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FACEWASH COMBO ⬇️ Curology - The Cleanser
MIXED WITH DR ORGANIC Aloe Vera Hydrating face wash -This combo is great because I am using my Curology acne fighting face wash but mixing in a little bit of the aloe face wash leaves my skin feeling really clean! The Curology face wash is not a lathering face wash rather then a formula that almost gets absorbed so quick into your skin that you can’t even rub it in. I don’t like that so I mix it with my Dr. Organic and get a sudsy lather going! The aloe wash is one of those facial washes that requires not a lot of product. It creates a nice foamy texture once you activate it. Anyway this face wash combo is nice and doesn’t not strip my skin from any moisture or make me break out. Love! DR ORGANIC- HYDRATING ALOE MICELLAR WATER ⬇️ I bought this on a whim while I was shopping online at Ulta! I love putting this on right after I cleanse my face because I feel like it’s getting my skin nice and extra hydrated and ready for all of the other products that I end up putting on! TONER ⬇️ ANDALOU NATURALS - Firming Toner, Coconut Water, Quenching
This toner smells good and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I don’t think it does much for my skin though. If you other Cheries have any toner suggestions I’m totally open for your shares. Comment to let me know what you like to use a a toner! ACNE TREATMENT ⬇️ Curology - Curology formula
Look at my previous posts about Curology! MOISTURIZER TRIO ⬇️ Curology - The Moisturizer
Look from my previous post about Curology! ANDALOU NATURALS - BB Argan Stem Cell Benefit Balm, Clear Skin, SPF 30, Un-Tinted, 2 fl oz (58 ml)
This SPF is THICK and leaves a WHITE mask over your face no matter how much or little you put on. I don’t like the consistency of the texture of the formula from this lotion. I do feel like it really is protecting my skin and it doesn’t leave a greasy finish. I am using this product because I am almost done with it anyway. I will NOT be repurchasing this product though because I have tried way better facial SPF’s. dr.organic - Aloe Vera Gel Maximum Strength
I LOVE mixing this with my Curology lotion and SPF because again. Aloe is great for keeping your skin hydrated and plump. Aloe fights any kind of scaring so I feel that adding the aloe gel to my skin routine acts like a shield from getting bad or any acne scars!!! This formula is very light and a little sticky but does not leave your face feeling tacky. I love how cooling and refreshed it has your skin feeling too! AM SERUM ⬇️ TRULY - Hemp Oil Facial Serum
This. Is. My. 4th. Bottle. Purchased.!!!! I will say nothing more than that... EYE CREAM ⬇️ Kiehl's - Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado
Look for my previous review post for this eye cream! I love love love this eye cream! Thanks babes & stay safe 🍒
harrwow your skin looks perfect!
Product Mentioned
My 2020 Top eye product🥇🥇🥇
SK-II - R.N.A. POWER Anti-Aging Eye Cream This is overall a great eye cream that isn’t overpriced. I do love how rejuvenated my eyes look and feel after waking up! It might not get rid of my under eye bags but it definitely keeps my under eye area supple and moisturized. It is the eye cream that leaves your under eyes feeling super moisturized and hydrated. My concealer was also staying very choppy because my under eyes were so dry. This eye cream I like to use it the most during supper. It has a cool effect. It’s creamy and moisturizing. Additionally It soaks in great. This is highly recommended for combinations and oily skin. Kiehl's - Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado It might be too heavy for hot summer days but I love it so much in the winter! If you have dry skin you will adore this! A little goes a long way. One thing I love about this product is that it leaves under-eye skin feeling strengthened and replenished. Additionally, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines. It is super hydrating but without messing up your makeup. I do love the texture of it. Silky and smooth application, feels amazing I do skip a couple of days in between uses of this eye cream. My skin is softer, brighter, and visibly refreshed in the morning. However, I have to say that it is so heavy that daily use is almost too much. At first, it is very creamy but after you rub it, it becomes watering. ESTĒE LAUDER - Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix It's my holy grail eye cream, and it really works. I've always had sleeping problems and occasionally stay late because of work. This eye cream has helped me a lot with my dark circles, and fine lines. This is one of the must have products in my cosmetic bag. This is the eye concentrate I use all seasons through out the year. I have very sensitive eyelids, I have had many eye creams as they are irritating to my sensitive eyes. This doesn't bother me or give me rash or milias. And I feel comfortable wearing it both during the day and at night before sleep. Amazing product! What's your fav eye product? Pls let me know👇
My bracket for eye care, differentiated ones for separate concerns
I don’t really realize it before age has become a concern for me. Thinking about all the eye creams that I have used, each one deals specifically with different demands for different periods. Luckily, I find all of those functional products nice to have so I’m going to explain a little bit about each product and how it should be used. · Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado   Kiehl's - Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado Before 18, Kiehl’s has always been in my daily routine not because they provide me with good customer experience but because back in high school, every girl was using it and I don’t spend much time picking at appropriate products. I have to say this product gives me a strong greasy sense and it is really hard to absorb. However, thanks to the avocado oil ingredient, it moisturizes my eye area and does well in dealing with dryness. But I won’t recommend it. $50 for 14ml, you can buy another brand with a better customer experience. · Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye  ESTĒE LAUDER - Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex This cream contains Bifida Ferment Lysate which is a probiotic ingredient that’s used in many iconic serums in the world. It potently protects against UV-induced damage in the skin and helps with DNA repair. The texture is really light-weight, far better than Kiehl’s and it soaks into the skin within seconds. I usually tap for about three to five seconds and it goes into the deep layer of my eye area. I don’t quite remember the price, probably around $60. After using it for over 2 months, wrinkles do get relieved. For puffiness, it does not have very visible results. · The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5%+EGCG   The Ordinary - Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Sold for only $8, it effectively deals with puffiness. Caffeine does that. It is of clinical formulations. EGCG, a plant extract helps also deal with dark circles. I think this one an emergency helper when I stay up only to find an awful look and need to recover.
This Is Why I Hate The Hype..
Being on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat means being faced with a hundred-n-1 advertisements for a wide range of products varying from clothes, to jewelry, to even skincare. I am sure everyone of us on there has seen an ad for Curology. At first, I couldn’t be bothered to stop and read about it, but over time, and after seeing SO. MANY. sponsored posts, I was drawn to it. I had to see for myself what the hype was all about, and if it could cure my acne. Eventually, about two months ago, I caved. As Curology - Curology formula is an online business, I had to answer their mini quiz online, post pictures of my skin to them, and wait for the delivery of the “holy grail” that it was marketed to be. Before caving, I did do my research and read that it helped most people if they waited patiently for the results. So, when the product finally arrived with ingredients tailored “perfectly” for my skin (Clindamycin 1%, Azelaic Acid 4%, and Zinc Pyrithione 0.25%), I was beyond excited! The packaging was really aesthetic and minimalist, which I thought was a pro. The product itself is cream-based and thin/light, which I liked on my skin. The best part is that it cost me $5 for that first bottle! I started that very night, and I was sure that I would wake up with picture perfect skin, although that was quite optimistic on my part. Needless to say, this was not the case the next morning, but I figured it would take consistent usage and some time to get me to my desired end result. So, I waited and waited, then I waited some more. My skin, after 1.5 months of using, had NOT reached what Curology had promised. In fact, the texture of my skin was a worse than before, and it was drying out! Even more, the product in the bottles is so little, and I had to reorder the product within the 1.5-month timeframe despite the fact that it was meant to last 2 months, so I ended up spending more (it costs $40 for two months after the initial $5)! I finally decided to stop using it, very dissatisfied. I guess I won’t be swayed so easily anymore.
Let’s talk tretinoin
If your skin concerns include acne or aging, you’ve probably heard of tretinoin: the prescription-only ingredient that promises to speed up skin cell turnover, revealing bright, wrinkle-free, clear skin. I’ve been using tretinoin for close to a year now, so here are some tips if it’s new to you: don’t underestimate it. it’s prescription only for a reason: it’s very strong and can very easily dry out your skin. read the directions. my Curology - Curology formula is supposed to be applied about 20 minutes after I wash my face, so my skin has time to completely dry. however, the #Apostrophe - formula[products]#[FourStars] can be applied immediately after cleansing. ease into it. your derm will probably advise you to apply every other night at first, working up to every night. buffer it. buffering just means you apply moisturizer BEFORE applying tret, or that you mix the two together. this can reduce the drying effects of the tret without reducing its efficacy. USE SUN PROTECTION. like many other skincare products, tret increases skin’s sensitivity to sun, so layer on the SPF! and lastly, give it time. tret is not an overnight solution; like all skincare, you won’t see the full results until you’re several months in. for those who are wondering, I recently switched from curology to apostrophe because apostrophe offers a wider range of oral medications in addition to topical treatments. curology is cheaper and I definitely still recommend it: my providers were always very responsive and adjusted my formula multiple times. sadly, I have very stubborn hormonal acne and after trying everything curology had to offer, I decided to switch. I’m hoping the oral meds + tret are the right combination for me. has anyone else tried either of these telemedicine services? how have they worked for you?
Free Samples in 2020 – Which Ones I’ll Be Purchasing!
Being a beauty-obsessed shopper in 2020 is hard. But free samples make it easier! With brands adding in more samples of their products than ever, shoppers can try snippets before purchasing the entire product. This psychologically-brilliant tactic is working for beauty brands, landing them more sales than ever. I think the reason free samples work so well is because: · Try before you buy, (the obvious) · Shoppers can purchase the full-size with confidence, resulting in fewer returns for the company · The risk-averse shoppers feel taken care of · Something about a gift triggers the human response of reciprocity (wanting to do something for them, like purchase more, once they have given you a gift) It’s truly a win-win. For context - My skin is oily, acne-prone, and also fighting anti-aging. A glorious trio. Here are some of my recent freebies from 2020 so far (going from left to right): ·The Curology Cleanser -        o Very gentle o  Lightweight o Made for all skin-types o Produced by leading dermatologists o You can purchase with a $40 bottle of customized formula for your skin-concerns, $40 covering a 2-month supply. The cleanser and moisturizer are the same for everyone, very gentle and neutral. Curology - The Cleanser   · The Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask – o This mask is magical o Your face feels so clean after o Smells delicious o I use 2-3 times per week for a nice, gentle exfoliation o The charcoal cleanses and visibly tightens pores o The tea calms your skin o The lemon brightens with vitamin C o The full-sized product is $35.00 with a 5-star rating presently pūrlisse - Matcha Green Tea + Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask  · 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask from Ahava/Ulta – o Dead sea mud mask o LITERALLY GOLD (see picture for sample on my hand, didn’t want to waste much!) o It is very soft, and my face feels smoother after use o Some report breakouts afterward and there are mixed reviews o It leaves a glitter residue behind, unsure if some mistake that for the glow but I have experienced no breakouts o Full-sized product is $68.00 with a 3.2-star rating on Ulta AHAVA - 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask   · Herbivore Botanical’s Phoenix Oil – o I use this in the mornings, 2-3 drops o It is for dry skin but I have oily skin, feels great and very moisturizing o Works for sensitive skin, anti-aging, dryness o Very lightweight o Made using rosehip, omega oils, vitamin A, and sea buckthorn o Herbivore is probably my favorite skincare line (vegan, product is concentrated and goes a long way, lasts for 6 months+ if used slowly, their products WORK!) o Uses Alpha Lipoic Acid to add a natural glow to skin o Large bottle is $88.00, again, will last you 6-months to a year if you take your time o You could use one drop a day if you wanted o Color will vary (I have noticed with their Lapis Blue Tansy oil that it got greener over time. You can see from my Phoenix sample in the picture that it is more yellow, whereas on the website it is more orange. This is likely due to oxidation and the potency of the product may be decreasing slightly as it is exposed to air).HERBIVORE - Phoenix Facial Oil   · Sunday Riley’s UFO Acne Treatment Oil – o 1.5% salicylic acid, to fight acne and breakouts o Clears pore congestion o Quite lightweight for an oil o Tea tree oil works great on my skin, with anti-fungal properties to fight bad bacteria o Vegan/fragrance/paraben-free o Emerald green in color o Full-sized product is $40.00 with 4.5-star ratings out of 34-reviews presently SUNDAY RILEY - U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil   ·  Eight Saint’s Bright Side – o A cleanser that utilizes antioxidants o Crème-based but not too heavy o Made using fruit and seed oils o The smell is citrusy and fruity o Intended for dry skin but I’ve experienced no issues with it (even though I have oily and acne-prone skin) o Full-sized product is $46.00 with 5-star ratings out of 17-reviews presently So!EIGHT SAINTS - Bright Side Out of these six, the four I would purchase the full-sized product of and recommend include: · The Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask · 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask from Ahava/Ulta · Herbivore Botanical’s Phoenix Oil · Sunday Riley’s UFO Acne Treatment Oil My all-time favorite out of that would have to be the phoenix oil by Herbivore. My second favorite is the matcha green tea. And honestly, I could live without the other four. That’s my hot take! I hope it helps you, beautiful queens!    
update on curology
curology seems to be working! i’ve seen less breakouts! usually when i get breakouts i get a bunch of little bumps. but now i’ve just gotten like single bigger pimples which kind of bothers me but at least i don’t get big breakouts. although this does seem to be working it dries out my skin quite a lot! my eczema is starting to flare and i’m now using the CeraVe - Moisturizing Cream For Normal To Dry Skin which helps my skin a lot! hopefully my skin continues to clear up and also stays hydrated! i’ll keep you guys updated.

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Calming Skincare Routine!
Calming Skincare Routine!
In this video I use the following items: ❤️Dr Jart- Cicapair Tiger Grass Serum 🧡Farmacy- Daily Greens Moisturizer 💛Evergreen & Birch- Blue Tansy Oil 💚Paula’s Choice- Youth Extending Hydrating Fluid 💙MotherDirt- Probiotic AO+ Mist This is a routine for my sensitive and combination skin that is acne-prone when I need soothing ingredients and products. ❤️The Cicapair line by Dr Jart is meant to be really calming and I like all of the items I’ve tried from it but went for the serum today to get that calming effect on right away. This serum isn’t super thick and has a lovely smell to it too. 🧡I’m enjoying the new Farmacy moisturizer so far! It’s oil-free and silicone-free. It’s a gel texture and absorbs beautifully and doesn’t make me break out. 💛Evergreen & Birch is a small business made in CT with gorgeous ingredients in small batches! I can’t say enough about their products and I chose this because blue tansy has anti-inflammatory properties. 💚This Paula’s Choice sunscreen is my FAVORITE. It doesn’t feel sticky or leave a white cast at all. It just absorbs and gives you SPF 50 and a slight glow. 💙MotherDirt Mist- I use this to add bacteria that is good for my microbiome back to my face after washing it and going through this routine. I find it helps with my acne a lot and it’s very refreshing. Spot any faves? 👀 Dr. Jart+ - Cicapair Tiger Grass Serum FARMACY - Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya PAULA'S CHOICE - Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid MOTHERDIRT - AO + Mist
AO + Mist
Perfect Morning ☀️
Perfect Morning ☀️
LADIES. This is my perfect 5-step morning skincare routine. I have combination skin type with a bit of acne. 1. Cleanser TATCHA - The Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser A daily gel cleanser with natural fruit exfoliant that deeply but gently lifts impurities and unclogs pores, while leaving skin soft and hydrated. 2. Toner innisfree - Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Toner Apply this quick-absorbing toner after cleansing to help balance skin’s hydration and oil levels. Ideal for hydrating oily and combination skin types, without the shine. 3. Activation Serum Sulwhasoo - First Care Activating Serum This unique serum designed to be the first step post-cleanse that hydrates, nourishes and visibly forms, while boosting absorption of subsequent products that are applied on top. 4. Moisturizer YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream with Ashwagandha + Reishi A deeply hydrating moisturizer with superior plant extracts and a pro-grade peptide complex formulated for dry, reactive, and sensitive skin. 5. Sunscreen Supergoop! - Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40 This SPF primer perfects skin all on its own and acts like a makeup-gripping canvas, creating a totally dewy base layer for your look. It gives your face a healthy dose of pearlescence, to add instant, glowing protection with no glitter.
Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream with Ashwagandha + Reishi
YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE-Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream with Ashwagandha + Reishi
Brand Review: COSRX
Brand Review: COSRX
As someone with problematic skin, I can’t count on one hand how many COSRX products I’ve tried before. COSRX is a brand that was established in Korea almost two decades ago in 2002. Its name comes from Cosmetics + Rx, showing how much the brand focuses on solving different skin issues. Since most of its products are fairly affordable, I’ve become a pretty huge fan over the years. Although I started using the brand as a university student in my late teens, I never stopped patronizing their products. In fact, until now I still use COSRX products especially for my acne. Here are some products I’ve tried from this Korean skincare brand! 1. COSRX - Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner To this day, this is the toner I use when I have breakouts. It has a water like consistency and is easily absorbed into the skin. It also soothes my pimples, reducing redness and irritation. 2. COSRX - Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch These are actually hydrocolloid patches, the same type of product that is used on patients who are healing from surgeries. I use these when I have a pimple that is already on its way out in order to speed up the healing process and avoid acne scars. 3. COSRX - AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner This was the toner I had before switching to my current toner. It has a similar consistency to the Centella toner and I think it complemented my other AHA products nicely. 4. COSRX - Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Not a fan of this cleanser at all, but I will admit that it’s not a bad product. It did manage to make my skin smooth, soft, and ready for my routine. However, I prefer cream type cleansers to gel type. 5. COSRX - Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser This is actually my boyfriend’s cleanser, but he kept one at my place so when I used up my AM cleanser, I used this for a while. It lathers well but it’s also really drying, so get a nice moisturizer if you wanna use this product. 6. COSRX - Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence I only got this because I saw a lot of reviews hyping it online. Can’t say I noticed any considerable changes with this product. As an essence, it was rather moisturizing... and that was pretty much it. I didn’t get any breakouts or suffer from irritation though, so there’s that. 7. COSRX - Centella Blemish Cream I bought this product as spot treatment for my acne. It did work, sort of, but it was so slow that I’m not sure if it was even because of this product or if the pimples were simply at the end of their life. 😂 With a price of $20 for a 30ml tub though, I definitely didn’t think it was worth paying that much for a so-so product. I’ve been using COSRX for so long that I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a few more products, but these are the ones I’ve tried in the last 3 years, at least. What about you? Let me know in the comments! 💋
AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
COSRX-AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
Every rosacea skin should definitely see this
Every rosacea skin should definitely see this
I have rosacea skin for several years and I’ve tried numerous skincare products and cosmeceuticals. But my skin situation is not stable, it can get red, sensitive and with some spots occasionally. Last year I went to visit a famous doctor who is the top expert on the treatment for rosacea, and she recommended me to change all of my daily-routine products to very simple but efficient ones. after using these products for about half a year, my skin become stable and very smooth. I’d like share these products with you guys, (I spent a lot of money to get this recommendation lol, so plzzzzz read it and remember it!!!) I think it is suitable for all rosacea skin. And all of the products are pretty cheap and easy to buy. Morning🌝: 1. LAROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR H cleansing cream 2.NeoStrata redness neutralizing serum 3. SKINCEUTICALS sheer mineral uv defense SPF 50 (if you don’t like mineral texture you can change it, becuz to be honest it’s cannot fit the foundations and become too white on face, now I change it to HELIOCARE 360 gel oil-free, check the third pic, ;D) Night🌛: 1. LAROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR H cleansing cream 2. SESDERMA AZELAC moisturizing cream 3. Finacea (Azelaic acid) this kind of acid is really good for rosacea but you need to make sure you skin can tolerate it in advance. 4. SKINCEUTICALS redness neutralizer (if you think it’s a little bit heavy, you can still use NeoStrata redness neutralizing serum) It’s the all the products I use as daily routine, very simple, but really useful to cure the rosacea.
Physical Fusion Uv Defense  SPF 50
SKINCEUTICALS-Physical Fusion Uv Defense SPF 50
New routine added Versed
New routine added Versed
I use to break out every time I washed my face but now I’ve been using a gel cleanser and a serum and my skin has never looked better. I mix my FAB moisturizer with the serum at night. In the morning I just wash with gel and apply serum by itself.VERSED - WASH IT OUT Gel Cleanser VERSED - HYDRATION STATION Booster With HA FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer
Is It Worth The Money?
Is It Worth The Money?
Sunday Riley is the brand I never quite know where I stand with. I have tried some products I’ve loved and others I returned very quickly. The UFO clarifying oil is one I just can not figure out. It’s an oil more than a serum so I always put it last in the nightly routine. For the first couple of days using it it helps with the major acne I can’t get rid of. But after a week or so of using it. I get small little bumps that take months to get my skin right again. I couldn’t bring myself to return it when I bought it cause it did help. However the longer I use it the more it seems to upset my skin. Currently I still have it because I paid a hella lot of money for this small bottle. And I’m using it to shave with (facial Derma). I have had the bottle for a very long time now. And I am almost out of it. Would I buy this product again. No way! But I wouldn’t not buy from Sunday Riley again, it’s about finding what works and this did not for me. If anyone has any advice on its use or if I’m doing something wrong please leave a comment. Thanks!
U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil
SUNDAY RILEY-U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil