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Ok so on ULTA there was a deal for Kiehl’s I don’t know if it’s still available. But for $30 ($100+value) I recieved.... 1. 1oz of the ULTRA FACIAL CREAM 2. 0.5oz of the MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE (I love this stuff ohmmagoodnesss) I will be doing a review on these other skincare goodies too!💕🙏🏻 And lastly ... 3. 0.5oz of the CREAMY EYE TREATMENT W/ AVOCADO! I mean who doesn’t like avocados?! If you don’t like to eat them you at least like it in your skincare🥑🥑 This eyecream literally brightens my eyes INSTANTLY !!!! My mind was blown! On the front of the package it says that the formula texture does NOT migrate into your eyes so you can put it on the top of your eyelids as well which is amazing!! This eyecream has a very light and fresh scent and does not burn !!! I have such sensitive skin that the min something burns I stay away! I’ve used eyecreams in the past that literally burn my under eyes lol. This product is THICK!!!!! I used a pea size and that was still too much!! A little goes a long way which is amazing because I have more time with this product !!!! I would def repurchase this when its empty 🙏🏻 Hope I could give you some insight 🥑💕
May 9
kirLOVE the creamy eye treatment and facial cream!! They actually make my skin bouncier to the touch, firmer and more plump!! Been using it for about a week and it’s totally helping with the fine lines around my eyes!!
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bby.faceOmg I LOVE their products too!!!! Sooo good
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Hydration, brightening, exfoliation 🌙
Typical nighttime routine ❤️ My skin loves lactic acid, I have definitely noticed improvement using TO Lactic Acid 5% for a couple weeks now. Interested in trying the 10% next. I am also loving the Good Molecules toner. Highly recommend!
First post!! Current Skin Care Products :)
One great thing to come out of this crazy time is my rejuvenated commitment to a solid skincare routine! This is a mix of products that are both old and new to me, but I’m loving them all! In the morning, I only use Mamonde - Rose Water Gel Cream , Kiehl's - Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado , and it Cosmetics - Confidence In A Neck Cream Moisturizer , and lastly elta md SKINCARE - UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 if I am heading outside :) At night I use everything else except sunscreen, and change out the gel moisturizer for FIRST AID BEAUTY - Ultra Repair Cream (NOT PICTURED) I just recently introduced Retinol into my routine, but I only use it once a week and make sure not to use any acne medication when I use it (also not pictured because it’s prescribed by my dermatologist). So far I am liking RoC - Retinol Correxion, Deep Wrinkle Night Cream but it’s too early to tell if it is having a significant impact. I use a Sulfur face wash prescribed by my dermatologist which is also not pictured! I am waiting on a new toner to come in, thinking about introducing a chemical exfoliant once a week, and also micellar water. If you have any feedback or suggestions I am super open!
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Ethical Eyes
Ethical Eyes
I love this product not only cause it smells good and I can feel the difference after I apply it... but it is also made with 100% natural ingredients!! EARTH HARBOR - AQUA AURA Reparative Eye Creme small batch product made by MERMAIDS!! 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏿🧜🧜🏼‍♂️ I rub a small amount above and under my eyes to keep the dark circles away. nontoxic cruelty free vegan w/ no synthetics GF // soy free // non-GMO women-owned fair trade
AQUA AURA Reparative Eye Creme
A. By BOM duo - eye cream and
A. By BOM duo - eye cream and eye serum. A. by BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum is a great moisturizer but also a product that helped me with dark circles - my dark circles under my eyes aren't really a problem since I get them only when I have no sleep or if it's an allergic reaction, but this serum really did its work, I also used it on my cheekbones to add the glow to my skin, A. by BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Cream is more delicate if it comes to scent and the texture is different, it is moisturizing but still serum is my favourite. You can use them separately or together, if you're very young I would recommend using one product - cream or serum - because mixing them two might be too heavy for younger skin and it might end up with milia if you're an adult who needs more power then mixing both is a good idea.
eye cream suggestion!
eye cream suggestion!
i've tried so many eye creams throughout the years and i find that this one is so so good! it's a korean eye cream called a.h.c the real eye cream for face. they say that not only can you use it on the eye area, but you can also use it on your face and neck. but i have other products for my face and neck and i don't want to run out so fast cause it's not really a big tube. but because you only really need a pea size amount for your eyes, i think it's worth the buck! i spent about $17 and it has 30 mL of product. i have sensitive skin and this product doesn't give me milia. it's the perfect amount of moisture and i find that it really helps me with my fine lines. there's also been a reduction in terms of dark eye circles. however, every product works differently for everyone! but maybe give it a shot? 😍
Benton’s Ferment
PRODUCT INFO: Benton’s Fermentation Eye Cream is a lightweight formula that helps to achieve a smooth and youthful eye area by preventing dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. This eye cream brings fermented ingredients and anti-aging superstars together to keep your eye area hydrated and soft. Bifida ferment lysate and galactomyces ferment filtrate, fermented ingredients well-known in Korean skin care, help repair skin damage, while ceramides, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and panthenol deeply hydrate skin. Also included in the formula are beta-glucans and adenosine to plump and smooth the eye area for brighter, more younger-looking eyes. MY THOUGHTS: This is a thick cream which melts onto skin when applied. While hydration was immediately noticeable, it took a week or so before I saw visible results to my fine lines around my eyes. Love too how it’s not a cream you dip into with its more hygienic squeeze tip. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because I can only use at night because my concealer slips about if I use in morning.
Kiehl’s Eye Treatment: Too Good to be True
Kiehl’s Eye Treatment: Too Good to be True
One of the first eye creams I ever owned is Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado! I picked this up in duty-free in the airport in Thailand because I had a few extra baht to spare and WOW I really loved it. This is an ULTRA nourishing eye treatment with avocado oil that is marketed as a good base for under makeup BUT I much prefer to use this as a night time eye treatment because it is pretty thick. It leaves my eye area softer and rejuvenated and I feel that it also works to plump up the hollows. The texture is creamy and decadent, pretty thick and almost tacky to the touch (which is why I wonder if it would actually be good under concealer under the eye for day time use???) A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. BUUUUT after reading further, the ingredients list is really upsetting, and I’m learning as I go. I wouldn’t recommend this product as the ingredients list is abysmal and the brand itself is also not cruelty free. I personally didn’t have any adverse reactions to the bad ingredients in the product, but I’ve read it has caused some people’s eczema to flare up. I would say that $30 is pretty fair for A GOOD, WELL FORMULATED eye cream that will last you until its expiration date, but this one is packed with parabens (at least four different types! Yuck!) , sulfates and other gross ingredients like propylene glycol and neurotoxin phenoxyethanol — stuff you really don’t want to be putting on your face let alone your delicate eye area. Honestly, this did moisturize my under eye area (somehow) and I’m really disappointed both in the brand for formulating it so poorly and in myself for not reading the label more thoroughly, but it was my first eye cream purchase and it was on a whim in a foreign country, so I won’t be too hard on myself. Like I said, I’m learning as I go! Like I said, I can’t speak to this product’s ability to combat dark circles, fine lines and under eye bags, but for a moisturizing eye cream (which is all this product really claims to do) it does the job, but to me its not worth the ingredients list for $30. I give the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado a 1/5. :( I am aware that there has been more recent studies done negating the risk of cancer brought bought by parabens, but even so, the ingredients list is not worth the price to me.
Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado
Kiehl's-Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado
i’ve never thought i’ll need a
i’ve never thought i’ll need an eyecream til i gave birth. the sleepless night, the trying to keep my eyes open while feeding or changing the boss baby made me look like a panda 🐼 (idk how panda pull it off, they honestly look so cute) my overall face looks so dull, fine line’s starting to show. i’ll be honest, taking care of my under eye feels like an extra work so I always ‘forget’ (see: skip, neglect, ignore) applying cream/patch & taking my time, giving it extra love it deserves. everytime i wear make up & see how my concealer can’t even hide it, i tell myself i’d take care of my 👀 more. . . Vita Bright C Eye Cream the ingredients list is promising. i mean, it’s infused with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) niacinamide, and vitamin E and various fruit extracts. coxir multi-vitamin eye cream function is to illuminate the delicate eye area and diminish dark circles it also revitalizes & brightens tired, restless under eyes that will make me look well-rested and awake. second, its my first full size eye cream! third, i know i’m gonna use it regularly