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I started using this once a week at night for about 3 months

You know when you have rough textures and small white bumps mostly on the face, especially around jaw lines. It can be frustrating and can last for weeks even months. Been there! However, there are thankfully some things that can help. Including this Biologique Recherche Lotion!⁣ ⁣I started Lotion P50W about 6 months ago. Then I replaced it with the stronger version, P50. Now let's talk about the gentler one.⁣ ⁣The W version is an acid toner that's intended for sensitive skin. It uses a mix of alpha, beta and poly-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid and gluconolactone to gently exfoliate the skin. The product claims to exfoliate, regulate the skin's pH and hydrate the skin in one product. The formulation also contains skin and sebum regulating agents such as cider vinegar and horseradish.⁣ ⁣ From many reviews, I already expected this toner will be hurt and really potent. So I introduced this product slowly into my routine. I started using this once a week at night for about 3 months in place of my toner and never with any other acid-based products. But it was actually worse than I expected. I felt burning sensation and my skin turned red for the first few weeks using this. The tingly sensation lasted for few minutes. ⁣ ⁣Quick tips: Start using this product with a damp cotton until your skin built up its tolerance. It will makes the whole experience much better!⁣ ⁣A couple drops are all that's need. No swiping or rubbing, just press and release the product into skin moving up from the neck towards ear then forehead. Focused on the areas where there are more pores form. And wait until the formulation dried before applying any other products. It's nice to layer with because it didn't leave any residue on the skin.⁣ ⁣I saw the result on my skin after about two months when my skin already used to it. Right now I feel no burn, no tingle, no redness; it becomes comfortable to use. I feel my breakout are less frequent especially after I used it three times a week. My pores are still there, always visible but they clog up much less than before. As my texture areas are much less apparent, I also notice more radiance on my skin.
Sep. 22, 2019
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Broke out my face terribly 😰
List of exfoliating products I tried in the past- that really broke me out and left acne scars for a while on my face. 🤭😓 These pictures are not my own- as those products were tossed out or returned ASAP. 1. BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Lotion P50 - a patient of mine recommended this to me as “Jesus in the bottle.” I read many raving reviews and online posts about this product. I continued to use it for many months. I started implementing 1x a week and increased it to maybe 2x after a while. I had my husband use this with me- as I told him all the great reviews about this!! My skin was breaking out in places like never before. I was thinking it was purging, and didn’t want to stop. My husband started looking like a teenager boy with acne everywhere! We both stopped after a couple of months, and realized it was this product. I’m more educated these days about skin care, and I would never again keep using a product for this long. Unfortunately I kept using it and using it- thinking my skin would be flawless soon. 😂 2. DRUNK ELEPHANT - T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum this was another exfoliating product I tried about a year ago. I started off using slowly, 1x a week as I learned my lesson from Lotion P50. I got really bad acne on my cheeks. They were super painful and took forever to go away. It left me with scars for a while. My cheeks have not been breaking out since I was a teenager. The Sephora associate mentioned that my skin might be “purging”. I returned this and never looked back. 3. CLINIQUE - CLINIQUE Exfoliating Scrub - too drying for face! It gave me bumps on my forehead and pimples on my chin. It’s possible that my skin is too sensitive for these type of exfoliations!! I wanted to implement them to have the perfect routine, and exfoliate my skin as well. I find my skin looks clear when I do not use any exfoliants. Has anyone else experienced this? Any gentler options to try? Or should I give up on exfoliants 🤷‍♀️🤣
Skin Journey part 2
Hi! Its me again 😄 After about 1 month using BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Lotion P50 my skin has significantly improved. Technically, my skin has alot of dark spots but the camera and machine can’t show detail about it! I can feel my skin alot more smoothly, brighter. Acne is my number one problem but I dont think too much about it recently. Sometimes is can have 2 or 3 pimple but it become hard very quick and I can easy pop it out. I’m using CeraVe - Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin day and night. Its perfect for my skin, dont dry my skin after I use it. CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skin for moisturizer. Its ok for oily skin cuz not too thick and dry very quick on my skin but in the winter will me not enough for me. I use BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2 for eye cream. And lets me tell you Its amazingggggg. Trust me when I say that. With me I can see my eyebag disappear after 1 month even though I did not change my sleeping cycle 💗 I love it! I still try to find the serum for my dark spots. If u know any of them with affordable price PLEASE tell me. I live in Australia so please help. Some products they sell in US or EU but not AUS so I still try to find the one. Thank you for reading! 🌸💗😘
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French Garbage Water! <3
Trying to find skincare products that you feel confident about purchasing is exhausting. That is only intensified when you feel like you’re breaking the bank when purchasing a product. This was actually less expensive than I expected, though it’s high end (at about $65 for 5.1 oz). BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Lotion P50 W is a French product that is a huge cult favorite all over the world. Initially I thought it was a lotion/face cream but it actually has the substance of a toner. You use it directly after cleansing your skin (they often recommend double cleansing). I wasn’t sure what this WAS but I figured out it’s an exfoliating acid toner (not to be confused with a regular toner). The label on the bottle lists one of the active ingredients as “poly-alpha-beta-hydroxy acid complex”, so unless I’m mistaken it’s a mix of PHAs, AHAs and BHAs. So do not use this on days/nights you use retinol. I call it “French Garbage Water” after reading an article (I have no idea which one at this point) where one woman wrote about how effective and wonderful this is but that it’s “smelly”. Honestly, I bought this expecting a big hit to the nose but really it’s quite mild. There’s a slight vinegar smell and a tiny maybe sulphuric scent, but I find SKINCEUTICALS - C E Ferulic With 15% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum hotdog water scent to be more powerful (though I don’t think that is particularly powerful of bothersome either). I am perfectly fine with mild natural, less pleasant scents than I will ever be with a skincare product - particularly the high-end ones - adding fragrance. That is unforgivable in my book. That said, I found French Garbage Water to be quite charming and continue to refer to it as such. This is my first day and night with it and I’m excited! I’ll write a new review once I can evaluate whether I think it’s beneficial or not. I’ll include a link that explains all about this acid toner below: https://btyaly.com/reviews/review-biologique-recherche-lotion-p50w/?amp
Empty! - Top 5 Exfoliant
BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE - Lotion P50 W Ah the cult classic. An exfoliating treatment, the lighter version of it to get rid of excess yuck on your face like dead skin cells to get baby smooth skin. This helps with almost everything if you want clear and glowing skin! It’s a really nice acid, I like it and was very effective, and therefore I will be repurchasing this whenever I have the money lol 😂 If you have the 💵 I recommend trying it! And if you are looking for a nice exfoliator, then I recommend this! I like many but this is Top 5

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Worst toner ever
Worst toner ever
My skin type: combination, acne prone. $38 for 250 mL. Claims: a toner that provides a daily dose of clean bio active extracts to help the skin exfoliate and give your skin a balanced glow, naturally. Key ingredients: lactic C38 and azelaic acid precursor. Ideal for pores, uneven skin tone and texture, and dullness. Its presentation is liquid and is used day and night. I used this toner for two weeks and I didn't like it, first because it left a sticky residue on my skin and second because it caused my face to break out. For me the sticky feeling is unbearable, any product that leaves that feeling I stop using it. I have read very positive reviews about it, so I tried it, I'm glad it was a mini that came in a set of sephora favorites. I think that if you have acne-prone skin it is not a good option. #CherieCreator
Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Toner
REN CLEAN SKINCARE-Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Toner
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
The Biologique Recherche P50 toner is a game changer. I especially love this toner because it helps combat acne. P50 also exfoliates, balances your skin’s pH, regulates oil production, brightens dark spots, reduces pore size, and evens out your complexion. Start by using it once every other day for a week, then once a day for a week, and finally every day morning and night. Be warned it smells like trash, but you’ll get used to it overtime. I use the P50 V in the cold winter months, which helps to hydrate dry skin.
Lotion P50
RTGTOPSHELFIE Exfoliating Tone
RTGTOPSHELFIE Exfoliating Toners Edition. I love a good exfoliating toner and prefer them to serum/cream formats as they’re much easier to incorporate into my routine. I’ve generally found that my skin responds better to milder formulations. KraveBeauty Kale-Lalu-yAHA. A 5.25% Glycolic Acid Treatment that, quite unusually (for this type of product) feels hydrating, almost like an essence/exfoliant hybrid without the viscosity of a FTE. This exfoliant made me realise that I can tolerate Glycolic Acid, it’s just alllll about the formula. This was also the first exfoliant I re-introduced after my skin broke out in perioral dermatitis + had a compromised barrier, with great success. but great exfoliant for ‘Acid newbies’, teens, those who struggle to tolerate higher concentrations or prefer something they can use daily. 4/5. AlumierMD Bright and Clear Solution New, so no cohesive judgements yet. It’s a 3% Lactic Acid Treatment (note; it feels more than 3%, which I suspect may be the low pH) with kakadu plum (a source of Vitamin C), Amino Acids and Arnica. No rating yet. ALKIMI Exfoliant. 8.7% blend of AHA, BHA and PHA’s, supported by skin-soothing Green Tea, Licorice Root, Gotu Kola and Gingko Extracts (I won’t list the entire formula yet 😉). I’m utterly obsessed and it’s everything I envisioned, if I’m aloud to say that. I’ve talked before how many AHA’s are too stimulating for my skin and cause redness, dehydration, textural issues a few weeks down the line. With this, I wake up baby smooth, but with LESS redness than the night before. Even with daily use (which I’m not a huge advocate for but it was important for me to test every way it will be used), my skin has never remotely felt overstimulated. It’s the perfect balance (for me) between exfoliation and fortifying goodness. PaulasChoice 2% BHA Skin Perfecting Liquid. 2% Salicylic Acid Treatment. Hall of Fame, Holy Grail, never will be without product. I’ve reviewed and raved too many times but: eliminates congestion, improves breakouts, skin texture, etc etc. Changed my life. 5/5
BEST pore minimizing + clearing serum ever!!
BEST pore minimizing + clearing serum ever!!
Tula acne clearing and tone correcting gel- Hi guys! I’m sharing one of my holy grails- the Tula Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel! It’s basically my favorite chemical exfoliator ever! It’s marketed to clear up breakouts, smooth the skin, and brighten your complexion- and it does ALL that! I would give this product 6 stars out of 5 if I could, I love it that much. I’ve been using this product consistently for about 5 months and wow- my skin has never looked better. I purchased it originally because I had dark spots and pigmentation from past breakouts and lots of texture on my face and hormonal breakouts- this has helped with EVERYTHING. not once has this left my skin feeling stripped or irritated either, and it hasn’t made me break out further. There is nothing I don’t love about this product. It retails for $36 via Tula’s website and I think it’s worth every penny. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with breakouts, black heads, texture, pigmentation, or hormonal acne- it’s helped me with all those! I will definitely be repurchasing once I run out- again it’s so worth the price because this bottle has lasted me 5 months! I can’t say enough positives about this baby- I love everything about it!
Clear It Up Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel
TULA SKINCARE-Clear It Up Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel

They make simple produc
cosrx They make simple products with great ingredients. While most of their products focus on acne, blackheads and pores, they also have awesome moisturising products like the Galactomyce Essence (I’ve read it’s a great dupe for SKII). I personally love the Centella Blemish Cream in particular. Because it contains zinc it doesn’t really work as a day cream, as it leaves a white cast, it’s great to use at night though. I always wake up with calmer skin, less redness and no spots at all.
Centella Blemish Cream
COSRX-Centella Blemish Cream
Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil
Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil
{What does it claim to do?} It is a lightweight treatment oil that replenishes your skins barrier and hydrated without clogging pores. {Texture/Consistency?} In my opinion it is a medium weight oil (meaning I don’t think it’s super light but it isn’t heavy) it is very runny and slick! {My thoughts?} I used this way more over the summer and I loved it! I purchased in the spring to help my skins barrier rebuild and I found my skin only could handle it every other night or it would be too heavy for it. It didn’t break me out but made my skin very oily. Or I used it to completely replace my moisturizer. It helped hydrate my skin & help with redness day to day. I probably wouldn’t repurchase because it’s $74 for 1 oz, though it lasted me almost a year using every other night! I feel like there are cheaper moisturizers or oils that work well or better for my personal skin! I know that Labeautyologist on Twitter & Instagram loves this oil & recommends it to people with dry skin or hormonal breakouts! So it’s a well known/recommended product and might work better for you! 💖 dermalogica - Phyto Replenish Oil
Phyto Replenish Oil
dermalogica-Phyto Replenish Oil