening the skin's moisture barrier. Its high vitamin B5 content and hyaluronic acid provide moisture, while peptides and hydrolyzed collagen aid in enhancing skin's elasticity. . .✨This toner has a pH of between 5.0 and 6.0, mimicking skin's natural acidic pH. Maintaining a healthy acid mantle helps the skin defend itself from bacteria and keeps the moisture barrier in line. . .💦This is a liquid with a slippery texture. It sinks into the skin fast and leaves a slight dewiness without any tackiness and is great for layering in both an AM and PM routine. This has no fragrance at all. . .🏆VERDICT: This toner looked a bit plain to me, but it has far exceeded my expectations. It is hydrating, pH-balancing, and low fuss. Highly recommend this as a no-nonsense toner for your routine.
wonjineffect Medi Hydro Toner
wonjineffect Medi Hydro Toner and Emulsio The Wonjin Effect Toner is amazing and I fell in love with it right away. It's a light watery toner with multiple forms of hyaluronic acid and sinks deeply into the skin to hydrate without feeling sticky. The texture is seriously lovely and it is very soothing. I use it particularly when my skin is sensitized. The emulsion was at first difficult to get out of the bottle, as it came with a reducer cap instead of a pump. But I replaced the reducer with an old pump I had saved from an empty product and now I reach for it all the time. Like the toner, the emulsion has a really refreshing and hydrating light texture. I love how both of these feel watery without that siliconey feeling, ya know
If you have been into kbeauty,
If you have been into kbeauty, you sure have heard of the cult favorite Huxley brand. All Huxley products are formulated with organic prickly pear cactus oil sourced from Morocco, an ingredient that women in Sahara have relied on for years. I was impressed to know that it takes about a million seeds to make a liter of the cactus oil. With an ingredient this precious, the products had to be impressive. Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the Extract it toner This watery toner comes in a clear glass bottle with a stopper and retails for $35. I like Huxley's packaging. It is minimal and elegant. The bottle is made of glass so it is heavy and not travel friendly but it looks beautiful. Like all Huxley products, this has the signature scent that smells like fresh cut grass. I find the scent in this toner to be overpowering which is one of the reasons why I did not reach out to it as often. The toner is packed with nourishing Cactus seed stem extract and Cactus seed oil rich in antioxidants. Cactus oil is light and absorbs well, while providing a huge kick of moisture to the skin. It soothes and also hydrates This is a light weight toner, it gets absorbed instantly and also hydrates the skin just fine. It is good for use during summer for dry skin types and will work through out the year for normal to oily skin. It is a product with good ingredients but this toner does not excite me. If a light weight toner is what I'm looking for I would rather use the Isntree Green Tea Fresh Herb Toner which is of a similar consistency but at half the price. If you are looking to try Huxley products I would recommend the Oil essence , Oil light and more, Fresh and more cream (light weight moisturizer) or the Anti Gravity cream (rich moisturizer).
The Hada Labo Premium Lotion f
The Hada Labo Premium Lotion features 5 different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial as different molecular weights can penetrate to different depths of skin. With it’s light gel texture and intense plumping abilities, this easily outperforms all HA serums I’ve tried in the past. ⁣ ⁣ The Hada Labo Perfect Gel contains three types of hyaluronic acid: regular, super, and nano, as well as ceramides and squalane. These ingredients work as humectants, drawing water and moisture into the skin, while the presence of the occlusive ingredient dimethicone seals the moisture in, preventing trans epidermal water loss. ⁣ ⁣ However, Hada Labo claim that this gel contains collagen, and whilst collagen may seem an attractive ingredient, the molecule is too large to penetrate the skin and be fully absorbed. The inclusion of collagen isn’t fully idle, as it does help to retain some moisture whilst it sits on top of the skin. ⁣ ⁣ Both products have become staples in my routine, due to their ability to bind water to the skin and seal it there. They also work incredibly well as ‘basics’, working around any actives that I use. ⁣
Big, fat, huge fan of this Cac
Big, fat, huge fan of this Cactus Water from freck👌🏼 I love using it every morning to wipe away any residue from the previous night’s skincare, and start fresh for my morning routine. I’m SUPER sensitive to products like this and generally find them pretty drying and irritating, so I’m very pleased to say that this little baby does no such thing and leaves my skin feeling happy, prepped and ready to take on the day.