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232 Quill Crease Brush Large

So several years ago before I knew what a difference In using quality make up brushes to apply your make up would make. I was always using cheap drugstore brushes or heck even just my fingers, imagine the horror LOL. At the time I met a very lovely girl on Instagram who became a dear friend to me and she actually educated me a lot about make up and the different tools to use and intern she gifted me this amazing blending brush by Smith Cosmetics and I still use it to this day it is probably one of the best eyeshadow blending brush is I have ever come across and if you were ever in the market for a new brush are just looking to try a different brand I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this one
Feb. 19, 2020
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MUST HAVE Eye Brushes for Hooded Eyes 👀 🤍
Hi beautiful! Eyeshadows are my favorite makeup item and doing my eyes is my favorite step to do. I feel that eyeshadows set the theme of your face. It can make your look either dramatic, neutral, “natural” or smokey. I believe that investing in a good brush is a good move. Not only it will last long, but it will make the quality of your eyeshadow level up. You can have the best quality eyeshadow in the world, but using the wrong brush can make your makeup look poor quality. I don’t have much lid space so I have to apply my eyeshadow strategically otherwise it won’t show up or it will look a bit droopy. These eyeshadow brushes definitely helped applying eyeshadows much easier and helped looking flawless along the way. 🤍SMITH 232 MAC 217 was my go-to, but they recently changed to synthetic hair..it’s better for the environment, but it doesn’t perform as well so I decided to get this brush. This large crease brush is made from natural goat hair. It has a pointed tip so it makes the crease colors stronger. I use this as my transition and blending out all the colors together. This brush is so soft and blends effortlessly. I don’t have to spend much time blending because this diffuses the eyeshadows flawlessly. This retails for $27 smith COSMETICS - 232 Quill Crease Brush Large 🤍WAYNE GOSS 19 This is a precision blending brush and redistributes color effortlessly. This is perfect for my hooded eyes especially for doing detail work on the crease. It’s so soft and feels delicate on my eyes. If you have a smaller lid space I would highly recommend this especially if you’re in to detailing your work. This retails for $23 WAYNE GOSS - Brush 19 Eye Shadow Precision Blending Brush 🤍WAYNE GOSS 20 This is a little but smaller than WG 19. I used to apply eyeshadows for small details with a pencil brush, but it’s too dense for my liking which takes forever to blend out. This is a perfect size between a pencil brush and a small precision blending brush. The WG 19 and 20 make hooded eye makeup up application so fast and easy. My eyeshadow game changed dramatically when I added these two detail brushes on my collection. The WG 20 retails for $22 WAYNE GOSS - Brush 20 Eye Shadow Smudging Brush 🤍SMITH 253 This has an arrowhead shape and is fairly small. This is perfect for my small lids. I hate it when I apply a lid color and the brush is too big so it goes over and gets on the crease color. This brush allows for a precise application. This is made from thin pony hairs and is the softest brush ever. It’s also great when applied wet. This is $22 smith COSMETICS - 253 Arrowhead Laydown Eyeshadow Brush Small 🤍SIGMA E35 This is my all time favorite brush! It’s not as soft as my Smith 232 but it’s such a great quality for a cheaper price. I use this when my S232 is dirty. I bought my first one in 2011 and just replaced it recently. This is $17 I hope this is helpful! What is your MUST HAVE makeup tool? Francesca 💋 #CheriePartner

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I'm really enjoying this cover
I'm really enjoying this coverfx Perfector Face Palette so far. I have the light-medium shade which is working for my pale skin. I'm a big fan of coverfx because they are a natural brand and they don't use talc in their products. The contour shade is such a good match for me and blends out well. The blush is pretty too although I need a light hand with it. The highlights aren't over the top, which makes them work for every day wear and if I want to amp it up, I just tap a little of the brightener on with my fingers and it gives me that 'wow' highlight. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the finishing powder because it looks like it has shimmer.
Perfector Face Palette
COVER FX-Perfector Face Palette
Looking for an appropriate neu
Looking for an appropriate neutral and holiday-inspired eyeshadow palette? Check out Elixi Beauty eyeshadow palette. You get 10 matte and 10 shimmer shades, it is vegan-friendly crueltyfree and parabenfree plus it’s super pigmented. Also get your face and eye brushes from them if you are on the look out for soft, sturdy and stylish brushes. The brushes are “Vegan friendly & premium quality synthetic fibres. Super soft, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and non shedding”. “Handle: Responsibly sourced solid wood handle, painted with eco-friendly pigments”
Morphe x Jeffree Star eyeshadow brush
Morphe x Jeffree Star eyeshadow brush
This Morphe x Jeffree Star eyeshadow brush is excellent for packing shadow on the eyelid. It has the perfect density to apply shimmer or metallic shadows. Plus, it’s only $8! MORPHE - MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS11 Blunt Packer Brush
MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS11 Blunt Packer Brush
MORPHE-MORPHE X Jeffree Star JS11 Blunt Packer Brush
The second pic isn't labelled,
The second pic isn't labelled, so you can see the colors a little better. I will be narrowing these down and doing swatches soon but in the meantime I thought I'd show ya what I'm working with. There's a little guide in the upper corner with the brand abbreviations, icymi! Oh and there's only dupes for 17 shades because the lower left corner in the palette is concealer and I think that people should use whatever concealer/ eye base matches their complexion best. This is a big palette so it would cost a lot of money (and be a pain in the ass) to buy dupes for every shade. Dupes like these are beneficial for those who are only interested in a few shades and don't want to buy the whole palette. Assuming that you don't already own some of these similar options then your best bet would be to buy one of those dupe palettes. That Beauty Creations palette is supposedly fairly comparable and I'd imagine that bad habit will come up with something soon. Those palettes aren't my cup of tea so I won't be doing comparisons but I know that lots of other bloggers will have you guys covered in that department.
Hey guys , So today’s I’m reviewing the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless in Decadent , this is a 100% honest review. 💕 First let’s talk about the packaging *The packaging is marbled like pretty much all the other palette forever flawless, overall I’m giving it a 10/10. Second let’s talk about regardless the color scheme *My fav , the color scheme are perfect for any occasions , the perfect warm tones for any look. Giving it 10/10. Third, the formula, *The formula to me was really good I was really surprised about how good the formula is , the mattes blends super well , I had no issue blending , also Surprisingly almost no fallouts to the pans. Fourth , Is it worth the price ?? * Hummmm yes it is , for the drugstore side I definitely do recommend it ! I promise you. Hope you enjoy 😇
Forever Flawless Eyeshadow Palette
REVOLUTION-Forever Flawless Eyeshadow Palette
Love it!
Love it!
I am no makeup expert but having this brush has definitely helped me a lot. It’s great for placing eyeshadow down firstly and an awesome blending brush. It can also pack eyeshadow on the lid very well. Even though it is a small brush you can use this to add highlight to the cheekbones and contour your nose. The bristles are extremely soft so you don’t feel like your spiking your eyelid with every stroke like I’ve felt with other brand brushes. It’s easy to wash and because it is white you can definately see when it needs to be cleaned. I just love it. It’s affordable and well worth buying. MORPHE - M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush
M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush
MORPHE-M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush