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Makeup Gift Ideas  | Cherie

Makeup Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a makeup gift for someone but don’t know where to start, let me help! These recommendations are good for anyone who wears makeup whether they’ve just gotten into it or they’ve been wearing makeup for a long time. MakeUp Eraser - MakeUp Eraser
MakeUp Erasers area great gift for anyone who wears makeup! All you need is water to wet the cloth and it wipes away all makeup. It is gentle enough to use on the eyes while still removing even waterproof mascara! NYX - Epic Ink Liner
This liquid liner performs as well as high end eyeliners but at a drugstore price! It lasts all day without flaking or smearing (and even withstands some tears) but isn’t an absolute pain to remove. This is a great eyeliner for beginners and experts. it Cosmetics - You're Easy on the Eyes Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush Set
You can’t go wrong with any makeup brushes from this brand! They’re pretty pricey, but if you don’t know specifics about what the recipient of your gift likes in terms of makeup, eye brush sets are a safe bet. These brushes perform very well and come in many cute colors and designs. If you are looking for a more affordable brush set,MORPHE - Eye Got This Brush Set
is a good option as well. cargo COSMETICS - Limited Edition Namastay in India Eye Shadow Palette
I recommend any eyeshadow palettes from this brand, but this one is my personal favorite. I don’t see people talking about this brand but the eyeshadows perform really well and the shimmer shades are beautiful! If you’re looking for eyeshadow to give as a gift this is a great place to start. If you have tried any of these products or have any makeup gift suggestions please let me know in the comments!
Dec. 14, 2020
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🎃 Halloween 🦇 Skincare 💀
🎃 ‘tis the SPOOKY SEASON with Halloween around the corner, Halloween make up looks are IN. Putting this much product on your face can cause a lot of buildup and breakouts! Here is what I do to prevent that! 🦇 My Skin - oily and acne prone: because I can’t acne even if I’m not irritating my skin, I have to be extra careful when using eyeshadow all over my face 💀 how i CLEAN 1) always double cleanse! i use an Oil cleanser like DRUNK ELEPHANT - Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser to remove makeup. i let it melt into my skin and then rub it in before rinsing. I like this putter cleanser, but it is more expensive than I usually like to buy I don’t use makeup wipes, i use a makeup eraser like MakeUp Eraser - MakeUp Eraser to get any extra traces. it’s better for your skin, and better for the environment. are usually use this if i have any waterproof stuff left on my face 2) cleanser 2 Murad - Time Release Acne Cleanser I use a cleanser with salicylic acid to get out any extra oil and clean the gunk out of my skin. This is more of a treatment stuff than a make up removal stuff. I like this cleanser because it calms my skin while treating it 3) exfoliating lil scrubber tarte - Cleansing Cutie Scrubber this little exfoliating scrub her from tart is only seven dollars, andI use it whenever I need a little extra physical exfoliation in my routine. do it every day SK can irritate any active spots I have, if I’m doing a look like the one in this picture, sometimes you need a little extra manpower
✨ LipSense Review ✨
I am a huge lipstick fan, especially bold colors! But I refuse to wear anything that isn’t transfer-proof (way too messy for me). So I am always on the hunt for great long-lasting lipsticks/lip stains. I had seen the ads for LipSense and thought it was too good to be true. Unfortunately for my wallet, it was too good to be true. $25 per shade, plus you have to buy the gloss which is $20 and it’s helpful to get the remover as well which is another $10. I have a hard time bringing myself to spend $15 on lipstick, so $55 wasn’t happening. However, my sister got a couple different shades of this and didn’t like it so she gave it to me! Here is my review: In the pictures I think it probably looks like two entirely different products. Those were taken 12 hours apart. Both pictures feature the shade, Lexie Bear-y. Application: I typically consider myself pretty good at applying lipstick. LipSense is definitely the most difficult for me to apply. You can only apply it in one direction, so no going back and forth with the brush. If you make a mistake, good luck because it will be difficult to remove. I don’t love the brush, it’s not as angled as I would prefer, but it’s not horrible. It dries very quickly, the packaging says to wait 3-5 seconds between applications. You are supposed to apply 3 layers. I usually find 2 layers does the trick, but for the purposes of this review I did 3. After applying 3 layers you need to apply a gloss on top. You could skip this step if you want more of a matte look, but I find it to be pretty uncomfortable and drying if I don’t put the gloss on. The gloss is sticky, but it really makes the color pop. Wear: For this review I wore LipSense for 12 hours. During those hours I ate and drank just as normal, not giving any special attention to avoiding my lips. LipSense is absolutely 100% transfer proof (in my opinion), this stuff is not coming off on anything. The gloss will come off, however. I find it usually lasts a couple of hours. You can always reapply it, but I chose not to. Once the gloss comes off this shade looks much more metallic than it does when first applied. After 12 hours it doesn’t look perfect, but I think overall it did a pretty good job of staying on. Besides the gloss coming off, it also started to flake towards the middle of my mouth. Removal: This is a difficult lipstick to remove. They make a special remover to put on top. Even with the remover it’s not the easiest to get off. On days where I only apply one layer I have been able to remove it without using anything special, just my MakeUp Eraser - MakeUp Eraser This lipstick is very drying. I definitely recommend following up with chapstick after taking it off. This is why my sister didn’t like it, she was too sensitive for it and it hurt her lips. Overall I think this is a great, long-lasting lipstick, but because of how drying and expensive it is, I will only use it for special occasions. Thanks for reading!!

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again, have no more room to store your face/eye brushes??? there’s an easy solution. just take any size jar (based on the no. of brushes you would like to store inside), and glue poms poms to it!! here are the brushes i put in it: MORPHE - MORPHE X James Charles The Eye Brush Set e.l.f. - Blending Eye Brush e.l.f. - Blending Eye Brush URBAN DECAY - Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette REAL TECHNIQUES - Instapop Eye Duo REAL TECHNIQUES - Perfect Crease Duo
Blending Eye Brush
e.l.f.-Blending Eye Brush
Hey guys! The Lamora - Exposed
Hey guys! The Lamora - Exposed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is one of my favorite nude palettes, so I figured I would look more closely at it today. The palette has 16 shades, 14 shimmer, and 2 a velvety matte. When looking more closely at the colors, the Comfort and Bronze shades are nearly identical in formulation and color. Same with Satin and Wood, Rust and Wood, Cameo and Idol, and Wish and Idol. When thinking about that you’re really getting closer to 7 shades. The packaging is a nice hard cardboard, and came with a sheet of protective plastic on top of the shades. It has some shimmer accents, and clearly written shade names. The formula for the velvety mattes Cream and Expresso, are very hard in the pan, but powdery on the eye lid. The shimmer shades are much easier to get out of the pan, but are very, very, powdery, and probably better for a quick smokey eye rather than a complex look. All in all a good, cheap product for beginners.
Exposed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
Lamora-Exposed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
1, 2, 3, or 4?! Which look so
1, 2, 3, or 4?! Which look so you like most 1️⃣ Morphebrushes 39A Dare To Create Palette 2️⃣ Jeffreestar Blue Blood Palette 3️⃣ Jamescharles x Morphebrushes Eyeshadow Palette 4️⃣ Hudabeauty Neon Palette
juvia‘s place Nubian Eyeshadow
juvia‘s place Nubian Eyeshadow Palette morphe brushes Brow Cream in Java tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light urban decay Trouble Maker Mascara make up forever Artist Color Pencil - Dimensional Dark Brown 😊 morphe brushes x jaclyn hill Brushes 💯
Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette
JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS-Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette
Not bad for a $3 eyeshadow quad
Not bad for a $3 eyeshadow quad
I got ELF’s bite size palette in “pumpkin pie” and I think I’m in love. I admit, I under estimated this palette. However, this exceeded my expectations. The mattes are very pigmented and blended well. The shimmers are so buttery and bright. My only complaint is the transition shade is a little too deep for my liking so I have to spend extra time buffing it out. You can use your bronzer as a transition shade for a smoother application. I would definitely bring this palette when I travel. Ok ELF, I see you 👀 Have you tried the bite size shadows ? Francesca 💋
Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette
e.l.f.-Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette