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DIY Shimmer Oil

I’m going to be honest. I avoid the sun at all costs and I am too lazy to self tan, but I really really like the look of glowy skin in the summer. I can’t help it. In my quest for the perfect glow, I stumbled upon a few shimmer oils but was blown away by the prices. $59 for 3 oz of body oil? No thanks... The thing is, I do use body oil daily. I like to put it on over my moisturizer (CeraVe moisturizing cream) to lock it in, but I also like that it gives a little sheen to my skin. Plus the scent is amazing. That’s when I got to thinking, why not make my own shimmer oil? Using stuff I already had, I was able to whip this up in 10 minutes and the result is a subtle glow and shine that lasts all day. Here’s how to do it: 1. Grab a body oil of your choice. I like Palmer’s because the scent is sweet and it absorbs really well into the skin. An oil works better than a lotion because it has a subtle glaze-y glow to it already. Plus you don’t have to break the bank. Here are some good ones: PALMER'S - Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil
Neutrogena - Body Oil
Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oil
2. Grab a powdered highlighter (pressed or loose, cream will not work) that blends well with your skin tone. Test it on your arm to make sure it blends to a slight glimmer without any light or dark cast to it. The more translucent the better. I used doucce pressed highlighter in “solstice” because I had it laying around. If your highlighter is pressed, use a spoon to remove it from its container and stir until it’s broken up. Here are some ones I like: doucce - Freematic Highlighter Mono
wet n wild - MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder
NYX - Shimmer Down Pigment
3. Using a funnel (or a piece of paper wrapped into a cone), combine about 1/2tsp of powdered highlighter to your body oil, close and shake. Add more for a more dramatic effect, up to 1tsp of highlighter. 4. Apply daily over moisturizer or directly to skin! And that’s it! Go get your glow on. -XOK
Jul. 10
HeatherSmallI love Palmer’s Body Oil! I’ve been using it for years. Great tip to create body highlights. Palmer’s also makes a fantastic chapstick. It’s sold next to the oil, sorta looks like a glue stick. Only chapstick that works in the dry dead of winter.
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My current skincare routine!
PALMER'S - Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub BAEBODY BEAUTY - Eye Gel CeraVe - Hydrating Facial Cleanser Bioré - Rose Quartz + Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser THAYERS - Rose Petal Facial Mist This is my current routine. I double cleanse at night with the Cerave and Biore products. 2-3 days a week, I use the Palmer’s scrub. I absolutely love that scrub. It feels great on my skin! I follow up with the facial toner, eye gel and palmer’s face oil. I love that these products work great and are very affordable! PALMER'S - Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil
Keep your body quenched!!
Keeping skin hydrated is just as important in the summer as it is in the winter months. Here are the products I use and why ✨ SOL de Janeiro - Brazilian Bum Bum Cream I wanted to hate this product because of its price. To me $45 for lotion is absurd. So I started with the $20 travel size which is 75mL. But, I love this product. It’s ingredient list is impressive as well as the results. It’s an all over body cream that claims to smooth and tighten skin. About a month ago I began using it only on stomach, thighs and butt and have noticed a difference in the appearance in my skin. It smells like heaven. I definitely am going to be a lifelong fan. PALMER'S - Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Lets get real. I have stretch marks (thanks puberty!), however, a majority of woman have them so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I do use this product in conjunction with the bum bum cream to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Additionally it’s super hydrating and really gives the skin a great glow. I have been using this product for years and can’t rave about it enough. Also the coconut oil gives it a great smell. philosophy - Holiday Pajamas Body Lotion Personally, I am not a fan of perfume. Despite the years in high school and college that I spent bathing myself in it. As I got older and began more invested in being conscious on what I put on and in my body. The idea of perfume just reminded me of chemicals. However, when I want to add a little bit of a warm scent, I just use this bad boy on my wrist, nape of my neck and remainder of the product on my shoulders ** i use these products after the shower after patting my skin of excess water and then as needed **
Fashion week glowy makeup look #cheriepartner
My dewy makeup look for fashion week . This look is natural and elegant to attend fashion week and it’s great with any look. Dewy makeup looks are my fav they are natural but bold and I added some liner to my eyelids as well for a pop to my eyes and to bring out my eye color I had so much fun doing this look And here is what I used My skin type is dry so these products go well with not drying out my skin and applied so smooth on with no flakes either. COVERGIRL - Clean Liquid Foundation this foundation is smooth and soft on your skin helps with sensitive skin at least for me it helps because I do have sensitive and dry skin and I’ve been using this foundation for a long time now and it’s always gonna be my go to wet n wild - MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder I love this highlighter gives me the perfect glow and bronze at the same time so I don’t have to use bronzer and I don’t have to use eliminator is already has illuminating in it so it gives me a really nice pop to my cheeks and I add a little bit to my nose you only need to add a little bit because a little goes a long ways and make sure you tap the brush I also use this powder a little bit on my eyelids to give me a little Goldenglow doucce - Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen I use this liquid eyeliner for my eyes and gives me the perfect butterfly shape I love it so much tarte - Sea H2O Lip Gloss for the perfect glossy plumped look MAYBELLINE - Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara this gives my eyelashes the perfect volume and length I really love this mascara
#mymakeuplook #tarte #garnier #elflipstick #dior
Here is my get ready with me look all the products I use everday because I’m so obsessed with how amazing they look and feel on my skin. I know I always share my natural looks but I really do love a natural look with that glow up I also love bold looks to and will be doing one with my morphe eyeshadow pallet I can’t wait, I did a video a little ago on all the pretty colors and I’ll mix them together for that pop of a look to your eyes and New Year’s Eve makeup look. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and I can’t wait to see what this New Year bring for us all 😊❣️✨ -my first step before I use foundation is KYLIE COSMETICS - KYLIE COSMETICS Face primer it really sets the tone to your makeup and foundation leaving a natural glow with it. After I use primer I use my all time favorite foundation I’m so glad I found DIOR - BACKSTAGE Face & Body Foundation it matches my skin store and doesn’t dry out my skin everything looks even and fresh and well blended. Eyelashes.. I use the great benefit - They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara for a great volume to your lashes you don’t even have to curl them it already gives that volume right when you put it on to be honest I love to mix it with tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara so my lashes don’t look clumpy this mascara evens it out and makes them long and pretty without the clump so remember to apply either one or both mascaras a little so your lashes don’t build up on clump. For brows i use benefit - Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel keeps my brow hairs in place and adds to them with a natural color and filling it all in I use a little for a touch up and it still looks good. Then I use blush to rose my cheeks using tarte - Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush this blush is amazing and last all day long the pop to your cheeks is never ending witch I love a long wear blush. After blush I glow up with my illuminator the Balm cosmetics - Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter this liquid highlighter is so awesome I love how bright it looks on your skin leaving that natural tone to your skin and I use wet n wild - MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder to bronze my cheeks you would only need a little to add to your brush little goes long way and it really pops onto your skin so I put some on my cheeks bones , forehead and a little to my nose. Then is use e.l.f. - e.l.f. Eyelash Curler I know this curler might have mixed reviews but I personally like it when I curl my lashes to give a extra volume to them they really bring it out witch I love and I love my e.l.f. - 3 Piece Lip Balm Set these 3 colors are my favorite I love the tones and they feel hydrating The i use GARNIER - SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water
Hello hello ✨🥰 Today I picked up a few new goodies and I’m soo excited to try them. So far I’ve tried the LA ROCHE-POSAY - Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser and i love the clean feeling i get without it feelings overly stripping!! Good cleanser for a good price ($15) I’m going to try out the other products and give updates on my thoughts. If you have any suggestions for new products I should try or things you’d like to see me try feel free to pitch them to me 😘❤️ UPDATE: i have used The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution twice now once last night and once this morning. I definitely notice a glow in my skin as well as my face not being dry after washing it. It gives my face a smooth texture as well. I love it! too cool for school - Rules of Mastic IX Enhancer Recovery Balm this has a very smooth cream consistency. It’s very light weight and gives good moisture so i like this one as well. I’ll be doing more research on the ingredients. Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oil I got this in hopes to repair my skin and get rid of my scarring left behind from acne. So far i like it. It’s a very light weight oil that doesn’t leave me looking too greasy for everyday wear. bliss - What a Melon Water Jelly Hydrator for Combination Skin This reminds me a lot of the Neutrogena - Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel Moisturizer Which is definitely a favorite of mine. It got it on sale from Target for $6 so i decided to give it a try. It has nice fragrance and a very hydrating feel due to it being a gel consistency.
