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Timeless Vit C - best affordable vitamin c! | Cherie

Timeless Vit C - best affordable vitamin c!

Timeless is the best affordable vitamin c on the market! I’ve tried high end and low end and loved them both. Timeless gives me the results and freshness I’m looking for (I keep it in the fridge!). With the rate at which I go through vitamin c, I prefer an affordable option so I can spend elsewhere in my routine (retinols and actives, serums, etc.). On my fifth bottle or so of this, and plan to continue repurchasing!timeless SKIN CARE - 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz
Dec. 3, 2019

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timeless SKIN CARE - 20% Vitam
timeless SKIN CARE - 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz This is the old packaging of this product. It is a vitamin c serum with vitamin e and ferulic acid, which is apparently the best companions to vitamin c. This is a very thin serum, almost as thin as water. It has that classic vitamin c serum smell, which people either love or hate. Personally I don’t mind it and would recommend trying this product! I don’t think I’ve been using it long enough to note any significant effects.
20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz
timeless SKIN CARE-20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz
PAULA'S CHOICE - Resist C15 Su
PAULA'S CHOICE - Resist C15 Super Booster 🧪After I raved about the @paulaschoice VitC booster, my product started to oxidize!! It started to transition from a clear solution to a light orange solution, but remained useable. Then, as the orange colour became more prominent, a smell started to develop, and the solution started to dry very sticky on my face - it was no longer useable at this state. I was so sad that it had oxidized in just around 3 months. I even stored it in a dark bag and kept it in my closet where the temperature does not really fluctuate. I have about half a bottle left so I am really heartbroken about the wasted product. I would love to repurchase this only if it is sold in half of its current volume. But for now, I’ll play with my oxidized vitC for #texturetuesday 🤪!
Resist C15 Super Booster
PAULA'S CHOICE-Resist C15 Super Booster
Commleaf Vita Rice Glow Serum
Commleaf Vita Rice Glow Serum One of the reasons why I love Commleaf is the design - just look at this bottle, doesn't it look like an art piece? My nose is not a fan of the scent but I thought, I haven't take any creative texture photo for a while and I want to change it.
Antioxidants are for everyone 😊
Antioxidants are for everyone 😊
Vitamin C is just good for you all around. It’s good for your insides, but who knew that it could be great for your outsides? As I’ve been getting older, I’ve noticed that my skin tends to be dull if I am not taking care of myself properly. For example, if I don’t drink enough water, or if I don’t get enough sleep, then you can bet that my skin is going to be looking rough the next week. I’ve found a solution to help repair those circumstances and it is the Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum. I’d like to give you some background before I give my thoughts: “The Daily Brightening Serum will help you with maintaining a bright, even-toned complexion. Beta arbutin and hyaluronic acid go to work to gently brighten and promote a healthy, youthful complexion without irritation. Why It’s Special * Gently brighten and target dullness with beta arbutin, which works to inhibit excess melanin production for clear, even skin * Hyaluronic acid binds to moisture and draws it into the skin to maintain a healthy moisture balance and protect from dehydration * The lightweight, water-based formula layers seamlessly under skincare and makeup, making it ideal for daily use” I started looking for a product to use for brightening my complexion when I could tell that my environment was causing me to have skin that appeared to be lackluster. (About 2 months ago). I love Good Molecules as a brand and I love all of the other products that I have tried from them, so I figured that this would be great to use. I was right and this has become a staple product in my skincare routine. I like that this serum is gentle on my skin and I like that I can notice the difference in my complexion after using it. It evens my skin tone and makes my skin look vibrant. The texture is a standard serum-consistency in my book. It’s not too thick and not too thin. The price is also right!! A 1 oz bottle of this will run you $9.00. So, the price is worth it. You can purchase this from Beautylish. Overall, I highly recommend this product because of the results that I have seen on my skin. I give this product my stamp of approval and a 5/5 star rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Recently, I’ve rotated this Go
Recently, I’ve rotated this Good Molecules Hyaluronic acid into my skincare routine. So far, I’m really enjoying this product! HA is one of the best acids I’ve introduced to my skin. This product is a little thinner in consistency than other HAs I’ve tried, but it absorbs into my skin very well. Item was gifted to me from Good Molecules.
Chanel Blue Eye Serum
Chanel Blue Eye Serum
I’m here to give my honest review on this Chanel Blue Eye Serum. As many of you know Chanel is a very famous luxury brand that also has a beauty and skincare line. I do have some favorites throughout the whole skincare line but I am not a big fan of this eye serum. It is supposed to help moisturize your under eye and help prevent eye bags. I recently just splurged and bought this product and had high expectations due to the price. I felt like the product was making my under eyes more dry than usual which was upsetting. The serum has a gel like texture that you are supposed to dab underneath your eyes. I would not recommend this product to anyone because for the expensive price it just has not done anything for skin.