New Skincare Journey- Tips welcomes
Hi everyone, I am so excited to start this new journey. The pictures I uploaded is a depiction of my current skin. Following doing the The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, patting dry and then applying the CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skinand Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oil. I suffer for hormonal acne (not that bad) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I have had these issues since middle school, with periods of clear skin. I have done some research and this is what I am going to start are my skincare routine starting tomorrow. Am Routine I am going to start my routine off with the essano - Rosehip Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water. Then I will use the Aveeno - MaxGlow Infusion Drops, followed by the Clean&Clear - Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. Then the CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skinand my favorite Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Sunscreen SPF 50 . This the only daily sunscreen that I have used and I love how soft and bright ir leaves my skin. I was having trouble finding a face oil, but the Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oilreceived a lot of good reviews from people with similar experiences so I thought it would be a good product to try. Pm Routine I am going to start my routine off with the essano - Rosehip Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water again. Then I will use the The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, followed by the Clean&Clear - Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. Then the CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skinand Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oil. On Sundays (my first day) At night, I will continue to wash my face with warm water, beforing patting dry and applying The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. This is my third time using this product, I only use it once a week. The last two times I apply a niamincide-based moisturizer afterward and I think it caused my skin to break out. I do see my blemishes lightening with this product, so I will continue to use it for 10 minutes once a week. After I rinse and pat dry, I will apply the CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skin. After my first use, I do feel my skin to feel more elastic and moisturized, but the smell is a bit unappealing. Following with the Bio-Oil - Multiuse Skincare Oil, I currently have no comments on this product. I am open to any assistance or concerns. I look forward to journaling this journey ❤️
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I am not a fan of Real Techniques makeup brush set,  because...
I am not a fan of Real Techniques makeup brush set, because...
REAL TECHNIQUES - Everyday Essentials for Blush + Foundation + Shadow + Highlighter + Concealer Honestly Real Techniques has one of the best Quality/Price ratio on the makeup market. I bought this brush set because I thought it was small and portable, suitable for travel. To be very sincere, I really appreciate some of them and I use them almost every day. But in general, I’m quite disappointed and tried hard to love them... Foundation brush: I have tried using it for foundation, it leaves streaks on my face. Highlighter brush: Great for highlighters but not for bronzers, as the brush is too small & not packed enough. Concealer brush: Using it for concealers, feels it's too stiff & small. I think my finger does it faster& better job. Also, the rubber end of the handle get dirty and weird looking. Of course, this brush set has its pros, like no shedding. I'm not the most tender hand when I wash my brushes but these have not lost one hair. And the price is affordable. Shortly conclusion, this is a value for money set to get if you are trying out RT brushes. But I wouldnt repurchase it.
 Everyday Essentials for Blush + Foundation + Shadow + Highlighter + Concealer
REAL TECHNIQUES- Everyday Essentials for Blush + Foundation + Shadow + Highlighter + Concealer
Choose the best Lip Brush? You should consider these factors...
Choose the best Lip Brush? You should consider these factors...
hello everyone! I always use a lip brush to apply lipsticks. How to choose the best lip brush? There are several factors you need to consider:Perfect size?Easy to use?Soft and smooth?Proper price?With a delicate tip? Retractable?  So today I’m gonna be talking about my thoughts about lip brushes I have used. e.l.f. - Retractable Lip Brush$4✅ With only around 4$, you are able to own a best cheap lip brush ever. Its compact is portable and retractable so that it is so convenient for travelling, and even to put it in your purse when going out, and things will not get messy inside. Just take off the lid, and insert it at the bottom so that the brush comes out from its retracted position. The tapered tip makes it easy to fill in the corners of the lips easily and precisely.If you put price first,I recommend this one. REAL TECHNIQUES - Retractable Lip Brush$15✅ This is my first brush from Real Techniques. And I am happy I grabbed it. This one had the perfect size and the brush hair is not too soft, which I like it, I can shape my lips easier. I had more than enough lip brushes at home but somehow I can't held and keep buying more, this one is a keeper, with this quality and price range, I can't complain at all, and who doesn't like a brush in pink?! THE BEST ONE! DIOR - Retractable Lip Brush N° 31$45❌ I have ALWAYS love any thing DIOR but not this one. The bristles are very soft and sturdy. Also, there was no shedding of the bristles after being washed. And it can be used with both wet and dry products. But it was something that I don’t mind to splurge. My mistake ; it was stressful to use and keep retracting itself. Don’t know why the design is so bad!
Retractable Lip Brush
e.l.f.-Retractable Lip Brush
Affordable brushes ✨✨
Affordable brushes ✨✨
I love all types of brushes. I love to buy tons of them but I prefer ones that are affordable AND great quality. These are some great brushes that I love. I have several of the wet n wild brushes. They’re super soft and very pretty. I love the powder brush, it’s big and fluffy. The white and pink together makes me want to buy more of it. I can get them at any drugstore, Walmart, target and their website as well. There’s tons of brushes that you can get for $5 and under. The elf brushes are some of my faves. They have a sleek black design and are really nice. Tons of different types to choose from and they have lots of price points. Some are $2, $10 or anything in between. I bought an aoa studio eye brush set for about $11 and it had 10 brushes AND a brush holder as well. Definitely a great buy. Super soft brushes. The quality is great and the bristles don’t fall off. I have a few of the eco tools brushes and they’re really nice. They blend well and are affordable.
All About Eyes Brush Set
AOA studio-All About Eyes Brush Set
Body Contouring! 🔥👙
Body Contouring! 🔥👙
Summer body goals got me thinking: Can I fake abs? 🧐🧐 Yes! With a little makeup in the right places, we can definitely define our abdominal muscles to give ourself a more contoured look. Just like how we contour our face to contour our body, to create the illusion of a well-toned abdomen. PREPARATION: All you need is a contouring palette (bronzer and highlighter), some brushes and a setting spray to make sure that your hard work stays in place.  HOW TO CONTOUR YOUR ABS: Contouring your abs probably isn’t something you’re likely to do every day, but if you want to show off your stomach in a crop top, contouring can help you temporarily create more defined-looking abs. STEP 1: Start by drawing a line down the center of your stomach, from the top of where your imaginary abs would be down to your belly button. STEP 2: From there, add muscles on either side, creating a two-, four-, or six-pack. STEP 3: Harsh lines are a major no-no when it comes to contouring. Here makeup sponge can come in handy. STEP 4: No contouring look is complete without highlighter. Place a liquid highlight on the highpoints of the areas you just contoured, then blend out. STEP 5: Now you can enjoy showing off your newly contoured body in your summer wardrobe!  What I use: FENTY BEAUTY - Match Stix Glow Skinstick FENTY BEAUTY - Body Lava Body Luminizer REAL TECHNIQUES - Miracle Body Complexion Sponge Sorry, I'm a big fan of Rihanna lol Still waiting for R9!!! Tips🔅 ● Look at yourself in the mirror as you are blending the colors in so you can make it look as natural as possible. ● When purchasing mineral powder, shimmering powder and tan pigment, match them with your skin tone and choose darker shades. ● If you apply too much and it does not look good, simply wash your stomach area and start again. ● You can help your work last longer by sealing it with hairspray, setting powder, or a makeup sealant spray. ● Use waterproof powders so that they will not easily wash or sweat off. ● Stand up straight and don't slouch. Slouching forward can make you look as though you have a tummy, which will detract from the contouring effect you are trying to establish. warnings⚠️ ● Do not use too much makeup, as you risk creating lines that are too dark or too light, which in turn will look fake. ● If you are using foundation, tinted moisturizer, or tinted sunscreen as your base, be sure to match your skin tone. Anything that is too dark, too light, or too orange will look fake. ● Do not put on the makeup while wearing your swimsuit. If you get the makeup on your swimsuit, you may not only stain your swimsuit, but you might risk giving your secret away. ● Going swimming with your fake abs will result in all your hard work washing away. ● A hot, sunny day may cause your makeup to melt off. Come on!! the beaches and swimming pools are calling out to you, enjoy the warm sun and sport your new swimsuit NOW!
Body Lava Body Luminizer
FENTY BEAUTY-Body Lava Body Luminizer
Make Your Eyes the Highlight of Your Face with this Brush Set!
Make Your Eyes the Highlight of Your Face with this Brush Set!
Buying brushes in a set is a smart choice as the price per brush will be significantly lower. However, trying to figure out which brush set to buy isn’t always easy because it can still be a real investment and cost you substantial amount of money. Also, you have to decide on which area of your face that you most like to zoom into before picking a set. After coming across dozens of good reviews of Real Techniques’ brush sets by beauty influencers, I finally invested in theREAL TECHNIQUES - Enhanced Eye Brush Setlast year. As a person whose effort on eyes takes up most time in the whole makeup routine, I find it become my daily go-to makeup tool. The set features five pieces:   308 Medium shadow brush This is the brush I usually start with - either with eye shadow cream, powder or even liquid. I apply the base colour on my eyelids with it, so it’s the one I use most frequently in the set. 310 Essential crease brush To apply a darker eye shadow on top of the base colour, I use this brush. It’s ideal to use it in a back-and-forth manner along the edge of eye sockets, to emphasise the shape of your eyes.   311 Fine liner brush Suitable to work with eye-liner creams or powders. Just drag it across the eyelid and the bristles will create a smooth line that highlights the eye.    307 Shading brush Nice size for applying under-eye eye shadows, although I sometimes use it for blending in small areas.   312 Lash separator I use this one least often, but it is helpful for getting rid of clumps when you put too much mascara on your eyelashes. All brushes have very soft synthetic bristles that are easy to clean. With densely-packed bristles and a purple metallic handle combined, each brush is the perfect weight that provides just the leverage and control you need when held in hand. The set also contains a brush cup, which helps to keep your dresser tidy and brushes clean. If you want an eye brush set that does a professional job at an affordable price (less than $20, lower price when on sale), look no further!
Enhanced Eye Brush Set
REAL TECHNIQUES-Enhanced Eye Brush Set
The best tool for applying foundation, sponge of brush?
The best tool for applying foundation, sponge of brush?
Foundation is an essential step for most people who wear makeup every day, at least it is for me. Nowadays with so many ways to apply foundation, sponges and foundation brushes must be the most common tool for applying foundation. While among various foundation tools, finding the best option will definitely improve your makeup technique and completely change the foundation finish. Different tools bring about different results. The tool you use can help you manipulate the foundation to get the type of coverage you want. So which tool is your favorite one or the most often used? Sponge of brush, which one do you prefer? I haveREAL TECHNIQUES - Miracle Complexion Sponge and MAC - 170 Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush. These two tools are my most frequently used foundation tools. Between them, the Real Technique sponge is my favorite. I’ve used this sponge for applying foundation since I started to makeup. Whether I use liquid or cream foundation, these two tools perfectly serve me. The reason I prefer the sponge than the brush is because it is easier and quicker for application. I can apply foundation with whether wet or dry sponge. Semi-wet sponge is better for melting foundation into my skin. This sponge is egg-shaped with a point tip at the bottom and angular, planar portion at the top. With repeated dabbing, it can diffuse the coverage and quickly blend out my whole face foundation application. It also designed for getting the inner corners of my eyes for the concealer and buffing out the contour. Its price is awesome! It is affordable for most people. This MAC 170 foundation brush is also a good tool. It gives your skin an immaculate look. You may worry that brush will leave any marks on makeup look, but this one will not. This brush is so soft and easily blends the foundation. Brush can create a better coverage than sponge. But this brush is much more expensive than the sponge, and it requires more applying technique. Thus, I still prefer the sponge from Real Techniques.
170 Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush
MAC-170 Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush